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Tell us a story about what our grandparents’ generation experienced.

Nowadays, there are movie theaters everywhere. Watching a movie is as easy as watching TV at home. However, in our grandparents' generation, life was difficult and it was not easy to fill our stomachs. Where could such entertainment come from? Only after the Cultural Revolution passed and life returned to normal day by day did entertainment exist.

At that time, there were movie theaters in cities, but not in rural areas. If you wanted to watch a movie, you could only watch it in the open air, which was in a square with a curtain and a projector projecting the movie on it. Every time after dinner, each family would move their benches and walk toward the square chatting in small groups. This was the most pleasant time of the day for them.

The story takes place in a small village in the northwest. There is an ordinary farmer's family in the village. The surname is Qian. The male owner is Qian Jin. There are three children in the family, two boys and one girl. The oldest is seven or eight years old, and the youngest is only three or four years old. They are of a fun age, so they are very interested in the movies shown in the village. Although most of the movies shown at that time were old movies about tunnel warfare and landmine warfare, there were only a few of them. Even adults were tired of watching them, but children could never tire of watching them. Every day as the sun set in the west, they would urge the adults to do it quickly. They are going to fight for the front row seat.

For a while, several foreign films were released in the village. It was a rare sight, and everyone in the village came to watch it. The scene was really lively.

That night, Qian Jin and his family watched a movie in the square, and each moved their small benches home. They talked and laughed with the villagers along the way. Unexpectedly, halfway through the journey, he suddenly remembered that he wanted to see Tie Erniu from the same village for something. After discussing, he hurriedly turned back. Tie Erniu's house and his were at opposite ends of the village. To get there, you had to go through the village square. When Qian Jin came to the square again, everyone in the village had already gone home, and the place was deserted.

However, from a distance, Qian Jin actually saw a light in the square.

As I got closer, I realized that the curtains in the square had not been closed yet, and the gears of the movie projector were still turning. There was a short man standing aside, making adjustments.

"Which company is it from?"

Qian Jin shouted, and the man turned around, looking very polite, not like a farmer.

"New in the village, he shows movies to the villagers." The man said.

Qian Jin thought about it carefully. After watching a movie for so long, he really didn't pay attention to who was showing the movie, so he got close to him and said, "This movie today is really good. Where did you find it?"

The man smiled and said, "I used to work in a movie theater, so I had connections."

"That's good, let's make more movies to keep the folks entertained!"

The man still smiled kindly: "Sure, I'll try my best."

Qian Jin could talk to anyone, so he introduced himself to the man: "I am Qian Jin, who lives in the village. My fellow villagers call me Lao Qian. Come and have dinner at my house when you have time!"

The man nodded in agreement, keeping his eyes on the screen. It was the same movie just now. The young man watched it with gusto.

"Aren't you going back? It's getting late now." Qian Jin asked him.

The young man shook his head: "Watch movies and learn."

"You city people are really…"

Qian Jin muttered, seeing that this man was wearing a blue shirt, blue trousers, a Chinese tunic suit, and a Chairman Mao badge on his chest. He was an intellectual and thought he had nothing in common with him, so he walked away in a sensible way. He had only taken two steps out when the young man stopped him again: "Fellow, did you say you are from the Qian family?"

"Yes! It's right at the beginning of the village. You can see it as soon as you enter the village!"

The young man's eyes became somewhat meaningful: "The road in the village is not easy to walk at night, so be careful!"

"Of course you guys from the city are not used to walking around. I can touch your home with my eyes closed, so it won't be a problem!"

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Qian Jin laughed and forgot about looking for Tie Erniu, so he turned around and went home. After walking far, I looked back at the square. The white light on the screen had disappeared. I thought the young man had returned home.

Qian Jin couldn't find his way home.

He walked in the village for a long time, and he should have arrived home long ago, but now, he looked at the house in front of him, which was the home of Zhao Laosi in the village. The lights in the yard had been turned off, and he thought he was sleeping.

Qian Jin suddenly stopped. No, Zhao Laosi's home is near the square. He just passed by it not long ago. Why is he back again? Could it be that he has committed a crime? He quickly turned around and walked back. After walking for about a quarter of an hour, his eyes widened and he came to the square. Not far away was Zhao Laosi's home. He walked back to the same place.

broken! Qian Jin trembled in his heart. Could it be that he encountered a ghost and hit a wall?

He had heard his father tell stories about ghosts breaking into walls when he was a child. They were all told as stories to scare him, and no one had ever actually seen them. Now, it was good luck. He was unlucky enough to meet him. What would he do? ?

He hesitated, closed his eyes and left, not believing that he would not be able to go home!

Things were really weird. Qian Jin hadn't even walked home yet. He closed his eyes and kept walking in circles in the village square. It wasn't until daybreak that someone from the village passed by and they finally got rid of him. Only then did he return home.

In less than a day, everyone in the village knew that Qian Jin had encountered a ghost and hit a wall. Everyone was surprised and said that Qian Jin must have done something bad and got into bad luck. Otherwise, how could he say that he had hit a ghost and others could not see him?

Qian Jin slept at home for a whole day. In the evening, he was picked up by three children at home. They clamored for Qian Jin to go to the square with them to watch a movie. Qian Jin took two mouthfuls of food and carried a flashlight. I went to the square with my wife and three children.

When he met the village party secretary on the road, Qian Jin stepped forward and handed him a cigarette: "Old Xu, who is the guy in the village who shows us movies?"

The village party secretary put the cigarette away from his ear and said: "This is Xiao Wu from the city. He went to the countryside to bring warmth and some rare movies. He has been in our village for a while and will go back!"

Qian Jin listened, nodded thoughtfully, and walked silently all the way to the square. Many villagers were already sitting there. Qian Jin asked his wife to take the children up to the front, while he found a seat near the movie projector. Sat down.

There were two young men standing next to the movie projector. One was Xiao Wu, the young man Qian Jin met last night, and the other was also a young man, but he looked pretty and handsome. At first glance, he looked like a city kid who had never experienced hardship. .

When Xiao Wu saw Qian Jin, he turned around and said a few words to the handsome young man, then moved a stool and sat down next to Qian Jin.

"Who is that young man? I didn't see him yesterday." Qian Jin asked him.

"That's my colleague who just came today." Xiao Wu explained.

Qian Jin groaned and told Xiao Wu about yesterday's strange thing: "Do you think it's strange? Last night, I met a ghost who punched the wall. After struggling all night, I couldn't find my way home."

Xiao Wu laughed and said, "What I'm saying is that it's not easy to walk at night. I told you to be careful. Let's see if it comes true."

"Who would have thought that I would meet him? What a bad luck!" Qian Jin complained: "I brought a flashlight today to see who dares to mess with me."

Xiao Wu looked around, collected Qian Jin and said mysteriously in his ear: "I have a good movie here, which is not allowed to be released. I have it in my private collection. Do you want to see it?"

"That's great!" Qian Jin was very excited: "When will we watch it?"

Xiao Wu whispered: "When the movie ends, don't rush away yet. We'll wait until everyone in the village is asleep and then play it secretly. The sound should be lower, so no one will know."

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Qian Jin chuckled and shook his thumb. The two of them looked around furtively, understanding each other tacitly.

After the movie finally ended, my wife went back with the two children. The youngest one saw Xiao Wu and refused to leave. Qian Jin hugged his youngest son and told his wife to take him around the village. , will come back later.

My wife reluctantly muttered: "The projectionist has left, what are you two doing here?"

Sure enough, the delicate and handsome young man had already left first with a big box, and only Qian Jin and Xiao Wu were left in the square holding their sons.

After waiting for about half an hour, the lights in every house were extinguished one after another, and Xiao Wu finally played the movie he had hidden privately.

The film is about what happened during the Cultural Revolution.

The hero's ancestors were landlords and his family was well off. During the Cultural Revolution, his father was labeled as a rightist. The hero, who was studying literature at Peking University, was inevitably implicated and humiliated. He was also forced to interrupt his studies and talk to other classmates. Together we responded to the country’s call and went to the countryside.

People at that time had a clear distinction between black and white, and in terms of political stance, they must draw a clear line between all evil spirits and monsters. The male protagonist came from a dirty background, so he was naturally ostracized by his classmates. Although he experienced ghost stories as a child in the countryside, far away from urban life, this red storm that draws clear boundaries has completely brainwashed these young people. Although they are in the countryside, they still have to fight to the end, so the life of the male protagonist is miserable. Word.

At that time, young people all lived in the homes of fellow villagers. The hero was assigned to the poorest family named Qian. Along with him was a male classmate with a sinister look on his face. On weekdays, he was the one who had the most trouble with the hero.

The most painful and tiring work assigned to him fell on the male protagonist. He did not say a word and accepted everything. His only pleasure was to go to a deserted place in the village in the dead of night and read and write by moonlight. I majored in Chinese literature and wanted to write a sensational play.

He wrote his life in the countryside into the play, day by day, adding up to more. Just when the script was about to be completed, he was discovered by his roommate.

The roommate originally got up at night to go to the latrine. When he saw the actor sneaking out, he followed him. He saw him secretly writing and drawing in a notebook. He thought he was being reactionary and snatched his notebook and shouted. Go to the top.

At that time, such a script that reflected reality could definitely be classified as reactionary speech. If it was discovered, this life would be over.

The male protagonist stepped forward to grab it. During the argument between the two, the roommate made a mistake and pushed the male protagonist into the cesspool, where he drowned alive.

When the Qian family members heard the sound and came over, the actor had already passed away.

No one wanted to make the matter a big deal, so the Qian family and their roommates got together and reported to the village chief that the actor could not bear the suffering and ran away.

In the middle of the night, the Qian family and their roommate went to the septic tank to dispose of the body. After searching for it all night, the body disappeared inexplicably.

Every night from now on, whenever the roommate got up and went to the latrine, he would always see a shadow wandering not far away, circling around the place where the hero died, as if he was looking for something.

The good young man was frightened crazy from now on.

After this, the Cultural Revolution finally ended, and the actor's parents committed suicide one after another because they could not bear the torture, and there was no chance of being rehabilitated.

The male protagonist's surname is Wu, Xiao Wu's Wu, his name is Wu Lingchun.

The movie finally ended, and the youngest son had already fallen asleep in Qian Jin's arms. He was really noisy for a while at the beginning of the movie. Now he was tired and slept soundly. The reason for his fuss was that he couldn't see There was some movie playing on the screen. What he saw was a blank screen and he was unhappy, so he cried.

Qian Jin felt a chill in his body and stared at Bai Yingying's screen, not daring to move.

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The village in the movie is his village, the Qian family in the movie are his parents, and the Wu Lingchun in the movie is Xiao Wu beside him.

There was crying everywhere.

Qian Jin was so frightened that he picked up his youngest son and ran towards the village. He didn't know whether Wu Lingchun was chasing him. He didn't look back, and he didn't dare to look back. He just ran forward, as if he could see it just by looking back. Wu Lingchun's hideous face when he fell into the cesspool.

It wasn't until he plunged into the house and locked the door tightly that Qian Jin let out a long sigh of relief.

When his wife saw his distracted look, she was startled and asked him what was wrong. He kept mumbling, "What the hell, what the hell." The wife said he was crazy. She took the little son in her arms and saw that his little face was flushed. , something was not quite right, and when I touched my forehead with my hand, I found that my little son had a fever.

The next day, Qian Jin also fell ill.

After a period of time, the villagers were on their way home after watching a movie. Whenever they were alone, they would always encounter a ghost hitting the wall. They saw someone walking leisurely in front of them. By accident, they followed him and they arrived at the square. On the floor, the man was playing with the movie projector and introduced himself as the new projectionist.

But there was only one movie projectionist from the city who came to bring warmth, and that was the handsome young man who lived in the village chief's house.

After that, everyone who saw Wu Lingchun fell ill.

After hearing this, an older man took a puff of dry cigarette and said that a night wandering god had come to the village.

The father and son of the Qian family here were burned out. The old people came to Qian's house and asked Qian Jin what he saw that night. Qian Jin was groggy and forced himself to tell the old man everything he saw. So everything was reported to the village chief. The elderly gathered around the village chief's house, smoked dry cigarettes, thought about it, and came up with an idea.

Not long ago, all the young men in the village came out of their caves and searched the fields in the village thoroughly, as if they were looking for something.

Elderly people say that the best way to make the Night Wandering God disappear is to fulfill his wish in the world.

What wishes does Wu Lingchun have in the world? The last girl who saw Wu Lingchun said when she was still sober that in the movie Wu Lingchun showed her, the roommate who harmed Wu Lingchun buried the script he wrote under a tree in the village. The tree that was very close to the cesspool was a Populus euphratica.

Three days later , the script Wu Lingchun had not finished writing was found. After all these years, the handwriting is still clear.

That day, all the people in the village with high fever miraculously recovered. The last one to wake up was Qian Jin.

The delicate and handsome movie projectionist was entrusted by the villagers to bring the script back to the city. Half a year later, the movie was released, and it was called "Wulingchun".

Wu Lingchun, this word brought to life by Li Qingzhao, does have a sentence that is very consistent with the protagonist's life experience: things are different and people are not the same, everything is over, and the tears first flow when you want to speak.

It is said that everyone who watched this movie was moved by Wu Lingchun's tragic fate. Wu Lingchun represented a generation of people who lost all their ideals, beliefs and hopes for the future during the Cultural Revolution.

I also heard that after every movie, attentive audiences found a young man sitting in the front row of the cinema, staring at the screen motionless and unwilling to leave.

Since then, no one in this small northwest village has encountered a ghost hitting the wall, and no one has seen a ghost wandering around at night.

The years are quiet and peaceful, and this world is stable. Peace and joy, no worries and no fear.

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Story rating:

This story is set against the backdrop of the Cultural Revolution. It tells the story of Wu Lingchun's innocent soul returning to the village and triggering a series of supernatural phenomena, deeply revealing the dark side of that era and the complexity of human nature. The plot of the story is compact, the characters are vivid, and the atmosphere is created very well, giving readers a strong reading experience. At the same time, the story also expresses concern and reflection on historical injustice, which has certain social significance.

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