Supernatural Stories: The Revenge Of The Ghost: The Curse And Tragedy Of The Lotus Pond

There has always been a legend about a female ghost circulating in this lotus pond. Many people in the village dare not let children get close to it, saying it is unlucky and bad luck! Then she was immersed in a pig cage. Before entering the water, she kept shouting, "I will not let you go even if I am a ghost…" "I will become a ghost…" and so on, and that day happened to be the Ghost Festival in the seventh month of the lunar calendar. "And so on. He also said that there was a woman at home who followed him. Later, when it rained, the man actually went to the lotus pond and committed suicide by drowning.

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"The Miracle Through Time" Gasket Love Ghost Story Online Reading

After thinking about it for a while, Yang Dong decided to take her back to his hometown. Although his mother was gone, the old house was still there. Yang Dong’s roots were there. Yang Dong felt a sense of security every time he returned there. Yang Dong believed in his mother’s spirit in heaven. It will give you inspiration. I really feel like I've been here before. Really, I seem to have been here before, but I can't remember whether it was in a dream or reality. … Continue reading"The Miracle Through Time" Gasket Love Ghost Story Online Reading

Steven Yeun Is Dead Or Not Dead Short Ghost Story

She thought Xiaolian was not dead yet and lived with her. And Xiaoying did not die. She had good water skills. She swam back to her hometown and lived with her mother. Xiaoying didn't answer. On the way home, Wang Ming asked Xiaoying again: "Why do you think you are acting weird today? Where are the children?" After hearing this, Wang Ming said "oh" and stopped asking any more questions. … Continue readingSteven Yeun Is Dead Or Not Dead Short Ghost Story

Village Ghost Story 3

I heard from my mother that the siblings are very sensible and cute. Later, my aunt wanted to take her two grandsons back to her hometown to see her eighty-year-old mother, the grandma of the two little guys. It was too late. When the brother and sister-in-law arrived, the child had disappeared. When the brother brought the bodies of the two children back from his hometown, Murakami's maternal aunt said that it seemed to be true. … Continue readingVillage Ghost Story 3

Qingming Horror Online Reading

At this time, a strange wind suddenly blew up, and in the miserable and gloomy wind, I heard the sound of ghosts crying, and I shivered involuntarily. The Ching Ming Festival in the north is still relatively cold, and we all wear thick clothes Yeah, why are you shivering for no reason? Fifteen years have passed since the incident, and now I think about it: At that time, I was possessed by a wild ghost in the wilderness, and that was the moment I shivered! … Continue readingQingming Horror Online Reading

Kick Down Fairy

There is a legend in my hometown that there is a kind of god, commonly known as "Dengdaoxian". It is said that he can "kick down" money from the outside to the home. Whose family in our hometown has had a bad life before. The land has become rich, and people always say that there is a "Dengdaoxian" in his family! The bun is still getting thicker, the couple are very happy, and they don't tell outsiders, for fear of disturbing the god. For some reason, this story spread in the village and became a joke. When people saw his family members, they always joked, "Did Dao Xian" go away? … Continue readingKick Down Fairy