Murder In The School Toilet

Recently, some blood was found in the toilet of the first grade of junior high school, and many people saw it. Some students were surprised, while others were as if nothing had happened. We who are "gossips" naturally launched an investigation because of the three words "curiosity".

Not long after our investigation, we had to interview the senior brother for "gossip". Because of this, we knew that there were many bloody incidents in the toilet in the first grade of junior high school:

Story one:

On a stormy morning, although it was raining heavily, he still had to go to school. At 8 o'clock in the morning, the sky was already dark, and it was even darker in the toilet. A classmate in the first grade of junior high school went into the toilet. Suddenly, he saw a school The worker said with a blank expression: "I am very unhappy to stay in this world. There is a big kitchen knife here. Let's die together!" After hearing this, the classmate ran away immediately, but it was a pity that the school worker randomly used the kitchen knife Swinging, chopped the student alive into pieces. Following the janitor cut his pulse and committed suicide, blood was sprayed everywhere, and then he died. After such a long time, people still can’t find the bodies of the janitor and classmates… …

The school just said perfunctorily: "Student xxx changed schools, and the janitor also resigned." But if you pay attention carefully, you should be able to find the bloodstains left at that time. If you are unlucky, you will see the ghost of that classmate… .

And some students have actually seen brown blood in the toilet——

Story two:

It is said that there is a ghost story about the school on a winter morning. A classmate returned to school very early. I went to a toilet cubicle at the end of the toilet. Suddenly, the classmate felt someone tap his shoulder. He hurried to see what happened. But he couldn't see anyone.

Looking back, I found a reflection in the toilet bowl. It was a girl with long hair, her face was bloody and bloody. The classmate looked behind again, but no one could be seen, and there was still that horrible reflection in the toilet bowl. He immediately ran out and told the teacher, but no one would believe him…

Therefore, everyone must not use the toilet at the end of the toilet, otherwise terrorist incidents may occur…

The above are the two stories about the toilet, and the blood stains seen this time are probably the work of innocent souls, or… I think no one in this school, or even in the whole world, knows what happened.

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