The Third Part Of The Green Skull Shroud: The Remnant Eye

As night fell, in the main hall of Hengshan Sutra Pavilion, Zen Master Gukong sat on a futon, and Youliang knelt beside him, listening to the old monk's teachings.

"Youliang, you have to remember that the 'Dream Secret Art' is actually a side sect martial arts that uses true energy. Once the old yin energy stored in a person's Dantian is used up, this art will be considered useless. Because of the yang energy There are many techniques to practice and increase, but Yin Qi is extremely difficult. It is the same as the saying that 'the person dies when his essence is exhausted'. Therefore, do not waste Yin Qi when performing this technique, and only use it when life and death are at stake."

"Yes, Master." Youliang is not worried about this. Anyway, he has a channel to replenish his yin energy, but this matter must not be revealed.

"Do you have feelings for Erya between men and women?"

Youliang was silent when he heard this. Yes, he couldn't tell what kind of feelings he had for her. Which one was more real, the little girl who was inexperienced in the world before or the little nightmare under the moonlight in the ghost city of Youdu? Youliang, Youliang, what's wrong with you? Have you forgotten Nizi in just a few months…

"Go and practice." Zen Master Gu Kong said and closed his eyes to meditate. This child has not yet finished his mortal life. It is really hard to predict whether he will be a disaster or a blessing.

Youliang walked out of the hall, the waning moon was like a hook, and there were only a few stars. Since he practiced the "Dream Secret Art", he has made rapid progress, mainly because of the continuous supply of old yin energy in his body, which is unmatched by anyone else.

There were many fluorescent lights flying above the spiritual field, and traces of spiritual energy were also escaping from the ground. He walked over and sat cross-legged to feel that his perineal point on the seabed was sucking the underground spiritual energy. What exactly is a "thousand-year-old corpse"? By making it so mysterious, Zen Master Gukong meant that it was not necessarily a human body, could it be a demon?

The sound of "pop", even though it was very slight, still caught Mei Niang's attention, "Meow." It called softly.

Youliang heard the sound of a pebble falling beside him. He turned around and found a familiar black figure waving to him in the "Unobstructed Forest".

He got up and walked over. When he got closer, he saw that the person standing under the tree was Liu Shisan…

"Master?" Youliang asked in surprise.

"Hmph," Liu Shisan grabbed his shoulder and asked who the old ghost Lin was , "You brat really didn't die in the 'Ten Witches of Drums and Drums'. Sister Du mentioned that you went back to the school in the capital. I still don’t quite believe it.”

"Master, how did you come to Hengshan?" Youliang saw tears oozing from the corners of Liu Shisan's shriveled eyes.

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Misty Ghost Forest Music_Who is the old ghost of Misty Ghost Lin_Is the old ghost of Misty Ghost Lin a good person’/>

"I followed you to Mount Hengshan together, and I have been secretly watching you for almost half a month." Liu Shisan explained the whole story in detail.

It turned out that that night when she came out of Fengdu Ghost Town, Sister Du told Liu Shisan about the incident when Youliang came to school alone a few days ago.

"Youliang will definitely rush to Fengdu for Erya. Liu Shisan should stay here and wait for him. Professor Guan will secretly track Lao Bai and Erya. I must return to the capital immediately and report the emergence of the new nightmare to the boss. ." Sister Du divided the work between them and left in a hurry, and then Professor Guan also said goodbye.

Liu Shisan hid outside the gate of Youdu Mountain in the ghost town, waiting for Youliang who didn't know when he would arrive. He couldn't imagine that his little apprentice, who was not very bright, could escape from the trap. He must have gone to the capital to find someone. The master is here, and he is still kind and righteous. While I was thinking about it, for about half an hour, I saw Xue Daochan, wearing a straight navy blue tunic suit, jumping out of the mountain wall with Youliang and Mei Niang, so he followed quietly all the way to Hengshan.

Because he couldn't figure out the situation, he never showed up. He just observed secretly and found that the old monk Youliang was teaching martial arts at Zangjing Pavilion, so he didn't bother him. Now it seemed that Youliang had learned Kung Fu, so he came out to meet him. of.

"How did you get out of the mural?" he asked.

Youliang repeated what he said to Xue Daochan. Liu Shisan was silent after listening to it. After a while, he asked, "What kind of weird kung fu did the old monk teach you?"

"The magical power of wet dreams." Youliang told him.

"Wet dream?" Liu Shisan chuckled.

"Master, Sister Du is actually your boss, what's going on?" Youliang was confused.

"This matter…" Liu Shisan looked embarrassed and hesitated, "It's okay not to say anything."

"Taoist Master Youchen, it's been a long time since we came to Hengshan, and we are finally willing to show up tonight." Suddenly someone outside the forest said, under the moonlight, Xue Daochan was standing with his hands behind his hands, looking at them expressionlessly.

Who is the old ghost of Misty Ghost Lin_Is the old ghost of Misty Ghost Lin a good person_Misty Ghost Forest Music

"Mr. Xue?" Youliang was surprised.

The two of them walked out of the Wuhin Forest and came to them. "My surname is Liu, and he is a good teacher." Liu Shisan introduced himself first.

"Hmph," Xue Daochan said disdainfully, "There is Taoist Master Chen in the Chang Taoist Temple in Qingcheng Mountain. He is the successor of Tianshi Dao's 'Thirteen Needles of the Ghost Gate'. His lay name is Liu Shisan. He came down the mountain to return to secular life many years ago and has not been heard from since. Xue That’s a good point, right?”

Liu Shisan was an old man in the world, and he knew that since someone could reveal all his past, it would be useless to quibble and deny at this moment, so he answered frankly: "I admire you, what Mr. Xue said is right, I am indeed dusty. At that time, I just returned to secular life because I couldn't get used to the poor life in Qingcheng Mountain."

"Really, you took away the secret skill of 'Thirteen Needles of the Ghost Gate'." Xue Daochan said hehey.

"When I travel around the world, I must have a skill to make a living."

"The 'forbidden needles' of the past dynasties are not just as simple as 'making a living'? Artificially cutting off the cause and effect of three lives and disrupting the cycle of reincarnation is really a disaster for the world." Xue Daochan said in a stern tone.

"It seems that Mr. Xue wants to do justice for heaven and kill me?" Liu Shisan said, secretly on guard in his heart.

Xue Daochan chuckled and said: "Xue originally planned this, but now things have changed. On the Naihe Bridge, you also saw a young nightmare appearing on the side of the demon road. When she matures, she will definitely It will bring about a catastrophe, Mr. Liu and your boss, Sister Huang Moyu Corpse Du, should have no objection to this, right?"

"What exactly do you want to do?" Liu Shisan asked cautiously. He felt that Mr. Xue was definitely not a good person.

"Of course it's to steal the 'biting needle'. Xue has always been worried that Youliang Jianghu has too little experience to take on this important task independently. This time, if Mr. Liu is secretly helping, it will be twice the result with half the effort."

"You want Youliang to go find Erya to steal the needle? No wonder you want to teach him martial arts." Liu Shisan suddenly realized at this moment.

Is the old ghost of the misty ghost forest a good person? Who is the old ghost of the misty ghost forest?

"Master Liu," Xue Daochan wanted to take advantage of him, and even the tone of his address changed, "You look like you are blind, how can you still see things as normal? Could it be that your 'Third Eye' has been opened?"

"Even so." Liu Shisan was vague and did not comment. He was unwilling to reveal his original 'dark eye' stunt.

Xue Daochan nodded and didn't ask any more questions. Most people in the world have some secrets, and it's hard for others to find out.

"Master, what is a 'jade corpse'?" Youliang asked in surprise.

Liu Shisan's expression was a little unnatural, and he explained: "'Jade Corpse' and Professor Guan's 'Fighting Corpse' are both one of the eighteen folk corpse transformations."

"Master, are you also a 'zombie'?"

Liu Shisan shook his head and said, "I'm not."

"Then why are you together with those corpses?" Youliang was still a little confused.

Xue Daochan laughed at the side and said: "Master Liu is probably trapped by love, right? If you want to know who Old Ghost Lin is , then the 'Jade Corpse' is greedy."

Liu Shisan looked embarrassed and quickly changed the topic: "I wonder which path Mr. Xue is on?"

Xue Daochan said seriously: "Xue has already 'jumped out of the Three Realms and is not in the Five Elements'. He just hopes that the two realms of monsters and corpses can coexist peacefully and live in peace and contentment. That's all."

Liu Shisan nodded. It seemed that the old monk on Mount Heng and Mr. Xue in front of him were not enemies. Since they offered to cooperate, of course he would be happy to do so.

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"I am willing to steal the 'Bite-eating Needle' with Youliang." He expressed his stance, thinking to himself that after getting the Bite-Biting Needle, hey, it's not up to him to have the final say.

"Okay, then we are comrades in the same trench," Xue Daochan said happily, "Do you have any news about Erya?"

"Professor Guan is tracking them and should be able to find their whereabouts." Liu Shisan replied.

"Okay, as soon as there is definite news, you two will set off immediately. I will arrange a place for you first." He is definitely a slippery man. You can't just rely on the master and the apprentice to steal the needle. You have to keep an eye on it secretly and take action secretly at the critical moment. In short, the needle must not fall into the hands of others.

Coming out of the unobstructed forest, Youliang and Liu Shisan came to the "Spiritual Field".

"It's strange, there are so many fireflies gathered here, but they can't be driven away." Liu Shisan said with surprise.

"Sometimes there are phosphorus fires on the ground." Youliang deliberately guided him to look at the ground.

"There's nothing." Liu Shisan glanced twice and replied.

At this moment, Youliang could clearly see the traces of aura on the surface, but Liu Shisan couldn't see it at all. Could it be that his ability to see with the dark eye surpassed that of his master? Thinking of Sister Du's sallow complexion and the red light all over Xue Daochan's body, could it be that the inhalation of the cold air from the "Yin-eating Needle" raised the vaginal eyes to a higher level, allowing them to see spiritual energy and demons?

Since Master Liu Shisan can't see it, there is no need to tell him.

"According to the old Zen Master Gukong, the reason why these fireflies are flying on the spiritual field is because there is a thousand-year-old corpse buried underground, and it may not be a human corpse." Youliangxiang Master Liu Shisan's experience in the world may be able to Guess what's under the ground.

"Oh, is there such a thing?" Liu Shisan was very interested when he heard this. He stared hard at the ground with his dark eyes, but he didn't see any clues.

I remember that when Liu Shisan had just destroyed his left eye, he was extremely resentful and wanted to take revenge after recovering his "bardo corpse-sucking ability", but now this hostility has gradually dissipated. On the one hand, I saw him worrying about his own safety and his eyes filled with tears when they reunited. At the same time, I also felt that it was quite good to have a dark eye, which could see demons and corpses. And now that he had been promoted to the demon level, he was completely After surpassing the master, a sense of superiority emerged in my heart.

Life is often like this, it will change with the passage of time and circumstances.

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