Sister In The Middle Of The Night

Oh, I understand, maybe the sister downstairs is waiting for the person in that room. When I reached the 18th floor, I suddenly heard an angry voice: "You bastard, come out quickly. How many times have I told you not to go to the elevator! Could it be that the sister who appeared downstairs in the middle of the night was just waiting for this man? ? That night, there was no light in room 1717 on the far left of the 17th floor, and the sister in the flower skirt downstairs did not show up either. After he parked the car, he hugged the woman intimately and walked into the elevator. Although it was already one o'clock in the night Much more, but I wanted to go downstairs…go downstairs and tell this sister what I saw. … Continue readingSister In The Middle Of The Night

The Old Shameless Fox And The Flamboyant Little Snake

The old Xunhu was startled, and hurriedly restrained his shoulders and said, "Don't talk stupid things." The old shameless fox quickly broke free and said, "No! "The old shameless fox couldn't resist, caught a few and said: "Here, you can try it! "The old humming fox said: "Chezi is a good boy, you should drag your uncle up!" "He beat this old shameless fox into a meat paste!" The third sister said: "It's so big, good mother, I will go to see the house for Shelang, I also love my father, I also love my mother, and I love Huahua's little girl even more." Snake man." The clothes-thumping stick flew into the sky and turned into a little bird again, and shouted happily: "Eldest sister is a cruel gangster, she is an old shameless fox! … Continue readingThe Old Shameless Fox And The Flamboyant Little Snake

The Last Visitor Read Online

On the second day after the sale of the store, my sister brought her two-year-old girl and child and said she wanted to take a look. My sister got impatient and said what happened to the child today. We went out and chatted at the door, but Tongtong stopped making trouble. Finally, when it was empty, I didn't see Tongtong. I panicked and called Tongtong's name loudly. I touched every corner under the cashier and where the clothes were hung, but there was none. I asked the shopkeepers on both sides, and they said they didn't see it. My terrified eyes responded to my sister's question, why did Tongtong see the same customer? … Continue readingThe Last Visitor Read Online