True Ghost Stories: A Midnight Outing Read Online

"I said, you are a big man, how can you be so timid? When you were a freshman, you didn't see anyone dead here. You were so scared that you dropped out of school. Why are there so many things? The strange thing is that on Qingming Festival, Liang Ku just fell asleep. Hearing a noise from the senior's side, I thought he was going to the toilet, so he shouted: "Don't scream so scary this time!" "No one agreed. Liang Ku opened his eyes and found that no one was on the senior's bed. Early the next morning, Liang Ku woke up and saw his senior sitting on the bed reading a book. He lay on the bed and asked: " What were you doing last night? … Continue readingTrue Ghost Stories: A Midnight Outing Read Online