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Time passed by a few years ago, and Zhang Shengde, who had never had a good life in his life, ushered in the "Cultural Revolution Movement" that was in full swing. If anyone said the wrong thing at this time, it would be against the will of heaven, fatal, and serious. Yes, death is not just death…

I don’t know who Zhang Shengde’s family offended. Someone reported that he had dealings with landlords and was seriously suspected of being a “capitalist roader”. After living for almost thirty years, not counting the storms and waves, the single-plank bridge has finally traveled a lot. This is the first time I have heard the term "capitalist roader". Just when Zhang Shengde was about to refute, he was knocked to the ground with a stick. After a long fight, he admitted it and kept nodding his head: "Yeah, yeah…"

In this way, Zhang Shengde truthfully confessed his "crime" to the people in order not to suffer any physical pain. The pitiful thing is that Mr. Wang, who is so old, was beaten to death by being cornered in his old house, often dragged out on the street, and had rotten vegetable leaves thrown at him. He couldn't even cry anymore… What makes Mr. Wang angry is not that he was beaten or had vegetables thrown at him, but his "son" Zhang Shengde, this ungrateful white-eyed wolf! Later, I stood in the position of "judge" and judged him whenever I remembered! Alas, who can tell clearly what the world was like at that time?

Mr. Wang is dying and wants to see Zhang Shengde again before he dies. Zhang Shengde was also invited to the dilapidated old house. He saw Mr. Wang lying on the bed. He didn't even have a decent bedding. He just had a rag covering his body to keep out the cold. His lips were trembling slightly and his eyes were fixed. Staring at the beams, not even a single candle was lit in the dim room. Instead, a hole in the roof allowed the outside light to shine into the room at an angle. His hands were placed on both sides of his body like a corpse. , all the bones in his body were beaten and he couldn't move!

"The traitor…, the traitor…" Mr. Wang struggled to squeeze out two words from his mouth. "I'm not a traitor. It's true that you are a real landlord!" You see what the world was like at that time. There was still a lot of fear of a man turning into a ghost. If a ghost turned into a human, it would be really fierce! Mr. Wang tried to move his body, but when it failed, he turned his head towards Zhang Shengde. "I am not kind to you. Not only do you not know how to repay your kindness, but now you are harming me. How can you bear it…" Zhang Shengde didn't know where he was wrong, so he said: "You are a playboy, right?" Isn’t it true that you are this well-known landowner? It’s true that I came to your place when I was 13 years old, right? It’s true that you made a contract with me because you are a landowner, asking me to carry on your family lineage, isn’t it true? You people, are You exploit the working people as if they are not human beings, and you still keep talking until you die!" Mr. Wang was suddenly speechless. It was not that he said that he was a landlord, but that he had such a white-eyed wolf, and he would not die without knowing it. Fortunately, He knew that this man was already crazy, so after hearing these words, he didn't get angry all of a sudden. "Okay, okay, I called you here today not because you said this. This is retribution, this is my retribution." As Mr. Wang spoke, tears flowed from the corners of his eyes. He looked very sad. desolate. "You haven't fulfilled the contract you mentioned. You are my son in name, but how many times have you come back to see me? You said you would give me a grandson, and I haven't seen it until I'm about to die. You still Are you embarrassed to bring this up? "What Mr. Wang cares about most now is his "grandson". As the saying goes, there are three types of unfilial piety, and the worst is not having an heir!"

"Well, seeing that you are dying, you can be considered as having made up for your crime by confessing your crime to the people before you die!" Zhang Shengde turned around and pulled up a chair that had fallen on the ground, wiped the dust layer twice and then threw it away. Sitting on it, he continued: "Not long after I left the old house, I gave birth to a son with my wife. I never told you. Firstly, I was afraid that you would think too much. Secondly, my wife firmly disagreed. What age? What's more, you and I are not related, so why would you take my son away?" Zhang Shengde said this with a nonchalant look, as if the old man in front of him had nothing to do with him. Feelings, even like knowing each other. After hearing this, Mr. Wang didn't know where he got the strength. He supported his upper body with both hands and slowly sat up from the bed. In the weak light, he could clearly see that his eyes were full of anger and resentment. Veins popped out one by one at the temples, as if he wanted to eat the beast in front of him alive… Zhang Shengde also stood up subconsciously. He was also shocked by the scene in front of him. "You beast, are you saying this as a human being? If I hadn't taken you in back then, you would have starved to death outside. How can I, Wang Weizhong, be sorry for you? After so many years, from the moment you entered the house I have never seen you in person, but now you are…" Mr. Wang used his last strength to put his right hand on his chest and said: "I…, I…, I just…, it's better to have a dog than… You… are so strong!" After saying this, he fell down under the bed, a mouthful of blood spurting out of his mouth…

Mr. Wang died like this, leaving with almost despairing grief and indignation. Until his death, he still didn't understand why people are sometimes worse than animals. Having said this, Bai Daco breathed a long sigh of relief, and only after turning into a ghost did he regret his mistakes back then.

Zhang Chengyuan was no longer as scared as before. He sat on the stone pier, feeling a little pity, a little funny, but more of a contempt for the "ghost" in front of him who looked about the same age as himself. "Grandson, I know I was wrong, but you are the only one who can help me now. I don't want to wander here. Please take me away. Only you can help me…" As he spoke, the white coat looked sad. Floated towards him, although

I'm not afraid, but after all, people and ghosts are on different paths, so I can't help but feel a little bit shadowy in my heart. "Don't come over here. We have something to talk about." Zhang Chengyuan said as he stepped back. The white coat also realized his problem and hurriedly stopped moving forward. "I don't understand why you are here. Then where did Mr. Wang go? Maybe he was reincarnated smoothly, but you just became a wandering ghost with evil consequences?" The white coat sighed, "Alas!" , it seems that something has been left out.

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There is an abandoned garden in the north of the city. It was once the residence of a wealthy family. Legend has it that it existed during the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty. The old man’s surname is Wang. He entered the country from the Northeast. After decades of hard work and little success, in his son’s generation the family business has grown and expanded. He has opened a bank in this city and is considered to be the richest person in the city. As the saying goes, wealth cannot last more than three generations. This saying is true in China. At the end of the Republic of China, the Wang family declined. The grandson of Mr. Wang was a famous prodigal. He squandered the virtues of his ancestors, and his family fortune deteriorated day by day… …, up to now, this garden has been abandoned for some years, and no one knows where the Wang family has gone.

This garden is not within the scope of government planning. It is located relatively remote from the urban area. Few people come here, and those who occasionally pass by only use it as a resting place. However, no one has ever been to the houses in the garden. This is because someone has seen a "ghost" in this forest. This word was passed around, and the word became more and more mysterious. Gradually, everyone believed that this place was "haunted", and some brave people even organized travel friends to go on an adventure together, but of course nothing was found.

The People's Literature Publishing House of the Notes from the House of the Dead_Read the Notes from the House of the Dead_The author of the Notes from the House of the Dead

A relatively unified saying is this: As long as it is night, this place is the kind of place where you can't see your fingers. If the wind blows slightly, the surrounding leaves will rustle, and you can see through the moonlight. When you look at the branches swaying in the wind, it looks like a girl who has taken pills, dancing with abandon in the wilderness, which is particularly weird. If you continue walking into the garden, you will faintly hear the cry of "woo~woo~woo", which seems very sad. You can even hear words mixed with the cry. As for what was said, there is no People could hear clearly, some said: "I'm so lonely, just leave me here…", and some said: "I want to go home, I want to go home…" But these voices all said It came from a man.

In the age of science, all fallacies and heresies cannot stand. Therefore, the local people are afraid, but they still think that some people are just spreading lies. Some people tell their children, "If you don't obey, I will throw you in the garden." Saying this can make naughty children behave. .

During this time, a "tramp" from out of town came. This "tramp" was different from other people in the same industry. This person was cleanly dressed and did not pick up food from the ground. During the day, he hangs out with the local people in the village. He is not annoying and doesn't like to talk. He sometimes goes to sit in front of the villagers' houses. When people feel sorry for him, they give him a little food. The kind-hearted villagers tried to ask the homeless man where he came from. Who else is at home? So that he can be sent home. The people at the police station had nothing to do with this man. He wasn't going anywhere anyway, so he just ran to this village. The police saw that he didn't hurt anyone, so they let him out to show off.

On this day, the "tramp" came to the village again. When villager Wang Quan saw him, he stretched out his hand to greet him, "Come, come, come and have something to eat." Wang Quan was holding a piece of braised pork in his right hand. The tramp was not polite, he walked up and sat down. Wang Quan took out a knife, cut a piece and gave it to the tramp, and then took out a cigarette. The tramp shook his head and refused. "You're dressed neatly. You don't look like a lost person, right?" The homeless man ate the braised pork, but he didn't seem rude. After swallowing a mouthful of meat, he wiped the corner of his mouth with his hand: "Brother, I think you are a real person, and I won't hide it from you. I came here to find my grandpa." "Hey, you want to talk, but you don't look like a local. You look for your grandpa." Do you know where he is?" Wang Quan was very interested in this homeless man and always wanted to find an opportunity to get close to him. After listening to Wang Quan's words, the homeless man stretched out his left hand and said with a smile: "Hey, look, I'm almost done eating. Can I cut some more?" This guy ate so hard that Wang Quan simply had no leftovers. All the braised pork was given to him. "Brother, let me tell you, I was in a dream. I often dreamed of an old man complaining to me. The old man said he was my grandfather, and he said it was Bailongyuan or something… Well, in short, it makes people uneasy, what else can I say? You have to take him back, otherwise you won't be able to leave or anything." The homeless man put down the meat in his hand and said vividly, as if he was annoyed by something. Wang Quan seemed to understand something and said to the homeless man: "The Bailongyuan you are talking about is a garden not far from our village. It is very evil there! It used to be a government office and has not been used since the Cultural Revolution. But what does it have to do with the dream you are talking about?" The tramp stood up at this time, walked to Wang Shen, covered his ears with his oily hands and said, "My grandfather was a rich man here in the past. Oh…" Wang Quan heard his tone and felt that this person was delirious, but when he thought about the evil things in Bailongyuan, he also became dubious about this guy.

When the homeless man was full, he wanted to leave. At this time Wang Quan also stood up: "Look at you wandering around during the day, where do you rest at night?" The homeless man smiled and said: "I can rest wherever I can. Brother, don't worry, I won't do anything sneaky." "Then When are you going to see your grandfather?" Wang Quan became interested in what he said. "Just tonight, the old man said that he must be picked up on July 14th…" Oh my god, Wang Quan suddenly felt chills running down his spine after hearing these words. The words of this half-human and half-god person are always very strange.


That night, the homeless man carried a bag of ghost papers and two incense candles and tiptoed toward the garden. As he walked, he chanted: "Blessed by our ancestors, don't be surprised if there are strange things…" The homeless man's surname is Zhang Chengyuan, who is 30 years old this year. He was originally running a small business in another city, but the strange dream he had often had in the past year made him uneasy. Unfortunately, this business was getting worse day by day. While others were doing well, he was so unlucky that in the end he lost all his money and was still in debt. After going on for a while, his wife also started to argue with him about divorcing him. Then he had no other choice, so he went to a friend to ask someone to read his fortune. The fortune teller told him: The Zhang family's ancestral graves are not open, and the deceased will not be reconciled, so he must Only then can descendants pick them up and build a tomb to protect their descendants.

Zhang Chengyuan has become like this due to bad luck, and he keeps having strange dreams, so he has to believe it even if he doesn't believe it! Therefore, he found this place based on what the old man told him in his dream. But the old man asked him to pick him up on July 14th, so he stayed in a village not far from Bailongyuan. He didn't have much money with him, so he tried his best to find him by virtue of his youth. They had a place to sleep and food to wait until the day when they could pick up their "people".

Seeing that we were about to arrive at Bairyuyuan, it was still summer, but as soon as we approached the garden, we felt a cold wind blowing. This wind seemed to blow through people's skin and penetrate directly into the heart. Zhang Chengyuan couldn't help but shudder. The gate stood crookedly. It was said to be a gate, but in fact there was only one stone pillar standing, and only half of the other side was left. It was obvious that it was old at first glance, and the gaps between the stone pillars were full of overgrowth. Weed. Even the archway was destroyed and I don’t know where it went. Entering along the gate, you will be completely blocked by the thick leaves, not a trace of light can penetrate, it is like a sealed small courtyard. You can hear the sound of running water, and this garden is clearly the residence of a wealthy family. Although I couldn't see my fingers, I could vaguely see some remaining walls around the courtyard, which were painted with white paint. These were the walls.

At this time, Zhang Chengyuan took out the candle in his trouser pocket and lit it with fire. It didn't matter whether it was lit or not. He was so frightened that he sat down on the ground. He saw a white shadow suddenly appear in front of him and passed by in a flash. He was already upset and sat on the ground. He finally recovered and quickly took out his lighter and burned the scattered paper. He stammered in his mouth, "I really want to run back , but how do I know how I got in?" Zhang Chengyuan burned the paper as he read, almost crying… The paper was burning on the ground, and by the light of the fire, apart from the fire on the ground, the surrounding area was even more dark, making it even more terrifying. "I said grandpa, grandpa! You are just talking. Didn't you say you want me to pick you up? Now I'm here. Look, I'm scared by you…" Zhang Chengyuan said this incomprehensibly. After saying that, he quickly picked up the ghost papers scattered on the floor and burned them one by one, as if he was keeping warm in the wilderness and making a fire. "Come on, come on…", there was a voice. This voice sounded very young, definitely not the voice of an old man. If you listened carefully, you couldn't tell whether it was a man or a woman. Through the light, Zhang Chengyuan saw a figure with a white body, not far away from him, raising his right hand to greet him. His face could not be seen clearly. Except for the sound of insects, the surroundings were as quiet as death. At this time, the voice seemed to ring in his ears again, "Come on – follow me…" If this person could walk, he would no longer be a human being. Zhang Chengyuan suddenly felt as if he had no feeling in his lower limbs. Suddenly he collapsed and sat on the ground. It's okay to cry and shout, but it's just that the sobs and sobs are stuck in my throat and I can't cry out, which is what worries me. Zhang Chengyuan has never wanted to hear about "ghosts" in his life, let alone believe in "ghosts". At this time, the white shadow floated towards him from a distance. He could see it clearly. It was obviously hanging in the air, with its hands on its shoulders and its head lowered, as if looking in the direction of its feet. His posture looked like he was hanging himself.

"Oh, don't come over, I beg…please…you." I don't know where the strength came from, the voice seemed to cut through the sky, more like a sudden sound in a space as quiet as death. The screams like those of a killing pig are more terrifying than the screams of ghosts. Zhang Chengyuan collapsed on the ground, put his hands in front of his face, turned his upper body back desperately and shouted. After a while, "Oh my god, oh my god, help me… help me…" He waved his hands in front of him and kept chanting in his mouth, his eyes were closed tightly, and his voice Of course it was very small, so small that only he could hear it. That voice just now seemed to have exhausted all his strength.

After about dozens of seconds, it felt quiet again. At this time, Zhang Chengyuan was waving his hands subconsciously, but his eyes slowly opened. He really hoped that this was a nightmare. My eyes returned to their original appearance, pitch black, and the air felt stuffy. It was completely different from when I came here, as if I had been locked in a room without ventilation in the middle of summer. "Whatever happened to him, as long as that thing is gone, wuwu…" He moved his body slowly, as if he had a command, and he supported his body with all his strength. At this time, he seemed to feel someone behind him. He turned his head again following the feeling. This scene scared the living people to death and the dead people to life. As for why Zhang Chengyuan did not die later, it can only be said that he was scared to death: only When he saw the man wearing the white hexagram squatting behind him, he raised his head. His face was not disgusting at all, he was just squatting behind him and smiling slightly. He looks in his thirties, his hair is neatly combed, and he doesn't look like a down-and-out person. It was a man, with a faint green light emitting from his face, as if he was not dead, but the green light was as bright as a pearl in the night. His eyes were bloodshot, but the rims were clear. His slightly upward lips were filled with bloodshot eyes. When he smiled, he looked like he really wanted to kill him again…

"Zhang Chengyuan, Zhang Chengyuan, if you had listened to your wife earlier and not believed in these nonsense, you wouldn't have ended up like this… All fortune telling and evil sects are all deception…" Zhang Chengyuan really wanted to die. Yes. "What the hell is that grandpa? He's just like my brother… Today, he has found his scapegoat. Unfortunately, I died so far away from home. Who should I go to? Me!" , Bai Dagua slowly stretched out his hand, and leaned toward him with a pair of white palms, his smile still unchanged. "You give me a happy death. I am so poor, and you still want to take my life. If I die, you will never be done with me!" If this person wants to be unafraid of death, he must possess two things: First, he must live without money. , no hope. The second is knowing that it is death. Zhang Chengyuan slowly moved his body, and it turned out that he was still slumped on the ground.

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At this time, Bai Dagua squatted and floated back a few steps, his eyes clearly showing sadness. He slowly stood up from his squatting position, completely without the terrifying look he had when he was squatting behind Zhang Chengyuan. "Grandson, are you scared? -" The ghost speaks slowly, and the sound travels unreasonably in the air, giving people a creepy feeling. Zhang Chengyuan sat on the ground and looked at the white hexagram, and then looked behind him, convinced that this was speaking to him, and it could only be telling him that he was the only unlucky person here. Seeing Bai Dagua so sad, as if he had offended him with his harsh tone just now, Zhang Chengyuan also slowly relaxed.


It felt like a long time passed without the two of them saying a word. If there were other people around, it would be impossible to tell who was a human and who was a ghost. At this time, Zhang Chengyuan stood up, and Bai Dagua was about to go up to help him, but he stepped back and missed the opportunity. "Grandson – don't be afraid, I am your – grandpa!" Zhang Chengyuan looked at him talking, all the fear was gone, and he only felt funny: "You are my grandpa? How old do you look? Am I cheap?" As he said this, he wanted to pick up stones on the ground and throw them at Bai Dagua. Look, this man is so brave that he is not even afraid of ghosts, but he is still afraid of death? "Well, your father's name is Zhang Fubao. He died of lung cancer the year before last. Your grandmother died early when you were only 5 years old." Bai Dagua said sadly. After Zhang Chengyuan heard this, he threw the stone in his hand to the ground again, "Yes, that's quite right… Could it be that it's really my grandfather?" Zhang Chengyuan looked at the "ghost" that scared him to death just now. Suddenly I felt a little guilty. He has never seen his grandfather. He heard his father and grandma mention it that he died young and worked as a housekeeper in a landlord's house, so he didn't have much impression. But looking at the young "ghost" in front of me, I couldn't imagine that it was my grandfather. "I have failed to fulfill my responsibilities as a father, and I have not fulfilled my obligations as a son. I deserve it. I…" As he spoke, Bai Dagua began to cry, as if he had many words left in his heart. An unforgettable story remains as if it were yesterday. Zhang Chengyuan slowly softened his heart when he saw "him" like this. If he was really his grandfather, then his behavior of trying to throw stones at him just now was extremely treasonous!

"Just tell me if you have anything, just treat me as a friend. Anyway, I am homeless now, and my life is like a ghost." Zhang Chengyuan motioned to Bai Dagua to sit down on the stone wall, willing to listen to him Swing slowly. Bai Dagua floated over with understanding. There was no fear at all, everything was normal.

Bai Dagua organized his thoughts and explained the cause and effect of the matter: Bailongyuan was indeed a private residence bought by a big businessman named Wang Gao in the late Guangxu period, the aforementioned Mr. Wang. Mr. Wang's son died early, and until the end of the Republic of China, only Wang Weizhong, the prodigal grandson, was left. He relied on his family's wealth every day, either visiting gambling dens or brothels, and he was a living playboy. The Wang family's business was declining day by day. Later, Mr. Wang died and no one inherited the family business. This prodigal grandson was definitely not a business material, so he sold the huge property to the then Republic of China government and himself Only this private residence remains. During the War of Liberation, the Communist Party invaded here and the Kuomintang fled in panic. This private residence became the temporary office of the Communist Party. Half of it was kept for office use and the other half was kept by Wang Weizhong to live in. This was a complete act of benevolence to the landlord. At that time, Wang Weizhong was almost 40 years old. Fortunately, all his family property was sold out and the big mansion was left unsold. Otherwise, with his condition, he would have to starve to death on the street or die in the cold.

Wang Weizhong lived in a big mansion and never married or had children in his life. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, the government felt that the Wang family had made a contribution during the War of Liberation, so it did not nationalize the mansion. Seeing that he had not married and had children, for the sake of the rest of his life, it even hired servants for Wang Weizhong for the first time. At this time, it was Zhang Chengyuan's grandfather's turn, and it was this Bai Dagua who appeared.

Bai Dagua's name is Zhang Shengde, and he was only 13 years old when he came to the Wang family. At that time, in the early days of the founding of the People's Republic of China, everything was in ruins and many areas were still living the original life. The Wang family could still be considered urbanites, but the situation in the countryside was miserable. Zhang Shengde fled from the countryside. As a result, Wang Weizhong took a fancy to Zhang Shengde who had fled. Wang Weizhong fell in love with Zhang Shengde, firstly because he had no heirs, and he still had hope for this child. Especially the older a person gets, the deeper this thought becomes. Second, Zhang Shengde is indeed smart. Everything in this house is taken care of in an orderly manner. Even two people living in such a large mansion will not feel too lonely. The third reason is that when Wang Weizhong was young, he did too many ridiculous things. After so many years, he also learned a lot of principles of life. He wanted to atone for his sins. He was so full of love that he wanted to devote the rest of his life to this child.

When everything in the country seems to be on the right track, what happened during this period is nothing worth talking about for people like Wang Weizhong. But the little housekeeper Zhang Shengde was now a 22-year-old boy. Wang Weizhong arranged for him to marry a girl from the countryside. At that time, urban people did not use the ancient etiquette of matchmaking when getting married, but the Wang family was different from rural girls' families. They still practiced this method, and just like this, they married Zhang Shengde's daughter-in-law. While serving tea, Wang Weizhong kept saying "Okay, okay, okay!" Over the years, he had regarded Zhang Shengde as his own son. Zhang Shengde still lived in the Wang family after getting married. In order to repay his kindness, he took good care of Wang Weizhong, which made him feel very happy. The efforts of these ten years have not been in vain, but Zhang Shengde felt that he would become a "servant" after getting married. It was inappropriate, Wang Weizhong also saw this.

It is inevitable for a family to have conflicts over time. After all, Zhang Shengde still calls Wang Weizhong "master". In addition, Zhang Shengde and Wang Weizhong have always been in a "superior" relationship. At the same time, Mr. Wang is old and talks a lot. Over time, Zhang Shengde felt that staying in the Wang family like this was not an option. Although his wife comes from a rural area, her thinking is still relatively advanced. She has always encouraged Zhang Shengde to develop outside and see if he can get someone to work in a factory or something. I said this to Mr. Wang. Mr. Wang sat in the inner room and just sighed, "Oh, everyone has his own ambitions. Let's do this. You give me a grandson, and I will have something to look forward to with my grandson." , If you really want to go out, I won't stop you." Zhang Shengde couldn't make up his mind, so he agreed. He went back to the side room to discuss with his wife. The wife felt it was inappropriate, but she couldn't reject the old man outright, so she said to Zhang Shengde: "Let's do this. Tell the old man that we will come back after we go out, and we can't bear to leave him. After giving birth to a child, Bring it back, and besides, we can’t go very far, so we can still come back often…"

Zhang Shengde acted like a transmitter, so he ran to Mr. Wang again and told Mr. Wang exactly what his wife had said. Mr. Wang understood his wife's thoughts, so he pulled Zhang Shengde and said, "You have been with me for so many years. You are no different from your own biological child. I originally hoped that you could stay in the old house and you would have a place to live when I went there in the future. But now that you insist on listening to your wife, I won’t stop you. So, I will make something in writing , you will become my son, Wang Weizhong. If you give birth to a son, he will be my grandson, so that I can have an heir. You will also inherit this old house. You just need to come back to see me from time to time. Just look at me… …." As Mr. Wang spoke, he choked and suppressed his voice so that only he could hear it. Zhang Shengde also cried and his eyes turned red. He helped Mr. Wang onto the bed and wandered to his room. The daughter-in-law guessed it in her mind and didn’t say anything else that night.

Early the next morning, Mr. Wang, Zhang Shengde and his wife gathered together. Mr. Wang wrote a contract and Zhang Shengde officially became his son. After that, Zhang Shengde and his wife bid farewell to the Wang family for the time being.

Two years later, Zhang Shengde, who was living in disgrace outside, received a letter from home saying that Mr. Wang was seriously ill! Immediately, I discussed with my wife to go back and have a look. By this time, they already had a son. The daughter-in-law will never go back. Although she is not doing well now, she is not a "servant". The daughter-in-law has never solved this knot. The wife didn't care, but Zhang Shengde couldn't ignore it, so he packed his luggage and returned to his old house that day.

When Mr. Wang returned to his old house, he saw him. Not only did he not scold him for not coming back to see him in the past two years, but he looked at his son enthusiastically, for fear that he would leave again. Zhang Shengde saw a huge courtyard where an old man lived alone. Some areas were dirty and dusty but no one took care of them. He felt as if his five-flavor bottle had been knocked over. "Son, dad just hopes that you can come back and see me. I miss you…, I miss you…" Mr. Wang was lying on the bed, and Zhang Shengde carefully fed him the medicine. "Where is my grandson? He hasn't come back?" Mr. Wang took a sip of the medicine and asked Zhang Shengde like a child. "No…no…we don't want children yet…" Zhang Shengde finished speaking evasively, then stood up and wiped Mr. Wang's body. "Hey, I don't know what you young people are thinking… Anyway, I'll be fine when I see you come back. I have to get over this illness and wait to have my grandson." After saying this, Mr. Wang smiled. Closed his eyes.

At this time in China, the rural people's commune movement was in full swing. Although Zhang Shengde did not enter the factory as he wished, he still found room to play in the fiery society. In this way, Zhang Shengde went back to his old house every now and then to visit Mr. Wang, but his daughter-in-law and son never went back to visit him. Every time he went back, Mr. Wang would urge him to give himself a grandson as soon as possible. Zhang Shengde always said: "No rush, no rush, the country is developing now, don't think about these personal things." Mr. Wang lives in the compound all day long, no matter what happens outside, besides, the area of ​​the old house is still considered "" in the Republic of China" "main city" area, but by the 1960s it seemed to be basically isolated from the rest of the world.

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