4 True Rural Ghost Stories

1. It was in 1997 or 1998. Anyway, it was in the past three years. The protagonist was still my father’s aunt, she should be called aunt…

Old rural stories told by grandparents_Ghost stories told by grandparents_Ghost stories told by grandparents_Ghost stories told by grandparents_Ghost stories told by grandparents_Old rural stories told by grandparents

What happened in Xiacheng Village, Tunzhi, Wenwei Town, Mengshan County, Wuzhou, Guangxi, if you know anyone there, you should know about it. It happened when I was in the third or fourth grade. She died of taking medicine. It is customary to have a mourning hall at home when someone dies outside her home, so the day of the funeral was held in the open space next to her house. Nothing happened in the first two days. When it was time to lift the coffin and return it to the mountain, a lot of blood seeped out from under the coffin. The two mud bricks were dyed red, and then the real horror began. The head of the coffin kept jumping and moving. The master who was doing the work slapped a scale on it and stopped. At that time, the onlookers They all ran away. I was not there. I heard what my dad said. Just after returning to the mountain that night, there was a man the next morning at six o'clock in the morning. When it was dark, he opened the door and saw the woman standing at his door. His hair was He was so frightened that he shaved his head at noon. During the first seven days , his grandparents told rural ghost stories . All the houses nearby were closed before 8 a.m. and after 5 p.m., and peach branches and incense were placed on the doors and windows. The talisman, the incense talisman is the thing that is inserted at the door on May 5th. My school is right next to it. No one of us dared to pass near that house for half a month, so we all took a detour. I have posted it in Uncle Ghost before. After writing the handwriting I feel weak now, and now I feel scared when I think about it…

Grandparents tell rural ghost stories _Old rural stories told by grandparents_Ghost stories told by grandparents

,2. I have seen it and been hurt. One night when I was nine years old, I woke up from peeing. I opened my eyes. Logically speaking, you can’t see anything in the dark, but let me recall now. Something that was a little scary happened. I saw a pair of eyes as big as copper bells, a pointed head, and skin like pig skin, covered with hair. The appearance was so clear. My grandparents were telling country ghost stories , as if It was just like what I saw during the day, but except for the head, the surroundings were completely dark. I was so frightened that I quickly retracted my head into the bed. Retracting my head into the bed did not make me feel safe. I couldn't help but shout My mother, after shouting for several lifetimes, I finally woke her up. I said, "Mom, look, turn on the light." I was so frightened that I couldn't speak incoherently. My mother heard me say that she saw something, and I asked my mother to accompany her. He asked me to go to the toilet, but I really didn’t dare to go alone. I didn’t fall asleep when I came back from the toilet. That pigskin-like face was covered with fine hairs, a pointed chin, and pointed and long ears… I I secretly looked outside the quilt, and suddenly that thing opened its eyes and reached out to catch me. I yelled for my mother, and she woke up when I saw it. She was scared when she saw my face. This time, she was also scared. I slept next to my mother like this. Yes, it feels like last night when I think about it. I told others and no one believed me. Just think of me as nonsense!

Ghost stories told by grandparents_Ghost stories told by grandparents_Old rural stories told by grandparents

, 3. I saw it in the small garden of our community in 2007. I always go to the garden to play in the summer. It was almost ten o'clock that night. My house was very close to me on the first floor. At that time, there were few street lights and it was dark everywhere. The garden There is a very high rockery in the middle. I don’t know what I was thinking that night, nor was I afraid, so I sneaked into the cave of the rockery. As soon as I entered, I saw the back of a woman with disheveled hair sitting motionless. I thought there was someone sitting here so late at night, so I went up and asked her, "What are you doing here?" The person didn't speak or look back. I walked away and told the adults at home. They gave me a scolding and warned me never to go to that cave again, especially at night. It was only half a year later that I found out that a woman was beaten in that cave. I'm scared to die now just thinking about it…

Old Stories_Grandpa and Grandma Tell Country Ghost Stories

,4. When I was about 6 years old, at dawn in the morning, my father took me to my grandmother’s house. My grandmother lived in an old house built in the Ming and Qing Dynasties in the countryside. I vaguely remember my father holding me while walking on a field ridge. I saw an old man with very shabby clothes following us, and he kept following me, so I said to my father, "Grandpa is following us." He looked back and saw that there was no one. I repeated this three times. My dad suddenly turned around and shouted: Don't follow me, get away!! He shouted three times, then he hugged me and ran to the village. We ran after the old man. . When we arrived at the entrance of the village, I saw the old man stopped and stared straight at us as we entered the village, but did not enter the village. Later, my father told the Meishan girl in the village about this matter (she is the goddess, as she is called in the local area). She said: "Your grandma, your health is not good now. That thing came here after you smelled the disease. But I'm afraid of you, the evil star (my father's destiny), if you follow me around the village a few more times to confuse it, then nothing will happen." Sure enough, after she did as she said, she never showed up again. Pass.

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