I'll Be With You All The Way In Mandarin.

Exercise changes life

My long-time girlfriend Bi Yan broke up with me because I was too fat. I made up my mind to lose weight and finally endured hunger until midnight. I sneaked into the kitchen very spinelessly and was caught by my roommate eating his beef jerky. I was almost crippled. I cried and went back to the bedroom and just lay down when my stomach growled unsatisfactorily. My roommate just said harsh words. If I dare to go out to steal food, he will break my thick legs. I had no choice but to sneak out of the window quietly so I wouldn't be discovered.

I never expected that I, who was always in good shape, would get stuck on the window and couldn't get out or come back. I tried my best to tighten my belly and lift my hips, but I still couldn't move. At this moment, I felt how aggrieved the monkey felt when he was trapped under the Wuzhi Mountain.

I twisted my body hard, trying to break free from the shackles of the iron window, and accidentally tore the string of the sachet around my neck. This thing was given to me as a birthday gift by Mr. Wang next door when I was three years old. I've been wearing it around my neck for the past twenty years, and I haven't even taken it off to take a shower. How could I survive the long and malicious summer without this anti-mosquito weapon?

I changed 72 postures while reaching for the sachet. Although the changes in each posture were not big, they were all challenging the stretching limit of a fat man. Just when my index finger was about to touch the sachet string, a wild cat with black background and white flowers ran out from nowhere, picked up my sachet without hesitation, and disappeared into the dark night with the little steps of a winner.

I don't blame this wild cat at all for "coming here after smelling the scent". Maybe it was the dead rat meat in the sachet that attracted it so much.

However, I really can't accept the unknown objects that appear after it. This is a transparent humanoid creature with its own "holy light" special effects. It is somewhat similar to the foreign angel in the TV series, but not exactly the same.

Although I have read many books since I was a child, I still cannot figure out the origin of this translucent creature. Considering that we may not speak the same language, I can only rely on the most primitive biological instincts to communicate with it, and I don’t know if it can understand sign language. It turns out that this thing is indeed extremely smart. It pulled me out of the window with lightning speed. When I fell to the ground, the sore pain kept me from getting up for a long time.

Five minutes later, I straightened my hair and got up from the ground. The strange creature was gone. This little episode didn't affect my mood for eating kebabs. After a meal of haese, I went home burping. Before I even reached the door of my house, I heard someone calling my name from behind. This familiar sissy didn't need to look back to know that it was Xia Liu who stole my girlfriend.

As hard as I tried to pick up the pace, my bulbous body just couldn't go fast.

Xia Liu caught up with me in a few steps and bombarded my ears with a speaking speed of 250 words per minute. He said that he and Bi Yan were singing at a KTV to celebrate their birthday, which offended an unknown gang, who forced Bi Yan to dance for them. When Bi Yan refused, they imprisoned Bi Yan in a private room and refused to let her leave. Bi Yan asked Xia Liu to come to me, hoping that I could come forward to help them solve their trouble.

You talk so literary and artistic, why don't you ask me to come over and be a meat bomb?

No matter what, Bi Yan is my ex-girlfriend. She asked for help, so I must help her. Anyway, I have been practicing martial arts since I was a child. Although I am now fat, I am softer and more resistant to beatings than Xia Liu.

I thought Xia Liu would go with me to rescue people, but I didn't expect this bastard to slip away with oil on his feet under the pretext that he had to report to the internship unit tomorrow. If Bi Yan knew that she had fallen in love with such a coward who ran away from battle, she would definitely return to my warm embrace again. Thinking like this, I quickly took a taxi to the KTV room where the accident occurred to rescue people.

Accidentally behind bars

When the hero saves the beauty, if it is done well, it will punish the evil and promote the good; if it is done wrong, it will just shoot the enemy in the foot.

Fooling ghosts in Mandarin_.Part 1. Fooling ghosts all day long_Fooling ghosts in a group audio novel

Five minutes ago, I rushed to this KTV private room in a hurry. I mustered up all my strength to kick open the private room door, but I didn't see Bi Yan. As soon as the strong men in the private room saw me appearing, they immediately surrounded me like flies. I was confused at that time. I looked so kind, but they could actually do it.

The bad guys yelled for a long time in a dialect that I couldn't understand, and I shook my head desperately to show that I didn't understand. They discussed for a while and finally found a man who could speak Mandarin to translate for me. The "translator" guy probably wasn't used to his role as a translator yet, so he blushed and said to me, "Hand over the things."

I quickly explained that I had gone to the wrong private room and that it was all a misunderstanding. The other party didn't talk nonsense, stretched out his hand and handed the phone to me. I stared at the fat white man on the screen. I looked quite thin from this angle. This is a premeditated frame-up, and it is impossible for me to escape unscathed now. If my guess is correct, nothing happened to Bi Yan at all, and Xia Liu deliberately tricked me here just to make me his scapegoat, so the "thing" must be in his hands.

It's a pity that these people didn't listen to my explanation at all, and the clues I provided were completely ignored by them. Not long after, the bad guys forced me into a van, took me to a remote place and locked me up. They didn't give me anything to eat except cold water. I don’t know how long it took, but I felt like I was going to starve to death.

In the evening, they took me out again and asked me the same questions. My answer failed to satisfy them, and they threw me into the dark room again. I was dying of hunger and even started hallucinating. I clearly saw a light and shadow figure coming through the wall. It patted my shoulder, touched my head, and finally hugged me. Although I didn't feel anything, I was still shocked by the scene in front of me: it actually took advantage of me!

Watching it float in mid-air for a while, then leave through the wall again. A moment later, there were screams outside the house. The closed door suddenly opened a gap, and the light and shadow waved to me frequently.

I leaned against the door and peeked out secretly. There was no one outside, and the flowers and trees looked normal. This was a good time to escape. But I'm still a little worried. If I take this step, I will most likely become the same kind as "Light and Shadow". I don't want to set foot in the alien space yet.

"You idiot, are you going to run away?" Guangying stood at the door with his hands on his waist, changing from a literary and fresh person to a poor loser in an instant. The originally faint figure suddenly became physical, and I could actually see its facial features clearly. This guy was still a woman. Unexpectedly, my admirers have crossed the "racial" boundary. I am really a popular fat guy.

It's called the Teleporter Ghost

After escaping from the small dark room, I did not go home immediately or call the police. Instead, I immediately went to settle the score with Xia Liu. If this guy hadn't lied to me, I wouldn't have been detained for several days for no reason. Of course, part of this is curiosity, and I also want to know what the "thing" the bad guys are talking about is.

Xia Liu and I are classmates, so it’s not difficult to know where he lives. After asking for Xia Liu's address from a friend, I took a taxi to the downstairs of his house. Before I entered the community, I saw two familiar faces flashing past my eyes.

Xia Liu and Bi Yan dragged their suitcases into the taxi and left in the dust. I quickly stopped a taxi and followed closely behind. I tried to call Bi Yan, but the voice prompt said her phone was turned off.

I was anxious and angry, and kept urging the driver to follow them quickly. The taxi that Xia Liu and Bi Yan took stopped in front of a hotel. They got out of the car and walked into the hotel. I wanted to follow, but was blocked by an invisible barrier. I groped for a long time and couldn't find a breakthrough. The female figure appeared in front of me again and said in a stern voice: "Are you looking for death?"

Faced with such an enthusiastic creature of unknown origin, I really wanted to call the police.

The ghost is there_The ghost is the ghost in Mandarin

The female light and shadow saw that I was resistant to it, and quickly introduced myself: its name is Ma Ni, from a special working group, it has been living in legends, its nickname is "Teleporter Ghost", and it is responsible for finding some new ones that are suitable for their living environment. Members join.

I heard over and over again that Marnie's job was to kill me and take me there.

I remember that I could always see these things before I was three years old. Later, I got rid of their troubles after wearing Lao Wang’s sachet next door. Now that the sachet is lost, they came out to "tease" me again. It's been three years since Lao Wang next door died, and I think it's impossible to get the same anti-evil sachet again. It seems that my roommate has a friend named Shen Jingbin who specializes in dealing with this problem. I can go to him for help. Right now, I'd better escape from it as soon as possible.

"Isn't it natural for me to go and settle accounts with them?" I said confidently.

"If these two people don't send you into the hands of those bad people, I will call you daddy." Marnie said, "They are not good people at all, what is there to say?"

I don't want to argue with the alien, and I don't agree with what it says from the bottom of my heart.

Ma Ni said that Xia Liu accidentally came into contact with a huge sum of money when he was an intern in a company. He was greedy and teamed up with Bi Yan to embezzle the money. He was worried that the other party would not let them go, so he designed to defraud me. Become a scapegoat in the bureau. If I show up and pester them while they are flying away, I will definitely fall into the trap again. In order to prevent me from getting into trouble again, Marnie had no choice but to use the method of "beating the wall" to stop me.

I looked helplessly at the hotel where Bi Yan and Xia Liu were staying, and returned home unwillingly. I had to find help!

delaying strategy

On the way home, I suddenly changed my mind and took a detour to visit my roommate’s friend Shin Kyung-bin. This guy opened an agency on the corner, specializing in supernatural events. I went to him for two reasons: one was to ask for his help in finding the sachet; the other was to get rid of the female ghost next to me who was drooling over me.

After explaining his intention, Shen Jingbin fell into deep thought. I thought he was helping me think of a solution, so I sat quietly and waited for news. After about half an hour, I had to wake him up from his snoring. He wiped the saliva from the corner of his mouth and called to order three portions of noodles, but he never mentioned the two things I asked for. His non-accepting and non-rejecting attitude annoyed me so much that I planned to finish eating the noodles and leave.

Five minutes later, the noodles were delivered, and a tall and thin man came in together with the delivery boy. Not long ago, I met him once in the apartment. This handsome man was Shin Kyung-bin's partner Gong Jiu.

Shen Jingbin finished the noodles at a speed that I couldn't bear to watch, and briefly talked about me in front of Gong Jiu.

Gong Jiu thought for a while and said: "You can discuss with Ma Ni and sign a post-mortem authorization with it. You will die sooner or later anyway, and it is just a short period of time for it."

The ghost is the ghost in the Chinese language_The ghost is the ghost all day long audio novel_.Part 1. The ghost is the ghost all day long

Shen Jingbin quickly explained, saying that human time is very fast for ghosts. Anyway, I will not live long if I lose the sachet, so it is better to let Ma Ni wait for a while.

Having said that, I was still a little unhappy hearing this from both of them. I remember when I was three years old, Mr. Wang from next door said this when he gave the sachet to my parents. Once the sachet is lost, my life will be short. If I hadn't said this first, I wouldn't have been called a "stinky fat guy" by people around me because I wore a sachet of dried dead rat meat for so many years. I was so angry that I gritted my teeth. The tacit understanding and venomous tongue between these two people was really outrageous.

"Do you think our proposal is feasible?" Gong Jiu looked in the direction where I was and said, "If not, you can put it forward and we can continue to negotiate with him."

Only then did I realize that the person Gong Jiu was talking to was not me, but Ma Ni behind me.

I glanced at Ma Ni who was eating fried noodles with great disgust. After all, she was a ghost with a job and status. This eating scene really brought shame to their working group.

"For the sake of fried noodles, I agree." Marnie pointed at my nose and said, "Anyway, if you die as soon as possible, don't make it difficult for me. I have been named the worst employee for three consecutive weeks. If this continues You will definitely be punished."

Under Shen Jingbin's planning, we signed a contract stating that the right to dispose of my soul would be handed over to it after my death. The process is very simple, that is, I put some blood on the talisman paper, Gong Jiu burns it in a ceremony, I kowtow three times, and then the work is done.

Regarding the issue of finding the sachet, Gong Jiu and Shen Jingbin refused. They said that it was my destiny that the cat suddenly appeared and took away my sachet. It was impossible to find the sachet again. However, they could try to make me a new sachet instead of the original limited edition one. Although the formula may be different, try to maintain the original taste and efficacy. Also, the price is very reasonable and well within what I can afford.

Under their MLM-style offensive, I gave in again. After leaving each other's phone numbers, I was forced to take Marnie back home.

Caught again

On the way home, Marnie ignored me. I tried to talk to him but he ignored me. After my repeated questioning, it finally revealed its true feelings: it said that it regretted it, and that if I died and became a fool , it would be severely punished.

I kindly persuaded it that in the worst case, I would raise it. As soon as the words came out of my mouth, Ma Ni immediately pointed at my nose and yelled, saying that I had insulted her ghost character. She, a self-reliant female ghost who can harm others entirely by her own strength, must not be kept by stupid humans. If it just said this, I wouldn't be angry. Unexpectedly, it started to attack me personally while talking, saying that I was a heartless, ball-shaped wild animal who had been deceived by Bi Yan and counted money for her. I reasoned with it, saying that Bi Yan only went astray temporarily and did wrong things because she was blinded by Xia Liu. She was not such a bad person in the first place. Ma Ni subjectively believes that Bi Yan is the kind of "scheming girl" who is popular nowadays with duplicity and duplicity. I don't agree with her view. Judging from her behavior during the time when Bi Yan and I were dating, she was just a pure and innocent person. White lotus girl.

Therefore, I made a temporary decision to sneak into the hotel secretly and go to Bi Yan alone to find out.

When Bi Yan saw me appearing, she immediately burst into tears and was choked with sobs, unable to speak a complete sentence. Before we could get to the point, Xia Liu suddenly appeared. Judging from his panicked expression, he is the real conspirator, and I have to rescue Bi Yan from him.

The ghost is the ghost is the group and the ghost is the audio novel_.The ghost is the ghost the ghost all day long_The ghost is the ghost in the Chinese language

Xia Liu and I fought hard and rolled together without distinguishing between friend and foe. While we were having a good fight, we suddenly realized that something was wrong. We were surrounded! I don't know when so many people gathered around me, led by the nonsense "translator" from before. Looking at Bi Yan again, he had long disappeared.

I was caught again. Ghost novel book.guiguaiwu.com

This time, Xia Liu was arrested together with me. We were imprisoned in a small dark room together and were forced to become "brothers in distress." Being imprisoned again, I am more or less used to it. Watching Xia Liu jump up and down to find a way out, I lowered my head sadly. Even a fool can see that this time it was Bi Yanbao's letter, and she had tricked both of us. Marnie was right, she was a bad woman.

"Marnie, why didn't you just remind me that the bad guy was coming?" I said dissatisfied, "You really want me to die early."

There was silence all around, Ma Ni was not here, I felt a little lost, even the female ghost had left me.

Xia Liu came over and asked me who I was talking to, but I ignored him. He then started to ramble, saying that he had believed Bi Yan's lies, which had harmed me and not only harmed himself. It's okay now, Bi Yan took the money and ran away, and we two are the scapegoats here.

I was trapped in my own sadness and couldn't extricate myself. If I had known I would be arrested again, I should have gone to a restaurant to have a good meal first.

About Marnie

Xia Liu jumped up and down like a flea, making a fuss for a long time, and then started to bother me again, trying to cooperate with me to escape, and even shared his perfect escape plan with me. According to his plan, I would pretend to be dead while he went to the door to call for help. When the people outside came in, he would knock them out and then we could escape.

I seriously suspect that he has watched too many TV series. If escaping were so simple, how could there be so many unjust ghosts in the underworld? An unreliable pig-like teammate will definitely make me die faster, more miserably, and more directly. It's better for me to just stay here and enjoy my last quiet time.

Thief Xia Liu had been deceiving me for a long time, and I slowly and obsessively believed his lies. He said that he was from the judo club, and he would have no problem taking down one or two guards. As long as there were no more than three people coming in from outside, he could take them down. But when the actual situation happened, he only had the strength to deal with one guard. If I hadn't defeated the other two bad guys overwhelmingly with my weight advantage, we definitely wouldn't have been able to escape.

This time, I no longer dare to go home easily. It is better to go hide with Shen Jingbin and Gong Jiu. Xia Liu pitifully begged me to take him with me, and he also described himself as extremely pitiful. I felt weak and took him with me to join Shen Jingbin.

Unexpectedly, they met Shen Jingbin and Gong Jiu on the road. Shen Jingbin said that Ma Ni went to them for help, and then he knew that something had happened to me. On the way back, I heard about Ma Ni’s pitiful life experience from Shen Jingbin.

Half a year ago, Marnie took a taxi to the suburbs. On the way, the driver ignored the navigation reminder and deliberately took a detour and drove the car to a remote place. Ma Ni knew that something was wrong, so she jumped out of the car, fell seriously injured and died. Hearing this, I couldn't help but sigh for Marnie's unfortunate life experience.

The ghost is the ghost in the Chinese language_The ghost is the ghost all day long audio novel_.Part 1. The ghost is the ghost all day long

But Shen Jingbin then added: I later learned that the road ahead was under construction and the driver had to take a detour. Marnie misunderstood the driver and died tragically.

I couldn't figure out why Shen Jingbin told me this, which made me want to laugh but had to hold it back, almost causing internal injuries.

Gong Jiu summarized on the side, saying that Ma Ni is a kind-hearted poor ghost and it will not harm me. Although its work itself is harmful to people, it is not a ghost that harms people. What he said made me confused. I only regret that my primary school Chinese teacher died early, and I still can’t understand the profound Chinese language well.

Unknown identity

The only way to completely solve this troublesome matter now is to find Bi Yan, get the money and return it to its original owner. Otherwise, they will never let me, this little salted fish, go. With Xia Liu's help, we traveled to seven or eight places and finally successfully found Bi Yan's hiding place. However, it was too late. The bad guys found Bi Yan before us. By the time we arrived, Bi Yan had already been brutally murdered.

Ma Ni proposed to enter Bi Yan's body and find the location of the money based on the memory clues left before her death. Gong Jiu disagreed. He believed that doing so would hurt Ma Ni too much and might cause her to become disabled. Ma Ni, who wanted to help us, forced her way into Bi Yan's body regardless of Gong Jiu's objections.

As soon as Bi Yan, who had "resurrected from the dead", opened her eyes, she couldn't wait to talk about her "adulterated affair" with the "translator" from the bad gang, and how the "translator" used her to launder money.

Now, everything can be sorted out. We are all pawns in the "translation" game. Once Bi Yan dies, no one will know the truth anymore, and all the bad guys' attention will be on me and Xia Liu, two people who don't know anything about it. "Translation" can just sit back and enjoy the profits and pocket the money.

"Leave this matter to me." Xia Liu suddenly said, "No one will trouble you again."

I looked at him in surprise. It's not a good time to brag, right?

"I am an 'agent' assigned by the boss. The boss asked me to investigate the 'translator' you are talking about. Now I finally caught him embezzling public funds." Xia Liu said, "Now I can go back and deliver my work."

OMG! Xia Liu, who has always been considered the "unlucky guy", turned out to be the NPC in this battle. I'm afraid even the "translator" would not have expected that this minor character would have such an identity!

Excluding the possibility that Xia Liu suddenly lost his mind and went mad, maybe he is really what he said, a "mysterious NPC" in the gang of bad guys. None of this is important to me. What is important is that no one will bother me anymore, and I can sit at home and eat in peace.

Ma Ni excessively consumed her energy in Bi Yan's dead body, and was completely collapsed when she came out again. I asked it why it had to sacrifice itself to help me, and it said it didn't want to continue working in that "department", but it couldn't leave. Only in this way can it escape from that harmful "department" forever and move towards an unknown new world.

When Marnie left, I was so sad that I couldn't control myself. If I had known it was leaving, I should have given it a few more bowls of noodles.

In life, we often encounter these unexpected episodes. In the face of those enthusiastic "helps", while I accept them gratefully, I don't want to chase after them to get to the bottom of things. This is good for everyone.

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