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Introduction Before changing careers to become a product sales manager, I was an anatomy lecturer at Taishan Medical College. I changed careers, not because I didn't do well in this field, in fact, my class is quite good, if I didn't give up, I think I can probably be promoted to the position of associate professor now. What forced me to leave the university platform was the psychological factor, because I hated death and was afraid of death. It is a kind of unfathomable fear, like a flowing cold needle, which penetrates from the sole of your foot and travels through your body through the fluid circulation. You don’t know when it will reach your heart, it may be half a year , which could be a month or a minute.Again, I don't know

I was an anatomy lecturer at Taishan Medical College before I changed my career to be a product sales manager. I changed careers, not because I didn't do well in this field, in fact, my class is quite good, if I didn't give up, I think I can probably be promoted to the position of associate professor now.

What forced me to leave the university platform was the psychological factor, because I hated death and was afraid of death. It is a kind of unfathomable fear, like a flowing cold needle, which penetrates from the sole of your foot and travels through your body through the fluid circulation. You don’t know when it will reach your heart, it may be half a year , which could be a month or a minute. Similarly, I don't know when it will come to kill the calf again, but I feel that it is not far from me, and it is still spying on me somewhere, waiting to kill me at any time.

We have to start with an anatomy class three years ago. For the students, this class may be the most memorable one in their life, because the first live autopsy always leaves a very strong impression on me. I have emphasized the need to be mentally prepared, but I still vomited. In the next three days, I seldom went to the cafeteria to buy food, especially meat dishes such as fried pork liver.

The corpse this time is a young woman, which is an anomaly in medical schools, because the shortage of corpses has become a common problem in all major medical schools. Most of the corpses obtained are old and sick, and their organs have failed. Even so, the whole autopsy class is often pushed back and forth. Because according to local customs, even if the sick person volunteered to contribute to the cause of medicine, the children of the deceased would often not allow it, thinking it was a blasphemy to the deceased. Therefore, every corpse is a rare internship opportunity, and young and fresh ones are extremely precious.

The female corpse was lying quietly on the dissection table. Before the class started, the corpse had been covered with a white cloth. As usual, I told the students the precautions and the importance of autopsy in medicine, and finally asked them to treat the corpse with a high and respectful attitude. The eyes of the students were both curious and a little scared, but no one made a sound, as if waiting for an extremely serious moment.

The white cloth was lifted, and there were a few slight sighs among the students. This is a very young female corpse, only about twenty-five or sixteen years old. I heard that she was a secretary before she was alive. She cut her wrists and committed suicide because of emotional problems. Her friend dug out a letter of volunteering to donate her body from her belongings. , which was filled in when I was a student. Young people seldom think about such things. Why does she have such aspirations? Maybe it will always be a mystery.

She is not a very beautiful woman, her eye sockets are a bit sunken, and she may have suffered a lot of pressure during her lifetime. With her eyes closed, her expression was very peaceful, as if she was in a deep sleep, and she did not have the stiff dead appearance of a corpse at all. Perhaps death was really a relief for her.

Thinking about it this way, I covered her face with a square scarf as usual, so that her face was invisible, and her pale body stood out abruptly.

The students all stared at the scalpel with wide-eyed eyes. I concentrated on it, and finally slashed down the blade vigorously. The sharp scalpel barely encountered any resistance, and it reached her lower abdomen, as if the chain had been pulled open. We can clearly hear the slight sizzling sound when the scalpel cuts through the skin. Due to the pressure in the body cavity, the cut skin and purple muscles are automatically opened to both sides, and her originally strong breasts hang to the side. The sides of the body, together with the skin, became very loose. After the skin and muscles were pulled apart with a fixator, the internal organs were completely displayed in front of us. At this step, I had already forgotten what the corpse in front of me was like. It is not important, what is important is how to make students firmly remember the structure of the body, which will have a profound impact on their future medical career.

The internal organs were taken out one by one and explained to the students in detail. After dissection, the structure was explained. After the internal organs were completely removed, only a red body cavity was left in the female corpse.

The class went smoothly, although a few students turned blue with discomfort, and almost all of them had some stomachs, but they still withstood the test, and the trip was worthwhile.

After the students left, I was the only one left in the anatomy demonstration room. The white light shone strongly on the dissecting table, emitting a dazzling light. I began to put the removed internal organs back to their original positions one by one, and then used thread to remove them layer by layer. Sew the skin back to its original shape.

The big school clock struck five times, and I took off the square scarf covering the face of the woman's corpse. At this moment, a horrible thing happened! The female corpse suddenly opened her eyes and looked at me fiercely, so scared that I almost fell to the ground.

I stood up tremblingly, and found that it was not a hallucination. She stared at the ceiling with wide round eyes, and her expression was not as peaceful as before, but an angry expression.

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But she was indeed dead, and I took courage to examine it carefully, and finally found a reasonable explanation, maybe it was due to bioelectricity, because the dissection process triggered some kind of bioelectrical nerve firing.

I closed her eyes, covered the white cloth back, and left the dissecting room.

In the next few days, the eyes of the female corpse kept swaying in my mind. I am not a supernaturalist, but for some reason, those eyes haunted me like ghosts. I always wondered why she was here at this time. Open your eyes, and that look, I recalled later, seemed to convey some kind of message, not exactly like the eyes of dead space.

Three days later, I learned that the female body had been cremated, and her ashes were brought back to her hometown in Northeast China by her father.

A year passed, and I seemed to have forgotten about it, during which time I had a girlfriend.

We met in a rainy day. That night I returned home in Quanlu after my school meeting. It was raining heavily, there was no one on the road, and there was no taxi for a while, so I had to drive alone with an umbrella. As I was walking, I suddenly realized that there was one more person behind me, who always followed me unhurriedly. I was a little nervous. If I met a robber at this time, I would be miserable, so I deliberately quickened my pace, and that one also quickened my pace. Still following me at a distance of four or five meters. After walking for a long time like this, I finally couldn't bear it any longer, and went back to check what happened, but the result was unexpected. It turned out that the person following me was actually a delicate girl in a yellow raincoat.

We stand face to face.

"Why are you following me?" I asked her.

"I'm sorry, I, I'm afraid to go alone." She looked at me timidly.

I relaxed and said with a smile: "Then how do you know I'm not bad?"

Then he laughed and said, "Because you are like a teacher, and teachers are rarely bad."

"Oh! You guessed it right, I am a teacher, don't be afraid, I will give you a ride!" I walked with her and sent her home.

After that night, we often met on the way home and gradually became acquainted.

I was always afraid to tell her about the courses I taught, so she only knew I was a medical school teacher and had no clue about the quality of my work.

One day, I finally told her that I am a lecturer in physical anatomy.

She was not as surprised and frightened as I imagined, but showed strong curiosity.

"You said, does the corpse feel pain when the scalpel is cut?" She asked, and waited for my answer seriously.

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"How could it be? If you die, you won't feel anything."

"How do you know they don't have feelings?"

"Modern medicine determines the standard of death is brain death. When the brain nerves are dead, any stimulation to the nerve endings will also lose its effect. Of course, there will be no feeling."

"This is just what we think, but it may not be the case." She said stubbornly.

"Stop thinking about it." I said with a smile.

Later, she asked this question more than once, and every time I answered it, something seemed to be hooked in my mind, but the horse sank again.

But she still asked me the same question often, and I gradually felt an inexplicable sense of fear getting heavier and heavier, and I was even a little afraid of seeing her, but when I thought about it, there was nothing particularly strange about it, I guess it might be Because of the frequent contact with autopsies, the psychological pressure is too great.

I didn't know the seriousness of the problem until I accidentally discovered it once.

I went to her dormitory to look for her that night, but she wasn't there. The door was ajar, and I sat on the sofa waiting for her. I got impatient, so I stood up and looked at her writing desk, looking for a magazine for entertainment. There were no good-looking magazines, so I took an old magazine. Newspaper, accidentally, a piece of paper floated out of the stack and fell to the ground. It was a piece of old yellowed paper. My nerves were tense all of a sudden. I seemed to have seen this paper somewhere.

I picked up the piece of paper and turned it over, my eyes widened in horror. It turned out that this was the voluntary form of the female corpse that I dissected a year ago. Before the corpse was moved to the dissection room, I signed it .

That's right! My signature is still there, but how did it appear here? ? ?

I was a little panicked, and hastily opened the old one; I looked at the newspaper, and in the social TV column, it was the social news of "White-collar Li Suicide". I felt as if I had fallen into an ice cellar, and I felt chills, and suddenly felt an indescribable horror in this room.

"Now, let's get started!" I said, motioning the students to focus on the dissection demonstration table.

Surrounded by silence, I took out the scalpel from the tray and pressed it against her throat. The white plastic gloves matched the skin of the female corpse, so white that it was suffocating.

Her corpse is still a bit soft, and the skin remains elastic, which is very different from the corpses I have touched before. not dead.But soon, I felt ridiculous for my thoughts, maybe it was such a pity that this girl died, so I had this illusion

At this time, I heard clear footsteps in the corridor, the sound of high heels, walking towards this side step by step. I didn't know what to do for a while, so I had to wait for her to appear.

The footsteps came to the door and stopped suddenly. I didn't see her, but I seemed to feel that she was standing at the door and staring at me. My feet were a little numb, but I didn't dare to move. After a while, the sound of high-heeled shoes sounded again. Farther and farther away, and finally disappeared.

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I ran home frantically and calmed down for a few hours, my mind was spinning rapidly, how could this be? Maybe she's just that girl's classmate or colleague, or maybe a good friend, so it's not surprising to keep these things. Also, maybe the sound of footsteps just came from downstairs, it's all because I'm too sensitive.

I calmed down a little, so I called her on the cell phone, hoping to find out.

The phone didn't answer, I tried desperately to call, but it was always a long tone.

The more she doesn't answer, the more I feel scared.

After a while, footsteps suddenly came from outside the door, exactly the same as what she heard there, the crisp sound of high heels stepping on the mud floor. My heart was pounding and I didn't dare to cry.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!" There was a knock on the door.

It was really her, she came to me! After much hesitation, I finally convinced myself to open the door.

"It's you!" I said, my throat a little astringent.

"It's me," she said.

"I went to look for you later, but you were not here." I stepped back and said.

"I was out on some errands! When I got back I found you," she said.


"Why do you keep calling my cell phone?" she said.

"I… I'm afraid something will happen to you." I said.

She smiled and said, "How about I stay with you tonight?"

I want her to go, but I can't tell. We have known each other for so long, but she has never let me touch her body. I thought to myself that maybe I was really suspicious. Her appearance has nothing to do with that girl, so how could it be related?

I'm going to take a shower first! ’ she said as she headed for the bathroom.

"Okay!" I stepped aside.

I was sitting in the living room, and when I heard the rushing sound inside, I felt uneasy, but I always persuaded myself not to think about those weird things, maybe it was just a coincidence.

She came out in her pajamas and sat on the couch across from me.

We were relatively silent.

"Let me give you a massage." She walked behind me with a smile and pinched my shoulder.

"You said, do the corpses feel pain when the scalpel is cut?" She asked suddenly.

I jumped up from the sofa and shouted, "You, who are you?"

But as soon as the neck hurts, like being hit by a heavy object, he has already lost consciousness.

When I woke up, I was in pain and found that my hands and feet were tied.

I saw her standing in front of me, looking at me angrily, those eyes! I remembered, that look was exactly the same as that female corpse!

"You…you are…" I couldn't restrain my fear, but it was useless to struggle.

I noticed that her face was changing, changing slowly, the eyes, nose, and chin were all shifting, and after a while, a terrifying face appeared in front of me, it was her! ! That female corpse from a year ago!

"Do you think the dead body will feel pain when the scalpel is cut?" She asked me again sharply.

"Also…maybe!" I said tremblingly.

She slowly unbuttoned her pajamas, I have never felt so disgusted, her body is just an empty shell from the nape of the neck to the bottom, her internal organs have long been gone, and the red body cavity is exposed.

"Tell me, do I hurt?" She said angrily.

"But you did it voluntarily!" I shouted

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"I regret committing suicide because of that, but just when I was about to leave this dirty world, you woke me up again! I want you to be with me forever!" she said.

"You, what do you want to do?" I said in horror.

She laughed stiffly, took out a gleaming scalpel from her pajama pocket, shook it in front of me, and then pressed it against the crest of my neck.

"I want to let you know the pain of being dissected!" She said grimly.

"Don't! Don't! You're dead, I'm alive!" I shouted.

There was a sharp pain in my throat, as if I had been stripped alive, and I sat up miserable.

I found that my whole body was soaked in sweat, and the moonlight shone on me through the window. She was not in the room. Could it be that night has been dreaming?

I felt incredible, but happy, and there was a sense of survival.

The next day, when I got up, I found something that would make me restless. Underneath, there was a scalpel, a sharp scalpel with a cold light.

This afternoon, I went to her room again, but the door was closed tightly. The old lady next door told me that this room has not been rented since the woman committed suicide.

From then on, I didn't dare to touch any corpses, and I didn't even dare to stay in the medical school anymore, so I had to change my career and do Pinjing. I left Mount Tai and went to Jinan, the provincial capital.

But did what happened that night really happen?

To this day, I still haven't found the answer!


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