The Ghost On The Road Chapter 49 Jianghu

The "life-saving money" is both a reward and a settlement allowance. If the "violent" person never comes back, his family, old and young, will have this money to maintain a normal livelihood without worries; once he returns home, the "life-saving money" "It becomes a reward, and there are also other rewards.

Chen Xiazi Bukui is the leader of thieves in the world. He is always good at buying people's hearts, and he pays extraordinarily generous sums of money. After the arrangements were made, he gave an order and the bandits dispersed from Guandi Temple and started preparations overnight. There are various formations and instruments for tomb robbing in Xiling. They need to be practiced and used before departure. All kinds of tomb robbing tools must be prepared one by one. You must also learn the local dialect and customs of Yunnan. You have to wait until everything is ready. It is not a day's work.

The Partridge Whistle, on the other hand, worked alone and left at will. Within a few days, he had packed up and was about to set off. Blind Chen insisted on seeing him off, so he took a few of his cronies and sent the partridge whistle all the way to Dongting Lake.

Eight hundred miles away from Dongting, there are vast smoke waves and dotted sail shadows. Chen Xiazi and Partridge Shao have been busy all their lives, entangled in worldly affairs, and never have a moment of leisure. When they see the mountains and waters, they feel like they have washed away the dust in their chests. Looking up, he saw a restaurant on the mountain beside the lake, so Blind Chen suggested that he go upstairs and take a closer look, with a jug of water and wine, to see off Partridge Whistle.

The partridge whistle was so good. Just when he was about to see the scenery of Dongting, Chen Xiazi ordered his men to wait downstairs. He and Partridge Whistle went up to the second floor one after another, took a seat by the window, ordered food and drinks, drank a few glasses together, and looked out the window. They saw that this restaurant was in a great location. Climb upstairs and take a look, the sails are rising under your feet, and the mountains and rivers in the distance are all before your eyes.

The two of them were originally full of anxiety, but when they saw the lake and the distant mountains at the top of the building, they were just like walking in the scorching heat, and suddenly encountered a clear spring, and they felt a lot in their hearts. Blind Chen held the wine glass in his hand and looked at the lake. He couldn't help but feel full of ambition and said to the Partridge Whistle: "Brother, you see, from ancient times to the present, there is a group of earth-shattering heroes who are not afraid of dangers and hardships, just for this." The country is splendid, and the great strategies are used to conquer the world. The reputation of being good at teaching is passed down through the ages. You and I are both full of real talents and learning, and we must not fall behind and be negligent."

Partridge Whistle didn't have Chen Xiazi's ambitions. He was already tired of living and dying all day long. When Chen Xiazi repeated his old talk and wanted to persuade him to join the group, he had to deal with him and said: "The number of gains, losses and prosperity is mostly God's will, how can it be left to man?" Care about it? Unlike Brother Chen, I have no talent for grandiose plans. After finding the Muchen Bead, if God has pity on me and allows me to survive, I would like to learn how to live in seclusion across the five lakes, just like the hermits in ancient times. Traveling across the rivers and lakes, I will never do this life-threatening business again."

Blind Chen saw that Partridge Whistle had made up his mind and knew that it was difficult to keep him. He thought to himself: "That's fine. One mountain can't accommodate two tigers anyway. Since it can't be used by me, I might as well let him retreat into the world to avoid the final confrontation with swords and guns." Your loyalty is ruined. Anyway, this guy's current excavation of sand in Heishui City, Xixia, is probably a waste of effort. Only after I steal the tomb of King Xian in Zhelong Mountain will I let you know the true ability of Changsheng Mountain. It is definitely not about moving mountains. Within the reach of Taoists.”

Blind Chen also planned to use the red girl as a bargaining chip in the future to let the partridge whistle sacrifice his life for Changsheng Mountain a few more times, so he said to the partridge whistle: "One more thing, the red girl in our mountain asked Chen to be a matchmaker. , for the sake of my brother, I agreed to her and treated her as my own sister. When you come back from Blackwater City in the future, the red girl’s leg injury will probably be healed, so why not just let her go with you, her family will be destroyed She is a misfortune and a miserable and lonely person. After all, the green forest is not a place for her to settle down."

Partridge Whistle ignored the details and immediately responded: "We are going to Heishui City in Xixia. The success or failure is unpredictable, but as long as we have the chance to come back, I will live up to Brother Chen's kindness and be willing to take her far away."

Blind Chen cursed in his heart: "You are a fake Taoist priest who cultivates his mind but not his words, and abstains from sex but not sexual immorality. You agreed so readily and did not refuse… But after all, Miss Hong was the one who planted incense in Mount Changsheng. , I’m afraid it won’t be that easy if she wants to pull out the incense and wash her hands in the golden basin in the future. Let’s see how I can make things difficult for you.”

The two people had deep differences in their hearts, but they didn't reveal it. At this time, there were more and more diners in the restaurant, and the seats were packed. Most of what Chen Xiazi and Partridge Whistle were doing was secretive, and it was not convenient to reveal it in front of the public. They never talked about tomb robbing at the moment. The only thing I do is drink wine, admire the lake, and point out the scenery of the mountains and rivers.

Unexpectedly, while half-drinking the wine, the conversation of the businessman at the table next to him repeatedly mentioned words such as "feng shui and inverted fighting", which immediately attracted the attention of Partridge Whistle and Chen Xiazi. The group of people deliberately lowered their voices to talk, but they couldn't hide it from the ears of these two masters of inversion fighting.

Both Partridge Shao and Chen Xiazi often travel in rivers and lakes. They have rich experience. They often say "people are in rivers and lakes." What is a river and lake? In fact, Jianghu is not about fighting and killing, but a synonym for a hidden society, with its own rules and code words, parasitic in normal society. People who have not been exposed to this hidden society will naturally not understand these. , but if you meet an expert, you will naturally be seen through at a glance. At the moment, the two of them seemed to be drinking and chatting carelessly, but they listened to every word of the businessman at the table next to them.

There were six customers dressed as businessmen around the table. They were all rough-skinned and stooped when drinking and talking. They looked like they had been digging in the soil all year round, and they had a faint earthy smell about them. This smell is left by tomb robbers who dig holes, pry coffins, and carry corpses all year round. It can't be washed away even if the blood is rubbed, but most people can't even smell it themselves.

But when this group of people met Chen Xiazi and Partridge Whistle, they couldn't hide it. Blind Chen secretly observed what was happening, and had already seen that these few people dressed as merchants were all tomb robbers. He thought to himself, what kind of blind thieves were they? How dare they fall to the ground in Xiangyin? Then he winked at the Partridge Whistle and looked at him coldly to see what their plans were.

Just listening to the conspiracies and discussions of the thieves dressed as businessmen, one of the pockmarked men said: "The brothers were gathered together this time to plan a big thing. The recent incident of a large number of warlords robbing tombs in Nuqing County, western Hunan must have happened Have you heard about it?"

Another reckless man with a scarred face said: "This incident caused quite a stir. Many local bandits and warlords were involved, and even the newsprint was full of this incident. It is said that a group of warlords used axes to split the coffin in the ancient tomb. As a result, A white gas rushed out of the tomb from the coffin, and even the mountain people dozens of miles away saw the gas. At that time… a zombie sat up from the coffin, spit out the golden elixir to suppress corpses, and treated the gang as soldiers He was so frightened that he turned around and ran away. Good guy, this is really scary…"

The pock-marked man spat: "Jia Laoliu, you fucking know nothing about bird feathers. This is all made up by the provincial tabloid reporters to sensationalize the public. If you don't write it like this, their rotten newspapers will wipe people's butts." No one wants it if it’s too tough.”

Another axle neck next to him asked: "Speaking of Boss Wu, I have a cousin who works in the warlord army. I heard from him that those who robbed the tombs in Laoxiong Ridge in western Hunan were all in large groups. We What can these few brothers do? Besides, if you choose to eat the leftovers from others, that won’t satisfy your craving.”

The scar-faced man named Jia Laoliu also echoed: "Er Neck is right. Boss, now most of the ancient tombs in the mountains of Nuqing County have been dug up by warlords and bandits . Let's go there again." How much can the filter pit do? Besides, we are not familiar with that area. According to my brother’s opinion, we might as well go to Shaanxi. It is said that there is a big mountain over there, and there is a female emperor buried in it, as well as the men she stole during her lifetime. .”

The pock-marked man spat on Jia Laoliu's face again: "Ah, what a stinky thing your mother is doing, you are knowledgeable, are you familiar with Shaanxi? If you don't pretend to understand like me, I will pinch you first." Damn you… Now let’s get down to business. Although things in Xiangxi are already full of troubles , the more troubled they are, the more profitable they are. Judging from my experience, Boss Wu, there is likely to be a large group of tombs in Laoxiong Ridge. , what do those rabble of warlords and bandits know about tomb robbing? Bird feather ash… They just dig holes randomly. Most of the real big tombs are buried very deep underground, and you can't find them even if you dig three feet. I guess Those warlords may have only dug a few modern shallow graves, and most of the ancient tombs filled with gold and silver in the mountains have not yet emerged."

Jia Laoliu and Er Ning were very greedy, but they still had many concerns. Warlords and bandits often sent out thousands of people, so wouldn't they have to dig up all the mountains and plains? The ancient tomb that they couldn't even dig must be extremely hidden, God knows where. Although the boss's skill of fighting back is unparalleled in the world, it is not easy to find that kind of underground tomb. Could it be that we have to imitate Foolish Old Man who moved mountains, and our descendants will keep digging. If we keep digging like this, by the time of our great-grandson, we will be able to do so. It would be nice to dig it out.

When Chen Xiazi and Partridge Whistle heard this, they were quite disdainful. It turned out that they were a group of civilian thieves who didn't know the heights of the world. What was the use of them being here? Later, they sent two agile brothers to find an uninhabited place. As a result, they just sank the body into the lake, and they didn't disturb the mood.

The two of them were about to ignore it, but they heard the pockmarked boss Wu sneer and whisper to his brothers: "You villagers only know that tomb robbing is digging earth and digging holes. These real masters of tomb robbing, They are all seen with the eyes, which is called looking at Feng Shui. Ancient tombs in the mountains are all buried in Feng Shui treasures. As long as you can see where the dragon veins are, you will definitely find something if you dig with a shovel. Where is the digging all over the mountains and plains. This is looking for the dragon's cave. Do you understand the profound Taoism?"

The other tomb robbers shook their heads together: "We are like a toad jumping into a well – I don't understand. Boss Wu, do you actually know how to find the dragon's acupoint? Could it be that you usually keep it hidden?"

Mr. Wu said: "I'm sorry you don't understand either. But to be honest, I don't understand either. It doesn't matter if we don't understand. I'm telling you, don't make it known. There is a fortune teller Mr. Hu in the city. He is telling fortunes on the street." In the hexagram shop, you can read fortune tellers and talk about people's misfortunes and blessings, and all of them are surprising. That's fine. The important thing is that this person is good at fortune telling, and he is good at everything in the Yin house and the Yang house. As long as he understands it, it will be fine. I'll have enough to eat and drink later. , we first went to the city to step on the plates and find out where Mr. Hu lived. When it got dark at night, we broke in without saying a word and tied up his ticket, threatening the lives of his family members. Let him show us the Feng Shui acupuncture points in the mountains, so there is no need to worry about not finding the largest ancient tomb in the deep mountains and old forests. When we dig a lot, we will go to his whole family. Bird feathers are gray, and the discipline is unknown to gods and ghosts. Sleep."

Blind Chen and Partridge Whistle looked at each other, both shocked by the vicious plot of this group of thieves. Even though Changsheng Mountain would brazenly engage in bandits and thieves tomorrow, he would not do such a dirty deed. Is there really a Mr. Hu in the city who knows how to read Feng Shui? I have never heard of it before, and I don’t know whether it is true or not, but the world is rough and there are many heroes, and the common eye does not recognize it. I have missed it many times. Now that I have encountered this opportunity, why not go to the city to meet him for a while? Whether this person is worthy of his fame or not, you will know once you try.

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