Dreaming That The Little Girl Died And Came Back To Life Nine Fingers Story Online Reading

Nobody bothered to inquire about the veracity of this story, but it was indeed an honest girl's magical experience.

She, a fourteen-year-old girl, a first-year junior high school student, was on her way home from school after evening self-study.

The teacher is going to re-elect her as a study committee member, and she has made rapid progress, which has always been her dream. What could make her happier?

She hummed softly and walked briskly. When she reached the ninth streetlight on the east side of the bridge, she saw a girl slightly older than herself looking for something in the grass under the streetlight. As he walked, he looked at the big girl.

"little sister"

Dreaming about a dead girl coming back to life I dreamed of a dead girl, a puppy

She stopped.

"what time is it now?"

She looked at her watch and said, "Nine thirty."

So the big girl lowered her head and continued to look for her things.

dreamed of a dead girl, a puppy The little girl died and came back to life

I didn't know whether I should help her, but the thought disappeared after a flash, because she didn't have the courage to be with a strange person for too long at night. So she continued on her way. On the way home from school the next night, she ran into this big girl again, with the same words and the same time.

Originally, this matter should not have been taken to heart, but what happened later could not but make her unforgettable forever.

After that, she met the big girl at the same place and time several times in a row, and she always asked and answered the same sentence!

"Mom, I always met a girl who was looking for something under the street lamp when I got out of school these few nights, and kept asking me the time!" Finally, one day when I was having dinner, I mentioned this to my parents.

"Don't pay attention to her, people's hearts are unpredictable now, be careful of being deceived!"

Originally dreamed that the little girl died and came back to life , but by this time it was over, and it happened that her grandma heard about it.

Her grandmother was a superstitious Taoist nun who was criticized during the Cultural Revolution, so she dared not mention superstition for a long time.

So when she was doing the dishes, her grandma asked her if this was true, and when she heard her grandma say this, she said, "You're superstitious again!" Her grandma said, "I just think you This is a bit strange, maybe you met a ghost, let me help you figure it out, did you meet the same girl under a street lamp on a certain day in a certain month."

"Yeah, I said that when I was eating just now."

"Then did she ask you what time it is?"

"I said it just now."

"Then have you noticed that she is different from others?"

"That's not true, because it was too late, and I didn't pay attention."

"Well, if you meet her tomorrow night, you have to pay attention to how many fingers she has, because this girl is likely to be the girl who was crushed to death two years ago. When she was crushed to death, it happened to be It was half past nine. At that time, one of her fingers was crushed, and she didn't know where she fell in the panic. So when you meet her, you have to look clearly. Also, don't wait for her to ask you, you You have to ask her first, if she asks you first, you can answer, don’t talk too much about dreaming that the little girl died and came back to life , and don’t be too fussy, so there will be no danger, you have to ask her first, Just ask her how many fingers she has, because the ghost is afraid that people will say her shortcomings, if she is really that ghost, then she will be invisible, if not, then just pretend that I didn't say anything."

The next day, when school was over in the evening, she was waiting in front of the street lamp early in the evening. It was almost half past nine. The little girl was very nervous and kept thinking about what her grandma had said to her. Finally at half past nine, the little girl walked towards the street lamp and saw the older girl looking for something again. She was about to speak when the older girl saw her and asked her what time it was again. She remembered what grandma said and answered immediately After she left. Because I can't talk much, I didn't ask anything today.

On the third day, after school was late at night, it was almost half past nine, and she hurried to the street light. As he walked, he thought about what to say. It was half past nine, and she was standing five meters away from the street lamp, and she saw the girl. She immediately asked: "Big sister, how many fingers do you have?" The big girl turned her face and said, "Why do you ask this?" The little girl didn't answer, but just looked at her hands. Behind him, the little girl was even more suspicious, the big girl stretched out her hand and said, "Look how many fingers I have!" The little girl yelled and passed out…

The girl's body was found the next day, and it was strange that she was missing only one finger.

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