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well! This month’s salary is not enough! Tang Dongye looked at his pay slip and shook his head helplessly.

What's up, man? Colleague Geng Hua asked, have you been deducted a lot of salary by your boss?

It’s okay that my boss had my salary deducted, but now I’m a legitimate moonlight clan member! Tang Dongye said with a frown, "I just bought a house with a loan, and the monthly repayments take up more than half of my salary. The remaining money is not enough to support myself, not to mention my wife and daughter."

I'm not the same as you. Geng Hua said, although I am single, since I took out a loan to buy a house, not even half of the month has passed, and my pocket is already empty.

So, in this era of skyrocketing housing prices, we are slaves working for the government and real estate developers throughout our lives.

Otherwise! Do you still want the slave to become the master?

I do have this idea, but I just don’t know how to do it? Geng Hua, you usually have the most clever ideas. Do you have any good ideas?

nonsense! If I had this crazy idea, I would have asked Wang Jianlin to play golf long ago, and would I still chat with you here?

well–! The two of them collapsed on the sofa and let out a long sigh.

Got it! After a long time, Geng Hua suddenly jumped up.

Geng Hua, what are you yelling about? Tang Dongye said dissatisfiedly, you almost scared my heart out of my chest! Sorry, but I have a reason. Geng Hua said, Dongye, have you ever heard of a very ancient folk fortune-seeking technique called Five Ghosts to Luck Wealth?

Five ghosts bring wealth? I seem to have seen similar records in a supernatural novel. What, do you believe in these gods and ghosts?

Not that I believe it, but I have a relative who used the Five Ghosts to bring wealth.

oh? Appreciate further details!

Here's the thing. I have a distant relative named Ding Zhiwei. His ancestors were farmers for eight generations, and his family was extremely poor. Therefore, after he got married, his wife often quarreled with him, which made him very depressed.

At the end of one year, his wife bought some New Year's goods and asked him to deliver them to his father-in-law's house. Ding Zhiwei was reluctant to do this kind of job because his family was poor and his father-in-law looked down on him and scolded him rudely every time they met. But his wife has a destiny, and he has to obey.

So he got on his family's bicycle, which rang everything except the bell, and set off slowly on the road. Maybe it was carelessness, maybe it was because I was depressed. He was riding and accidentally knocked down an old man.

At that time, Peng Yu was just a student, so he got out of the car without any hesitation, helped the old man up, and apologized.The old man said, I'm fine, it's just my New Year's gift

Only then did Ding Zhiwei discover that there was a plastic bag next to the old man, and the plastic bag was full of eggs. Needless to say, these eggs were all broken. Brother, tell me, how poor does a person have to be to just buy eggs for the New Year? Seeing this, my relative Ding Zhiwei resolutely gave all his New Year's goods to the old man.

Seeing this, the old man refused to accept it no matter what, but Ding Zhiwei insisted again and again, so the old man had no choice but to accept it. After accepting it, the old man thought for a while and said, "Young man, I don't have money to give you, but I can't get this new year's gift for nothing." Well, let me teach you a way to make you rich and powerful. What do you think?

Ding Zhiwei heard that the old man had a way to make a fortune, so of course he couldn't wait to ask the old man to tell him. But after he got home, he thought of a problem. If the old man's method was feasible, he wouldn't be so poor that he could only buy eggs for the New Year.

Just as he was about to forget about the methods taught by the old man, his wife heard that he did not send the New Year's goods to his father-in-law's house, but gave them to an old man he had never met, and she quarreled with him on the spot. At the end of the quarrel, his wife said loudly, I don’t want to live with a poor guy like you anymore, I want a divorce!

divorce? Okay, then you wait! One day, I will let you take that back! He responded viciously and ran out.

He ran to the street in one breath and followed the old man's instructions and bought a handful of money, a small wine glass, a small basin and a pair of small scissors. At night, he used small scissors and money to cut out five small paper figures, and placed them in a small basin in the five directions of southeast, northwest, and middle. Then he pricked his middle finger with the scissors and let the blood flow on the small wine glass.

He placed the small wine glass containing the blood of his middle finger in the middle of the small basin, then knelt on the ground facing the small basin, silently chanting the incantation given to him by the old man: Eastern ghosts, southern ghosts, and western ghosts.

After reciting the incantation, he took out a lighter and burned the five small paper figures in the small basin.

A few days later, he suddenly received a notice from the village committee, saying that a real estate developer had purchased a lot of land in the village, and everyone would receive a large amount of compensation. After Ding Zhiwei received the compensation, he opened a hotel in the town and his life quickly became prosperous. And it wasn't until this moment that he realized that the methods the old man taught him were true.

However, since the method is real, why doesn’t the old man use it himself? Ding Zhiwei has always been puzzled by this. Until ten years later, a fire burned down his hotel, and he was grieving. The old man appeared again.

Sure enough, it was exactly the same as what happened to me. The old man sighed. When Ding Zhiwei heard what the old man said, he hurriedly asked why. The old man said, the method I taught you is called the Five Ghosts to Luck Money Technique, which uses Taoism to activate ghosts in five directions to bring you money. However, this money luck does not come from other places. , but will bring back all your luck and wealth for the rest of your life. Since everyone's luck and wealth are fixed, when time comes, all your wealth will disappear in an instant.

According to you, what is the difference between these five ghost fortune-traveling techniques and us borrowing money from the bank to buy a house? They are all things that are consumed in advance. When Tang Dongye heard this, he couldn't help but complain.

Don't worry, Old Tang, just listen to me. Geng Hua said dissatisfied.

After hearing what the old man said, Ding Zhiwei immediately cursed, "Why didn't you tell me earlier?"

I told you then, don’t you remember? The old man said, I remember I told you that if you want to live a good life for the rest of your life, you must do more good deeds. Have you forgotten? Doing more good deeds is the way to crack the five ghosts' money-lucking spell.

Ding Zhiwei was stunned for a moment. Indeed, after the old man talked about the five ghosts' money-making technique, he clearly asked him to do more good deeds. However, after he got rich, he was carried away and did not do so.

After Geng Hua finished telling the story, Tang Dongye could only hear Tang Dongye murmuring: Do more good deeds and can you do the Five Ghosts to Luck Money by yourself , so that you can resolve the bad luck caused by the Five Ghosts to Luck Money?

Yes. Geng Hua nodded, so buddy, do you use these five ghost money-lucking techniques or not?

Of course you have to use it. Tang Dongye said without thinking, since there is a way to crack it, why not use it?

Well! I'm going to prepare the things needed for the Five Ghosts Money Luck Technique. Then we will find a time and we two brothers can use it together. Geng Hua said.

Geng Hua did what he said. He immediately asked for leave from his supervisor and went out to buy things. Not long after Tang Dongye stayed in the office, he received a call from Geng Hua. Geng Hua said on the phone that everything has been prepared. Let's meet tonight at the long-abandoned unfinished building opposite the company.

Dude, what are you doing? When Tang Dongye came to a room on the fourth floor of the unfinished building as agreed, could he do the Five Ghosts to Luck Money by himself ? He found that Geng Hua had placed a scarecrow in each of the four corners of the room, so he asked in confusion, Didn’t you say you want to engage in five ghosts to bring wealth? How did you get these scarecrows here?

Brother, you don't know this. Geng Hua said solemnly, there are many kinds of five ghost fortune-traveling techniques, like the one used by my distant relative, which is relatively low-level, and the wealth gained after using it is not much. The one I am deploying now is very advanced. After using it, both of us will become billionaires.

I see. Tang Dongye suddenly realized, but buddy, don't you need to invite ghosts from five directions to bring wealth to the five ghosts? If you make four scarecrows, how can you invite ghosts from five directions?

There is a reason for this. Geng Hua replied that my five-ghost fortune requires a living person to pretend to be a ghost to be effective, so I need you to take a chair and sit in the middle, pretending to be the fifth scarecrow.

Tang Dongye didn't understand what Geng Hua said at all, but out of trust, he followed Geng Hua's instructions and took a chair and sat in the middle of the room.

After Tang Dongye sat down, Geng Hua took a rope and tied him to the chair.

Brother, why are you tying me up? Tang Dongye asked puzzledly.

nonsense! You have to pretend to be a ghost, and of course you have to be with the four scarecrows, unable to move at all. Geng Hua said, blowing out the candles in the room, and the whole room suddenly became dark.

Brother, in order to get rich, you have to hold back! After walking out of the room, Geng Hua said to Tang Dongye.

Not long after Geng Hua left, a biting cold wind suddenly blew in the room, and four bloody black figures slowly walked into the room under the cold wind. When Tang Dongye saw these, he knew that they must be the legendary ghosts, and his heart almost lifted to his throat.

The four black figures walked to Tang Dongye and stayed for a while. One of them suddenly said: This guy is a living person, not one of our kind. Let's kill him!




When this ghost said this, he immediately got the approval of the other three ghosts.

don't want! When Tang Dongye heard this, he immediately protested loudly, "You can't kill me. I am the caster of these five ghosts who bring wealth."

Five ghosts bring wealth? Hey hey hey, if we don't kill you, where will the five ghosts bring you wealth?

There is no fifth ghost, you can find it! Tang Dongye shouted, if you kill me, who will you give the wealth to?

Didn't you see the names written on the four scarecrows? The beneficiary of these five ghosts' fortune is Geng Hua.

What? Tang Dongye suddenly woke up. Only now did he understand that the biggest problem with the Five Ghosts' luck in getting rich was not how to do good deeds after getting the wealth, but how to avoid becoming one of the Five Ghosts in the hands of others.

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