Can You Do The Five Ghosts To Luck Money By Yourself? A Long Ghost Story

five statues

Recently, Gao Hongyun, like his name, has good luck. At work, he was like a duck in water, there was no contract that couldn't be negotiated, and his performance soared. You can make a fortune just by wandering on the street. The first time was when I saw a person passing by with a suspicious look on his face. He thought he might be a bad guy, so he called the police. It turned out that he was a wanted criminal, and he got a lot of bounties by mistake. The second time, he saw a bronze Guanyin statue being sold at a roadside stall, so he paid two thousand yuan to buy it. Unexpectedly, it was the product of Emperor Wen of the Sui Dynasty in the second year of his reign, and he made a lot of money.

However, Gao Hongyun had trouble sleeping every night, not because he was afraid of thieves, but because he was afraid of ghosts. Although he has made several windfalls recently, there are many people richer than him, so the chances of thieves and robbers taking care of him are still low. As for ghosts, it’s hard to say. Find an expert to set up a feng shui bureau to gather wealth, and it will be strange if nothing happens.

On this day, Gao Hongyun invited his friend Jiang Zhen to dinner, drank some wine, and said depressedly: "Do you think this is evil? I went out of town for something, so I asked Ye Tongmeng to go to my house to help me wash a few things. Clothes, she is inexplicably crazy.”

"Crazy?" Jiang Zhen was stunned, a little unbelievable.

Gao Hongyun nodded and said, "Yes, she has been in a daze all day long. She giggles when she sees others, and runs around in fear when she sees me. I have been to several mental hospitals, but I can't figure out the reason."

Jiang Zhen said thoughtfully: "Maybe the hospital's technology is not good enough. If you have money, just give her a sum of money and ask her parents to take her to Beijing."

"No." Gao Hongyun refused, "I can't give her any money."

Jiang Zhen said incomprehensibly: "Why? Haven't you made several windfalls recently? Why are you so stingy?"

Gao Hongyun said in embarrassment: "It's not that I can't part with it, it's that I can't give my money to others for no reason."

Jiang Zhen's face turned solemn and he said in a deep voice: "You invited me to dinner today. It's not just a simple gathering together when you have nothing to do, right?"

Gao Hongyun smiled bitterly: "To be honest, I want you to help me exorcise ghosts. There are unclean things in my house. I was seriously ill some time ago and I was so weak that I couldn't find anything when I went to the hospital. I went to live out of town. It will get better after a few days. It was during that time that Ye Tongmeng went to my house and something happened. I am afraid that if time goes by, I will be easily injured by evil things. "

"Isn't it okay if you don't live in that house?" After Jiang Zhen finished speaking, he thought for a while and then said, "Unless you have a reason why you must live there. In this case, let's go to your house first." That's it, let's eat. Halfway through, he gave up and Gao Hongyun took Jiang Zhen home. His home is a duplex house in a medium-sized community. He bought it with a loan before, but when he got rich, he paid it off all at once. After entering the house, Jiang Zhen praised the beautiful interior decoration, and then wandered back and forth between the living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom, rummaging through boxes and cabinets as if looking for something.

Sure enough, Jiang Zhen found some statues. They were very small, about the size of a palm. There were five of them in total. There were wooden ones, and there were metal ones. Each statue is not good-looking, either extremely ugly or hideous. He held the statue and asked Gao Hongyun: "Do you know what this is?"

Gao Hongyun shook his head in confusion.

"You don't know?" Jiang Zhen squinted his eyes, "You asked a Feng Shui master to arrange it for you and seize wealth. Wouldn't you know what this is?"

Gao Hongyun looked aggrieved: "Brother, I really don't know. I did find a Feng Shui master. He just said that this house is a blessed place for a Yangzhai. A little layout can bring wealth. Then I let him do it. At that time I haven’t seen these statues either!”

"That's why you don't move?" When Jiang Zhen said this, he looked around the room.

"Since it is a Feng Shui treasure land that can bring me continuous wealth, I naturally want to live here forever." Gao Hongyun said eagerly, "What exactly is going on? Isn't it like the Feng Shui master said that it can't bring wealth?"

"Yes." Jiang Zhen's words were astonishing, "But when the fortune arrives, you will not be far away from death. This is the 'Five Ghosts Lucky Fortune' game. It is not about prospering wealth, but about robbing wealth. There are three taboos in this game. If you violate it, If you catch one, you're dead."

Blood painted evil picture

Gao Hongyun's expression suddenly changed, and he was so frightened that he was at a loss. He thought for a while and said: "No wonder the Feng Shui master told me that from now on, the money earned cannot be given away to others, otherwise it will lead to death. So, what other taboos are there? "

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Jiang Zhen looked at the statue in his hand and said thoughtfully: "You can't give it away, you can't give it away, you can't gamble. But I don't understand why that Feng Shui master only told you one of them and didn't let you see the statue."

Gao Hongyun sighed: "Then it's okay. As long as I remember these taboos, I will be fine, no matter what the reason is."

"You think very simply." Jiang Zhen said with a sneer, "The so-called gift does not mean that you don't give money to others, but the theft by thieves and the robbery by robbers. As long as they succeed, gifting is established. Charity will also occur. Realistic factors force you to do it, and you can't help it. Not to mention gambling, buying lottery tickets is considered gambling. These three taboos cannot be avoided, so you will definitely get into trouble."

Gao Hongyun frowned and paced around the room, as if struggling with a conflict. His psychology is very complicated. If he abandons this house, he will have no luck in wealth. If he continued to live there, supernatural events might happen, and he couldn't imagine what the outcome would be. After a long time, he finally said with white teeth: "Otherwise, let's break the law! You broke this 'Five Ghosts' Luck for Money' game for me. Compared with money and life, I choose the latter."

"It's not that simple." Jiang Zhen put the five statues back to their original positions, "This game uses the evil and weird 'Five Ghosts' as a lead. Once handled improperly, the 'Five Ghosts' Luck' will immediately turn into the 'Five Ghosts Luck'." Fate', you will die wherever you go."

"Then it's not broken." Gao Hongyun said helplessly, "Anyway, I just have to be careful. I don't give away money, try to avoid thieves and robbers, and don't gamble. Anyway, bad luck has not happened to me now, maybe as long as I If I don’t let others come to my house at night, I’ll be fine.”

"That's fine." Jiang Zhen turned around and left, "I'll go back and look for some information left by Master first. If you have anything, please notify me as soon as possible." After saying that, he left, feeling very heavy because he felt The emergence of this bureau is no accident.

After Jiang Zhen left, Gao Hongyun took a bath, trying to wash away the fear and bad luck. As long as you don't want to, don't be afraid. As the sky darkened, he lay on the bed and closed his eyes to rest. The clock on the wall keeps ticking and makes a small sound. Why does it sound so harsh at this moment?

Drowsily, Gao Hongyun was about to fall asleep. However, at this moment, he felt difficulty breathing, as if someone had covered his mouth and nose, and his chest was tight and depressed. He opened his eyes suddenly, and there was nothing but darkness in the room. But the feeling of difficulty breathing has not diminished at all, almost suffocating. Gao Hongyun gasped for air, but he could only exhale but not inhale, as if the oxygen in the room had been taken away at this moment. The head is dizzy, the vision is reduced, and the body is still unable to move. Just when he was about to lose his intuition, he saw the door in the house open, and vaguely saw five lights of different colors rushing in, hovering above his head. The next second, Gao Hongyun lost consciousness.

When Gao Hongyun woke up, it was already dawn, and he had no idea how he survived. He was lying on the ground with a painting beside him. The dye on it seemed to be blood. He instinctively checked his body and found that there was indeed a small wound on his leg. The content of the painting made his heart uneasy. It was a dismembered man, with his head and limbs separated. There are no lines, it's all painted with blood. The person in this painting looks like he was torn apart by five people pulling his head and limbs.

"Five ghosts?" Gao Hongyun shouted in surprise. This painting looks like a death notice sent by five ghosts, bright red and weird. But he couldn't figure it out no matter what. He didn't violate any taboos. Why was this happening?

Finally, he called Jiang Zhen and informed him of the strange thing that happened last night. Jiang Zhen asked him to go see Ye Tongmeng who was already crazy, and then study whether there was a way to destroy the "Five Ghosts Luck and Wealth" Feng Shui bureau.

This game must be broken

Ye Tongmeng still looked stupid. She went to several hospitals, but no cause was diagnosed. Her parents were already extremely haggard. Gao Hongyun and Jiang Zhen came to Ye Tongmeng's bed. Ye Tongmeng instinctively huddled in the corner, as if afraid of strangers.

"What do you want to ask her?" Gao Hongyun sighed, "Looking at her like this, she may not be able to tell you what happened at that time."

Jiang Zhen closed the door with a sullen face, then took out a paper talisman and waved it casually. The paper talisman ignited without fire. He used the fire of the paper talisman to light five sticks of incense. There was no movement after that, just staring at Xiang.

After a while, half of the incense was burned out. It was lit at the same time, but the burning speed was different. The five incense sticks that were originally the same length were burned unevenly. Jiang Zhen whispered: "The plum blossom incense burned like this proves that her body is full of evil spirits, and she should have been drained of the three souls of heaven, earth and man."

"The soul is gone?" Gao Hongyun said in shock.

Jiang Zhen nodded: "Three souls are gone, seven souls are still there, but it's of no use, she will become an idiot forever."

Gao Hongyun took a breath: "Can we save him?"

Can you do the Five Ghosts to Luck Money_How much does it cost to do the Five Ghosts to Luck Money_Five Ghosts to Luck The art of wealth

Jiang Zhen smiled bitterly and said, "Let's not talk about whether she can be rescued. If you don't break the 'Five Ghost Luck', your fate will be worse than hers. Let's go to your house first. I found it from the half page of paper left by Master last night. This is the way to break this game."

When we arrived at the east gate of the community where Gao Hongyun lived, Gao Hongyun refused to leave. He looked at the guard room and said, "Wait a minute. The guard Wang and I had a fight that day. I don't want him to see me. Let's go through another door." Enter the community.”

Jiang Zhen agreed and didn’t ask any more questions.

As soon as they left the east gate, a car rushed past the center of the road and hit the door of the guard room. And there stood a neighbor of Gao Hongyun. The man was standing exactly where Gao Hongyun had been standing just now. One of his arms was broken, and the ground was stained red with blood. Exclamations suddenly sounded, and countless passers-by gathered around.

Gao Hongyun was frightened when he saw this scene. He suddenly remembered the bloody picture, with limbs, arms and heads torn off. Could it be becoming a reality little by little? And just now, it happened to be avoided?

Arriving at Gao Hongyun's house, Jiang Zhen broke the law in the bedroom. He took out the five statues and put them in a metal basin. Then he poured liquids of various colors into it, including red, black, white, green, and yellow. Yes, it smells bad. Afterwards, he said to Gao Hongyun: "Let's soak for a while and tell me your birthday."

Gao Hongyun told the truth. Jiang Zhen took blood from his middle finger and Gao Hongyun's index finger, wrote his birth date on a piece of yellow paper with the blood, and then threw it into the metal basin. After soaking for a while, Jiang Zhen muttered some words silently, lit the black incense and inserted it into the basin.

"Isn't it usually at night when the altar is opened to break the law?" Gao Hongyun asked puzzledly.

Jiang Zhen said: "Did the Feng Shui master you hired lay a plan for you at night?"

Gao Hongyun suddenly realized and stopped talking.

"When the time comes, the method will be broken." Jiang Zhen sighed and sat on the sofa in the living room. "Now we don't have to worry about this basin. Let's talk about the master Feng Shui master behind the scenes. How did you find him?"

"He was an ordinary man, and his clothes were very old. I didn't know his identity at all." Gao Hongyun recalled, "The reason why I got to know him was from the gatekeeper Lao Wang of the community."

Before and after layout

Gao Hongyun lit a cigarette and said slowly: "Three months ago, I was unlucky. It can be said that I was extremely unlucky. The company asked me to discuss business with a client. I talked for several days and was exhausted. Finally, I got the client to agree. Sign the contract. But at this moment, another company suddenly intervened and the customer was snatched away. Because of this incident, the company deducted a lot of money from me. If this time was an accident, then similar things happened one after another from then on. , I think maybe I’m really unlucky.”

"Later, I was depressed enough, so I went to drink and met Lao Wang who was also drinking. With the help of wine, I talked about all the troubles in my heart. After hearing this, Lao Wang said that he had a friend who knew Feng Shui. If Feng Shui If you do it right, your luck will change and your wealth will continue. So, I asked Lao Wang to help me contact the master who knew Feng Shui. Lao Wang asked me to give him 50,000 yuan after I made money.

"I don't know the name of the Feng Shui master. He told me that if I want to change my fortune, there is a blessed land, which is my current house. With a little layout, I can make money. I asked my relatives and friends to pool some money, but it was not enough. Usury loan supplement, how should I put it? Give it a try! I was not there when the Feng Shui master laid out the layout, and he wouldn’t let me see it, so I came out to chat with Lao Wang. After finishing it, the Feng Shui master said that there will definitely be foreign wealth coming in the future. However, the money I earned cannot be given to others, otherwise my fortune will turn into misfortune. Later, I worked like a duck to water and could make money no matter what I did. I didn’t dare to give the money to Lao Wang, for fear that my fortune would run away and Lao Wang would be dissatisfied. We just had a fight.”

Jiang Zhen was obviously deep in thought after hearing this, and later said: "In other words, the Feng Shui master doesn't know you at all, and you don't know him either. Your meeting was caused by Lao Wang, and it was purely accidental?"

"That should be the case." Gao Hongyun nodded.

"That's not right. The Feng Shui master obviously didn't tell the truth." Jiang Zhen's expression was solemn.

At the same time, the metal basin in the bedroom "boomed" and ignited into flames, which looked very spectacular. Gao Hongyun was startled and asked quickly: "What's wrong?"

Can you do the five ghosts to bring wealth by yourself_The five ghosts of wealth spell_The cost of doing the five ghosts of wealth

"The time has come." Jiang Zhen walked over and stared at the flames for a while, "Just burn it and everything will be fine. The wealth you snatched will disappear. Although you can't make huge profits like some time ago, at least nothing will happen to you. "

Next, the fire dissipated, everything returned to calm, and Jiang Zhen went back.

Gao Hongyun felt relaxed, and all the gloominess disappeared. When I was sending Jiang Zhen back, I passed by the guard and wanted to go in to see Lao Wang, but I got the bad news that Lao Wang was dead. It is said that he witnessed the car accident just now, suffered a heart attack, and died in the guard room before he could take medicine. Not to mention, a friend from the police station sent a text message saying that Ye Tongmeng was under police control. She stabbed her parents and tried to jump off the building. She hung on the balcony on the second floor but did not fall to her death.

Before Gao Hongyun could figure out what was going on, the company leader called and asked him to go there quickly. Many questions are swirling in Gao Hongyun's mind, but all he can do now is drive to the company.

On the way, Gao Hongyun thought of something he missed: Jiang Zhen was mentioned in the mysterious Feng Shui bureau that arranged the "Five Ghosts to Luck Wealth" for him. Maybe he was eager for money and didn't pay attention at the time. Thinking about it now, it seems that the problem is serious. Why do Feng Shui masters know about Jiang Zhen? Who is Jiang Zhen? Gao Hongyun himself didn't even know that he actually knew Jiang Zhen at the same time as Lao Wang, so he knew that he had some weird abilities.

He was thinking a lot about whether he could do the magic of ghost luck and wealth . It is most taboo to have random thoughts while driving. A truck roared from the side, but Gao Hongyun had no idea at all and still pressed the accelerator hard…

Who is true and who is false

At dusk, Gao Hongyun woke up in the hospital, his body covered with bandages and in unbearable pain. According to the doctor, he was hit by a car and a passerby called the police and was sent to the hospital. After examination, it was found that all the bones in his limbs were broken, but strangely, his life was not in danger.

Gao Hongyun was lying on the hospital bed. Suddenly the door opened and a man wearing simple clothes walked in. Gao Hongyun's heart sank. Isn't this the Feng Shui master? The other party said with emotion: "I didn't expect that you would be admitted to the hospital just after Lao Wang died. How are you? Are you okay?"

"You still dare to come to see me?" Gao Hongyun said through gritted teeth.

The Feng Shui master felt confused: "I received the news of Lao Wang's death and came to see you. You have made a lot of money recently, why do you look so unhappy?"

"Five ghosts bring wealth," Gao Hongyun said with a stern face, "Maybe the five ghosts are asking for their lives. You are harming me, and you are also harming Lao Wang who is related to this matter. And when I was injured, you watched the fire from the other side, and I Are you happy? Fortunately, I broke your law."

"What are you talking about?" The Feng Shui master's expression also became serious. "After I gave you the layout, did anything happen to you? No matter what others did, weren't you intact? You also made money, and nothing abnormal happened. And. You said you broke the law, but what happened? You were hospitalized. Can you blame me for this kind of thing? "

Gao Hongyun was speechless for a moment, because the Feng Shui master told the truth. In the car accident at the gate of the community, the injured person had nothing to do with him. Ye Tongmeng is crazy, and he is just someone else. After breaking the law, he went directly to the hospital. But what happened to the five red lights and blood pictures that night? The only doubt is Jiang Zhen.

It happened that at this time the Feng Shui master asked: "You don't understand Feng Shui and you don't know how to do it. How can you break it?"

"I…" Gao Hongyun thought for a while, but still didn't say Jiang Zhen's name. Because now it seems that everyone is suspicious. If he speaks out, the Feng Shui master may immediately blame Jiang Zhen for all the troubles. So, it’s better to know these questions yourself.

Seeing that he didn't speak, the Feng Shui master sighed: "Forget it, I won't force you to tell me. But there is one thing I want to remind you, don't be deceived by people with evil intentions." After saying that, he left.

Gao Hongyun thought for a while and asked the nurse to help him call Jiang Zhen. Jiang Zhen was obviously surprised and came directly to the hospital. This also surprised Gao Hongyun. If Jiang Zhen had a guilty conscience, he would not come to see him so quickly.

"How could this happen?" Jiang Zhen looked at Gao Hongyun, who was moaning in pain on the hospital bed, "Didn't the law be broken? Why did something happen?"

"I still want to ask you!" Gao Hongyun frowned.

Can you do the Five Ghosts to Luck Money_How much does it cost to do the Five Ghosts to Luck Money_Five Ghosts to Luck The art of wealth

Jiang Zhen took out half a page of paper from his arms in confusion, turned it over and over, and then said: "I broke the method according to the method left by the master. There are no mistakes. If there is still a problem, it is with this piece of paper. superior."

Gao Hongyun was startled: "How do you say this?"

Jiang Zhen shook his head: "Because there is only half a page, maybe there are words on the other half of the page."

"Ye Tongmeng stabbed her parents and is now under police control." Gao Hongyun was helpless. "If it is true as you said, then there must be something wrong with the other half of the page."

Jiang Zhen whispered: "It's all my fault."

Gao Hongyun looked at Jiang Zhen dubiously: "I'm completely confused now. The Feng Shui master who arranged the layout for me mentioned you before, and he came here just now and said something. I feel like he is not a bad person."

Jiang Zhen's expression changed and he said sternly: "You mean I destroyed the 'Five Ghosts' Luck and Fortune' bureau to kill you? You should ask that Feng Shui master out now and I will confront him."

Who knows who is good and who is bad?

The man behind the scenes

Gao Hongyun shook his head: "I don't know how to contact him."

"I can make him come." Jiang Zhen took out a paper talisman from his pocket, folded it into a paper crane, closed his eyes and muttered something. The paper crane suddenly burst into smoke and caught fire, and finally turned into ashes.

Sure enough, not long after, the ward door was pushed open and the Feng Shui master came back. He was not shocked when he saw Jiang Zhen. He sat on a chair nearby and said, "It's been a long time since I last saw you. I didn't expect you to still remember such gadgets as the 'Yellow Crane Message'. It seems that you are the one who broke my 'Five Ghosts Luck' game." ?"

Jiang Zhen said with a sullen face: "Have you forgotten the rules of the master? If you don't help others, you will harm them. There is no friendship between you and me. You'd better make things clear, otherwise I won't let you out of this door. .”

Gao Hongyun was at a loss and didn't know how to interrupt, so he simply remained silent.

"What can't I say?" The Feng Shui master said without any sign of weakness. "This little brother said that he had poor financial luck, so I gave him a trick. I bought a house and arranged a Feng Shui bureau to improve his financial luck. As a Feng Shui master, I have no Violate any of the master's rules. But you, using evil ways to break the prosperity situation, what are your intentions?"

Jiang Zhen snorted and said: "What is the 'Five Ghosts' to bring wealth?" Take the five ghost positions in the Eight Houses Feng Shui and use objects to promote good fortune and turn evil spirits. The owner of the house lives in this position. In conjunction with the inversion of the stars, the five elements are interdependent to reverse the situation. Wealth luck only depends on one direction. And you? Use the five statues of 魑, 魔, 魍, 魉, 魃, all of which are evil and evil spirits. Is this a prosperous situation for wealth? This is a disaster situation for depriving wealth."

"Wait a minute!" The Feng Shui master stirred up, stood up from the chair, and asked with wide eyes, "You found five statues in that house? I didn't put anything in his house. I dare to swear to the master's spirit in heaven. , absolutely not!”

The problem seemed to be serious. When Gao Hongyun heard this, a strange feeling suddenly flashed through his mind.

"Really?" Jiang Zhen still didn't believe it, but since the other party dared to swear by his master, he shouldn't be able to lie. The most taboo thing in this industry is to bully the master and destroy the ancestor, otherwise the consequences will be disastrous.

"How did you break the law?" the Feng Shui master asked. At this point, Jiang Zhen did not hide anything and told the whole story according to the half-page method.

Can you do the Five Ghosts to Luck Money_How much does it cost to do the Five Ghosts to Luck Money_Five Ghosts to Luck The art of wealth

The Feng Shui master was immediately shocked: "Master also left me half a page. You only used half of the recorded methods to break the spell. This is a counter-intuitive situation, which further prompted the five ghosts to appear. It seems that we have all been led into a trap. among.”

Jiang Zhen frowned and thought for a while, then turned to ask Gao Hongyun: "Who have you told about the Feng Shui bureau he set up for you?"

Gao Hongyun's heart sank and he whispered: "Ye Tongmeng."

Jiang Zhen and the Feng Shui master looked at each other and seemed to have found the key to the matter. Ye Tongmeng once went to Gao Hongyun's home, and that was when she went crazy. Now it seems that this is all a conspiracy. She must have placed the statue of the Five Ghosts in Gao Hongyun's home. But what are her motives?

"Before my accident, the company called me and asked me to go there quickly." Gao Hongyun said in horror, "Ye Tongmeng stabbed her parents. They were just her adoptive parents. Her biological parents are dead. I think you should go there. Where I work.”

"No wonder I used plum blossom fragrance to find out that all three of her souls were lost. It turns out that she is also a person with magical powers. It seems that she used a special method to affect my plum blossom fragrance." Jiang Zhen thought for a while, "Five ghosts are the yin." , it needs to be balanced by yang, where is the heaviest yang energy?"

"Public Security Bureau." Gao Hongyun replied.

Jiang Zhen was in a dilemma. Should he go to the Public Security Bureau or go to the company where he worked as Gao Hongyun said? If Ye Tongmeng used the special Feng Shui pattern of this house to raise five ghosts, and then stabbed her parents to enter the police station to absorb the yang energy, why was her ultimate goal the company where Gao Hongyun worked?

Jiang Zhen and the Feng Shui master were overwhelmed by countless questions.

It's your own fault

It was getting late, and Jiang Zhen and the Feng Shui master came to the company where Gao Hongyun worked. The reason why I chose to come here is because Jiang Zhen and the Feng Shui master jointly used a tracking technique to show that Ye Tongmeng was here. As for how she got out of the police station, you don't need to think about it. She used magic to escape.

Although it was night, the office building was brightly lit, and Jiang Zhen felt uncomfortable from the moment he entered. This is due to his unique ability in this industry, and he is very sensitive to evil spirits and ghosts.

There was no one in the whole building. Jiang Zhen didn't see anyone until the conference room on the seventh floor. Those people sat at the conference table with dull eyes and expressionless faces, and they refused to speak no matter how they asked. But Ye Tongmeng is not here.

"These people should be the senior leaders of this company. What are you doing here?" the Feng Shui master whispered, "Are you having a meeting?"

"It should be about signing a contract." Jiang Zhen slapped his forehead: "Sure, go back to the hospital, Gao Hongyun is in danger."

On the way back to the hospital, the Feng Shui master said: "If the contract is signed and all senior leaders are controlled to sign, then Ye Tongmeng's purpose is to use evil magic to steal the entire company. Now there should be Gao Hongyun, the management member who was just brought up. Without a signature, Gao Hongyun’s death can end the entanglement of the five ghosts.”

"That's right." Jiang Zhen took out half a page of paper, "Now take your half page and put it together to find a way to deal with the five ghosts."

Sure enough, Ye Tongmeng stood eerily in front of Gao Hongyun's bed in the hospital, holding the contract in her hand. She was not surprised to see Jiang Zhen and the others coming in, and said proudly: "You are late, the contract is signed, five The ghost also got into Gao Hongyun's body, and with his death, everything ended. I no longer have to be angry with my adoptive parents, and I don't have to be treated as a monster by my peers. I will become the top leader of that company. This is the real 'Five ghosts bring wealth', you guys are just trivial."

Jiang Zhen ignored Ye Tongmeng and winked at the Feng Shui master. The two rushed to Gao Hongyun's side. Jiang Zhen took out a yellow piece of paper with Gao Hongyun's birth date and the Feng Shui master took out a bottle of red liquid and said hello at the same time. On Gao Hongyun. In an instant, there was a sound of howling ghosts and wolves, and five red lights flew out of Gao Hongyun's body, hovered in the air for a while, and penetrated into Ye Tongmeng's body.

At this time, Ye Tongmeng's body was decomposing at a speed visible to the eyes. She was in agony and screamed, and finally turned into a wisp of black smoke and disappeared. When everything came to an end, Gao Hongyun coughed, regained his consciousness, and gasped for air.

Jiang Zhen pondered: "Those who use powerful ghosts will be devoured by powerful ghosts, and they will bring the blame upon themselves."

"It is not wrong to know thaumaturgy, but if one's mind is not right, one will be punished by God." After the Feng Shui master finished speaking, the two brothers looked at each other and smiled.

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