Folk Ghost Stories Of Yin Yang, Qian Kun Dao

2. Secret strategy to restore the Ming Dynasty

Although Yin Yang Fairy got two gold bars, he couldn't help but feel a little disappointed in his heart. After all, "fish eyes" are rare to see in a century, and two gold bars are nothing compared to them. But lost again, Yin Yang Immortal was lucky enough to find the "fish eye", and his life was already in vain.

But it didn't end there.

A few days after Yin Yangxian came back from Luo's house, he noticed that his eyes began to feel itchy. At first he didn't take it seriously, but then it became more and more serious. His eye sockets became increasingly black and swollen, and his vision became blurry. At this time, Yin Yang Fairy suddenly panicked and hurriedly went out to inquire. He learned that the two brothers of the Luo family had made a sudden fortune just a few days after their father was buried, and their family situation was improving day by day. Yin-Yang Fairy knew that it was too late. Sure enough, within three days, Yin-Yang Fairy's eyes became completely black and he could not see anything – he was blind!

The Yin Yang Fairy got two gold bars, but suddenly became blind. He knew that he had revealed the secret and it was God's punishment for him. If you want to regain sight in your eyes, the only way is to let the Luo family move the grave and move Luo Zhongbao's grave away from the fish eye, breaking the fish eye terrain. But since he is blind, the only way is to use a prosthetic hand to let someone else do it for him.

On this day, Yin Yangxian was wandering in Hangzhou city and bumped into a woman who sold her son to bury her husband. The Yin Yang Fairy had an idea and stepped forward to touch the little baby's head. He felt that the baby's hair was soft and he was not tall. He looked about five or six years old. Yin Yang Immortal immediately took out a one-foot-long gold bar from his arms and bought the little baby. The woman accidentally sold a gold bar and left with a lot of gratitude.

Yin Yang Fairy took the little kid home, named him "Fan", gave her a single name with the word "loyalty", and began to patiently teach the little kid her skills in Feng Shui. Fan Zhong is smart and clever, he can do whatever he learns, and he is very hardworking.

Time flies, and ten years fly by in the blink of an eye. By this time, Fan Zhong had grown into a young man and had mastered the skills of the Yin Yang Immortal. On this day, Yin Yang Immortal called Fan Zhong to him and said, "Disciple, do you know why master bought you back for a gold bar and taught you all his skills?" Fan Zhong shook his head in confusion. shook his head. Yin Yangxian said again: "Master's eyes were not blind at first, but later he became blind. Do you know why?" Fan Zhong shook his head again. The Yin Yang Immortal paused and recounted how the Luo brothers asked him to read Feng Shui ten years ago, how he discovered fish eyes, and how he became blind. After speaking, Yin Yang Fairy said excitedly: "God punished me, but he secretly sent me a message. That is the ten years of blindness. I don't feel its existence all the time. It… it is there I must find it around me…" Before he could finish his words, he choked on his breath and coughed in sadness. Fan Zhong quickly stepped forward to caress his chest and beat his back. The Yin Yang Immortal improved slightly and suddenly grabbed Fan Zhong's wrist and said, "Disciple, master wants to regain his sight. Do you know how to do it?" Fan Zhong nodded vigorously without hesitation.

On this day, a young man of fifteen or sixteen years old came to the village where the Luo family lived. As soon as the young man entered the village, he saw two wealthy families facing each other on the left and right sides of the village. Their houses were pavilions and pavilions, with glazed tiles covering their heads. Each occupied an area of ​​seven or eight acres. The young man made inquiries and learned that the two families were the two brothers of the Luo family. He couldn't help but sigh: Fish Eyes is really well-deserved!

The young man is Fan Zhong. After feeling emotional, he came to visit. At this time, ten years have passed, and the two brothers of the Luo family have passed the middle of the year, and their descendants are full. Fan Zhong came in and said that the Luo family was about to encounter a great disaster. He said that he was the apprentice of the Yin Yang Immortal and was ordered by his master to rescue the Luo family. The Luo family's ten years of prosperity were all thanks to the Yin-Yang Immortal, so they respected the Yin-Yang Immortal very much. He believed what he said and hurriedly asked Fan Zhong to sit on the throne and killed chickens and sheep to entertain him. At the banquet, Fan Zhong said: "It is true that the fish eye is a supreme treasure that can make descendants rich for generations to come. But my master found the fish eye for your family and inadvertently revealed the secret. , causing Master to be punished by God and blinded. Now it’s your Luo family’s turn…"

Before Fan Zhong finished speaking, the two Luo brothers had already turned pale with fear. They knelt on the ground and asked Fan Zhong how they could avoid this disaster. Fan Zhong pondered for a moment and said, "Move the grave!"

Early on the next morning, the two Luo brothers called several young servants to follow Fan Zhong up the mountains. When the men, women, and children in the village heard that the Luo family was moving their graves, they all flocked to the mountains to watch the excitement. Fan Zhong first hastily selected another Feng Shui land, and then asked his servants to start construction.

It was mid-morning at this time, and at first the sun was shining brightly and the sky was cloudless. In an instant, dark clouds gathered, strong winds rose, the sky suddenly turned dark, and it looked like heavy rain was about to pour down. When Fan Zhong saw this, he felt a little panicked. He quickly urged his servants to dig up the grave and pull down the coffin lid.

This was incredible, and everyone's hearts were beating wildly. I saw a person lying in the coffin, with a rosy complexion, eyes closed peacefully, and no trace of clothing or hair fell off. The two brothers of the Luo family exclaimed in unison: "Dad!" Yes, the man lying in the coffin was none other than the late Luo family master Luo Zhongtang. No one believed it, but ten years later, the body of Mr. Luo was still intact. Everyone thought it was a fake corpse and ran away in fright.

At this moment, a puff of green smoke suddenly rose from the coffin, and Luo Zhongtang's body suddenly disappeared, as if it had disappeared into the air. The two brothers of the Luo family were horrified and rushed forward. They saw a pool of clear water in the coffin, slowly waving in the microwave. What’s even more peculiar is that a golden carp swings its tail and swims in the water…

3. Breeding Dragon Heart

After Fan Zhong moved the grave for the Luo family, he hurried back home. As soon as I got home, I saw that Yin Yang Fairy's eyes were clear and he was busy packing several large bags to salute. It was obvious that his eyes had completely recovered. Seeing this, Fan Zhong asked doubtfully: "Master, where are you going?" The Yin Yang Immortal smiled mysteriously and said, "You'll know when you get there!"

The master and apprentice hired a carriage and hurried out of Hangzhou. As soon as you leave Hangzhou, you climb up to the Ningzhen Mountains. The Ningzhen Mountain Range stretches for thousands of miles. The two masters and apprentices traveled for a day and a half in the Ningzhen Mountains and settled in a village at the foot of the mountains. This village has a very peculiar shape. It is surrounded by the Ningzhen Mountains on both sides. The village is narrow and long, winding and winding like a long dragon. At the very end of the village, there is a clear lake. The water of Minghu Lake is clear, invisible deep, and oval in shape, just like an eye.

When they arrived at the village, Yin Yang Immortal stared at Minghu Lake, his mouth wide open, his expression was extremely excited, and he said intermittently: "That's it… that's it…"

Although Fan Zhong didn't understand what the master was talking about, he vaguely guessed something. The master and apprentice settled down in the village, and Yin Yang Fairy wandered around Ming Lake every day. Sometimes he stopped, sometimes he looked up at the sky, and murmured something. Fan Zhong inquired privately with the villagers and learned that the Ming Lake was so deep that it had never dried up for thousands of years, even if there was a severe drought. Because the lake water is clear and sweet, dozens of households in the village draw their drinking water from the lake. The villagers call Ming Lake "Holy Lake" and will never allow anyone to defile it.

In the blink of an eye, the master and apprentice had been in the village for a year. The Yin Yang Immortal became old and weak, and gradually became weaker and weaker, and finally one day he was dying. Late that night, Yin Yang Immortal called Fan Zhong to the bedside and asked, "Disciple, do you know what the most precious place in Feng Shui is?" Fan Zhong said, "Disciple, I heard from Master in the past that there is a kind of fish eye. , a kind called Longyan. Disciple Yuyan has already seen it. It is really a good place that is hard to find in a hundred years." Yin Yang Immortal smiled "hehe" and said: "Actually, you have also seen Longan." Fan Zhong was surprised and asked: "Could it be the Ming Lake in the village?" Yin Yang Fairy nodded and said, "Yes, this Ming Lake is a dragon's eye. In addition, the shape of the water is better, and it is necessary for a person to be buried in it after death." Fan Zhong was also a big man. Yin Yang Qiankun was startled and said: "Jackie Chan?" Yin Yang Xian nodded and said: "Master has worked tirelessly to come here just for this dragon eye." Suddenly he said with sincerity and sincerity: "Disciple, Master can't do it. After Master dies, you must not make any noise. Take off all the clothes from Master, remember to be naked. Then secretly throw me into the clear lake late at night, and finally protect me for ninety-nine and eighty-one days. Remember, don’t mention it to anyone who asks, and don’t let any dirt enter the lake, otherwise all your efforts will be wasted! Remember, remember!”

After Yin Yang Fairy explained, he no longer had any worries, his eyes darkened, and he died. Fan Zhong was in grief, but he did not dare to cry loudly. He took off Yin-Yang Fairy's clothes one by one according to Yin-Yang Fairy's will. When he took off his underwear, his heart suddenly ached. The master worked hard to stretch himself up and teach him all the skills. He couldn't let his master put on no underwear and put himself in the cold lake, right? Just ask Master to put on underwear. At worst, he will just stay with Master for a few more days. Thinking of this, Fan Zhong stopped taking off Yin Yangxian's underwear. At ten o'clock in the night, Fan Zhong estimated that everyone in the village was already asleep, so he quietly came to the Ming Lake with the Yin Yang Immortal on his back, chose a good terrain, and gently threw the Yin Yang Immortal's body into the Ming Lake. Only a muffled sound was heard, and the body of Yin Yang Fairy slowly sank to the bottom of the lake.

The next day, Fan Zhong wandered around the village as if nothing had happened. When the people in the village saw this, they couldn't help but wonder. The master and the apprentice usually went out in pairs and looked at each other. Why was Fan Zhong the only one today? The villagers were curious and asked about it. Fan Zhong said with a "haha" smile: "Master is homesick. He went back to his hometown last night. It will probably take some time before he comes back!" The villagers believed it to be true and asked no more questions.

Time flies, and in the blink of an eye, eighty-one days fly by. Originally, Fan Zhong had completed his mission of guarding here. But he did not forget to put on a pair of underwear for his master, so he patiently decided to stay there for a few more days.

On this day, a young man came to the village. This young man has pretty features and is extremely elegant. Carrying a large book basket, he walked around the village for a few times and went straight to Fan Zhong's residence. Fan Zhong felt that the young disciple's face looked familiar, but he couldn't remember where he had met him before, so he couldn't help but be wary of the young disciple. The young man said that he came here from a trip all the way from other places. Because the scenery in the village was so beautiful, he didn't want to leave and wanted to stay at Fan Zhong's place. Fan Zhong was about to refuse when he suddenly saw the young man taking out a large ingot of silver from the book basket, and he was confused for a moment. After thinking for a moment, Fan Zhong agreed when he saw that the young man looked familiar and did not look like someone with bad intentions.

That night, Fan Zhong made some side dishes and drank with the young disciples. After drinking a bottle of wine, the two began to call each other brothers, and their conversations gradually became speculative. At this time, the young student smiled and took out a large jar of old daughter red from the book basket. The young man said: "A thousand cups of wine is too little to meet a close friend, and half a sentence is too much to talk without speculation." Fan Zhong was very happy and started drinking with the young man. After a while, the jar of wine was empty. This Nuer Hongshao is said to have a history of 17 or 18 years and is extremely powerful. Fan Zhong's face was red and his words were unreasonable.

The young man's face was not drunk at all. At this time, he put his mouth to Fan Zhong's ear and asked softly: "Where is your master?" Fan Zhong blurted out: "Dead." Just after he finished speaking, he felt that I said the wrong thing, so I quickly corrected it: "No… no, I'm going back to my hometown…" The young student took out a large iron box from the book basket and opened it gently. The box was full of golden gold. Fan Zhong's eyes straightened immediately, and he stared at Jin Jin and couldn't move away. Seeing that the time had come, the young man said, "Tell me where your master is buried, and all the gold will be yours!"

Fan Zhong couldn't bear it anymore and said hesitantly: "Just vote in… the Ming… Ming Lake in the village…"

4. Ending

In the early morning of the next day, it was already broad daylight. Fan Zhong opened his eyes drowsily and suddenly heard a lot of people outside and a lot of noise. Feeling bad, he quickly got up and stumbled out the door. When I looked outside, I was immediately dumbfounded. I saw the whole village, old and young, holding buckets and basins and dumping filth into the Ming Lake. The stench above the Ming Lake was overwhelming. And the person who took the lead was the young junior.

Fan Zhong knew that the situation was over, and he gritted his teeth and was about to pounce on the young disciple. Suddenly, he saw a series of big bubbles emerging from the surface of Ming Lake, one after another, as if the entire Ming Lake was boiling. Suddenly I heard a voice in the crowd shouting: "Get up, get up!" I saw a figure emerging from the bottom of the water. The figure gradually emerged from the water, and you could clearly see that the figure had a layer of silvery scales all over its back, abdomen, and legs. Only the lower body had no time to grow due to wearing a pair of underwear. The man's eyes were closed, and he had obviously been dead for a long time.

Fan Zhong shouted "Master", his knees softened and he knelt on the ground. At this time, several young students stepped over, grabbed Fan Zhong by his collar, punched him in the face, and shouted loudly: "Your master wants to become a dragon, don't even think about it!" Fan Zhong burst into tears and asked: "Who are you? Who and why do you want to harm my master?" The young man laughed wildly and said: "I am the eldest grandson of the Luo family. Your master asked you to take my grandfather's grave and break the fish eyes of my family. This caused disharmony in our Luo family. Now our family is ruined. .I’m here specifically for revenge!”

After hearing this, Fan Zhong smiled sadly and said: "It's all retribution!" As soon as he finished speaking, he felt a strange pain in his eyes, and suddenly the ground became dark, and he couldn't see anything – it turned out that his eyes were also blind!

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