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During the Republic of China, there was a worker named Zhang Meng who was carrying large bags on the dock. On this day, Zhang Meng received a letter and a large remittance. The letter read: After ten years of separation, repayment comes too late. My brother is already well-off, so I can send you some money now. My brother now lives somewhere in a certain city, and I look forward to getting together. The person who signed the signature wrote Ye Long.

Zhang Meng thought for a while before he remembered that in the winter ten years ago, he rescued a man who had fainted from cold and hunger in the snow. The man woke up and called himself Ye Long. Zhang Meng was out of kindness and gave all the money he had to Ye Long to return home.

Zhang Meng did not expect that Ye Long would repay him after so many years, and felt that the money was like falling from the sky. He was generous by nature and loved to make friends. He immediately invited a group of brothers who were usually close to him and had a feast. In less than a month, he used up almost all the money. There were two brothers who were originally gangsters. One was nicknamed "Human Sperm" and the other was nicknamed "Heaven is Not Afraid". They advised Zhang Meng that he might as well join Ye Long, as they might have a better future. Zhang Meng smiled heartily and said, "It's time to thank Brother Ye in person, but I have never traveled far. You two are smart, so why not come with me? The travel expenses are all mine."

Human sperm and Tian Buwei said it was okay, and the three of them went out the next day. According to the address written on the letter, they searched all the way to Ye's house. When Ye Long saw his benefactor coming, he came out to greet him personally, setting up banquets and making clothes with great enthusiasm.

After living there for a while, Ren Zing and Tian Buwei couldn't help but get anxious when they saw that Zhang Meng kept asking Ye Long for money without opening his mouth. The two discussed privately: "Zhang Meng is really a fool. We can't go shopping with him in vain and end up with nothing."

On that day, Ye Long came in from outside with a bad look on his face. Tian Buwei took the opportunity to say to Zhang Meng: "People are not as good as a thousand days, and flowers are not as red as a hundred days. Living under someone else's side is not a long-term solution. If it weren't for you, how would Ye Long be where he is today?" Wealth? Let me tell you, you should ask him for a large sum of money."

Zhang Meng hesitated: "Why do you have the nerve to speak?" Human sperm said: "I have an idea. There is a pagoda built on the cliff outside the city, and no carriage or horse can get up to it. You invite Ye Long to go with you tomorrow. Let his family stay at the bottom of the mountain to watch the car. Behind the pagoda, you can climb down with a rope. Our brothers will stay there. When the time comes, we will cover our faces, kidnap Ye Long and you, and ask his family for money. Wait for our money Once you have it, you pretend to break free from the rope and save Ye Long one more time."

Zhang Meng felt that this was unreasonable, so Zhang Meng reluctantly agreed after Ren Zheng and Tian Bu Ai repeatedly promised that they would never harm Ye Long.

Horror Nursery Rhymes Human Skin Doll_The Story of Human Skin Doll_Human Skin Doll Ghost Story

Everyone in the Ye family was afraid that Zhang Meng would not be treated well. As soon as Zhang Meng said he wanted to visit the pagoda and play ghost stories with human skin dolls , Ye Long had people prepare for it. The next day, Ye Long indeed accompanied Zhang Meng to the pagoda alone. The two of them turned to the back of the pagoda, and seven or eight masked men suddenly appeared in front of them. At first, Zhang Meng thought that the person coming was Tian Buwei and Ren Zhong's helper. Then he took a closer look and saw that there were two people tied to the ground, but it was Tian Buwei and Tian Buwei who were tied up. Zhang Meng understood, this was a real robber! Just as he was about to open his mouth to shout, a sap hit him hard on the back of the head and he fainted.

When he woke up, Zhang Meng found himself in a large cave. In the center of the cave was a tiger-skin chair, and in the center was a big man with a ferocious face. Ye Long, Ren Zheng and Tian Buwei were also tied aside. The big man shook his horse whip and said: "I am a tyrant here. I am short of money. I happened to meet you all well-dressed. I think you are a rich man, so I asked you to borrow some money to spend. Whoever contributes more will get it early." go home."

Human sperm and Tianbu were not afraid of hearing this and immediately pointed at Ye Long: "He is the rich man of the local Ye family."

The big man looked at Ye Long. When Zhang Meng saw the sinister look in the big man's eyes, he suddenly found the courage and shouted loudly: "I am Ye Long . If you want money, only I can give it to you!"

The big man was half-believing and doubtful, so Zhang Meng started to talk nonsense to him, describing the situation in Ye's shop very closely. The big man believed it to be true and ordered his men: "Let Mr. Ye's family go and let them go back to raise money."

Human sperm and Tian Buwei were not afraid to hear that they could leave here. They wished they could fly away immediately without saying anything. Zhang Meng said, "Wait a minute, I have something to say. No third person should know where I put my money." So Zhang Meng leaned into Ye Long's ear and whispered something.

After Ye Long and the other three left, Zhang Meng was imprisoned and given abundant food every day. Zhang Meng knew that he was treating himself like a fat sheep, so he was not polite. He would drink wine if he could, eat meat if he could, and sleep when he lay down.

A few days later, the gangsters suddenly took Zhang Meng into the hall again. When the big man saw Zhang Meng, he was furious: "Ye, your family members have reported to the police. Don't you want to die?"

The Story of Human Skin Doll_Scary Nursery Rhymes Human Skin Doll_Human Skin Doll Ghost Story

Zhang Meng laughed "haha" and cursed: "Dog robber, grandpa, my surname is Zhang, I will fight with you today!" As he said this, he bumped into the big man.

It turned out that after being kidnapped by bandits, Zhang Meng recalled that Ye Long had treated him warmly during this period, but he had put him in danger. He really wanted to hit him to death. So he risked his life and pretended to be Ye Long. At that time, he said in Ye Long's ear: "Go away and report to the official, and don't come back again!" The big man was furious at Zhang Meng, which was equivalent to telling Zhang Meng that Ye Long had arrived home safely. Zhang Meng no longer had any worries, so he just wanted to fight to the death.

Zhang Meng was about to fight for his life. At this moment, a shout of kill suddenly sounded in his ears. When he looked back, he saw that the city's military police had arrived!

Zhang Meng was rescued, and Ye Long held a banquet to appease Zhang Meng. The news spread in the city, and everyone knew that the Ye family's savior sacrificed himself in times of crisis. Many people wanted to come and meet this heroic hero.

On the day of the banquet, when all the guests arrived, Ye Long invited Zhang Meng to come out. There was thunderous applause and everyone invited Zhang Meng to sit down. Zhang Meng felt that he was about to cry. He grabbed Ye Long's hand and said, "Brother, listen to me. This is what happened. It was my two companions who said…"

Ye Long interrupted him: "Brother, I am extremely ashamed. Your two companions were released together with me. I wanted to take them back to wait for you, but they left without looking back. I was alone at that time , you can’t stop them, don’t worry, they are smart and can’t escape.”

Zhang Meng knew as soon as he heard this that the human spirit and the sky were not afraid of leaving him alone. Just as he was about to speak, Ye Long pinned him down on the seat and told the guests about the past.

"Twenty years ago, I just got married. A flood swept away my family's belongings, and I had no choice but to leave my hometown. I froze to the ground in the snow. Fortunately, Brother Zhang saved me, otherwise I would not be sitting here today. "Ye Long said, looking at Zhang Meng, and said sincerely: "Brother, I owe you this life."

The Human Skin Doll Ghost Story_Scary Nursery Rhymes Human Skin Doll_Human Skin doll story

Zhang Meng's face felt hot: "That was my whim." An old man smiled and said: "Heroes are all on a whim, and this kind of whim is not easy." Zhang Meng's face turned redder.

Ye Long said again: "It is said that those who survive a catastrophe will be blessed later. Sure enough, I was in danger the day before yesterday, and Brother Zhang saved me again. Today, all my close friends are here. Please help me figure out how I can repay him. This kindness.”

When Zhang Meng heard this, his face became hot. He couldn't bear it any longer. He jumped up from his chair and said, "Brother Ye, you have to listen to me, or I'll leave right now." Di told the public about the plan he had made with human sperm and Tian Buwei, and said with tears: "Brother Ye, I am not a human being. I can't take any of your money. I'm sorry for you. Please report to the official to arrest me." .”

Ye Long supported him and said: "Brother, you are so loyal! Everything was done by your two companions and has nothing to do with you. You don't need to say anything anymore…"

Zhang Meng could not argue at all, and the guests took turns toasting, and they were all drunk that night.

The next day, Zhang Meng insisted on leaving. Ye Long gave him a sum of money and said before leaving: "A good person is a good person. No matter how hard it is, he will never become a bad person. Please keep my words in mind." Zhang Meng Nod yes.

Zhang Meng had a smooth journey back to his hometown. When the neighbors saw him, they all laughed and said that the boss was here, but Zhang Meng didn't know why. In the evening, a man came to the door and introduced himself: "I am Mr. Ye's manager. Mr. Ye said that you don't know how to do business, so let me help you first. From now on, you will be my new boss. Let's go to the shop and have a look."

Zhang Meng was confused and followed him over. He saw a newly built two-story shop with three big characters on the plaque: "Baoen Building" and two couplets on both sides. . The steward smiled at Zhang Meng and said, "This shop was given to you by Mr. Ye. Mr. Ye also asked me to bring you a message, saying that he will continue to repay you if we come here often in the future."

Zhang Meng was so ashamed that he pointed at the couplet and said, "This is the best reward and the best guidance."

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