Six-Eyed Demon God Modification Chapter 246: The Disappearing Person

Yang Jian, who was in a thick haze, had just stepped out of the temporarily safe toilet , Six-Eyed Demon God Modification , when he heard the footsteps gathering around him, and at the same time saw the shaking figure in the dimness.

This is different from the controlled walking zombies I saw in the mall.

These are all third-stage ghost babies, derived ghosts.

Although Yang Jian didn't speak, the ghosts nearby had already heard what he said before.

So he is also the target of the third stage of the Ghost Infant Six-Eyed Demon God Modification , but Wang Xiaoming has already considered this. He knows what Yang Jian is going to do, otherwise he would not have said that the first ghost that attacked him was from that source. , because Wang Xiaoming believes that Yang Jian can handle these ghosts well.

However, the processing done in the end was just a struggle to create a little space.

A wry smile appeared at the corner of Yang Jian's mouth,

It's a pity that no one saw his helplessness.

He tried his best to open the groggy ghost eyes.

Under the ghost's eyes, the surroundings were still dim, and the familiar red world was not visible, and the situation of being suppressed by other ghosts was still there.

But the ghost eyes he opened didn't know this one.

Then, the second ghost eye opened his flesh and appeared on his face, emitting a faint red light, which was particularly eye-catching in this dim world.

The third ghost eye appeared on his hand, and the red light became a little brighter.

The fourth ghost eye appeared again.

Finally fifth, sixth, seventh.

All the ghost eyes returned to Yang Jian.

The uncontrollable restlessness of recovery suddenly surged out, and the strange eyes that had been suppressed for a long time were about to burst out everything before.

The eighth ghost eye suddenly opened.

The appearance of this eye means that Yang Jian has gradually lost control of the ghost eye. The ghost eye in the body is close to the state of recovery. With just a little time and a little stimulation, the ghost eye will be completely out of control and turn into a Unknown terror comes into this world.

The appearance of this eye made Yang Jian's whole body glow red.

Red light surged out of the body, flowing along the ground like scarlet blood, gradually dyeing the surrounding area red.

The ghost realm is opening up.

This is the confrontation between Li Gui and Li Gui.

On the edge of the scarlet ghost realm, one could vaguely see pairs of blue-black human legs, slowly moving their hind legs, as if this place had become a forbidden area where even evil ghosts could not set foot.

"Ah~!" Yang Jian roared in pain as his whole body seemed to be torn apart.

Not everyone can bear the torture of this kind of ghost resuscitation. Many ghost masters are so numb from the pain that they have mental problems.

There was a temporary change in the fatal situation around him.

However, Yang Jian's situation did not improve.

The headless black shadow at his feet slowly stood up and appeared behind him.

Without the suppression of the ghost eyes, the headless ghost is now completely free. It will once again turn into an evil ghost that plunders the bodies of other ghosts. In front of it, ordinary people are just a physical body that can be taken over at any time.

Yang Jian, who had controlled it for a long time, became the first target of the attack.

At this moment, the headless ghost stretched out its hands as dark as thick ink, trying to remove Yang Jian's head and secure it to his own neck to replace the dead head.

Yang Jian noticed it, but ignored it.

If he were alone, he would first pin the ghost with the dry finger in his hand, or even throw the human skin paper to swallow the ghost.

But now there is Zhang Han beside him.

"Damn it." Zhang Han was shocked and angry at the moment. His back hit the headless ghost and pressed it to the ground.

The illusory ghost without a body was actually knocked to the ground by him, and then suppressed and unable to move.

It was not him who knocked down the ghost, but a pair of scarlet fleshless hands stretching out from behind him, and the ghost was about to crawl out of his flesh.

At this moment, too many ghosts have gathered in this small hospital.

This would be a potential terrorist threat.

But at this time, no one cares so much.

"Yang Jian, hurry up, I can't hold on for long." Zhang Han shouted hurriedly. He was horrified to find that the black shadow he was pressing on the ground was slowly invading his back. The thing behind him started to enter. A little out of control.

Damn, what the hell is this.

"You have to hold on even if you can't hold on." Yang Jian gritted his teeth at this moment and bit off a ghost eye on his arm.

Blood splattered, but it was all his own blood.

Then he swallowed the ghost eye with a roar.

Eight ghost eyes are no longer enough. If you want to fight, let’s fight to the end.

One ghost eye was swallowed, and another ghost eye rolled over and grew out of the wound, but the ghost eye in the stomach was still there.

This is a way for the human skin paper to give itself to stimulate the recovery of ghost eyes.

The ninth eye.

The red light around Yang Jian suddenly burst out, covering the entire ward in an instant, and was still extending outside at a terrifying speed.

Suppressed by the thick haze, he opened the ghost realm again.

Ten meters, twenty meters, thirty meters… He has exceeded the previous limit, and it is still expanding.

One hundred meters, two hundred meters, and finally stopped after covering a full kilometer.

This is still under the condition of being suppressed by the surrounding environment. If the ghost domain is used in a normal environment, God knows what kind of terrifying range it will expand to.

The ghost disappeared.


In other words, Yang Jian has completely isolated all the ghosts in the hospital from the ghost realm. As long as he does not leave the ghost realm, he is safe.

"There is still an eye that I want to grow." He was in the state of the ghost's resurrection at the moment, and he could already feel some things.

This ghost eye is still short of the last one. Once the last one appears and ten of them have grown, this ghost eye will be completely revived. By then, he will die, and the ghost eye will undergo some changes that he cannot predict.

But now, whether the last eye will grow or not is no longer under his control.

The restlessness of recovery is still there, and the tearing pain continues.

"Isn't that ghost coming yet?" Yang Jian didn't intend to control the ghost eyes and let them revive. He was betting on time.

Bet that the ghost will appear during the period of your recovery.

If he doesn't show up, he loses.

But even if he loses, he will not lose everything. He still has the last ghost candle. He will light this last ghost candle and forcibly stop the ghost's resurrection. Within this time, he will return to Guanjiang Community and use the ghost mirror to resurrect.

This is his plan.

As for hanging in front of the ghost mirror, he had never thought about it.

The risk is too great to be worth trying.

However, things went smoother than he expected.


A cold breath came over, as if something had broken into the ghost realm, and a clear sound of footsteps stopped behind him.

At this moment, all the derived third-stage ghost babies are isolated from the ghost realm. The thing that has the ability to enter the ghost realm is undoubtedly the source ghost that Wang Xiaoming mentioned.

"Yang Jian, behind you." Zhang Han seemed to have seen something, and was startled for a moment. Finally, his eyes widened and he let out an incredible roar.

A stiff blue-black arm rested heavily on Yang Jian's shoulder.

Cold, to the bone.

It's chilling.

Although Yang Jian felt terrified, he did not feel fear now. Perhaps he had seen too many terrifying things and his heart had grown up, or perhaps all negative emotions had disappeared when life and death were truly at stake. Throw it away, and all that's left is a desperate fight.

Although there is a backup plan, the danger of direct contact with the evil ghost still exists.

Without any hesitation, he clenched the strange dry fingers in his hand, turned around, raised his hand, and stabbed with all his strength.

Insert this finger into this ghost's body.

A finger that can nail even the ghost realm has a high chance of nailing this ghost.

As long as the movements of this ghost are restricted, wouldn't it be easy to imprison this thing?

The thing behind him did not dodge. It was not a living person and knew how to avoid dangerous attacks.

Ghosts are sometimes scary, but sometimes they are insensitive.

In the end, the dry finger in Yang Jian's hand stabbed it in smoothly.

However, the next moment, he was stunned.

This dry finger could even pierce the asphalt road without damaging it, but it failed to penetrate the cold body in front of me.

An old piece of clothing with the word "longevity" printed on it blocked the penetration of the finger.

Yang Jian realized something, trembled all over, and raised his head.

He saw Ye Feng's lifeless black and blue face, with a pair of empty, dark eyes looking at him strangely.

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