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Open the door to do business, visitors of all kinds. But have you ever done business with ghosts? sometimes. Maybe they didn't want to scare people, but they just had that unfulfilled long-cherished wish in their hearts…

Years ago. I was bored at work, so I bought a store and opened a fashion clothing store. On the second day after the sale of the store, my sister brought her two-year-old girl and child and said she wanted to take a look.

After opening the door, Tongtong suddenly stopped leaving and dragged her mother to go out. My sister picked her up and told me that the store was okay and quite big, and asked me how much the rent was, and we chatted. But Tongtong was dishonest in her elder sister's hands, she kept struggling to get down, she was not very good at talking, she just called: "Mom, go, get out."

My sister coaxed her and said, "Be good, Tongtong, and I'll leave after a while." Near the end of the walk, Tongtong suddenly started crying, and while crying, she pulled her sister and shouted to leave. My sister got impatient and said what happened to the child today. We went out and chatted at the door, but Tongtong stopped making trouble.

Before leaving, my sister suddenly said something strange: "Sister, I heard people say that a house where children come in to play, and if they have fun, it is a lucky house. On the contrary, if children cry as soon as they come in, it is not a good house." If you are willing to stay, that is to say, this house is not very good. Look at our Tongtong's performance. You should think about it."

I didn't pay attention to what my sister said. The clothing store has been renovated, the goods are distributed, and the preliminary work is all completed. I was very happy, but I didn't expect that the strange thing would open at the same time as my shop.

The first is my white porcelain cup. On a gloomy afternoon, I took out the electric kettle to cook. After the water boiled, I turned around, and the cup that was usually placed on the cash register was gone. I opened the drawer and looked for it, but it was still there.

Impossible , the cups are usually placed at the cash register, and there is no place in the store where you can put them. Who would steal an ordinary white porcelain cup? What's more, there have been no guests.

When I walked to the cashier and put the money in the drawer, I saw the white porcelain cup that I had been looking for for a long time. It's on the cash register.

Then I boiled the kettle. While I was doing the accounts, I suddenly saw white water vapor rising from the electric kettle, so I hurried to unplug it. As soon as I touched the plug, the water vapor disappeared. When I opened the lid, the water was cold.

After similar things happened several times, I began to feel that this house was really weird, and I was afraid that I would think too much.

But it was the week that followed that terrified me the most. My memory is very clear. There were a lot of people trying on clothes that week, but there were very few sales. At about 9 o'clock in the evening, a woman in a red trench coat and a white mask walked into the room. This strange outfit made me very uncomfortable. She tried on a white trench coat, but didn't buy it. For several days in a row, when it was time to close every day, she would come in to try on the same dress. On the last day, I finally couldn't bear the annoyance and asked her a question. You have been trying on this dress for a few days, do you want to buy it?

She was obviously taken aback. A little embarrassed, he put down his clothes and left without looking back. I shook my head and closed the shop. But the next morning , when I opened the shop again, I found that the white dress that the woman in red had been trying on for the past few days was gone!

I haven't told my sister about the weird incidents that happened before, and it was what happened later that made me decide to escape from this house.

One day, my sister’s work unit had an emergency meeting, and my brother-in-law was away on a business trip, so he left Tongtong in my store for me to watch for two hours, and left in a hurry.

I am relatively busy, and customers come in from time to time to look at clothes and buy clothes. But it is strange to say that the customers who came looked left and right, but they didn't buy it in the end. I comforted Tongtong and let her play next to the cash register. Finally, when it was empty, I didn't see Tongtong. I panicked and called Tongtong's name loudly. I touched every corner under the cashier and where the clothes were hung, but there was none. I asked the shopkeepers on both sides, and they said they didn't see it.

I was so nervous that I was about to cry, and I called my sister with trembling hands. Before the call got through, I saw Tongtong's small face protruding from the cash register, and said to me softly, "Auntie?"

I walked over and hugged Tongtong tightly in my arms, speechless. Tongtong came out lightly, raised her head and looked at me suspiciously. I wiped a tear. Ask her: "Tongtong, where were you just now? Why didn't you answer me?"

Tongtong opened her eyes wide and said, "Tongtong has been here and hasn't gone away. I didn't hear my aunt call me."

In the evening, my sister came to pick up Tongtong and asked her if she was good, and if it was fun for my aunt?

Tongtong pouted and said, so boring. It was just the same aunt in the red trench coat all afternoon, who came into the store to look at it, but didn't buy it.

My terrified eyes responded to my sister's question, why did Tongtong see the same customer? Could it be that what she saw was not a human being? My body was instantly cold, and when I turned around, the white porcelain cup in my hand disappeared again.

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