Chapter 713: People Do Not Exist Now

After Yang Jian finished dealing with the trouble in the village just now, he sat quietly in the trunk of the car, suppressing the ghost so that it could not open its eyes and wake up.

Although the process is simple, it still contains dangers.

During this period, he couldn't use the ghost's abilities indiscriminately.

So while paying attention to ghosts, you should also pay attention to your own status. After all, this quota for suppressing ghosts is usually used on yourself. There is no problem in using it to deal with ghosts in a short period of time. What will happen if it takes a long time? Yang Jian has never tried it.

About noon.

Hu Kai came over with a file bag, handed it to Yang Jian, and then said: "Captain Yang, things are a little weird."

"What's wrong?" Yang Jian took the file bag with one hand and started to open it and look through it without raising his head.

"I only found the file of your father, Captain Yang, but that file is relatively old and I didn't get much information. As for the cousin named Liang Yuan that you mentioned, Captain Yang, I didn't find her file." Hu Kai said.

Yang Jian stopped, raised his head and looked at him with a frown: "Didn't find it?"

"Yes, I couldn't find it. This person's file does not exist at all. The files of everyone in Meishan Village can be found, but her file cannot be found." Hu Kai said in a suppressed voice; "There is no one in the file. Is the guerrilla hero Lu Yufei named Liang Yuan dead ? But I asked other villagers and verified that there is indeed this person in the village."

"So I can only infer that your cousin, Captain Yang, has not been entered into the file. She is a black household with no identity. However, I took it upon myself to register for her before. This is his new household registration book. Is the guerrilla hero Lu Yufei dead , and does she have a new ID card?"

After speaking, Hu Kai handed over another document bag.

Yang Jian waved his hand: "Wait a minute, this is a trivial matter. I want to know why I can't find my cousin's file. Files are created after a person is born. As long as he knows his name and goes to school, etc., We also need to use these. It’s impossible not to have records.”

"That's true, but her name is extra, and this person cannot be verified. As for how she was born and how she enrolled in school, I still don't know. It will take some time to investigate." Hu Kai said.

"No, no, you need to check the past files. The people in Meishan Village before, the people who were born and died in the past, whether it is checked through facial recognition or manual comparison. In short, there are not many people in Meishan Village. If you want to find It shouldn't be difficult to find some traces. Give me the answer before evening." Yang Jian stared at him.

What happened to the guerrilla hero Lu Yufei in the end_Is the guerrilla hero Lu Yufei dead_Guerrilla hero Lu County Magistrate

"This is no problem, it's just that the files of people in this village are easy to find." Hu Kai said, "I'll get it done right away."

When Yang Jian saw him leaving, he became increasingly uneasy.

He seemed to have unearthed a hidden existence again.

My cousin was not as simple as she thought. The person in the nightmare said that Madoka was an accident.

As for what kind of accident it was, Yang Jian didn't know, but it didn't stop him from checking.


Jiang Yan came back again. She had finished compensating the remaining people. She breathed a sigh of relief and said, "It's finally over. Yang Jian, you spent a lot of money, tens of millions. I I was so busy that I just finished making the payment, but some people are really lucky. There is an old man at home, and the junior is not here, so he picked up a lot of money for nothing. When I called him, the man was not sad at all, he was almost crazy with joy. .”

"Nowadays, people really want money rather than life. If he were here, he would definitely come to cause trouble."

"It doesn't matter, you did a good job." Yang Jian nodded slightly: "It's only tens of millions, which is the price of a house in a community, but for them it is an opportunity to change their destiny."

"Hehe, if you think about it this way, I won't feel so distressed." Jiang Yan said with a smile.

Although it was Yang Jian's money that was spent, it was she who felt distressed. She was Yang Jian's housekeeper, so every money spent was very painful.

"You go back and rest first. Talk to my mother. I have other things to do." Yang Jian waved his hand at this time, signaling her to leave.

Because he saw that Hu Kai, who had left before, was back again.

Is the guerrilla hero Lu Yufei dead_What happened to the guerrilla hero Lu Yufei in the end_Guerrilla hero Lu County Magistrate

"Okay, what are you going to eat for dinner? I'll bring it to you later." Jiang Yan blinked.

Yang Jian said, "Just do it casually."

"Then I'm going home." Jiang Yan also saw Hu Kai and left obediently at this time.

As soon as she left, Hu Kai took out an older file.

"Captain Yang, we are indeed looking for something special. Look at this file. It has been there for several years. It should have been destroyed. Because there were supernatural events in the past few years, these old files were ordered to be retained. Come down, otherwise you really won’t be able to find it.”

While speaking, he opened the file, took out a piece of information and handed it to Yang Jian.

Yang Jian took it with one hand and took a look, then his eyes narrowed.

The file is very old, and the information is all handwritten, not printed. The photos on it are all black and white, and are a little faded and blurry, but you can still clearly see the people on the file.

That's a woman.

She is about seventeen or eighteen years old, looks exactly like her cousin Madoka, with two big braids and long hair.

It's just that my cousin now has short hair that hangs over her shoulders, and her hair is not that long.

The name is…Yang Yuanyuan.

Age of birth was… forty years ago.

Is the guerrilla hero Lu Yufei dead_What happened to the guerrilla hero Lu Yufei in the end_Guerrilla hero Lu County Magistrate

Yang Jian didn't know any of the family members, they were very strange, and if there were any, they were probably all dead.

"This is a person of my father's generation." Yang Jian said in a suppressed voice.

Hu Kai said; "Yes, I have investigated this person's relationship. To be precise, this Yang Yuanyuan is your father's cousin, but she is not from this village. As for where she is from, I don't know. It is a long time ago. , the technology at that time was not yet mature, and a lot of information was lost.”

"This person named Yang Yuanyuan died? The cause of death was…drowning?" Yang Jian then found another information file and immediately frowned.

Hu Kai said with some embarrassment, "That's right, so I can't tell whether she is related to Captain Yang or your cousin. They just look exactly the same. After all, a dead person cannot be resurrected."

Although he knew about many bizarre supernatural events, he still didn't think the two were related.

"Who said the dead can't be resurrected." Yang Jian glanced at him.

"Huh?" Hu Kai opened his eyes wide: "Is there any precedent for this?"

If Yang Jian doesn't answer, will he say that he can resurrect the dead?

The resurrection was not a true resurrection, but a supernatural method to preserve that person's memory. If it were him, it would be very simple. Use that old blood-stained newspaper to tear off a person's face and then splice it together. On top of another corpse, there is a high probability that the dead person can be resurrected in a new body.

Of course, the deceased cannot be dead for too long. If it is too long, it may not be useful.

There is an alternative method.

Yang Jian can also use the headless ghost to splice the head of a living person into a new body, but the conditions are a little more stringent. There is no way to resurrect the dead, and he can only replace the body.

Guerrilla hero County Magistrate Lu_What happened to guerrilla hero Lu Yufei_Is guerrilla hero Lu Yufei dead? Is guerrilla hero Lu Yufei dead_What happened to guerrilla hero Lu Yufei_Guerrilla hero County Magistrate Lu

In short, it is possible to "resurrection" a person by using supernatural means.

This kind of resurrection is not a real resurrection, but an alternative kind of survival.

Becoming a different kind of person, not a human being, a ghost or not,

"So, is this the accident that the person is talking about? Madoka is not a human being who exists now, but is an alien who exists because of supernatural power?" Yang Jian pondered, still holding the file in his hand and looking at it.

To do this, the memory must be modified.

Otherwise, many people will be suspicious if there is one more person suddenly.

That old blood-stained newspaper can modify memory, no, to be precise, the ghost reading the newspaper can modify memory.

That's really the case.

This is probably what my father did during his lifetime.


Did my father control more than one ghost while he was alive?

The evil ghost in the dream and the ghost that altered memories were all related to his father.

Unfortunately, the last memory should have disappeared into the nightmare by now, and the truth has been buried forever.

Is the guerrilla hero Lu Yufei dead_What happened to the guerrilla hero Lu Yufei in the end_Guerrilla hero Lu County Magistrate

There is no way to know what happened in the past.

"Put the files away, make a copy, file the new one, and send the old one to Zhang Hua." Yang Jian thought for a while, and after reading the two files, returned them to Hu Kai.

"Does Captain Yang have any other instructions?"

Yang Jian said: "There is nothing else to do for the time being. Leave a few people here on duty for a week, and then you can leave."

"Okay, then I'll go back first. If anything happens, Team Yang will call me." Hu Kai said.

Yang Jian nodded.

Soon, the day was over.

Hu Kai left the village with most of the people, leaving only a few people on duty.

At the same time, the degree of decay of the corpse next to Yang Jian was already obvious. Some places that could be seen with the naked eye were rotten, and they had changed a lot from their previous appearance.

This change is coming faster than expected.

If this continues, as long as by noon tomorrow, the degree of decomposition will exceed half, and then he will no longer have to suppress the body.

After all, sitting here holding hands with ghosts is quite disgusting.

But in the evening, Yang Jian slightly raised his head and looked at the sky.

Dark, closed with dark clouds.

It's going to rain.

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