The Shroud Part 2: Ghost Pot

The navel is the largest acupuncture point visible to the naked eye in the human body. It is called "Shenque", also known as Qihe point and Mingdi point. Alchemy Taoists around the navel area call it "Dantian".

The Divine Palace is where God has left it, just like the Gate of the Gate, the sea of ​​magical innate yin veins, where the "Eighteen Moves of Zhu You" true energy stolen from Xiaocai Cai is dormant.

Six years ago, although Huang Jianguo had inhaled Zhu Youzhen Qi, the "Demonstration Curse" in the beads of the second Karmapa Karmapa immediately locked his throat and neck, severed his meridians, and even damaged his brain. The Zhuyou relic cannot grow inside, otherwise the relic and the true energy will become one and it will be impossible to retrieve it.

The Zhu You relics in Shen Cai Cai's body erupted with a powerful magnetic field, which reacted with the "Eighteen Zhu You postures" in Huang Jianguo's Yin vein Qi sea. Zhu You's true Qi continuously escaped from the Yin man's navel and entered. In the little talented body…

Elder An'an was stunned. The unexpected turn of events made him dumbfounded. He watched helplessly as the child bit the old beggar's belly and slowly floated up. His little body was still twisting.

Dudu watched coldly from the side, stretched out his paws, and quietly caught the "Heartbroken Poison Mother" Black Egg back from the ground. It liked the way its little master bit the old beggar very much, and thought it looked cool.

"Stop!" Elder An'an finally reacted and knew that something must have gone wrong, so he rushed over, reached out and grabbed the child's legs, preparing to drag him down.

Unexpectedly, Shen Caicai's mouth was so tight that he couldn't pull it off. "Big Bird, what on earth is going on?" Elder An'an asked Dudu hurriedly.

"He's probably… hungry." Dudu replied.

With a "pop", Shen Caicai rolled down from the stone bed and fell firmly to the ground.

Ghost infant_Infant ghost beauty skin bead jade_Infant ghost piece

Elder An Anxi quickly bent down to pick up Cai Cai, and found that the child's teeth were clenched, his eyes were closed, his complexion was suddenly red, then white, then blue, and he was busy taking his pulse, which was loud and powerful, like turbulent waves, one wave after another.

Looking back at the old beggar, he was lying softly on the stone bed, and the mysterious Sanskrit sounds gradually disappeared.

Elder An Anxi laid Shen Caicai down on the stone table and scratched his bare scalp. It was so strange… After thinking about it over and over again, he couldn't figure it out.

At this moment, rapid footsteps came from the dark corridor on the side of the stone hall.

"Master, Taoist Priest…" The man who came in was Elder Peng, with a bald head and soap clothes. He caught a glimpse of Shen Caihuai on the stone table and the "divine bird" Dudu Ghost Baby standing beside him, and said in surprise, "Hey , why is this child here?"

"Oh, what's wrong with him, Mr. Dao?" Elder An'an asked directly before he could explain.

"Taoist Master… has a difficult delivery." Elder Peng said in frustration.

Upon hearing this, Taoist An'an became anxious and said, "Let's go and take a look." After saying that, he stood up and was about to leave with Elder Peng. He turned back and looked at Shen Caicai, who was still unconscious on the stone table. He couldn't bear to leave him alone, so He picked up the child with both hands and strode towards the depths of the corridor.

Dudu quickly flapped his wings and flew up, landing on Shen Caicai. He quietly stuffed the black balls into his pocket and checked, and found that the big python tooth was still there.

Infant ghost piece_Ghost infant_Infant ghost beauty skin bead jade

After passing through countless dark passages and caves, we finally emerged from the underground palace of the seven-story brick pagoda of Shoes Mountain and arrived at the main hall of Putuo Temple. It was already dusk outside the hall, the sky was covered with clouds, and the water of Poyang Lake was dark. Yes, the rain is coming.

The Taoist priest was lying on the haystack, his legs were arched, his pants were down to his knees, and he was moaning in pain.

"What's going on?" Elder An'i glanced at the two guardians and Elder Peng sternly, "Didn't you say it would take a few days for the spiritual fetus to come to the world?"

"Master, it's probably premature birth." The guardian who made a loud sound speculated.

Elder Peng looked down at the Taoist priest with cold sweat on his forehead, and said analytically: "Master, Brother Ling and Sister Ling just coincided with each other last night. They were supposed to give birth in two or three days. Unexpectedly, Taoist Master Jia's Xuanqi Kung Fu It's so strong, the spiritual fetus develops very quickly, and in just one day, I can already feel the fetal movement."

At this moment, there was a sudden dazzling white light, and a bolt of lightning tore the sky apart, followed by a "click" of thunder in the ears, and a series of rumbles echoed on Poyang Lake.

"Ouch…" As the thunder sounded, Daozhang Jia's stomach suddenly swelled, and he moaned continuously.

"Well, I understand. Tan Qiao of the Southern Tang Dynasty in the Five Dynasties explained in "Book of Changes" that 'Maple and willow trees will develop galls over time and turn into feathered people, also known as maple and willow ghosts. The two ghosts will conjure and give birth to a spiritual fetus. He grows up when he hears thunder and lightning, and shrinks when he meets others. 'Master Jia was supposed to give birth a few days later, but he gave birth prematurely due to thunder and lightning.' Elder An'an suddenly realized.

"Old monk, poor… poor Taoist man. Now he has suffered such a serious crime. Don't forget the… agreement beforehand. Otherwise, poor Taoist would rather be stillborn than give birth to him!" Daoist Master Jia He said painfully.

Infant ghost piece_Infant ghost beauty skin bead jade_Ghost infant

Elder An Anxi nodded and comforted: "Taoist Master, please rest assured, I will never break my promise."

Dudu turned his head strangely, looked at the Taoist Priest's buttocks, and muttered softly: "Where did it come from? Did it come out?"

"Taoist Priest, we have prepared hot water and scissors," Elder Peng said in confusion, "But Big Bird is right, where does the spiritual fetus come from?"

"The poor Taoist…has his own way." Daochang Jia gasped.

"Rumble…" A series of muffled thunders streaked across the sky.

"Ouch… No, I'm going to give birth…" Daoist Master Jia groaned, but then he gritted his teeth, his face turned red from holding it in, and he said word by word, "No, old monk, you put the things first Give it to me, otherwise I would rather die than live."

"Hey, Taoist Master, why bother? I am not a person who breaks his word. Well, I will give it to you…" Elder An'an said with a sigh.

Daozhang Jia stared at Elder An Anxi closely. The two guardians held wet towels and gently wiped the sweat on his forehead, abdomen and around his anus.

At this moment, Shen Caicai woke up faintly and opened his eyes.

Ghost infant_Infant ghost piece_Infant ghost beauty skin Pearls and Jade

Shen Caicai stared blankly into the sky, his eyes looking unusually deep. The "Eighteen Zhu You" infuriating energy that was taken away six years ago returned to his body and gradually merged with the Zhu You relics inside his head. , he didn't know this himself, but he felt full of energy and strength. In addition, deep inside the body, the ghost baby 's wildness was unconsciously recovering… He stuck out his little tongue, licked his lips, and then got up.

"It's not right for you to deliver babies this way. You need to cut off all the hair on the doctor's buttocks first…" Shen Caicai walked forward unsteadily and said. He had seen how Hansheng's father handled difficult births in Nanshan Rural Hospital since he was a child. pregnant woman.

"No need to shave…" The Taoist priest waved his hand despite the pain.

The two guardians ignored the Taoist Priest's objections. One of them held down his body, while the other held scissors and "clicked" all the hair from the Taoist Priest's crotch.

"Okay," Shen Caicai nodded with satisfaction, and then ordered, "Bring hot water and clean the mother's buttocks."

"Old monk! Give the things to Pindao quickly." Daochang Jia shouted angrily.

Elder An Anxi leaned down, took off the gray-white bone bottle from his neck, and held it solemnly in his hand. The bone bottle was more than twice the size of Elder Peng's, and the color was much cleaner. Likewise, Yes, the bone bottle is also engraved with a "卍" symbol.

"Taoist Master Jia, I keep my word. I will leave Bon's 'soul-returning water' to you, but I hope you can use it to do good deeds and never harm others." Elder An'an warned.

"Don't worry, old monk, I am taking it to do a great good deed." Daoist Master Jia took the bone vase, held it in his hand, and then said loudly, "You all go outside the main hall. Pindao has to give birth on his own."

Infant Ghost Beauty Skin Pearl and Jade_Infant Ghost Film_Ghost Infant

The two guardians put down the hot water basin and scissors, looked at each other, and looked at Elder An An.

"Okay, I know that Master Jia has great magical power, so we are waiting outside the hall, waiting for the birth of the spiritual fetus." After saying that, Elder An'an waved his hand and left the hall with Elder Peng and the two guardians, and came to the temple. outside the door.

The sky was dark at the moment, with thunder and lightning and heavy rain.

Daoist Jia looked at Shen Caicai and Dudu Guiying , stretched out his hand to touch his bare crotch, smiled bitterly, and said: "Oh, I didn't expect that giving birth to a spiritual fetus would suffer like this. Otherwise, it would have been a long time ago." Find another way…you two should go out too."

At this moment, Shen Caicai suddenly felt a sense of chivalry and the sense of helping people in danger and helping the world. He shook his head resolutely and said without explanation: "Grandpa Taoist Master, you are a blind pregnant woman. It is inconvenient to give birth to a child alone. Why? Let me deliver the baby."

Taoist Jia thought to himself that he was just an ignorant country boy, so he simply let him go. Then he said, "Okay, you guys just get out of the way. The poor Taoist is about to get lucky."

Shen Caicai rolled up his sleeves and held the scissors in his hand. His eyes fell on the Taoist priest's dark buttocks, but he was confused for a moment. Where is the birth canal? Where is the birth canal?

"There is no birth…birth canal, it may be caused by vaginal discharge." Dudu blinked and analyzed.

Daoist Master Jia ignored their nonsense. He placed his two palms beside his left and right hips, palms facing upward, and slowly raised them to his chest and crossed them. He stacked his right hand on top of his left hand, and then took a long breath… …

Among Taoist Master Jia Shiming's Quanzhen Xuanqi Kung Fu is a technique called "Nine Dantian Styles". At this moment, his true energy is running through the Ren Meridian. The Ren Meridian is one of the eight extraordinary meridians, starting from the perineum and going up. The deep part of the hairline, along the inside of the abdomen, through the Guanyuan point, to the throat and under the chin, along the face and deep into the eyes, is the "sea of ​​yin meridians" of the human body, where all the yin meridians of the whole body meet. Century Chinese He first hugged the Dantian, then turned, shook, manipulated, struck, folded, rubbed, and lifted the Dantian. His whole body was filled with true energy, and even the hay leaves beside him were blown up by the cold wind and rotated in mid-air.

Shen Caicai took two steps back and stared at the Taoist priest's bulging abdomen. The originally small belly button gradually swelled and turned pink inside. For a moment, a small meat hole appeared in the middle of the round navel, and then the hole became bigger and bigger, and finally it was like the mouth of a bowl, and the inside was pitch black, with no internal organs visible…

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