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Introduction: When I was in junior high school, a girl named Xiaohan fell in love with me in my class. She wrote me many love letters. Once, I showed off and read the love letter she wrote to me in front of the whole class. The classmates all burst out laughing. After I finished reading, I put the love letter in front of her and giggled. Some boys even laughed. The whistle was played, and all the mocking eyes turned to Xiaohan. She stared at me with a red face, and her eyes were full of hatred. I suddenly trembled and couldn't laugh anymore. Unexpectedly, my joke went too far. After Xiaohan returned home, she swallowed a whole bottle of sleeping pills and committed suicide.When I heard the news, I ran to her house in panic and saw her lying stiffly on the bed, looking pale.

When I was in junior high school, a girl named Xiaohan fell in love with me in my class. She wrote me many love letters. Once, I showed off and read the love letter she wrote to me in front of the whole class. The classmates all burst out laughing. After I finished reading, I put the love letter in front of her and giggled. Some boys even laughed. The whistle was played, and all the mocking eyes turned to Xiaohan. She stared at me with a red face, and her eyes were full of hatred. I suddenly trembled and couldn't laugh anymore.

Unexpectedly, my joke went too far. After Xiaohan returned home, she swallowed a whole bottle of sleeping pills and committed suicide. I ran to her house in panic when I heard the news, and saw her lying stiffly on the bed, looking pale. I walked a few steps towards her involuntarily, and suddenly her eyes suddenly opened and she stared straight at me. I was so startled that I took a few steps back and almost fell. When I looked at her again, her eyes were tightly closed. Closed, as if the scene just now was just my imagination. At this time, the hearse from the funeral home came to take Xiaohan away. Her parents grabbed the stretcher and cried heartbreakingly. My heart was filled with sorrow and guilt.

From then on, I no longer dared to act recklessly or make random jokes. I became taciturn and devoted all my energy to studying. Later, I was admitted to a famous medical university. I have had trouble sleeping every night for these years. I always feel like a pair of eyes staring at me coldly, which makes me shudder. As a medical student, I don't believe there are ghosts and gods in this world. The only explanation is that my guilt for Xiaohan is a thorn in my heart. It hurts when I think about it, so I have some kind of hallucination.

After graduating from college, I returned to work in the city hospital in my hometown. One night when I was on duty, a fat female nurse came to my duty room on an excuse and sat down closely next to me, wanting to devote herself to the hospital. I. I was frightened. I always felt uncomfortable when a woman took too much initiative in this matter. I hurriedly said that I wanted to go out for ward rounds. She grabbed my arm in a hurry, and there was hatred in her eyes. That look gave me a familiar feeling. My scalp numbed, I pushed her away and turned around to run. When I ran to the open space downstairs, I touched her With a restless heart, I took a big breath of fresh air.

At this time, there was a loud "bump" and a person fell in front of me. I was so frightened that I sat down on the ground. When I took a closer look, the person who jumped off the building turned out to be the female nurse who had just been rejected by me. Her head hit her head heavily. She hit the ground, blood and white brain matter mixed together, and there was an indescribable horror. Her eyes were not closed, and she was looking directly at me. I felt as sick as if I had eaten a dead fly. . I don’t know when many people appeared around me. I remembered the siren of the police car in the distance. The police asked me questions, but I was incoherent and too nervous to answer the questions. The police had no choice but to have someone help me back to rest. I lay on the bed in the duty room and was still in a state of confusion. My whole body feels cold and hot at times, and I always feel like someone is staring at me.

The incident of the female nurse jumping off the building caused an uproar in the hospital. People were discussing strangely that she had not left a suicide note. Was it because she was killed by a ghost? Some people said that she was unable to think about committing suicide because she was abandoned by others, so the story became more and more outrageous. There were various versions of the rumors. Many people asked me about the situation at that time, but I ignored their questions and just walked away quickly with a pale face.

In order to refute the rumors, the hospital stipulated that doctors and nurses were not allowed to discuss the matter in the hospital, and those who violated the rules would be fired. Only then did the matter gradually cool down…

On a full moon night, it was my turn to be on duty again. After the ward rounds, I went back to the duty room on the first floor and lay on the bed reading medical magazines. The lights in the duty room were dim, and my bed faced the pale moonlight outside the window. My eyelids felt sticky as I looked at them, and I yawned immediately. At this time, I vaguely saw a shadow moving on a slope not far from the window. I was startled and sat up straight to look. There was something moving forward under the moonlight. I stood up curiously to look. The moonlight The female nurse’s bloody face was crawling in and out with maggots. (Uncle Ghost: Please keep reprinting!) My scalp suddenly exploded, and cold sweat ran down my back. Suddenly, an extremely pale hand covered with maggots suddenly penetrated the glass and grabbed my arm. In an instant, this female nurse was standing in front of me. I was shocked and shook my arm hard, but I couldn't struggle no matter what. Without taking off her hand, I felt her face getting closer and closer to mine. I screamed and fainted.

When I woke up, I found that I was not in the hospital, but in a school. The scenery here was very familiar. I walked around in a circle, thinking how could I return to my alma mater? At this time, there was a faint sound of crying behind me. I followed the sound and looked for it. I saw a girl squatting in the corner crying. I went over to help her up and asked, "Why are you crying?" "Ugh…" She asked this question. Crying harder. "Who bullied you, brother, help you take revenge?" I coaxed her.

"Ugh… the person I like doesn't like me…" The girl continued to bury her face in her arms and cry.

I patted her head and said, "How old are you to know what feelings are?" "Who says I don't understand… I will love him for the rest of my life, he will always be mine, and I will always keep an eye on him. "The girl slowly raised her head as she spoke. I was dumbfounded when I saw her face. This face was the thorn in my heart. The little girl turned out to be Xiaohan who had been dead for many years. Fear spread in my heart. I opened my mouth wide and watched her stand up slowly. Suddenly , the flesh all over her body began to relax, falling piece by piece, and soon she turned into a pile of white bones…

I sat up all of a sudden, breathing heavily, with cold sweat on my face. When I found myself lying on the bed in the duty room with a medical journal in my hand, I breathed a sigh of relief. It turned out to be just a nightmare. After regaining my composure and feeling no sleep at all, I opened the medical journal, flipped to the page I had just read, and continued reading. Soon I pulled up the quilt to cover my legs. I felt a little chilly in the room, and I felt a pair of eyes staring at me. That strange feeling made me uneasy. I looked around and found the door of the duty room. It was open, and there was dim light in the quiet corridor outside, and coughs and groans came from the corridor from time to time…

I frowned, thinking why is it so weird tonight? There was an ominous feeling lingering in my heart, and I clearly felt that there was someone else in the room besides me. I turned my head sharply, but there was nothing behind me. With a "pop" sound, the window was blown open by a gust of wind, and the cold wind poured into the house instantly. I quickly got up and closed the window. Then I walked to the door, involuntarily opened the door and stretched my head to look at the empty corridor. Suddenly I Seeing a pair of eyes staring at me coldly, I quickly retracted my head and closed the door with a bang. I ran to bed and covered myself with a quilt, feeling my whole body trembling and my heartbeat racing.

I remembered the rapid ringing of the bell, and looked at my watch. It was the time I had set for midnight ward rounds. I reluctantly got up and walked out. When I passed by the nurse's duty room, I saw the door was closed. I remembered that Xiaomo should be on duty tonight. Xiaomo is a newly graduated trainee nurse. We usually get along well with each other. I always want to talk to her. Every time I chat with her, my mood becomes very happy. Xiaomo is not pretty and does not stand out among the beautiful nurses, but there is something about her that attracts me. I often look at her with fascination when she laughs heartily.

When I returned from the ward rounds, I found the door to the nurse's office open. I took a look inside, but there seemed to be no one inside. I opened the door and walked in. There was indeed no one there. I smiled bitterly and returned to my duty room with disappointment. As soon as I lay on the bed, I saw a black shadow crossing my window, and then A loud "bang" was heard. I suddenly had an ominous premonition and ran out like crazy. I saw Xiaomo lying on the cement floor covered in blood. I stumbled and sat on the ground, watching stupidly as people carried Xiaomo away. Finally, there was a trace of blood on the ground. The next pool of blood…

Xiaomo's death was a big blow to me. I felt that I had something to do with them jumping off the building. I couldn't sleep or eat well all the time. When I think of what he looked like when he died, I feel terrified. I don’t even dare to sleep at night, fearing that when I close my eyes, I will dream of someone dying in front of me. Another incident of jumping off a building caused an uproar in the hospital. All media and TV stations came to cover it. Our hospital became the focus of people's talk in the small town overnight because there were no last words in the two jumping incidents, and the people died inexplicably. Finally, people rumored that our hospital was haunted, specifically harming young female nurses, so that even the younger nurses were afraid to work the night shift alone.

Since Xiaomo passed away, my symptoms of insomnia at night have become more serious. In the past, I only felt like being stared at at night, but now I feel like a pair of eyes are peeping at me during the day, making me live in fear every day. I thought maybe their jumping off the building put a huge mental pressure on me, so I kept having hallucinations. I force myself not to think about these things, but I still have insomnia at night. I couldn't sleep at all, my energy was very low during the day, and I kept making mistakes at work. The dean even came to talk to me specifically. Let me take a long vacation to rest. I also feel that my recent mental state is not suitable for working anymore. After all, our work is related to human lives.

After returning home, I planned to go on a trip, but it didn’t feel interesting to travel alone, so I joined a tour group and set off with the group the next day. The tour guide in the tour group was a very beautiful girl with a sweet voice and warm hospitality. She quickly attracted all my attention, so I always chatted with her when I had nothing to do. After playing for a few days, I really felt a lot happier. When you are tired, you can fall asleep quickly by lying on the bed. The 7 days of travel will soon be over.

On the last day, it started to rain outside, so I didn’t go anywhere the whole day. The tour guide came to my room in the evening and we chatted happily. She gave me her mobile phone number, and just when I asked When I gave her my cell phone number, a "rumbling" sound of thunder made me shudder. I was so startled that I turned around and looked out the window, where a flash of lightning shone brightly. Just as lightning flashed across the sky, my eyes suddenly widened. A pair of eyes appeared outside the window illuminated by lightning. Those eyes were glued to the glass window, staring at me fiercely. I lay stiffly on the sofa, my heart beating wildly. Yes, those were the eyes that had been staring at me, and she finally appeared. There was another bolt of lightning, without warning, brighter and weirder. The sky and the earth were like day. At this moment, everything in front of me was black and white, with a little blue light. I found that those eyes were no longer there, and there was a dark sky behind the empty glass.

The tour guide, Miss Wang, looked at my pale face and didn't know what was going on. She still motioned to me and told me her mobile phone number. I didn't tell her my cell phone number. I said I wanted to sleep and opened the door. Ms. Wang walked out with a white face. I closed my eyes and leaned against the closed door. I felt those eyes staring at me very closely. I picked up the things around me like crazy and threw them in front of me. A voice sounded in my ears: "You just It belongs to me alone and no one can take it away hahaha…"

Not long after, I was sent to a mental hospital. Everyone said I was crazy because I hit people and smashed things. In fact, they didn’t know that I just wanted to smash those eyes…


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