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"Doctor, what's wrong with me?" Li Wang asked nervously while sitting on a chair in the outpatient room, staring at the doctor holding a pile of test sheets in front of him. "You're not sick, all the data are normal." "But, I've been feeling sleepy lately, and my back hurts, and it's so severe that I can't see anything at night." The doctor looked pale Li Wang, then handed him the receipt in his hand and said: "I only believe in the data. The symptoms you mentioned may really exist, but we can't find out what kind of disease you are. In this way, you should go home and observe for a few days. Well, if this phenomenon still

"Doctor, what's wrong with me?" Li Wang sat on a chair in the outpatient room, staring at the doctor holding a pile of test sheets in front of him and asked nervously.

"You are not sick, and all the data show normal."

"But, but I've been feeling very sleepy recently, and my back hurts, and it's so serious that I can't see anything at night."

The doctor looked at the pale Li Wang, then handed him the receipt in his hand and said: "If I only believe in the data, the symptoms you mentioned may really exist, but we can't find out what kind of disease you are. In this way, you Go home and observe for a few days, if this phenomenon continues, I suggest you go to a big hospital to have a look."

Hospital short ghost stories_strange illness_strange illness collection

After receiving a stack of various test sheets, Li Wang showed a stiff expression on his face. In desperation, I had no choice but to go home.

Li Wang only discovered his strange disease recently. After returning from his hometown not long ago, he felt that walking was very difficult, as if he was carrying something tens of kilograms on his back. The pressure from it caused him to almost fall over the table. So he started to go to the hospital for examination, but after going to several hospitals, the test results were all the same, he was in good health!

Walking on the street, Li Wang felt that his whole life was hopeless. It was because he couldn't find any disease that made him have a terrible idea of ​​terminal illness.

As he was walking, a sudden chill hit him. Li Wang felt that there was a person behind him, and he turned around abruptly. There was nothing behind him, let alone a person, not even a dog.

"Strange, just now I clearly felt that there was someone behind me, why did it disappear all of a sudden? Could it be that I had hallucinations?" Li Wang scratched his head and stayed where he was. What he was thinking now was that the person had reached this point. Everything went wrong. This time the hallucination appeared again.

Li Wang walked forward in a hurry, "Dong Dong, Dong Dong" a sound of hurried and slow footsteps followed behind Li Wang, Li Wang turned around abruptly, but there was no one there. This terrible feeling made him suffocate, and it seemed that an unknown creature was following Li Wang. In an instant, an indescribable sense of fear enveloped Li Wang, and he ran forward desperately, as if he wanted to get rid of the thing behind him as soon as possible.

"Li Wang~~Li Wang~~" Suddenly, a vague voice came from behind Li Wang.

Strange illness collection_hospital short ghost stories_strange illness

"Who is it?" Li Wang suddenly turned around and stared vigilantly at the source of the voice behind him. However, there was still nothing there. Just now, who was that voice?

Walking alone on a dark street is a scary thing, let alone encountering such a weird thing. Beads of sweat appeared on Li Wang's head. He remained where he was for about ten minutes in silence. Suddenly, a familiar sense of oppression came from behind.

"Ahem…" Li Wang couldn't help coughing.

"Hee hee, it's fun, it's fun, ride a big horse, ride a big horse." A burst of children's laughter came from behind Li Wang.

"Who? Who's there!" Li Wang looked behind him like a nervous reflex.

"Hee hee, I want to play peek-a-boo with you!" Another burst of children's laughter came.

At this time, Li Wang's eyes suddenly darkened, and he couldn't see anything.

Strange illness_hospital short ghost stories_strange illness collection

"This symptom has appeared again, what's going on?"

Suddenly, Li Wang inadvertently looked down at Mizusawa at his feet, and a horrific scene appeared before his eyes. I saw a pale child lying on his shoulder at this moment, and this child's hands were covering his eyes!

"This… this is…" Li Wang ran forward desperately, all the fear enveloped him in an instant, he felt the chills behind him, this kid obviously followed him for not a day or two. These days, I finally found the root cause of my illness, and it turned out that everything was messed up by this brat!

Just as Li Wang was running forward desperately, he suddenly tripped over something, and Li Wang fell down on the rubbish pile in front of him with an "Ai Yao".

"Who is this?" It turned out that he tripped over an old man lying in the garbage dump.

The old man got up and looked at Li Wang. Suddenly, a hint of surprise flashed on his dirty face. Then, the old man pulled Li Wang up from the garbage dump.

"Young man, don't you know how to apologize when you step on someone?" The old man's tone could not hear blame.

"I see that your Yintang has turned black. Do you feel back pain recently, or an inexplicable feeling of coldness behind your back?" The old man sat on the ground and stared at Li Wang.

Li Wang was confused by this strange old man, but what the old man said finally caught his attention. Li Wang now knows the source of his illness is because of the short ghost stories from the little ghost hospital that has been pestering him. This old man can tell his symptoms at a glance, and maybe he can save his life.

Thinking of this, Li Wang quickly got up and came to the old man, and said respectfully, "Please help me, old man."

"Seeing that you're smart, I'll help you once. The kid on your body is staring at me right now." The old man took out a dirty red piece of paper from his pocket as he spoke, and mouthed Li Wang muttered something to Li Wang's back. After a while, the old man suddenly opened his eyes and threw the things in his hand behind Li Wang. Strange to say, after the old man finished doing this, Li Wang obviously felt relaxed. He took out his mobile phone to look, and found that the kid on his shoulder had disappeared at this time.

"Thank you, master." Li Wang respectfully knelt on the ground and kowtowed a few times before finishing the job.

Watching Li Wang leave, the old man suddenly stared at the air in front of him and said, "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, I spare your life tonight, you can reincarnate."

Li Wang's illness recovered so miraculously that even the doctors in the hospital felt miraculous. But in Li Wang's heart at this moment, there is already a lump that cannot be resolved.

Hospital short ghost stories_strange illness_strange illness collection

It turned out that the kid on his shoulder was none other than his own son. A few years ago, Li Wang's son was often hospitalized because of congenital heart disease. Undoubtedly, it was a huge expense for Wang, and Li Wang, who was driven to a dead end, had a terrible idea, that is, to lock his son at home and let him fend for himself!

Ever since his strange illness recovered, Li Wang rarely went to the hospital, but recently his body always felt cramps for no reason, so Li Wang went to the hospital for tests.

However, the data from this test made Li Wang feel that it was fate, he had a heart attack! The doctor also felt very strange. Li Wang had repeated tests many times before, and there was nothing abnormal , but the data from this test showed that Li Wang had had a heart attack for three years.

And Li Wang's son died exactly three years ago…

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