The Story Of The Death Of A Bright Sword Monk And The Transformation Of Two Corpses

The earliest story about "Corpse" that I read was Mr. Wesley's "Corpse", but Mr. Wei likes to blame aliens for everything. Now that I have read the story in the Haunted House novel, I find it more interesting. After all, the human body has endless mysteries. Who knows if any magical changes will occur to the corpse?

The first story: There was a woman named Hu in a village in Shaanxi who married into the Li family as a daughter-in-law. One day the couple had a quarrel, and the woman ran away from home when she got angry and did not come back for several days.

The husband thought she had returned to her parents' home, but when he went to check on her, he found that Hu had not returned. The husband was now anxious and searched all the homes of relatives and friends, but there was no sign of the woman named Hu.

The Hu family saw that their daughter was missing, which was a big deal. The complaint was filed with the county government, saying that the Li family had murdered his daughter. The Yamen arrested the Li family and tortured them, but they were unable to obtain testimony, so they had no choice but to detain the Li family in prison for more than a year.

The death of Monk Liangjian_The original text of Monk Liangjian's death_Did the death of Monk Liangjian happen in reality

Behind the village is close to the mountains, which are inaccessible. Only woodcutters and hunters occasionally enter the mountains.

One day, a woodcutter went into the forest to cut firewood. Suddenly he saw a man hanging from a cypress tree. His eyes were as big as wine glasses. He raised his hands in the air and made a squeaking sound like a bat. The body was swaying on the tree as if on a swing.

The woodcutter was so frightened that he ran down the mountain and told the people in his village about the situation. The villagers gathered together with sticks in hand and mustered up the courage to go forward. Hit from all sides, the hanging man remained motionless for a long time.

Neighbors of the Li family were also there. Although the clothes of the hanging man had become old, they could still be identified as the clothes that the woman surnamed Hu wore when she left home. The neighbor told Hu's parents about this and asked them to identify it. They found out that it was true. The couple lay beside their daughter's body and cried loudly.

Did the death of Monk Liangjian happen in reality_The death of Monk Liangjian original work_The death of Monk Liangjian

The Yamen sent people to inspect and burn the body. The stench spread for several miles, and there were constant hissing sounds. The mystery that lasted for more than a year was finally solved.

The second story: A certain senior man came to Beijing to take the exam before he failed to win the Jinshi. In order to avoid the hustle and bustle, he sought lodging in an ancient temple outside Leguangqumen. Although there are many buildings in the temple, most of them are low and narrow, which is not very suitable for studying and studying. There was only a small attic, which was very elegant, clean and spacious, so I rented it for a temporary stay.

The monk in the temple warned him: "It's okay to live here, but you have to be careful of robbers and it's best not to open the back window." After hearing this, a certain man agreed.

After staying for a few days, the weather got hotter and hotter. A certain man thought to himself: "The ancients thought it was inappropriate to stay indoors in the summer. No ventilation can eliminate the heat. Even if there are robbers, what do I, a poor scholar, have to fear? !" So he unbolted the window and opened the window. Outside he saw green fields stretching as far as the eye could see, and the scenery was very pleasant.

The death of Monk Liangjian happened in reality _The death of Monk Liangjian_The original text of Monk Liangjian's death

Underneath the attic is a cemetery with no less than a hundred ancient tombs, one next to another. There are also more than a dozen new tombs that have not yet been buried. They only use bricks to build a well wall outside the coffin, and they are piled among the weeds.

A certain man said with a smile: "This is just for fun." At night when the moon was in the sky and the breeze brought coolness, a certain man poured wine alone and leaned against the window to look into the distance while drinking. After getting drunk, he sprinkled the wine on the tomb downstairs as a memorial, saying: "If there are people who are sleeping like Liu Ling who are addicted to alcohol, they will definitely enjoy it when they see this wine!"

About the second watch, I suddenly heard a rustling sound coming from the side of a coffin. At first, Mr. X thought it was the sound of wind blowing vegetation. Later, the noise became louder and louder, the cover of the coffin suddenly fell to the ground, and a body crawled out from inside. The whole body is white, and the eyes are green, which shine green under the moonlight, making it more scary than the eyes of the beast.

A certain man was very scared, but he was usually upright and dared to do anything. He thought: "Although it is a ghost, the building is dozens of feet high and it cannot run up. I want to see what it is doing when it comes out?" So I blew out the candle and hid in the darkness to peek.

The death of Monk Liangjian_The original text of Monk Liangjian's death_Did the death of Monk Liangjian happen in reality

After the corpse came out, he kowtowed to the coffin a few times, and the weeds miraculously closed up, leaving no trace of anyone coming or going. The corpse stood frozen for a while, then suddenly opened its eyes wide and flashed its sword. The monk died , and suddenly it went west as fast as the wind. A certain man was astonished and thought it would definitely come back, so he closed half of the window and waited quietly with bated breath.

Near the third watch, the moon began to set, and the body was indeed back. In a blink of an eye, he arrived in front of the coffin and was about to pay his respects to the body. Suddenly, a certain man felt his throat was itchy and couldn't help coughing loudly.

The corpse stood up hastily and stared at the attic window. A man hurriedly closed the window, but unexpectedly the window bolt fell off with too much force and fell downstairs.

The corpse immediately ran over and jumped up. It was only a few feet away from the window. A certain man was very nervous and picked up the candle holder and hit it. The corpse fell down and jumped up again. In a hurry, a certain man picked up a set of books and hit the corpse hard on the head. It fell to the ground and could no longer move.

Did the death of Monk Liangjian happen in reality_The death of Monk Liangjian original work_The death of Monk Liangjian

Then a certain man went downstairs, knocked on the monk's door, and told him what happened. The monk was shocked and said: "I have warned you again and again, but it's not because of my troubles. Why don't you listen? Now you are so frightened for nothing? You just sleep with me tonight and think of a solution tomorrow." After a certain man fell asleep, he was so frightened. Awakened from a dream for the first time.

The next day, the monk summoned a dozen long-term workers and went to the cemetery with weapons. When everyone saw the corpse, they didn't dare to go forward. It took a long time before they had the courage to move closer.

The crowd used tools to push the corpse away, only to see that its whole body was covered with white hairs that were more than an inch long, its mouth was grinning all the way to its cheeks, and its ten fingers were as sharp as eagle talons. The monk said: "No wonder there is no rain in the summer. It turns out that this dizzy demon is doing evil." After reporting to the government for inspection, they piled up firewood and burned the body. It made a chirping sound while burning, and also emitted a strong stench.

Looking at the book that a certain man used to fight ghosts, it turned out to be the second volume of "The Book of Changes". The monk smiled and said: "The weapons used by nerds are also different!"

A certain man soon moved to the capital, and told the story to everyone he met. Later, he passed away when he took the exam and became a monk named Liangjian , and became an official until he became a young master.

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