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The evil person of Yanshi Gaolong_The evil person of Yanshi Gaolong_The evil person of Yanshi Gaolong

My daughter Xia Zi died. The doctor said it was a heart attack, but I didn’t believe it. It must have been that rich second generation Wei Long who killed him, but I have no evidence.

My daughter Xia Zi and Wei Long met a year ago. I was opposed to their relationship at that time. That Wei Long was not a good person at all. He would not give my daughter happiness at all. Then, tragedy happened…

Wei Long got rid of my daughter Xia Zi, who was three months pregnant. I have been accompanying my daughter these days, but she still couldn't think of committing suicide by slitting her wrists.

When Xia Zi was admitted to the hospital, I was always with her.

But just when I came back from going to the toilet, my daughter Xia Zi died, and the infusion stand was accidentally knocked down.

I believe that my daughter Xia Zi does not have a heart disease. Wei Long must have found someone to kill my daughter. Maybe the murderer used a needle to send some air into the infusion tube. This must be the case. Otherwise, why was the infusion stand accidentally knocked down? The murderer Must be trying to cover up the little pinholes on it!

I want to integrate all my evidence, and I want to sue them, regardless of whether Wei Long is a rich second generation or not!

Soon, Wei Long’s father, Wei Guoqiang, the boss of Xingrong Group, sent me a check. A check for a million. He wanted me to leave the city to retire.

This is not the result I want. I want the Wei family to pay the price.

Just when the evidence was complete and I could appeal to the court, I suddenly withdrew the lawsuit. And took the million.

I'm going to start my revenge plan…

Lao Xia's Diary

Wei Long has been having nightmares recently, often saying that he saw the dead Xia Zi suing for his life in his room. His father, Wei Guoqiang, walked into his room to comfort him.

"Wei Long, I've taken care of everything for you. Stop thinking so wildly." Wei Guoqiang touched his son's head to comfort him.

Weilong nodded.

At this time, his mother Qiao Hong came in with milk, and she placed the milk in front of Wei Long.

It was almost twelve o'clock and Weilong still couldn't sleep. He accidentally found that his computer turned on by itself…

Wei Long walked to the computer by accident, and a strange picture jumped out of the computer. It's Xia Zi! She stumbled up from the ground, and she wanted to demand her life from Wei Long…

After that, another screen appeared.

Someone injected air into Xia Zi's infusion tube.

Weilong's scalp exploded! Why is the video of Xia Zi’s murder here?

He calmed himself down, and when he looked at the computer again, everything was back to normal. Cold sweat broke out on Weilong's back.

Waylon screamed and ran to his father and mother's room.

"Wei Long, what's wrong with you?" Wei Guoqiang asked with concern.

"I saw the dead Xia Zi…" Wei Long's eyes were wide open, he was frightened and frightened, and his legs were shaking like chaff like sifting chaff.

Wei Guoqiang touched his forehead and asked Qiao Hong to make chicken soup for his son. He helped his son Weilong to the bed.

Wei Long's complexion suddenly turned gray, as if he was dead. It seemed like he was possessed by a ghost.

After a long time, Qiao Hong brought chicken soup to Wei Long.

I saw Wei Guoqiang let out a long sigh, "Everyone who is supposed to come will come. Tomorrow morning we will take Wei Long to an old Chinese medicine doctor for a good check-up."

Losing my only daughter was like a bolt from the blue to me!

I want the Wei family to pay the price! I also want them to feel the pain of losing a loved one.

I want Wei Long and Wei Guoqiang to have a mental breakdown.

Lao Xia's Diary

Wei Guoqiang, Qiao Hong and Wei Long had just come out from the old traditional Chinese medicine. They bought all kinds of expensive soothing medicinal materials for their son. They were about to rush back when Qiao Hong suddenly noticed a fortune teller on the roadside. It was unknown when the old Chinese medicine office suddenly had a temple-like building.

Qiao Hong encouraged Wei Long and Wei Guoqiang to draw lots.

Weilong grabbed one from the lottery box without thinking.

"It's a great disaster, family ties are not established, flesh and blood are separated, disasters come one after another, and evil disasters come frequently."

Wei Long threw it to his father. Wei Guoqiang looked at it and cursed it. Without even paying for the hexagram reading, he just pulled Wei Long and his wife into the car and left.

The fortune teller packed up his lottery box and left immediately, with a sly look on his lips.

On the way, Wei Guoqiang's car broke down. This place happened to be sparsely populated and there was not even a car repair place. Wei Guoqiang and his son Wei Long began to repair the car. They were horrified to find that the car had been tampered with!

Qiao Hong called for rescue from the side.

The scary thing is that maybe Weilong was frightened these days and he actually fainted. This was very bad for Wei Guoqiang. He also suffered from a heart attack at this time. Fortunately, Qiao Hong had prepared a quick-acting Jiuxin Pill with him.

When the rescue team arrived, they sent the father and son directly to the hospital.

In the hospital, Wei Long and Wei Guoqiang's wards are separated by a ward.

Wei Long was young and he woke up first.

But what he saw was not a doctor or a nurse! It's still the face of the dead Xia Zi! Xia Zi's face was covered in blood, and traces of rotten flesh hung on her face. Under the rotten flesh, dense white bones were exposed, and some maggots could be vaguely seen crawling between the rotten flesh and white bones.

Wei Long felt someone pinching his neck, his vision went dark and he fainted.

That's right! That woman is not Xia Zi, my daughter Xia Zi is already dead, but I discovered that Wei Long, a cynical playboy, has hurt many girls, one of whom is Xiaoying, the front desk secretary who once worked for their company.

She looks really similar to my daughter Xia Zi! Xiaoying can no longer have children because of Wei Long. I think this is the saddest thing for a woman! So Xiaoying agreed to take revenge on Wei Long with me.

Of course, according to my investigation, the young Qiao Hong is not Wei Long's biological mother. Their Wei family is really complicated.

Lao Xia's Diary

When Weilong woke up again, he never believed his ears. His father Wei Guoqiang died. Died of a sudden heart attack!

Qiao Hong was sobbing on the side.

She comforted Wei Long while giving the cooked ginseng soup to Wei Long to drink.

Weilong couldn't bear the blow of his father's death, and tears burst into his eyes. He covered his face and cried bitterly.

After he passed out from crying, Weilong woke up, and he didn't know how long it had passed. A doctor wearing a mask crookedly appeared in front of him. Wei Long couldn't recognize who he was. He only heard the mysterious doctor crawling into Wei Long's ear and saying, "Your stepmother, Qiao Hong wants to harm you. Don't drink the ginseng soup, it's poisonous!"

After saying that, the doctor with the mask crookedly ran away…

Weilong couldn't tell if he was dreaming. He left the bowl of ginseng soup and planned to hand it over to the police for testing.

A few hours later, Wei Long actually received a call from the legal department. Wei Guoqiang had not made a will during his lifetime, and Qiao Hong actually applied for property division.

Maybe you will ask who is the doctor wearing the mask crookedly?

It's me, because I said I wouldn't let the murderer die so easily. I want to torture them, I want to destroy the Wei family. My purpose for Wei Long is to make his death worse.

I want him to die in my hands, not someone else's.

Lao Xia's Diary

Qiao Hong married into the Wei family five years ago. However, I heard that their relationship was not very good, so I took advantage of Qiao Hong's desire to get the Wei family's property…

Wei Long recalled everything on the hospital bed. The old Chinese medicine doctor was recommended by Qiao Hong. The car broke down and had obviously been tampered with. His father Wei Guoqiang's medicine was also handed to his father by Qiao Hong.

It's Qiao Hong! It must be her!

There was a knock on the door…

When Wei Long saw Qiao Hong buying a lot of supplements and coming to the hospital to see her, he pretended not to know anything and asked Qiao Hong to help him organize his clothes.

Weilong used the excuse that the hospital was too unlucky and asked to go home to recuperate and attend to his father's funeral.

Qiao Hong said nothing and agreed.

Back home, Wei Long suddenly thought that Qiao Hong had returned from studying abroad and majored in information management. If she installed malware on his computer, there would be no problem!

The picture of Xia Zi's death that appeared on the computer that day must have been her fault.

Wei Long said that he was very annoyed and bored, and asked Qiao Hong to come to the room to accompany him. In order not to make Wei Long suspicious, Qiao Hong made ginseng soup again and went to Wei Long's room…

Qiao Hong is dead, strangled to death by Wei Long.

The corner of Weilong's mouth raised a strange arc. He thought he was avenging his father. There will be no one to share his father's property with.

Just as he was thinking about how to deal with Qiao Hong's body, the computer suddenly turned on by itself.

The scene of Wei Long killing Qiao Hong just now is being played inside!

Weilong shrank, feeling goosebumps rising up on his body, and sweat fell from his forehead.

"Who is it? Come out!" Wei Long's face changed drastically, pain and anger welled up in his heart, and he could hardly control himself.

It was quiet all around, with no sound at all, only the computer repeatedly playing the scene of Wei Long's murder.

He stopped, trembling and helpless.

A line of blood words appeared on the computer screen: At five o'clock tomorrow night, please go to the red pavilion on the top of Qinglong Mountain to pick up your murder video, and take one million with you! If you call the police, I will immediately give the police the evidence of your murder! do not be late!

Needless to say, Weilong was frightened out of his wits, his nerves were agitated, and his body suddenly twitched as if he had been electrocuted.

I was just enjoying his fear.

Killing is not a pleasure, but your own nerves have to pay the price! Fear made Wei Long panic. I want to be like this Wei Long. I want to avenge my daughter Xia Zi.

That Qiao Hong is just a pawn I used!

She deserved to be killed by Wei Long.

Lao Xia's Diary

Wei Long barely slept all night. In order to obtain evidence that threatened him, he arrived at the foot of Qinglong Mountain alone in advance. When Weilong was about to go up the mountain, he received a call from a stranger.

"There are flash floods in Qinglong Mountain tonight, it's dangerous! The person who blackmailed you is dead. You should go back quickly. Pay attention to safety."

Wei Long suddenly lost his idea. What happened? How many kidnappers are there?

He looked at today's weather forecast, and sure enough, there was a flash flood forecast in Qinglong Mountain. Looking at the dark clouds, Wei Long drove home.

As soon as the car arrived at the entrance of the villa, three policemen stopped Weilong.

Wei Long's mouthpiece was frozen with terror, and his heart beat as if his chest couldn't contain it.

"What is your relationship with Xiaoying? According to our police investigation, you have dated her. What were you doing for three hours?" The older police officer's aggressive questioning made Weilong's hair stand on end.

"I…I went for a drive." Weilong's voice began to tremble.

The police interrogated him for a long time. Since there were no clues, Weilong returned home safely.

Looking at the renovated soil in the villa garden, Weilong felt that his legs were shaking so much that he could no longer hold his hands. Last night, he buried Qiao Hong's body here.

Weilong was thinking: Who saved him in the hospital? Who was the person calling me at the foot of Qinglong Mountain? Why did Xiaoying die suddenly? Why did her death lead the police to find her?

I am Lao Xia, Xia Zi’s father.

That's right! I also used Xiaoying, but I said that I wanted Weilong to die in my hands. Xiaoying wanted to cooperate with me to blackmail Weilong for a sum of money and fly away.

However, I sent Xiaoying back down Qinglong Mountain, and there was a flash flood that day…

As for the police, I called the police. I said Xiaoying had been to Qinglong Mountain for two days and there was no trace of her. There was Weilong’s phone number on Xiaoying’s mobile phone!

I want to scare Weilong, I want him to have a nervous breakdown.

Xiaoying's body was not found by the police, but by me. Who made her look so similar to my daughter Zhang?

Now I'm thinking how can I get revenge on this Weilong?

I wanted to scare him crazy. What would happen if I put Xiaoying's body in the refrigerator of Weilong Villa? Or, send him a refrigerator and put Xiaoying's body in it?

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