Lin Gong Temple Online Reading

"Mr. Lin was already compassionate. After saying this, his heart was moved. After discussing with several elders, he carried the sack back to the outside of the village. Several elderly people in the village proposed to lay it on the mass grave. Build a temple for Master Lin and build a statue of him to suppress the evil spirits. So everyone funded the construction of the Lin Gong Temple, and of course the Lin family paid the most. The temple was named after the most famous gentleman in the village, a Inscribed by the county magistrate Zhishi in the former Qing Dynasty, it is a standard Wei stele style. … Continue readingLin Gong Temple Online Reading

A Call From Hell

The phone is open and someone is talking, but I can’t hear clearly! "He said and hung up the phone and raised the phone: "Look whose phone it is? This is true. As soon as the phone is hung up, everyone no longer feels suffocated. Luo Lanlan spoke slowly, and the voice did not seem to be his own, as if he was speaking while holding his breath. Luo Lanlan was in a trance again. What appeared in the mirror seemed to be what Luo Lanlan had just called. … Continue readingA Call From Hell

Short Ghost Story

The old lady must have slept in the west room as she was lying in the shadows. This is not a bad thing for me. But I said, look what a good theme this is, forests and swamps, you know, such scenery is rare. As Lu Man's lover walked away, he muttered, "I don't believe that guarding a big cesspool can be sentimental and classy. No, I must find Lu Man, no matter she is a human or a ghost, I will do it." Find out. … Continue readingShort Ghost Story

Ghosts Are All Around Us

Li Wenyu has been able to see ghosts since he was a child. When everyone is curious about ghosts, he thinks ghosts are very common. They showed the ghosts in their hearts to the fullest. I originally wanted to dress up with Sadako as the prototype, but I finally felt that there are no ghosts in the world. Even if there are ghosts, they are nothing but ethereal and ever-changing , it is beyond human imagination. I don't know how other people reacted when they heard this sentence, but after I heard Li Wenyu's words, I felt very curious. … Continue readingGhosts Are All Around Us

Changing Shoulu

Listening to the ever-changing Shoulu Zhuang Sheng, I couldn't help thinking. The fortune teller in my hometown sentenced me to death. Today I met this "living fairy", so why not try it again to verify how this Shoulu is? 4. Shoulu turned around and Wang Sheng rejoiced: "The one who retires will be blessed! Look at your face full of yin (yin virtue and blessing) today. Not only have you added blessings and longevity, but you have also raised your salary. The fortune teller took a look at Zeng Sheng and sighed. He sighed and said: "A person's life, wealth, misfortune, and fortune are actually changing. Those who do good will naturally increase their blessings and longevity, and those who do evil will undoubtedly lose their blessings and shorten their lives. … Continue readingChanging Shoulu