A Call From Hell

The phone is open and someone is talking, but I can’t hear clearly! "He said and hung up the phone and raised the phone: "Look whose phone it is? This is true. As soon as the phone is hung up, everyone no longer feels suffocated. Luo Lanlan spoke slowly, and the voice did not seem to be his own, as if he was speaking while holding his breath. Luo Lanlan was in a trance again. What appeared in the mirror seemed to be what Luo Lanlan had just called. … Continue readingA Call From Hell

Ghost Boy And Ghost Tell You Something

At the dinner table, my mother habitually asked people about their family background, "Girl, who are you?" Mom, don't ask too much. When the female ghost was about to tell my mother, my mother saw my mouth and said jokingly: "What? You said she was a ghost? Where did I say she was a ghost?" My mother also smiled and walked to me and said to me: "Didn't you just say that she is a ghost? What is it? It's over now. I'm dead. The female ghost must think that I am not sincere at all. What will happen next?" Scary thing, I don't know either… … Continue readingGhost Boy And Ghost Tell You Something