The Blood Demon Returns To The Soul's Home To Follow The Virtues Of Taoist Priests

A dilapidated thatched cottage on the outskirts of the capital was decorated with lanterns and red candles even as the sky dimmed. The big "happiness" character written in red paper is placed squarely on the mottled firewood leaf, which makes it even more joyful and desolate.

The bride is petite and exquisite, with a pair of big apricot-core eyes that look forward to the scene and has a unique look. Although it was the grandest day of her life, she had already gotten up early, packed up her clothes, and was busy in the kitchen preparing dishes for the guests.

"Ling'er, don't bother. Today you and I are happily married. Except for the heaven and earth as matchmakers, the sun and the moon as witnesses, there will be no other guests." As the groom spoke, he walked behind Ling'er and held his arms with his arms. He gently wrapped his arms around her slender waist and rested his face on his beloved wife's back with satisfaction.

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"Brother Xiande, it's all Ling'er's fault. As a result, you were kicked out of the school and suffered countless looks…" Ling'er burst into tears before he finished speaking. "Look, why are you crying on this big day? I never wanted to conquer demons. It's my blessing to meet Ling'er and spend this life together." Xian De said as he wiped away Ling'er's tears. Add makeup and a pair of beautiful women will make others envious.

The Xian De who is wearing flowers and candles in the bridal chamber today is a young Taoist priest from Xuwei Temple in the capital. He has been practicing Taoism for more than five years since he was fourteen years old. He has done countless rituals, big and small, but has achieved nothing. He has never surrendered or captured a monster. For this reason Xian De was despised and criticized by his master and brothers, but he didn't care at all and was happy to be alone, free and happy.

The actor of the movie "Blood Demon Returns to Soul"

Not long ago, an old tomb on the outskirts of the city was plagued by a fox spirit. Xian De followed his master's orders to go and collect the monster. After the method was used to subdue the monster, Xian De discovered that it was actually a little fox fairy who had practiced Taoism for only a hundred years. Because she was usually playful and lazy, but was not good at cultivating, the fox fairy ancestor's grandma said that if she didn't ascend to the next level, she would be killed by the thunder calamity. The punishment ruined her little practice.

Xiande saw the fox fairy Ling'er crying pitifully, and immediately he was filled with courage and courage, and blurted out: "Ling'er, don't cry, I am a young man who cultivates immortality and Taoism. I am willing to marry you and help the blood demon return to his home for a hundred years." How about you pick up the yang and replenish the yin and quickly advance to enlightenment?" Ling'er was naturally overjoyed and agreed happily, but Xiande violated family ethics and offended the public and was expelled from the school.

The actor of the movie "The Return of Blood Demon"_The plot of "The Return of Blood Demon"_The actor of the movie "The Return of Blood Demon"_The actor of the movie "The Return of Blood Demon"_The actor of the movie "The Return of Blood Demon"

Seeing that no one came to congratulate them, the young couple prepared to burn incense and pray together to worship heaven and earth. Little did he know that before the strangers arrived, a group of ghosts gathered in the sky above the thatched cottage. The gray-haired old woman ghost asked the strong man ghost beside her: "Little brother, are you here specially to protect the virtuous man from disaster?" The strong ghost replied: "Old man, there is no reason for me not to come today!" That year I died in a foreign country, thousands of miles away from home with no way to return. Thanks to the virtuous man who set up an altar to summon my soul, I was saved from the pain of becoming a lonely ghost!"

The old woman sighed and said slowly: "Last year, my life span was approaching, but I was still worried about my grandson who was rushing back to see me off for the last time, so I refused to die. It was also a wise man's practice to set up an altar in my home to serve me. After holding on to his soul and hanging on for his life, he finally got to see his grandson for the last time. For this reason, Xiande himself was punished by God, and he was seriously ill for several days and could not recover from it."

Blood Demon Returns to Soul Movie Actors_Blood Demon Returns to Soul Story_Blood Demon Returns to Soul Family Yi

Yingling, who was less than a hundred days old, interjected and said: "That day, my mother who was cruel to kill me and cut off my reincarnation set up an altar at home and asked the virtuous man to drive me to death. It was also he who persuaded me to save me with his words and words, and finally solved the problem. The hatred and unwillingness stuck in my heart, Xian De is really the most compassionate Taoist priest in the world."

The ghosts were in an uproar as the blood demons returned to their homes , and they all told of the virtues and teachings that the virtuous people had given them in the past. They were not gathered here simply to congratulate the virtuous people. Humans and monsters have different paths, and Xiande's marriage to the fox fairy as his wife has violated the laws of heaven. All the ghosts are willing to work together to block Xiande from this thunderstorm in order to repay his kindness in the past.

Unknowingly, the young couple in the thatched cottage had bowed to the sky and made a solemn vow. But the sky was clear, the wind was light, the sun was bright, and there was no sign of thunder rolling at all. The ghosts were confused and dispersed happily.

From the great to the simple, the word "good" cannot escape from the left and right. In the final analysis, all the ethical laws in this world are to restrain bad people and punish the inherent evil in human nature. As for those kind-hearted people who are kind-hearted and have no false thoughts, they can naturally wander around the world freely, relying on their righteousness to do whatever they want without violating the rules.

Even though there are people in the Six Paths who have different paths, heaven and earth know how to love good people!

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