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"Qian Yi, be careful."

A boy fell down the stairs, but his friend's words did not make him pay attention.

"Ah! My legs. Why didn't you tell me earlier? The prosthesis I had installed some time ago now needs to be installed again."

Runan said aggrievedly: "I kindly remind you, but you still blame me. You still know what you just pressed, and you didn't even look at the road while walking."

Qian Yi said angrily: "Stop talking and take me to the hospital quickly."

Ru Nan hurriedly carried him to the hospital.

After a series of examinations, Qian Yi lay down on the hospital bed and asked, "Doctor, can my leg still be cured? Can I still stand up?" The doctor smiled and said, "Young man, don't worry, our hospital has prosthetics. It’s the best, guaranteeing your recovery.”

Ru Nan said from the side: "Thank you doctor, when will the operation start?"

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Doctor: "Well, it will be fine in two days. Someone will notify you then." After saying that, he left.

Runan looked at Qianyi: "Hey, I just came out of the hospital some time ago, and now I'm lying down again."

Qian Yi said: "I don't want to either. By the way, you stay with me at night. It's really a bit spooky at night in the hospital."

Runan responded: "Damn, you are my good brother. If I don't stay, who will be able to cure the dead sperm ? I'll go out and buy you some food. Just wait for me."

Runan walked down the stairs and saw the ladies at the nurse's desk gathered together, as if they were discussing something. I got naughty and wanted to go over and tease him.

"Beautiful nurse sister, what are you discussing? Can you tell me something?"

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The nurse hesitated to speak. You pushed me and I pushed you. Finally, an older nurse came out and said, "It has nothing to do with you. Why are you asking about this? Even if you listen, it might be harmful to you." Ru Nan's curiosity became even stronger, and she insisted on knowing.

The elderly nurse said helplessly: "It's nothing. We are just discussing why people who are sent to the morgue are only allowed to meet once. After the meeting, they can only receive the ashes. If other family members want to meet, I won’t let you go.”

Ru Nan smiled charmingly and said, "Is it possible that your dean has a necrophilia?"

The nurses all laughed.

Ru Nan exchanged a few pleasantries and left. After a while, he came back with the rice.

"Qian Yi, I just heard something interesting, do you want to listen?" Runan said while helping Qian Yi up. Qian Yi leaned on the bed and said, "Stop talking nonsense, I'm in so much pain right now. Just tell me if you have anything." Runan said, "Oh, don't be so fierce. I just heard the nurse say that there is something fishy in the morgue here. It seems that they were sent in People who don’t let their relatives meet are not allowed to meet, and then only the ashes are left for the family members.”

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Qian Yi said: "Fortunately it's broad daylight, otherwise you would have killed me." After saying this, he shuddered. Runan said: "It's so gloomy that I might as well go home at night." Qianyi said: "If you don't want you to lie in it, then you can leave." The two brothers were fighting.

The next day, the doctor came in. "Qian Yi, you should have surgery in half an hour. Now go out with us to prepare. Your family will accompany you."

Runan pushed Qianyi to the operating room and got ready. The doctor asked Runan to go out.

Ru Nan waited outside for several hours. Qian Yi's surgery was over. He pushed Qian Yi back to the ward and sighed when he looked at the weak Qian Yi. After these few days, he was very tired, so he leaned on the bed and fell asleep. After a while, Qian Yi woke up and woke up Runan next to him.

And said to him: "Ru Nan, you have worked hard recently. Come and see my prosthetic limb." The two brothers touched the prosthetic limb. Qianyi continued: "It's better than before, and it feels better. I don't know how effective it will be after recovery."

At night, Qianyi had a dream. In the dream, a woman was saying something to him, but he wanted to hear it clearly, but he couldn't hear it clearly. He told Runan about it the next morning. Runan said: "Don't scare me early in the morning. You won't have nightmares."

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Qianyi said confusedly: "I think so too, but I feel like she doesn't want to harm me, as if she wants to tell me something." Runan said: "If this is the case, will it be related to the story of this hospital? If she If I want to tell you something, I will definitely come back tonight. If you wake me up then, I would like to explore."

Qian Yi said thoughtfully: "Okay then."

Another night, the woman arrived as promised. Qian Yi was awakened, and he quickly woke up Runan. "Runan, wake up quickly, she's here." Runan said confusedly: "Where is she?"

Qian Yi mustered up the courage and said, "Miss, if you have any difficulties, please tell me and I will definitely help you."

At this time, a person loomed out of the door. No, that person was actually in a wheelchair. Qian Yi asked tremblingly: " Can the lady's dead semen be cured ? What's wrong with your legs?" The lady looked at him and said softly: "My legs are on your legs." Qian Yi looked confused. He said in shock: "How could it be on my lap?"

Runan on the side spoke: "Miss, you must have some grievance, and why are you asking? You said your legs are with him." The young lady still said calmly: "Come with me, I will tell you everything. It’s something.” After saying that, he pushed the wheelchair and left. Ru Nan also pushed Qian Yi to follow him.

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At this time, the surrounding environment was extremely quiet. A word came, "It's here." Breaking the tranquility. Runan and Qianyi looked up and saw that the door number said, Morgue! The two of them were a little frightened. They were stunned for a while before they came back to their senses and asked together: "What are you doing here?"

The lady said, "You'll know when you come in." After he entered, the surrounding environment changed. It was like watching TV, and he didn't know if he was in it or outside it. There was a person lying in the picture. He took a closer look and found that the person was the young lady next to him. They continued to watch without making a sound.

At this time, two middle-aged men walked in. One man said: "I can start my experiment again. Dean, thank you. You are the only one willing to support me."

The person who was called the dean said: "I also think about my skills. Okay, I'm going out. You can start by yourself. Remember, don't let others know."

The man took a knife, shaved off the flesh on the woman's body and threw it into a trash can. The remaining bones looked like they were doing something. After a while, the woman's bones turned into prosthetic limbs. Qian Yi and Runan suddenly understood something and shouted. The two men looked at each other. They all sighed and realized it was just a dream.

Runan said, "I think it's true. I'll handle the discharge procedures for you. Then let the police handle the matter." Qian Yi nodded.

Eventually the hospital collapsed, they used corpses for research without consent, and the ashes given to the family were just ashes. Qianyi contacted the girl's family and gave the remaining prosthetic limbs to their parents.

At night, Qianyi heard a dreamy sound. "Thank you, your legs are my gift to you." That night, Qian Yi slept very comfortably.

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