What Does It Mean When His Aunt Died? Jiao Na (Liao Zhai Ghost Story)

Kong was born, named Xue Li, and was a descendant of the sage Kong. He is an elegant man and good at writing poems. He had a good friend who was a county magistrate on Tiantai and wrote to invite him. When Kong Sheng went there, he encountered the death of his friend. He was impoverished there and could not return home, so he lived in Botuo Temple and copied scriptures for the monks in the temple.

More than a hundred steps west of the temple, there is Mr. Shan's house. Mr. Shan is a son of the family. Due to a big lawsuit, his family's financial situation has declined and he has not many people. He moved to the countryside and this house became vacant.

One day, it was snowing heavily and there were no pedestrians on the road. Kong Sheng happened to pass by the door of Shan's house and saw a young man coming out. He was handsome and well-dressed. When the young man saw Kong Sheng, he hurried over, bowed and saluted, said a few words of greeting, and invited Kong Sheng to sit at home. Kong Sheng liked this man, so he readily agreed and followed him into the house. The rooms in the house are not spacious, with brocade and silk curtains hanging everywhere, and many famous calligraphy and paintings hanging on the walls. There is a book on the case, and the inscription is "Lang Suo Ji". Kong Sheng picked up the book and looked through it. The contents were all new to him. Kong Sheng thought that the person living in this house was naturally the owner, so he didn't ask about the young man's family background. However, the young man inquired carefully about Kong Sheng's situation, expressed his sympathy, and advised Kong Sheng to open a private school to teach students. Confucius sighed and said: "Who is willing to recommend and introduce people who are guests in other places?" The young man said: "If you don't think I am stupid, I am willing to become your teacher." Confucius was very happy and said that he did not dare to be a teacher, so he just became a teacher. Friends. Kong Sheng asked: "Why is this house always locked?" The young man replied: "This is Shan's house, because Mr. Shan has always lived in the countryside, so he is always idle. My surname is Huangfu, and my hometown is in Shaanxi. The house at home was burned down by wildfire, so I stayed here temporarily." Only then did Kong Sheng realize that the boy was not from a single family. That night, the two chatted and laughed, and they hit it off so much that they stayed and slept in the same bed.

Just after dawn, a boy came to the room to light a fire. The young man got up first and went inside. Kong Sheng was still sitting on the bed surrounded by the quilt. The boy came in and said, "The old man is here!" Kong Sheng hurriedly dressed and got up. An old man with frosty white hair came in, thanked him sincerely and said: "Sir, you don't mind the child's stupidity and are willing to teach him to read. This child has just learned and his writing is not very good. Please don't treat him as a friend and treat him like a teacher." His status strictly requires him." After saying that, he presented Kong Sheng with a brocade suit, a mink hat, socks, and shoes. After watching Kong Sheng wash his face and comb his hair, he called for wine and food. The table surrounds, chair covers and other objects here are all made of something that is hard to say, but they are all dazzling. After pouring the wine several times, the old man stood up to say goodbye and left on crutches. After the meal, the young master gave me the textbooks to read. They were all ancient poetry and prose, and did not include the eight-legged essay prescribed at that time. Confucius asked him why, and the young master said, "I don't seek fame!" In the evening, another banquet was served, and the young master said, "Have a nice drink tonight. After tomorrow, I won't let you do it for fear of delaying your studies." Drinking." He called the boy over again and said, "Go and see if the old man is asleep. If he is, call Xiangnu secretly." The boy went and first brought the pipa in an embroidered bag. After a while, a maid came in, wearing red and green, gorgeous and moving. The young master asked Xiang Nu to play the song "The Resentment of the Concubine Xiang". The maid played with ivory picks, her voice was loud and mournful, and her rhythm was unlike anything she had ever heard before. The young master also asked for a big cup to drink, and the banquet was not dispersed until the middle of the night.

The next day, Kong Sheng and the young master got up early to study together. The young master is very smart and can recite it after reading it. After two or three months, his writing is already very good. The two of them agreed to drink wine once every five days, and they would call Xiang Nu over every time they drank. One night, Kong Sheng drank happily and stared at Xiang Nu. The young master already understood what Kong Sheng was thinking, so he said: "This maid was adopted by my father. Brother, you are far away from home and have no wife. Brother, I have been thinking about this for you day and night, and I will find you a good partner soon." ." Kong Sheng said: "If you are willing to help, you must find someone like Xiangnu." The young master smiled and said: "You are really a rare and strange person. It would be good to be like Xiangnu, then what is your wish? It's easy to be satisfied." After living for half a year, Kong Sheng wanted to go for a walk outside the city. When he arrived at the gate, he saw two locked doors and asked why. The young master said: "My father was afraid that socializing would distract his thoughts, so he closed the door to thank guests." After hearing this, Kong Sheng felt at ease.

Where did the eldest aunt come from? What does aunt mean? What does his aunt's death mean? What does his aunt's death mean? Where did the eldest aunt come from? What does aunt mean? What does aunt mean? Meaning_Where did the joke about aunt come from?

It was a hot summer day, so they moved their study to a pavilion in the back garden. Kong Sheng's chest became red and swollen with a sore as big as a peach. After one night, it swelled to the size of a bowl and made him groan in pain. The young master came to greet me morning and evening, not even caring about eating or sleeping. A few days later, the sore became more severe, and Kong Sheng could not even eat. The old man also came to visit, but he just sighed longly and couldn't do anything. The young master said: "The child was thinking the night before yesterday that only Miss Jiao Na can cure Mr.'s disease. He sent someone to grandma's house to invite her back. Why hasn't she come back for so long?" After a while, the boy came in and said, "Miss Jiao Na." I'm back, and my aunt and Miss Song are here too." Huangfu and his son hurried out to greet him.

After a while, the young master led his sister to visit Kong Sheng. This Jiao Na is about thirteen or fourteen years old, her beautiful eyes are full of intelligence, and her slim figure shows a posture like a green willow. When Kong Sheng saw such beauty, he forgot to moan and his spirit suddenly became refreshed. The young master said: "This is my good friend, brother, better than a real brother. Sister, you have to treat him well!" The woman then calmed down her shy demeanor, rolled up her sleeves, and sat on the bedside to treat Kong Sheng. see a doctor.

While taking his pulse, Kong Sheng smelled a fragrance that was better than that of orchids. The woman smiled and said: "You should have this kind of disease. The beating of your heart shows the problem. Although the condition is critical, it can still be cured. It's just that the lump has condensed and you have to use a knife to cut the skin and flesh." Then he took it off. The gold bracelet on the arm was placed on the swollen area and pressed down slowly. The tumor protruded more than an inch, higher than the outside of the bracelet, but the redness and swelling around it were all trapped inside, and it was not as wide as the mouth of the bowl before. Jiao Na opened her clothes with her hands and took off her sword. The blade was thinner than paper. Jiao Na held the bracelet in one hand and held the knife in the other, gently approaching the root of the sore and cutting it. The purple blood flowed down and stained the bed mat. Not only did Kong Sheng feel no pain because he was close to the beauty, but he was also worried that he would not be able to get close to her for a while after the operation was completed soon. After a while, the rotten flesh was cut off, like wood burrs scraped from a tree.

What does it mean when his aunt is dead_How did the joke about aunt come about_What does aunt mean?

Jiao Na called for water and cleaned the cut area herself; she spit out a red ball as big as a marble from her mouth, placed it on the meat, and pressed it to make the ball swim around. After just one turn, Kong Sheng felt hot and steaming all over his body; after another turn, he felt numb and itchy; after three turns, his whole body felt cool and refreshing to the bone marrow. Jiao Na put the red pill in her mouth, swallowed it, said, "Okay!" and walked out quickly. Kong Sheng hurriedly got up and rushed over to thank him, and the strange disease disappeared immediately. But from then on, Kong Sheng missed that beautiful appearance and suffered so much that he couldn't help himself.

From that day on, Kong Sheng threw away his books and sat blankly, not in the mood to do anything. The young master had already seen what Kong Sheng was thinking, so he said, "I am looking for a good partner for my brother." Kong Sheng asked, "Who is it?" He said, "He is also a relative of my younger brother." Kong Sheng thought carefully for a long time. He said: "No need!" He said to the wall: "Once upon a time, the sea was difficult to make water, except for Wushan, it is not cloud." The young master understood what he meant and said: "My father admires your talents very much and wants to be related to you. But I only have one girl, and she is too young. I have an aunt’s daughter named Asong, who is already eighteen years old and not ugly. If you don’t believe it, Asong goes for a walk in the garden every day. You wait in the front room, Then you can see her." Kong Sheng obeyed the young master's words, and sure enough he saw Jiao Na walking with a beauty. She has curved black eyebrows and wears crested shoes on her tiny feet. She is as beautiful as Jiao Na. Kong Sheng was very happy and asked the young master to be a matchmaker.

The next day, the young master came out of the family room and said happily, "It's done!" So he cleaned up another yard to hold a happy event for Kong Sheng. That night, the drums and music were loud and lively. When Kong Sheng saw the fairy who could only look up at him, suddenly sleeping with him, he really suspected that the Guanghan Palace might not be in the sky.

After getting married, Kong Sheng was in a very happy mood. One night, the young master said to Kong Sheng: "The kindness you taught me to learn poetry and write essays will never be forgotten. Recently, Mr. Shan has returned from a lawsuit. He is in urgent need of this house. My family plans to move to the west. In this situation It's hard to be together anymore, so the feeling of being reluctant to leave always lingers in my heart." Kong Sheng expressed his willingness to move together. The young master persuaded Kong Sheng to return to his hometown, but Kong Sheng was very embarrassed. The young master said, "Don't worry, I can send you on your way immediately." After a while, the old lady came with Song Niang and presented Kong Sheng with one hundred taels of gold. The young master held the hands of Kong Sheng and Song Niang and told them to close their eyes and stop looking. Kong Sheng felt like he was rising lightly into the air, and he felt the wind whistling in his ears. After a long time, the young master said: "We are here!" Kong Sheng opened his eyes and saw his hometown. Only then did he realize that the young master was not a mortal. Kong Sheng happily knocked on the door. His mother came out and saw her son back, which was unexpected. She was so happy to see her beautiful daughter-in-law again. Everyone is happy and greets each other. Kong Sheng looked back, but there was no trace of the young master.

Song Niang served her mother-in-law very filially, and her reputation for being beautiful and virtuous spread far and wide. The next year, Kong Sheng passed the Jinshi examination and was sent to Yan'an as an official. He took his family with him to take office. His old mother did not go because of the long journey. Song Niang gave birth to a boy named Xiaohuan. Later, Kong Sheng offended his superiors and was dismissed from office. He could not settle the case and could not return to his hometown.

Once, Kong Sheng accidentally went hunting in the wild and met a beautiful young man riding a black horse. He looked at him over and over again. Kong Sheng took a closer look and found that it was Mr. Huangfu. He pulled the reins and stopped the horse, and the two of them were sad and happy at the same time. Prince Huangfu invited Kong Sheng to sit at home. The two arrived at a village with dense trees and branches and leaves that blocked the sun. When we arrived at the door of Huangfu's house, the double doors were covered with golden door nails, like a family of officials for generations. Kong Sheng asked Jiaona and she was married. He asked his mother-in-law again and she was dead. Kong Sheng was very sad and stayed overnight and went back. Kong Sheng and his wife returned to the son's house again. Jiao Na also came, holding Kong Sheng's son and playing with her, saying, "Sister has messed up our family's crops!" Kong Sheng thanked Jiao Na for her kindness in treating the disease. . Jiao Na joked: "Brother-in-law is now a noble man. The sore has healed, don't you forget the pain?" Brother-in-law Wu Lang also came to visit and stayed for two nights before going back.

What does it mean when his aunt is dead_How did the joke about aunt come about_What does aunt mean?

One day, the young master looked sad and said to Kong Sheng: "God is sending a disaster, can you save us?" Kong Sheng didn't know what was going to happen, so he volunteered to take the responsibility. The young master hurriedly went out and called for the whole family to come in and worship in the hall. Kong Sheng was very surprised and asked what was going on. The young master said: "I am not a human being, but a fox spirit. Now I will suffer the disaster of thunder and lightning. If you are willing to risk your life to save me, my family will still have hope to survive. If you are not willing, please hold your son and leave. Don't leave." I will be implicated." Kong Sheng vowed to live and die with the Huangfu family. Prince Huangfu asked Kong Sheng to stand at the gate with a sword in his hand, and told him: "Thunder bombardment, don't move rashly!" Kong Sheng stood at the door with his sword in his hand. Sure enough, the clouds were thick and the sky was dark and the earth was dark. When he looked back, the original house was no longer a wealthy family. , there is just a tall tomb standing there, and there is a big hole, the bottom of which cannot be seen at a glance.

Just when he was surprised, there was a thunderbolt, the ground shook, and a violent storm uprooted the trees. Kong Sheng was shocked, deafened and blinded, but still stood motionless. Suddenly I saw a ghost in the black cloud of smoke, with a sharp beak and long claws. It grabbed a person from the hole and followed the smoke up. Kong Sheng looked at the clothes and shoes and thought they looked like Jiao Na. So he quickly jumped off the ground, slashed with his sword, and the man fell down. Suddenly a thunder exploded, and Kong Sheng was knocked to the ground and died.

After a while, the weather cleared up and Jiao Na came to her senses. When she saw Kong Sheng dead beside her, she burst into tears and said, "Mr. Kong died for me, can I still live?" Song Niang also came out, and the two of them carried Kong Sheng into the house. Got home. Jiao Na asked Song Niang to hold Kong Sheng's head, and asked her brother to use a gold hairpin to open Kong Sheng's teeth. She held Kong Sheng's face, put the red pill into Kong Sheng's mouth with her tongue, and blew it mouth to mouth. gas. The red pill entered Kong Sheng's throat and made a gurgling sound. Not long after, Kong Sheng woke up and saw his family in front of him, as if he had had a nightmare.

So, the whole family reunited, the panic was over, and everyone loved it. Kong Sheng thought that he could not live in this barren tomb for a long time, so he suggested that they go back to his hometown together. The whole family agreed, but Jiao Na was a little hesitant. Kong Sheng asked Wu Lang to go with him, but he was worried that his parents would not want to leave them. After long discussions, there was no result. Suddenly, a young servant from the Wu family ran in, sweating profusely and panting. Everyone was surprised and asked, and it turned out that the Wu family was also in trouble on that day, and the whole family died. Upon hearing the news, Jiao Na stamped her feet and cried bitterly, tears streaming down her face. Everyone comforted her and persuaded her. In this way, the plan to go to Kong's house together was decided.

Kong Sheng went to the city to take care of things for a few days, then packed up his luggage overnight and returned to his hometown together. When they arrived at their hometown, Kong Sheng arranged Huangfu's family in a leisurely garden. The door was often locked and would only be opened when Kong Sheng and Song Niang came. Kong Sheng and his brother and sister played chess, drank, talked, laughed and feasted, and were as close as a family. When the little Huan grew up, he had a handsome appearance and a temperament a bit like a fox fairy. When he went to the market and played, people knew that he was the son of the fox fairy.

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