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"Wow, this is amazing!"

"Let me taste something."

"can not eat……"

Before I finished speaking, my greedy brother had already stuffed the small piece on my hand into his mouth. I quickly asked him to spit it out, but his throat moved, and then he said aggrievedly: "Slide to the stomach." Gone in."

I was lucky enough to think that this thing probably wouldn't be poisonous. I covered the box and stuffed it back. Just as we were about to leave, there was a strange sound outside…a woman was singing!

2. The song of murder

The "singing" was very strange, mixed with the faint sound of children crying, the noise of carriages and horses, and even the roar of artillery fire, as if everything in the world was included in it.

The sound was suddenly near and far away, left and right, as vague as fog and as weird as a dream. Full of depression, pain, sadness, fear… As I listened, I actually had the idea of ​​crying.

"Brother, I'm so sad and want to cry!"

"Weisheng, cover your ears. Let's go find dad."

Covering your ears has no effect at all, the sound seems to penetrate everything! We ran back to find our father, but he was missing!

Half-eaten pancakes and kettles were thrown on the ground, but my father was missing. We covered our ears and rushed out. In the dense forest around us, a large number of birds were frightened and flew away. They fled in panic in mid-air, collided with each other, and finally fell down. It seemed as if all the creatures here were disturbed by this demonic sound.

"Brother, dad is over there!" The younger brother pointed in one direction.

When I looked, my father was standing there motionless, with his back to us. When I was about to call him, suddenly, he raised something to his neck. It was the sickle used to cut the weeds when we came.

Realizing something was wrong, I stopped and shouted, "Dad, no!"

But it was too late, my father seemed unable to hear our shouts. The sharp sickle made a deep gash in his carotid artery, and the blood spurted out was bright red under the sun. This scene is burned into my memory forever.

"Ah!" The younger brother covered his ears and knelt down in the grass, shouting at the top of his lungs.

Although I was scared and panicked at the time, the fear that something might happen to my brother gave me the last bit of courage. I quickly hugged him, pressed him to the ground, rolled up hay and stuffed it into his and my ears as hard as I could.

We huddled in the weird singing that filled the valley. We were so horrified that it might only have been five minutes, but to me it felt like a century.

The next day, we returned to the village in ragged clothes and covered with injuries. My brother immediately fell into a high fever and fell into a coma. The villagers went out to find my father's body and called the police.

When I talk about the murderous songs in the Monkey Temple, the eyes of the listeners flash with suspicion or sympathy. Then, it was a nightmare that I will never forget…

3. Solving puzzles

I never expected that I would meet my benefactor Liu Jiang in the city where I was a graduate student. He enthusiastically invited me to his home for dinner, and we talked about the past eleven years ago.

At that time, no one believed what I said. The police believed that I had schizophrenia and killed my father. It was Liu Jiang, the captain of the technical squadron, who found evidence to prove that the murderer was not me. To him it was just work, to me it was salvation.

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When he was half drunk, Uncle Liu said: "I saw you were just a kid with a runny nose at that time, but now you are a graduate student. I heard that it was a distant uncle of yours who later adopted you two brothers."

"It's not us brothers, it's me!"

"Your brother…" Uncle Liu's hand holding the wine glass stopped in mid-air.

"He died of a strange illness. I was involved in the case at that time, and the villagers buried him."

This is what I later heard from people in the village. My brother had been suffering from severe fever and was unconscious since he came back. He was only eight years old at the time, so he was excluded as a suspect.

He also kept talking nonsense, could not die or wake up, and the doctors could not take a good look at him. Then some strange symptoms appeared…he grew a sixth finger!

Unlike the common six fingers, his sixth finger is formed by dividing the middle finger into two halves. After another half month, the crack extended from the fingers all the way down. His palm split into two halves, and new fingers appeared on the split section.

In other words, two hands appeared on his wrist!

A month later, the crack continued to spread downward, all the way to the elbow, and the entire forearm split into two… It is absolutely unimaginable for people who have not seen it.

At the same time, his fever became more and more severe, and this bizarre incident finally ended with his death.

After listening to my words, Uncle Liu fell into silence, but Liu Xiaoling, who had been silent next to him, who was Uncle Liu's daughter, suddenly clasped her hands in excitement and said, "Wow, this is amazing."

"Cough!" Uncle Liu coughed, probably because he was afraid of hurting me. "Eleven years have passed." I said lightly.

We chatted about other things for a while, and I could tell that Uncle Liu and Liu Xiaoling had always been worried about what I said. This was probably related to their careers.

I heard that Liu Xiaoling is studying in the police academy and is planning to go to the technical squadron to take over from her father.

"Xiao Xu, how about we go for a field trip?" Uncle Liu suddenly asked.

"I'll go too, I'll go too!" Liu Xiaoling said impatiently.

"Go away, it's none of your business."

And I also wanted to solve this mystery that had troubled me for eleven years, so I agreed.

4. Black Sunday

After driving for two days, I returned to my hometown where I had been away for a long time. I was accompanied by Uncle Liu, who took annual leave, and Liu Xiaoling.

"Actually, I am studying brain science, and I also want to figure this out. Uncle Liu, have you heard of "Black Sunday"?"

I continued: "It is said that in Hungary, 157 people committed suicide because of this song. Some people call it 'death music' or 'the devil's invitation'. Some studies say that the reason why this song has such an effect is Because of the dissonance scale."

"What is that?" Liu Xiaoling asked.

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"There is a certain range of sounds that human ears can hear. Sounds below this range are called infrasound waves, and sounds above this range are ultrasonic waves. There are a lot of infrasound waves in this song that people can't hear. The ears can't hear it, but the body It can be heard, and the internal organs will resonate with it, releasing depressive adenoids, which will eventually affect this place!" I pointed to my head, "When I heard that strange sound, I felt that every blood vessel in my body was vibrating. , I think the reason is the same.

"The reason why monkeys didn't eat our food is probably because they can sense the smell of death – isn't there such news? A cat 'predicted' the death of more than a hundred people because it could smell death. the taste of."

After hearing this, Uncle Liu looked at me deeply and continued walking forward without speaking.

There had just been a heavy rain in the woods and the ground was very slippery. Uncle Liu and his daughter each carried a large bag filled with barometers, geological picks, ropes, eagle-eye flashlights, GPS, geological surveying instruments…

In fact, the journey is only about half a day. (Haunted House: Please keep reprinting!)

Uncle Liu asked me: "Are there any villagers coming from this mountain?"

"No one ever comes. Strange things often happen on the mountain, and our ancestors have passed down rules that don't allow villagers to go up the mountain."

"What about before?"

"There were bandits here before liberation." I shrugged. I heard this from others.

Liu Xiaoling patted me on the shoulder: "Have you ever hated the people in your village when something like that happened?"

This girl really spoke openly, but after eleven years, I am no longer so sensitive, so I smiled and said: "When the whole world thinks you are a liar, I really don't know who to hate first…" No one was wrong, they just didn’t see it.”

"I believe you!" Uncle Liu said, smiling gently at me just like he did back then.

5. So that’s it

After a half-day trip, we have reached the valley in the mountains. Standing on the edge and looking forward, we can clearly see the Monkey Temple. The difference from eleven years ago is that now there are monkeys running in and out.

"Be careful, those things are not easy to mess with." Uncle Liu reminded, Liu Xiaoling had slipped down from the edge of the valley, and suddenly she screamed.

"Xiaoling, what's wrong? Is your foot twisted?"

"Dad, there are dead bones down there!"

Uncle Liu and I looked at each other and slid down. Liu Xiaoling pointed to the lower end of the slope: "Look!"

I looked there and saw that there was indeed a skeleton embedded in the soil slope, and the clothes on it had rotted away. Uncle Liu put on rubber gloves, dug out the skull, and held it in his hand for inspection. There was an irregular hole on the skull -: "He committed suicide by swallowing a gun."

"Swallowing a gun?" I was stunned for a moment, "Hey, was he a bandit during his lifetime!"

The soil on this slope was very weak, and large areas peeled off after a few gentle chisels. Soon, an exaggerated relief of death appeared in front of us. There were more than twenty corpses embedded in the dirt slope, and each of them committed suicide by swallowing a gun!

Uncle Liu also found guns, including several cavalry rifles and pistols, the barrels of which had been blocked by soil. One gun appears to work, as the skull's mouth protects the muzzle.

"Dad, please save it for self-defense first."

A dead bird_What are the taboos when a dead bird is buried_What are the signs of a dead bird on the balcony

"Yeah, that's fine… When the matter is over, we'll come over and look for him. We'll destroy all the usable guns, otherwise it will be very dangerous to live among the people."

It turns out that the bandits who left in legend died together and committed suicide here together at some point! Of course, there is only one truth, and that is that they heard the murderous song!

As for why the body was embedded in the soil slope, the soil slope was probably formed by the soil washed down from the mountain by heavy rains year after year.

Uncle Liu put the shelling gun in his belt, and we walked along the edge of the valley, collecting soil samples as we walked. When we came here, we had a common idea, iron oxide.

This ingredient is used in video tapes. When an electric current is passed through it, its magnetism is activated and the surrounding images are recorded. When activated again by electricity, these images are released. There used to be an official wall in the Forbidden City, and the reflections of palace maids and eunuchs appeared during thunderstorms. This incident was regarded as a haunting incident, but it was actually caused by iron oxide.

"It's strange, there was still a signal just now." Liu Xiaoling took out the GPS and mobile phone again. I also looked at my mobile phone, and the signal was completely gone. I looked around the valley and wondered whether the electromagnetic waves from the outside world could be shielded here.

Uncle Liu put on a pair of sunglasses and looked at the sun, muttering: "It can't be sunspots."


"This year is an active year for sunspots, didn't you know?" Liu Xiaoling said.

"Sunspots? Eleven years?" I murmured, and some details were slowly pieced together in my mind. When they heard my soliloquy, they seemed to have thought of something. Uncle Liu said: "Xiaoling, go there Dig on the side slope and take a look."

We ran to the nearest soil slope, and the three of us took out geological picks and dug on it. After working for a while, Uncle Liu suddenly shouted: "That's it!"

He held a blue square crystal block, and I asked puzzledly: "What is this?"


"Dad, is it an ore radio? Oh, this is the mystery of the murderous song. We have solved it! Long live!"

The father and daughter's thoughts were spinning so fast that I couldn't keep up, so I asked, "What's going on?"

Liu Xiaoling put her hands on her hips and said, "You're so stupid! The active cycle of sunspots is 11.2 years. When sunspots erupt, they will emit a large amount of electromagnetic waves, and the bottom of this valley is entirely galena, and it has such a bowl-shaped structure. These crystals will resonate with electromagnetic waves and convert the electromagnetic waves into sound, just like an old-fashioned mineral radio, so the murder song is produced."

"That's it!" I suddenly realized. "Because it is not a man-made sound, there are many infrasound waves, which have exceeded the limit that humans can accept… and even the limit that animals can accept."

Liu Xiaoling snapped her fingers: "Yes! This is the reason for the murderous song."

Uncle Liu looked at the monkey temple in the distance: "Maybe the ancients who built this temple discovered this strange thing and gave the villagers an ancestral precept not to go up the mountain. Also, didn't you say that every eleven years a group of monkeys come down the mountain? They In fact, I did not go down the mountain to eat, but went down the mountain to take refuge…"

All the clues came together at this moment, a complete and perfect puzzle, and the puzzle that had troubled me for eleven years was solved.

"Dad, look over there!" Liu Xiaoling pointed to the Monkey Temple, where a group of monkeys were fleeing.

"No, the murderous song is about to start!"

6. The undead brother

"Hide in the temple! The noise is the quietest there." I said.

The three of us hurriedly ran to the temple, which was still in the same dilapidated state. As soon as our front feet entered, the valley began to echo with the desolate woman's voice, which seemed to penetrate everything and made my body resonate with it.

"Dad, I feel so uncomfortable and want to cry!"

Uncle Liu suddenly took out two pairs of handcuffs and cuffed his left and right hands together with ours. He said, "Let's find a corner to hide first and wait until the sound ends."

We huddled in a corner, covering our ears desperately, and there was a large scream of startled birds outside. Depressed, painful, and terrifying emotions surged within me, and I tried desperately to suppress it by thinking of all the good things in life. Next to her, Liu Xiaoling was shaking violently. She bit her lip to suppress her emotions, with tears streaming down her face.

At this time, a person suddenly walked out of the side hall, and I was stunned. The person who came was a man who was naked, covered in mud, and with disheveled hair… No, it was hard to tell that it was a man. He had two legs, but two bodies, four hands, and two heads!

This weird conjoined man stood in front of me. His body that was separated from the waist grew one after another. The head in the back had its eyes closed, but the face in front was familiar to me.

"Weisheng!" I shouted excitedly, but my voice was drowned by the murderous song.

His numb eyes turned a blind eye to me, and he quickly pulled out the shell gun behind Uncle Liu. Before the three of us could react, he had already pointed the gun at his temple and pulled the trigger.

The huge gunshot echoed in the Monkey Temple. My poor brother fell to the ground, bleeding from his head… My brother, my only relative, died in front of me again!

Sadness came from it, and the pain that had been suppressed for many years burst out from the bottom of my heart. I spit out a mouthful of blood. The look on his face before committing suicide. It was the same as my father's expression when he died, as indifferent as if he had wandered away from the world. Death seemed to be just completing a necessary ritual.

When the weird singing stopped, I rushed over and shouted crazily: "Weisheng! Weisheng!"

"Calm down, I'll untie this first!" Uncle Liu said^ "Xiaoling, don't move! I dropped the key."

Uncle Liu's hands were groping on the ground, and then something incredible happened. My brother, who was obviously dead again, stood up, still holding the shell gun in his hand.

The front half of his body seemed to be dead, and it was the back half that drove the whole body to stand up. On the face that looked exactly like my brother's, the closed eyes suddenly opened, revealing a cold and indifferent expression.

"Weisheng?" I asked tentatively.

That seemed to be his answer as he silently raised his gun and pointed it at me.

"Bang!" When the gun rang out, Uncle Liu suddenly knocked me aside. At the same time, Liu Xiaoling suddenly kicked his knee. He fell to the ground and dropped the gun. Uncle Liu took this opportunity to kick the gun away.

At this time, the weird man got up and climbed into the side hall on his hands and feet.

"Quick, give me the key!"

I found the key and handed it to Uncle Liu. After unlocking the handcuffs, he picked up the gun and prepared to rush in.

"Dad, be careful!"

"Shh! Give me the flashlight."

We followed Uncle Liu and slowly moved into the side hall. We looked around with the flashlight's aperture, but we didn't see that thing. I didn't understand what happened for a while, so I could only try to guess: My brother is not actually dead. He has been hiding in the Monkey Temple all these years. The terrifying split has turned him into a human being and a ghost. …Then, he heard the murderous song and committed suicide, and the split man also woke up after his brain died.

The question is, what on earth is this.

"Up above!" Liu Xiaoling said suddenly.

My eyes followed the aperture of the flashlight, and behind a faceless statue, the weird twins were peeping at us. Uncle Liu reacted quickly and fired, hitting the statue, and he immediately disappeared behind.

"Xiao Xu, let me tell you, this thing is no longer your brother."

"I know!"

Uncle Liu shined his flashlight behind the statue, and suddenly some dust fell on our heads from above. When we raised our eyes, we saw that the weird thing was hanging on the top of the side hall like a gecko, moving rapidly outward.


When we chased him out, the thing was limping away. Uncle Liu aimed his gun at his back. A "bang" echoed in the valley, and the thing fell in the grass.

7. The beginning after the end

We turned over his body, and Uncle Liu peeled off his eyelids. This thing's pupils were vertical and elongated, and it didn't look like a human being at all. And his teeth are very sharp.

"Gene mutation?" Liu Xiaoling said.

"I don't know. But Xiao Xu, the thing you described reminds me of the 'like flesh' in the Classic of Mountains and Seas." Uncle Liu said, "Cut a piece and grow a piece. In reality, it is called 'Routine Ganoderma', also called 'Tai Sui'." ."

"However, I checked the information and found that it looks different from Tai Sui." I said.

"Well! Let's go look for it later. Seeing is believing." Uncle Liu looked around, "The magnetic field here is very strange. Maybe it is another kind of creature."

"I want to bury my brother." Even if he turned into a monster, he was my only relative. I went to hug the corpse, and then his eyes with long vertical pupils suddenly opened and he rushed towards me quickly. Uncle Liu shot him with quick eyes and quick hands, hitting him right between the eyebrows. He would never wake up again…

After burying my brother, we went back to look for the copper box. The strange piece of meat was gone, and there was only water left in the box… Did the thing decompose on its own?

After going down the mountain, I learned that the villagers were afraid that my brother would bring bad luck, so they told the outside world that he had died of illness and threw him into the mountain. Unexpectedly, my brother miraculously survived.

As for the origin of the Monkey Temple, how the strange piece of meat appeared, there are many, many questions that we still haven't figured out, and we can't figure it out…

A month later, Liu Xiaoling sent me a report online. Some foreign scientists aimed a laser beam containing salamander genetic information at frog eggs, and later the frog eggs turned into salamanders. DNA is essentially a long string of information codes. Biological mutations do not even require direct contact. The medium that transmits information can do it. She guessed that maybe the ancients sealed a piece of Tai Sui in a box and put it there. Under the influence of the strange magnetic field of the Monkey Temple, the piece of Tai Sui mutated.

I sent Liu Xiaoling a thank you emoticon and closed the chat window.

There was something I hid from Uncle Liu and Liu Xiaoling. When the weirdo woke up, he bit me on the shoulder. I looked at my middle finger that had split into two and fell into deep thought.

It seems that the real nightmare has just begun!


The story is full of suspense and horror elements and revolves around the strange customs and a series of unexplainable events in a mountain village. Xu Jingsheng’s experience is both sympathetic and fascinating. The scientific explanation in the story provides a reasonable background for the supernatural phenomena, making the whole story both mysterious and scientifically credible. The characters of Liu Jiang and Liu Xiaoling add a sense of justice and hope to the story. They help Xu Jingsheng find the truth and show the brilliance of human nature. Overall, this is a thought-provoking story that provides new insights into the power of the unknown and the power of science.

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