Hidden Marriage In Mountain Village: Zhao Nuanyang’s Horrific Experience



Impossible, there can't be ghosts in this world, I shook my head.

Suddenly, the footprints were walking in my direction very fast.

One step, two steps, three steps, the footprints suddenly disappeared one meter away from me.

Then, with a "bang" and a gust of wind, the wooden door of the kitchen was closed.

It was cold, bitingly cold, and the temperature in the kitchen dropped sharply. It felt like I had fallen into an ice cellar, and the hairs all over my body stood up.

"Boom, boom, boom!" Thunder roared, and lightning illuminated the entire night sky, as bright as day. The dark clouds could not be lower.

The downpour came so fast that in just ten seconds, white smoke filled the yard. Grandpa, second uncle, and second aunt all hid in the east room, and only I stayed in the kitchen.

I swallowed and looked at the ground carefully. There were indeed no footprints. Could it be that I was dazzled just now? Yes, I must be dazzled. How could there be ghosts in this world?

I forced myself to calm down and carefully retreated to the corner.

After all, I am also an acting teacher who has played Sadako and Pen Xian. If I put on a top again, I might not be scary!

"Hahahaha! Hahaha!" Suddenly, a burst of vibrating laughter came, especially clear.

"Ah! Ahhh!" I was so frightened by the laughter that my legs went weak and I collapsed on the ground. I seem to have heard this voice somewhere.

Yes, in the dormitory! At that time, the bedroom door in the dormitory was rusty, and it made this sound every time it was opened and closed.

It must have been the rusty iron door of my second aunt's house that was blown by the wind.

Any unreasonable thing will definitely be explained as long as we explore its root cause. I kept comforting myself and giving myself psychological counseling.

It's okay, it's okay, as long as the rain stops. After the rain stops, leave the kitchen, and then ask the construction team to tear down the kitchen and build a new one.

I took a deep breath and exhaled. Suddenly, there was another pair of footprints beside my feet, as if they were standing in front of me.

With a "pop" sound, the only small yellow light suddenly burst, and the darkness instantly swallowed me up, and I seemed to fall into an abyss. I wanted to run, but my legs were weak.

At this time, I suddenly felt that the skin on my arms was extremely itchy.

I instinctively scratched it with my hands, but the touch of my hands told me: the skin on my arms was changing rapidly, from little wrinkles to chunks of rotten flesh!

My spirit is on the verge of collapse!

"Boom!" Thunder boomed, accompanied by dazzling lightning. The lightning penetrated the glass and illuminated the kitchen wall. At that moment, a tragic scene was reflected on the wall. A dying woman, naked, with her arms cut off, and a sharp knife stuck in her heart. She was cursing, and I could even see her lips moving clearly. The person she was cursing was named Li Jiang.

I have long heard that similar things happened in the Forbidden City: on rainy days, you can see the shadows of palace maids and eunuchs on the walls, and they can also move.

After the lightning, the shadow on the kitchen wall disappeared, and my remaining sense told me: There must have been no deaths in this kitchen. What I just saw was the woman's tragic death.

The woman's resentful eyes sent chills down my back. Will a person really turn into a ghost if he has too much resentment after his death?

I gasped for air, feeling suffocated, as if I was drowning in the water. My eyelids became heavy, and before I fainted completely, I seemed to see that grimace.

When I woke up again, I found myself lying on the bed and the skin on my arms returned to normal. Surrounded by grandpa, second uncle, second aunt, and an old lady wearing black clothes with silver hair.

My head hurt. I tried to lift my hand, but I couldn't. There was a red thread tied to my wrist, and a silver bell hung from it. Why am I tied to the bed?

"What are you tying me up for? Untie me quickly, there will be no more blood." I looked confused. This old lady was dressed in weird clothes, like a goddess who exorcises ghosts.

"Aunt Wen, look, can you untie it?" The person called Aunt Wen is the only goddess in the whole village. She knows some Feng Shui. If any child conflicts with ghosts and gods, she will be asked to help. .

Aunt Wen held two pieces of yellow paper in her hand. She lit the yellow paper and circled it three times around my bed. After the yellow paper was completely burned, there was a "bang" sound, and the red thread tied to my body broke automatically.

I was helped up by my second aunt, and my whole body ached, as if my whole body had been run over by a car.

"This girl was born in the yin year, yin month, yin day, yin time, right?" Aunt Wen sat on a chair, lit her big pipe, and took a few puffs.

I was indeed born in a yin year, yin month, yin day, yin time, so my name is Zhao Nuanyang.

"Aunt Wen, Nuanyang was born at this time, what's wrong?" Grandpa asked anxiously.

Aunt Wen snorted coldly and knocked the table with her pipe.

"What's wrong? This girl is in big trouble. She was tricked by that female ghost! I told you before that this house is not peaceful, but you don't believe in evil and insist on coveting those acres of rice fields. It's okay this time , the daughter-in-law was frightened into madness, and the granddaughter was targeted by a female ghost." Aunt Wen rolled her eyes at her grandfather.

They are old acquaintances. When he was young, my grandfather almost married Aunt Wen, but he gave up because my great-grandmother did not agree with the marriage. From then on, Aunt Wen'er never married.

"We have lived in Aunt Wen's house for almost ten years and have never seen a female ghost. How could Nuanyang encounter one?" Second Uncle asked in a low voice.

"This house is like a tomb. The Taoist priest suppressed the female ghost here. It is estimated that something happened to the Taoist priest and the seal was mostly weakened. This girl's birthday is the most likely to attract unclean things, but fortunately she has something to protect her. "Aunt Wen said, looking me up and down. I couldn't understand the protection she was talking about. I only wore a jade pendant all over my body, which was given to me by my grandma.

"Sign up? What does it mean?" I was confused and looked at Aunt Wen.


"You have the same birth date as that female ghost. She is targeting you. She wants to possess you and use your body to take revenge."

Possessed? If it were before, I would never believe this, but now I do.

"Aunt Wen, is there a way to crack it?" Grandpa stood beside Aunt Wen and asked anxiously. At first, it was because of Aunt Wen's status as a goddess that my grandfather's family did not agree. It felt unlucky.

Aunt Wen took two more puffs of cigarette and frowned slightly.

"There is a way, that is, before the female ghost possesses you, you, a female doll, can avenge the female ghost and calm the resentment in the female ghost's heart, and the female ghost will naturally dissipate."

"'Li Jiang'! Last night I was in the kitchen and saw a shadow on the wall. A woman was lying naked on the ground with her arms cut off. Her face was ferocious and she was chanting the name 'Li Jiang'. This The person the female ghost hates the most must be ‘Li Jiang’!” Scenes flashed through my mind, who was that person named “Li Jiang”? Why was that woman brutally murdered?

"You need to rest for a while and have something to eat. I'll take care of things for you in the evening. I'll go back first." Aunt Wen stood up and left, followed by her second uncle and second aunt to see her off.

My grandfather and I were sitting in the house, and my grandfather told me about Li Jiang.

Ten years ago, Li Jiang brought back a female college student from abroad. This female college student was the female ghost who later died tragically. Her name was Hu Yi, and she was very beautiful.

Li Jiang grew up eating food from hundreds of families, and there was only one half-blind grandma in the family. Li Jiang is the only college student in the village. Everyone is envious and happy, thinking that this is a matter of honoring the ancestors.

College students ten years ago were a rarity. One day, Li Jiang took Hu Yi back to the village and visited her door to door. Grandpa was deeply impressed by the girl Hu Yi, or in other words, the villagers were all deeply impressed by Hu Yi.

Hu Yi is young and beautiful, and the clothes she wears are not as conservative as the women in the village. Many men in the village are secretly talking about Hu Yi's figure.

Not long after, Hu Yi and Li Jiang got married. The wedding held by the villagers was very lively. But the day after the wedding, Hu Yi's natal family came to the door and wanted to take Hu Yi away.

Hu Yi's parents came in a car, and several relatives from her family were also sitting in the car. Hu Yi's parents can be seen at a glance as being educated intellectuals and married to ghost doctors . Compared with Li Jiang, their family's conditions are much better.

During the quarrel, people in the village found out that Li Jiang and Hu Yi had obtained the certificates secretly. It was not like what Li Jiang and others had boasted about, saying that his father-in-law's family had prepared a car and a house for him, waiting for them to return to the city to live.

Many people of the same age as Li Jiang were watching Li Jiang's jokes, but Hu Yi was a very rebellious girl. She wanted to stay, but refused to leave with her parents. The stalemate lasted all day.

In the end, Hu Yi's parents could only throw away the money and leave, and they have never been seen again since then.

Another six months later, Li Jiang said that he and Hu Yi had divorced, saying that Hu Yi abandoned him and returned to her parents' home because she disliked him for being poor. Li Jiang plans to leave this place and sell the house and several acres of good land at a low price.

My grandfather bought the house for my second uncle and second aunt to live in.

"This girl is so stupid!" I said loudly. She must have hated Li Jiang to death. She abandoned her family and friends for Li Jiang and cut off contact with her family, only to be brutally killed by Li Jiang.

At night, Aunt Wen changed into a red robe and held an oval container similar to a bowl in her hand. There was half a bowl of blood in it. It should be black dog blood, I guess.

I was taken to the kitchen by Aunt Wen. The door of the kitchen was closed tightly. Aunt Wen picked up the brush and dipped the blood in the bowl to write runes on the wall, muttering in her mouth while writing.

Aunt Wen lit three sticks of incense, picked up a stack of yellow paper and threw it on the ground. She drew a rune similar to the Bagua array on the ground and instructed me to stand on top of the rune.

"From now on, close your eyes. No matter what happens, you are not allowed to open your eyes, let alone speak! Once all our efforts are wasted, you and I will die." When Aunt Wen said this, her face was solemn. Even her favorite No one had smoked any of their cigarette pouches, and the atmosphere was extremely tense.

I nodded and closed my eyes.

The moment I closed my eyes, my whole body seemed to be leaning back and sinking, as if I was about to fall into a deep pool.

"Hahahaha!" I heard laughter in my ears. Although my eyes were closed tightly, what I saw in front of me gradually became clearer. I felt like I was in a three-dimensional space, seeing Hu Yi wearing a red wedding dress, and Li Jiang wearing a groom's flower.

They had happy smiles on their faces. From what Hu Yi and Li Jiang saw, the man and the woman were a perfect match, and time seemed to be fast forwarding at double speed.

At night, Hu Yi and Li Jiang closed the door. Are they going to enter the bridal chamber?

I was so embarrassed that I wanted to close my eyes quickly, but suddenly I remembered that I had never opened my eyes at all! But what I thought didn't happen. Hu Yi hugged Li Jiang and kissed her again and again. Although Li Jiang didn't push Hu Yi away, his eyes were full of disgust.

I couldn't hear what they said, but I could read their lips. Li Jiang was complaining about why Hu Yi's parents didn't agree to the marriage, but Hu Yi patiently comforted Li Jiang, and even gave Li Jiang foot-washing water to help him wash his feet.


As time went by, Li Jiang hid behind a tree and heard several young people chatting. They discussed how revealing the clothes Hu Yi was wearing, saying that "you have seen everything you should see", and they also made bets to see how long it would take for Hu Yi to Give Li Jiang a "cuckold".

Li Jiang hid behind a tree and clenched his fists. He did not rush out to beat these wretched villagers, but instead waved his fists at Hu Yi.

This is the first time Hu Yi has been beaten. Hu Yi resisted, but she couldn't beat Li Jiang at all. Li Jiang beat her until she vomited blood and burned all the beautiful clothes she bought.

Afterwards, Li Jiang knelt down and apologized, and Hu Yi forgave him. But from then on, Hu Yi was beaten more and more often and more severely. Her ribs were broken by Li Jiang and she almost died.

Hu Yi wanted to escape from this place. She asked people in the village for help, but the villagers thought it was normal for women to be beaten. Those older women not only refused to help Hu Yi, but also advised Hu Yi to endure it.

Hu Yi secretly escaped three times, but was caught by Li Jiang every time. Li Jiang penetrated her ankles with iron nails and locked her at home, locking her up like a dog.

Later, Li Jiang frequently received QQ messages from a woman. Li Jiang's QQ note to her was "Yin Yin", and their chat records were very ambiguous. This incident was discovered by Hu Yi, who cursed Li Jiang.

Hu Yi wants to divorce Li Jiang, and also wants Zhang Yin to know that Li Jiang is a devil with a human face and a human heart. So Li Jiang chopped down Hu Yi with an ax and dragged her to the kitchen.

After a few blows with the ax, Hu Yi completely lost the strength to resist and was covered in blood. Li Jiang was furious. From the first day he married Hu Yi, he planted the seeds of hatred in his heart: he was jealous of Hu Yi.

It was raining heavily outside, and the frantic Li Jiang swung an ax and cut off both of Hu Yi's arms!

I could see Li Jiang's cowardice. He grabbed the sharp knife used to kill chickens on the table and stabbed Hu Yi into the heart. He stabbed more than 20 times in a row. He refused to stop until his flesh and blood were bloody. It made my scalp numb.

I concentrated my attention, trying to see where the body was hidden, but the next scene in front of me was Li Jiang taking out a ticket to Shanghai from his pocket. I guessed that he was going to find Zhang Yin.

"Zero zero zero!" A bell suddenly sounded in my ears, and I slowly opened my eyes, as if a century had passed.

I looked around, and the yellow paper under my feet was trampled to pieces, which were the footprints of the female ghost. She surrounded me and walked around for countless times. No wonder I felt a chill on my back.

"Zhang Yin, Li Jiang!" I muttered to myself, my body already soaked with sweat.

"Do you see clearly?" Aunt Wen wiped the sweat from her face and lit the big pipe.

"Hu Yi was killed by Li Jiang, but why can't I see the place where Hu Yi was buried?" If we find the place where Hu Yi is buried and call the police, we will surely bring Li Jiang to justice!

Aunt Wen sighed and said calmly: "What you see is what Hu Yi wants you to see. It seems that she still wants to possess you and take revenge herself."

"Remember, you can't take off the silver bell on your hand, and you can't take it off at any time. You only have seven days. During these seven days, Hu Yi will follow you, but you don't have to worry, she can't possess you. Just go Find Li Jiang and calm down the resentment in Hu Yi's heart." Aunt Wen said calmly.

Go to Shanghai to find Li Jiang? Wouldn’t it be like looking for a needle in a haystack in a vast sea of ​​people?

Not to mention seven days, even if it takes seventy days, you may not be able to find it. What if Li Jiang changes his name?

"Aunt Wen, come with me! Please!" I held Aunt Wen's arm and refused to let go, shaking it a few times.

"At my age, taking the high-speed rail or flying will cost half my life. If I don't go, I won't go!" Aunt Wen smoked her big pipe and shook her head.

"Aunt Wen, I'll buy you a first-class ticket and make sure you're comfortable along the way!" I smiled and pressed Aunt Wen's shoulder with my hand.

"I'm not going, I'm not going!" Aunt Wen turned around and left the kitchen, and I followed her.

Aunt Wen was walking in the yard, and her grandfather and second uncle were following behind, stopping Aunt Wen from leaving.

Several people were pushing and shoving in the yard, and my second aunt was standing next to me, suddenly raising her head and laughing a few times.

I turned around and glanced at my second aunt. She was smiling a little abnormally. Could it be that she was going crazy again?

"Second Aunt, why are you laughing?" I asked with some confusion.

"A Yin marriage! You have to keep a Yin marriage!" The second aunt looked at me with her eyes and laughed so hard that my heart went crazy. It's a Yin marriage again!

My second aunt said this when I first came here.

The second aunt said that there was a ghost in this house. I didn't believe it at first, but it turned out that there was a ghost. This time she said again that I had to stay and marry her in secret. Could it be true now?

"Second Aunt, why do you want me to stay and marry in secret?" I asked in a low voice, fearing that the voice would be too loud and that Second Uncle would hear her and it would be time to beat Second Aunt again.

As soon as I finished speaking, the smile on my second aunt's face froze. She looked towards the kitchen and ran into the east room in panic.

The door was shut tightly.

I took a look at the kitchen. It was the place where Hu Yi died tragically. It looked like a tomb, and it was too dark.

I didn't dare tell my parents that I was being targeted by ghosts, for fear that they would worry, and there was nothing they could do about it.

I turned on my phone and booked a ticket to Shanghai. What was supposed to come would always come, and I didn’t even have a chance to escape, because it was the resentful spirit that was targeting me.


I told my grandfather and second uncle about this. Aunt Wen was determined not to go to Shanghai with me. I had no choice but to ask someone to find a van and take me down the mountain.

"Nuan Yang, be careful in everything." Grandpa took my hand and told me.

"Don't worry, don't worry." I got into the van and the driver who was driving looked young, in his late twenties or late twenties. He had a cropped haircut and looked quite energetic.

The mountain road is rugged and winding. It is difficult enough to go up the mountain, but it is even more difficult to go down the mountain. Not to mention the bumpy ride, my head was knocked red twice on the carport.

"Master, what does Yin marriage mean?" I asked tentatively. This master is a local, so he must understand the meaning of Yin marriage.

The driver was stunned for a moment, turned his head and glanced at me.

"Yin marriage, in the past, it was a living person marrying a dead person, but now in a society ruled by law, it becomes a dead person marrying a dead person. In this type of marriage, the most important thing is the birth date."

"So in the past few years, are there any people in the village who are willing to marry in the dark?"

"Of course there are, but they are very cautious. No one dares to do it blatantly. Let me tell you, don't tell others that a female corpse is worth at least 50,000 yuan. It is almost time to marry a living person. If it is a birthday For those with special horoscopes, such as yin years, yin months, yin days, yin hours, and yang years, yang months, yang sun, yang hours, the price is doubled! Over in Myanmar, there are people who specialize in investigating people's birth horoscopes and matching them to some wealthy people. If you marry in secret, you will get more money." The driver hummed a tune and said word by word.

My heart skipped a beat and reached my throat. Aunt Wen once said that Hu Yi and I had the same birthday, that is, Hu Yi’s birthday was also born in a yin year, a yin month, a yin day, and a yin time.

I understand that the reason why Li Jiang killed Hu Yi was because of Hu Yi's birthday. In other words, Hu Yi's body was most likely used for a secret marriage.

But to whom is it allocated? A female corpse will rot and stink within three days.

After Hu Yi died ten years ago, he must have been transported to the nearest place so that no one would find out that he was the murderer of Li Jiang.

In other words, it is likely that people in the village spent money to buy Hu Yi's body and use it to match the shady marriage.

Li Jiang is really inhumane! How can such a person deserve to live!

"Master, turn around! I dropped something." I shouted suddenly.

The driver stepped on the brakes and sighed: "Hey, we're already halfway down the mountain road!"

"I'm sorry, master, I'll make up for the short traveling expenses." I said with a dry laugh.

Hu Yi's body must be in the village! As long as you ask who died in the village when Hu Yi disappeared, you will definitely find Hu Yi's body!

The driver took me back to the village. Grandpa was surprised when he saw me.

"Nuan Yang, why are you back?"

"What happened?" The second uncle and second aunt also gathered around.

I didn't say anything. I first paid the driver and asked him to leave.

"Grandpa, when our family bought this house, did anyone in the village hold a funeral?"

Grandpa frowned slightly and began to recall what happened ten years ago: "When our family bought this house, the village chief's son Sun Ming died. He was only sixteen. He had been studying outside."

"That's right. I know where Hu Yi's body is. It's in Sun Ming's coffin. They had a secret marriage. When was Sun Ming's birthday?" I asked anxiously.

The second uncle and grandpa looked at each other: secret marriage? They really don’t know Sun Ming’s birthday.

"Grandpa, I have an idea! When we find Hu Yi's body, we can dig out the whereabouts of Li Jiang from the village chief's mouth. In this way, the police can find Li Jiang, arrest him and execute him, and Hu Yi's resentment will naturally disappear. It’s stopped.”

"Nuan Yang, you can't dig people's graves. You'll be punished by God. What if you dig someone's grave and there's no Hu Yi in it?" Grandpa said with a solemn expression.

"Nuanyang, don't worry. I'll go out and find out Sun Ming's birth date first. After confirming his birth date, I will decide whether to dig a grave. After all, we have lived in the same village for decades." It is rare for the second uncle to speak so gently. Softly spoken.

After the second uncle said this, he walked towards the door, turned back three times with each step, and told my second aunt: "It's time, let's cook."

Since something happened in the kitchen, my second uncle's family built a stove outside the house. I helped my second aunt cook outside, while my grandfather went into the house.

I looked at the silver bell on my hand, and the corners of my mouth raised unconsciously: I finally found out. After waiting for this female ghost's wish, I no longer need to carry this silver bell.

As I was thinking about it, I suddenly raised my head, looked at my second aunt, and saw that she was holding a kitchen knife in her hand. The kitchen knife was only one foot away from my head. When the second aunt saw me looking at her, she immediately laughed twice and said, "Nuan Yang, cut these potatoes into slices, and I'll get the wood for the fire."

"Oh, okay!" I took the kitchen knife and nodded, feeling something was strange.

It was getting dark, and neither my uncle nor my aunt came back. I started muttering in my heart, so I opened the door of the east room and walked in: "Grandpa, grandpa!"

Grandpa is not in the east room! When did he go out? Why didn't I see it in the yard?

The east room of my second uncle's house has two floors, and there is an attic upstairs. The redness on the stairs looks like blood!

I took two steps towards that position, and suddenly, a big hand covered my mouth.


During the struggle, the bell tied on my wrist fell to the ground with a "pop" sound.

The man tied me up with a rope and tied me to a wooden post.

He stood in front of me, and I could clearly see his face with ravines. It’s Li Jiang! He didn't go to Shanghai, but stayed in the mountain village!

Aunt Wen said that what I saw in the kitchen was what Hu Yi wanted me to see. She deliberately let me see Li Jiang holding a ticket to Shanghai. She was deliberately misleading me and letting me go to Shanghai to make a fuss. After seven days, the silver bell on my hand had no effect, so she could possess me and kill Li Jiang with her own hands.

I didn't even see what happened after Li Jiang took out his ticket to Shanghai. In other words, Li Jiang finally chose to stay in the mountain village instead of going to Shanghai. As for what happened, I don't know.

"Where is Hu Yi's body? Did you sell it to Sun Ming for a secret marriage?" I glanced at the ghost doctor's wife in the "Silver Bell Warm Wedding " who was very close to me, but I was helpless but couldn't put the silver bell back on. In hand.

Li Jiang raised his head and laughed a few times: "It's true that I sold it! But the person who pulled the strings in the middle was your second uncle Zhao Jin! He has been doing this business a lot in the past few years. I didn't expect that he would even Even my niece will not be spared."

"Where's my grandpa?" I closed my eyes and clenched my hands tightly. No wonder the second uncle ran so fast. It turned out that he was going to spread the news, and he was probably digging a grave now.

"Upstairs. Still breathing." Li Jiang smiled obscenely, with fierce eyes and a proud look.

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew, and with a bang, the door was closed.

The same pair of footprints I saw appeared at the door. It was her. The temperature inside the house dropped sharply, like an ice cellar.

"Hu Yi's ghost is here! Pick up the silver bell on the ground and put it on my wrist!"

The footprints seemed to be premeditated, running towards me quickly.

"Hahahahaha, stop fucking lying to me! Hu Yi has been dead for so many years, where did this ghost come from! Once Zhao Jin has disposed of Hu Yi's body, you can come with us to Burma for a secret marriage!" Li Jiang said with He rubbed his neck with his hands and said with a sinister smile.

Li Jiang came to me with an obscene smile, took out his mobile phone from his pocket, and actually wanted to take a photo with me. I lowered my head, turned my face to the side, and cursed: "Pervert!"

"You're right! I'm a pervert! You are the twelfth woman to take a photo with me." Li Jiang held the mobile phone in one hand and pinched my chin with the other hand, forcing me to raise my head.

"Click" sound! The flashbulb flashed and I blinked.

Li Jiang held the phone in both hands and looked at it, and the obscene smile on his face suddenly froze.

The atmosphere became a little strange, and the temperature in the room seemed to have dropped a lot.

With a "pop" sound, the mobile phone in Li Jiang's hand fell to the ground.

"Ah, ah ah!" Li Jiang yelled like crazy. His right hand holding the dagger made a "bang" sound, as if someone forcefully broke his wrist toward his chest, and the dagger pierced his heart directly.

One knife! Two knives! Just like this, Li Jiang was stabbed more than a dozen times one after another, and Li Jiang fell in a pool of blood.

He twitched a few times in the pool of blood, and made a "ho ho ho!" sound in his throat. His whole body was convulsing and his eyes were wide open! The last direction he looked at was the screen of his mobile phone.

"Thumping!" My heart almost jumped out of my chest. I was so frightened that I lost my voice. Why did Li Jiang become like this after taking the photo? What did Li Jiang see on his cell phone!

Why did he suddenly stab himself with a knife?

Finally, my eyes fell on Li Jiang’s mobile phone screen. The screen was still on, and I saw the photo clearly: a woman was riding on Li Jiang's head. The woman had no arms, a pale face, and blood in her eyes, and she was smiling at me.

"Ah! Ahhhhh! Help!" I was so frightened that I shouted out the long-suppressed fear in my heart.

The pair of footprints appeared next to Li Jiang's body. Li Jiang's blood stained the ground red, and the pair of footprints were also stained with Li Jiang's blood and turned red.

I didn't dare to take a breath, for fear that the footprints would appear next to me! It's a pity that what is supposed to come will always come, and those bloody footprints are coming towards me step by step!

Although I couldn't see her, I knew she was standing in front of me, and I felt like she was looking at me.

"Dong dong dong!" Everything in the house began to shake violently, like an earthquake.

There was a "bang" sound, and the vase placed on the table suddenly exploded. The fragments scratched my chin, and I felt obvious pain.

The footprints on the ground took two steps back, and then took a few big steps back, as if they were afraid of something. It circled around me, and a red blood circle made from footprints appeared around my feet.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!" Three times in a row, the tea cups on the table exploded one after another.

"Hu Yi, there is a wrongdoer and a debtor. Li Jiang is dead, please let me go! I will definitely find your body and ask your parents to take it away. You should let go of all the grudges and grudges in the world. It's gone." I wondered if I was crazy for talking to a ghost. The second aunt once said that Hu Yi could hear us.

The pair of bloody footprints finally stopped at my feet. Her footprints and the toes of my shoes were almost touching each other. I felt that the temperature in the room seemed to be slightly warmer.

When I lowered my head again, the footprints disappeared.

I closed my eyes and gasped for air.

With a sound of "Bang!", the door was kicked open, and a dozen police officers rushed in.


I slowly opened my eyes, and when I saw it was the police, my anxious heart was relieved.

Thanks to my foresight, I gave the driver some money on the way back and asked him to help me go down the mountain to call the police.

Not far away, Li Jiang was holding a dagger tightly in his right hand, with the dagger stuck in his heart. His death was even more tragic than that of Hu Yi.

I was saved by the police.

When I opened my eyes again, I found myself lying on a hospital bed, surrounded by my family.

"Wake up." Mom breathed a sigh of relief, her eyes were red and swollen like walnuts.

"Nuanyang, do you feel better? Are you feeling uncomfortable anywhere? Are you thirsty?" Dad put the cup on the table and poured water from the thermos.

"Dad, Mom, I'm fine." I smiled, feeling lucky to be alive.

Grandpa's head was wrapped with gauze, but fortunately he was fine. When grandpa saw that I was awake, he went to find a doctor. You know, I had been in a coma for almost twelve hours.

The doctor asked me some questions, changed the medicine, and then left.

"Grandpa, is Li Jiang dead? Where are my second uncle and second aunt? Has Hu Yi's body been found?" I asked tentatively.

"Li Jiang is dead. He committed suicide. That bastard of your second uncle was caught. Your second aunt has been sent to a mental rehabilitation center." Grandpa coughed twice, with guilt in his eyes.

"Hu Yi, her body was found, and it was indeed in Sun Ming's coffin. Her body showed no signs of decay, as if it was someone who had just died. Aunt Wen'er gave her salvation and was finally cremated. Hu Yi's With tears in his eyes, his parents took Hu Yi’s ashes away." Grandpa said with a solemn expression.

My father and mother were talking to the side, but I didn't listen at all. I kept thinking in my mind: Why did the silver bell fall off but I was not possessed by a ghost? In the end, the female ghost let me go. Was it really because of what I said?

I kept this matter in my heart. It wasn't until my grandma passed away that I learned from my mother that she was a Feng Shui master. When I was just over 100 days old, my grandma gave me a jade pendant, saying it could help me turn bad luck into good luck and exorcise evil spirits.

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