Legend Of Ghost And Heavenly Master: Zombies Come Out Of The Cage On Halloween

Halloween is also called Ghost Festival. On that day, people will dress up as all kinds of ghosts, some as vampires, some as elves, and some as Frankenstein. Here to celebrate Halloween.

At the same time, in response to the coming of Halloween, Columbia University in New York City held a special masquerade party. Almost all the teachers and students participated in the party, which also led to the grand scale of the party.

But in a certain dormitory on campus, several students were arguing endlessly about their respective makeup.

"Jack, I will play the role of vampire this year"

"No, I must play the vampire, who has seen a vampire as fat as you?"

"Okay, stop arguing, I'm more suitable as a vampire in terms of appearance"

There was a lot of noise in the dormitory, and they argued for nearly an hour just for their respective costumes, but fortunately they finally decided on their respective costumes.

Jack is still the same, playing the role of a vampire. After all, his thin, tall and slightly sickly appearance is indeed like a vampire. On the other hand, Tom is unanimously recommended to be a vampire because of his fat and strong body. The Hulk, but Tom liked the look. Others are not so troublesome. Because Cruz usually likes those books about witchcraft, he pretended to be a wizard. Iris is a man with glasses and pretended to be Frankenstein.

Jiu Xiaoxian's typical yellow skin is a grand descendant of my Chinese nation, and there are no more than twenty people in the entire Columbia University, which can be described as extremely rare. Although the name sounds a bit like a woman, he is a strong man, and he does his part to pretend to be an extremely domineering species that has been passed down for thousands of years in my great country, that is, zombies.

After everyone dressed up, when they came to the square in the university, the square was already crowded with ghosts and ghosts from all walks of life, elves, magicians, zombies…, there are also people pretending to be Mickey Mouse, and there are a few dews in the distance Looking at the belly, it is a ghost dressed as a female student, with a slender waist, fair skin, and ample breasts. The brothers' eyes are straight. In short, the scene is extremely spectacular.

The five brothers were walking among the crowded ghosts. Jack's thieves' eyes rolled slowly, looking down from time to time, and he didn't know what he was looking at, but looking at that wretched expression, it didn't seem like he was looking at anything else. The place.

Although outsiders couldn't see his expression under the attire, the brothers could. They couldn't help but raised their middle fingers at him, but Jack laughed disapprovingly.

At this time, Xiaoxian, who was dressed as a zombie, smelled an unusual smell. The air seemed to be filled with the smell of rotting corpses, although the smell was not very strong. Jiu Xiaoxian's nose has always been very effective, better than a dog's nose. He used to compete with dogs to find things, but he always found them first than dogs.

Xiaoxian faintly felt that something was wrong, as if some disaster was about to happen, he suddenly felt a little uneasy, so he told Jack and the others what he thought, and the brothers jokingly said that he had a mental problem, It's time to go to the hospital for a checkup.

But Xiaoxian's uneasy state of mind became more and more intense, and his heart beat with the unknown fear.

However, there didn't seem to be any catastrophic events after that, and the whole square was still so lively, and Xiaoxian also wondered if his nerves were a little too nervous.

However, just at this moment, a warm liquid splashed Xiaoxian's face. Xiaoxian subconsciously touched it with her hand. It was bright red. She stuck out her tongue and licked it again. It was a little salty. Damn, it's human blood, he couldn't help but shudder all over.

Xiaoxian couldn't help looking at the source of the blood, his eyes widened suddenly, because he saw through the crowded crowd that just under a fast food truck, there was a person dressed as a zombie eating a witch The most disgusting thing is that the entire scalp of the zombie's head is gone, the white brain inside the skull is exposed, and an unknown liquid hangs from the corner of the mouth, chewing the piece of meat that was bitten from the witch's body. , even though he couldn't hear the chewing sound, Xiao Xian suddenly felt his scalp tingling, and at the same time his stomach was rolling, it was so nauseating that he wanted to vomit immediately.

Xiaoxian was horrified, and hurriedly pulled the brothers who were teasing the female student. Tom Jack and the others looked at him in astonishment when they saw the panicked expression on Xiaoxian's face. Xiaoxian obviously trembled and said: " There are zombies…".

Several people looked at Xiaoxian like a fool, and Jack said, "I'm still a vampire."

Xiaoxian was stunned for a moment, then understood in an instant, thinking that they didn't understand what I meant, he was nervous for a moment, but he didn't explain clearly, so he said hastily: "No, it's the zombie that eats people, not us. Pretending to be a zombie," he said, pointing to the fast food truck not far away.

The brothers looked at the neurotic Jiu Xiaoxian, and then at the food truck he was pointing at. There was only a witch-like person leaning on the food truck. There were no zombies.

"There are no zombies," Jack said.

"Isn't it there?" Xiaoxian just wanted to continue talking, but found that the zombie had disappeared, and his heart trembled again. When he found the witch leaning on the car, he simply got upset and hurriedly pulled a few people towards her. The food truck goes.

It was a bit slow to say, but in fact this happened in only a dozen seconds. When the brothers approached the witch, they couldn't help squatting on the ground and vomiting.

Because they saw the student dressed as a witch with her eyes wide open and her mouth wide open, with a terrifying expression on her face. Half of her face had been torn off, and she was turned over, with the flesh of her chest turned outwards. The organs inside were already in disarray, and there were actually a large group of maggots wriggling inside the scarlet carrion, turning out a white ball.

The flesh on his body has been almost eaten away, his tendons have been pulled out and slumped, and in some places even white bones can be seen. The only remaining scraps of meat were also occupied by maggots, and his death was extremely miserable.

"Damn, what did this do?" Tom couldn't help cursing in a straightforward manner.

"I said earlier that it was the zombies who did it, you still don't believe it?" Xiaoxian was a little terrified.

Everyone shuddered unconsciously, they believed in Jiu Xiaoxian's words.

At this time, Jiu Xiaoxian suddenly pointed to a corridor not far away with trembling fingers, trembling: "He…he is there".

The brothers unconsciously looked at his fingers, and they all gasped, because they saw in that corridor, a personal and inhuman thing with a dangling intestines on its chest, and only half of its head. He was gnawing on a person lying on the ground with his head lowered. That person was motionless. Judging from the situation, it was very likely that he was already dead.

At this moment, the thing that was gnawing with its head down suddenly raised its head to look at Xiaoxian and the others, and its green eyes stared straight at them, making them hairy.

That Tom suddenly shouted loudly: "Damn, there are zombies…" His voice was like thunder in this noisy square, and the "ghosts" who were still immersed in joy were shocked. , they all stopped at the same time, and the square of Nuoda suddenly became quiet, and it is estimated that a needle can be heard clearly.

However, after standing still for a while, suddenly, some "ghosts" pounced on the "ghosts" around them one after another, and the screams spread to the whole square. All the teachers and students were shocked and fled in all directions. In an instant, the entire square was in chaos, with crowds surging, and no one knew where to flee.

However, because they are all dressed up as ghosts, it is hard to tell who is a zombie. From time to time, people around them are thrown down by zombies. Being eaten by more than a dozen zombies, the whole square is like a slaughterhouse.

And some of those who died didn't know when they stood up again. Although their white intestines were exposed , their eyes had lost their eyeballs, and some even lost their legs, it didn't affect their actions at all. The target of their pursuit is the people fleeing in all directions.

Jiu Xiaoxian and the others were shocked by the scene in front of them. It was like purgatory on earth. The brothers were running away among the crowded crowd. After taking off the clothes on his body, the people around him followed suit and also took off their clothes. In this way, zombies can almost be distinguished from people.

"Where should we escape now?" Iris shouted in panic.

"I don't know either," Jack replied, his complexion was also very bad, and it was even paler due to the makeup.

"Let's stay close together, don't run away," Jiu Xiaoxian yelled, and then he seemed to discover a new world: "There, let's go there" while running, pointing in the direction of the teaching building.

The five brothers just ran into the hall of the teaching building, when suddenly a zombie with only half a face rushed towards it from the left, and the direction of its rushing was Jiu Xiaoxian who was leading the way.

"Be careful…" Cruz couldn't help shouting.

"Pfft…" A fire extinguisher used for firefighting hit the zombie's head, and its brain burst, splashing Jiu Xiaoxian's whole body, and the one who hit the zombie with the fire extinguisher was the burly Tom.

At this time, he cursed: "fuck you, it really is like in the movie, you have to hit his head to kill him".

Then he turned his head and said to everyone: "We will meet that zombie in a while, we have to hit his head hard to kill him, now we have to find a handy weapon."

His words awakened everyone immediately, and the next few people rushed to find the weapon they had in hand, Jiu Xiaoxian didn't care about being frightened, and didn't care about the white-faced brain, and hurriedly followed the few people to find the weapon.

Finally, the brothers all got their own weapons, some with axes and some with sticks, and they were considered to be well-equipped.

At this moment, a large number of zombies chased the students and swarmed in, and the first thing the "well-equipped" brothers did was to turn around and run away.

"Let's go to the fire escape." Iris had already observed the escape route, and several people hurriedly ran to the fire escape. Groups of zombies swarmed from behind. It must be divided and eaten.

As soon as the running brothers arrived at the fire escape, several rancid zombies rushed out from the stairs on the right. Tom, who was the first to bear the brunt, swung his ax out without hesitation, and a head was instantly smashed by them It was smashed obliquely, blood sprayed like a column, and the others, like Tom, tried their best to hit the zombie's head fiercely.

At this time, Jiu Xiaoxian was a little dazed, because he recognized the person across from him. This person has the same yellow skin as him, and they are all descendants of my Huaxia. .

However, in this daze, the sperm that had become a walking corpse (for brevity, just call him sperm) rushed straight at him, he reacted immediately, and hurriedly dodged, but luckily he did not get scratched in time.

"Brother, don't blame me." He gritted his teeth and said fiercely. After finishing speaking, he took the wooden stick in his hand and hit the "sperm" on the head…

"Ah…" A miserable voice sounded. It was Jack being rushed by hordes of zombies. In an instant, his whole body was torn in two, his bright red flesh was exposed, and his whole body became bloody and bloody.

The brothers' eyes turned red immediately, and they rushed towards the zombies desperately, and slashed at the group of zombies. However, although these zombies were wiped out, Jack's life could not be saved.

This time, the brothers were exhausted, but they were more sad. Jack died, and the remaining four had tears in their eyes, and they couldn't help feeling a little sad in their hearts.

All of a sudden , there was a vibrating sound, which indicated that a large number of zombies were coming.

"Come on, let's get out of here!" Tom seemed to be the captain of the team.

Walking into the fire escape, Tom stopped suddenly. He looked at it and said, "Maybe, this fire shutter door can stop those zombies for a while." He pressed the switch, but no matter how he pressed the shutter door, it would not move. .

At this time, those zombies were about to rush over. In an emergency, Tom jumped up and pulled the shutter door. He tried to pull the shutter door down, but his strength alone was limited, no matter how hard he tried, he could only It's only been pulled down by a small half.

At the moment of crisis, several people stepped up one after another, and with the strength of the four of them, the rolling door was finally pulled down slowly. The zombies were already close at hand, and the rolling door slowly descended, and it was tightly closed just when the zombies were about to enter up.

"Bang bang bang…" There was a heavy slapping sound, and the rolling door turned into an arch in an instant.

"Come on, this door won't last long," Tom yelled.

The four of them climbed up the stairs of the safe passage to the top of the building. They didn't encounter any more zombies along the way, but when they reached the top of the building, the four of them, who thought they could regain their lives, looked at everything in front of them dumbfounded. Infinite confusion, extreme disappointment, deep helplessness…

From time to time, buildings collapsed in the distance, and gunpowder smoke filled the streets. People were being chased and bitten by rancid zombies. Looking around, the whole city had fallen into a desperate situation, and it seemed to have become a world of zombies. Tom and the others don't know what to do…

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