The Secret Mind Of The Great Demon God Tan (3)


Talking and meeting three times a week made Lu Min and I familiar with each other.

Gradually, I felt that his always gentle eyes had a different kind of emotion when looking at me.

It's normal, no matter what time, men always like beautiful and fragile women.

I deliberately avoided looking at him, and usually just talked about things related to Jiang Lin.

"Actually, Jiang Lin has always had a dream. I don't know if this is the reason why he committed the crime."

"What!" Lu Min was very anxious and picked up the pen, eager to record it. "Please try to be as objective and comprehensive as possible."

"Of course, of course…"

I nodded, my voice bitter: "Although I love Jiang Lin deeply, after all, he brutally killed four lives. As a wife, I also have to bear certain responsibilities."

"Please don't say that."

I nodded: "Thank you for your understanding."

I slowly talked about Jiang Lin's dream.

"You must know about SD dolls, right?"

"I know."

Lu Min answered subconsciously, then scratched his head and smiled sheepishly, "I really don't know this."

I understood that this was a niche hobby after all, so I further explained: "SD is the abbreviation of SuperDollfie, which means a perfect doll. It can be reduced to the size of a real person and can be made very lifelike."

I took Lu Min to the second floor, where there was Jiang Lin's doll room.

Jiang Lin collected a lot of dolls, and he always wanted to make the most exquisite dolls in the world. I originally thought this was a continuation of his career as a plastic surgeon, but after discovering the secret in the basement, I felt that things might not be that simple.

I speculated: "Perhaps the doll he wants to make is not a doll, but a real person."

I looked at Lu Min, wondering if he could understand what I meant.

Lu Min said resolutely: "But a genuine person!"

"After all, those photos are indeed close-ups of the dug-out facial features."

"That's right!" Lu Min was very excited. "The pursuit of perfection to the point of perversion could be Jiang Lin's motive for committing a crime."

Lu Min grabbed my hand excitedly: "This is an important discovery! Do you mind if I write about this discovery?"

I lowered my eyes and my eyes fell on the two clasped hands.

Lu Min's hands were similar to Jiang Lin's, equally broad and warm.

Lu Min noticed my gaze, immediately let go, took a step back, and blushed: "I'm sorry."

I smiled: "It doesn't matter. You can publish it. If it can give some inspiration for crime prevention, it can be considered as my atonement."

Lu Min frowned: "This is none of your business."

But Jiang Lin is my husband, how can this be none of my business?

"Hee hee hee!"

Suddenly there was a mechanical laughter in the room, falling in the empty villa, and every doll's face looked very strange.

Lu Min panicked: "What's the sound?"

"do not be afraid."

I walked to the table and took out a smart speaker, "It's the timer music set by Jiang Lin. He makes dolls in his room at this time every day."

I pressed play and sang along.

"Don't cry, baby, you will become beautiful one day. Baby, smile. Here are your eyes and nose. Don't tell others, our secret."

Introduction: I always thought that my husband was handsome, rich, and gentle, until I discovered a basement when I was cleaning the villa.

As soon as I opened the door, I smelled the smell of formalin.

I turned on the flashlight on my phone, and a pair of human eyes were staring at me!

I screamed and took a step back, as if I hit something.

I turned around slowly, and my husband stood in front of me and asked me with an unpredictable expression, "What are you doing?"

Next to him was a bloody corpse.


My name is Zenga.

Although I have passed my thirties, thanks to many years of affluent and comfortable life, when everyone sees me for the first time, they will think that I am only in my early twenties and praise me for my beauty and temperament. Some even say that my facial features It's so delicate that it looks like it was painted with a ruler.

I know that this all depends on my husband, Jiang Lin.

He is handsome, rich, and gentle. To be honest, I have never seen such a gentle person.

His profession is completely different from mine. He is a well-known plastic surgeon in the city. But when we have free time, we can talk freely while seeking common ground while reserving differences in our respective fields. I feel that if there is such a thing as soul mates, it must be the two of us.

It wasn't until I was cleaning the villa that I discovered a small collection of human body parts, four female skeletons, and a large number of bloody photos. The photos showed close-ups of gouged eyes, noses, and mouths, and one was a complete picture of a quilt. Peeled skin.

Later, my husband Jiang Lin surrendered and confessed to the crime.

This caused a devastating blow to me. I had nightmares every night about Jiang Lin approaching me with a scalpel and a high-speed bone drill.

The handsome face was twisted like a demon.

I never would have imagined that the gentle man who would speak softly to me and hold me in his arms every night would actually be a murderer.

This case caused quite a bit of social panic. In addition to Jiang Lin's confession, although the identity of the body could not be found, the police still closed the case.

On the day the case was concluded, Jiang Lin committed suicide in prison.

He did not provide any motive for the crime, nor did he leave a single word.

Ah, no, I went to visit him before, and through the glass, he told me I love you and asked me to take good care of myself.


After Jiang Lin's death, I didn't go out or socialize for a long time.

Until Lu Min knocked on my door for providing material for the story.

His eyes are very gentle, very similar to Jiang Lin.

So, I accepted his visit.

He sat down embarrassedly and asked to know all the information about Jiang Lin.

I guess he wanted to know if Jiang Lin had a mental illness.

It's a pity that Jiang Lin's parents were loving, he had a happy childhood, his studies were successful, his family was happy, and there were no disharmonious factors.

I shook my head at Lu Min and rejected his idea, and he was not disappointed.

"Then does he have any quirks?"

I thought about it carefully and shook my head: "No, except for a little bit of mysophobia and perfectionism. But you know, every doctor is inevitably like this."

"I know." Lu Min nodded, "Has he ever experienced any emotional harm?"

When asked about this, I couldn't help but feel shy: "To be honest, I was his first love. After dating for half a year, we entered the palace of marriage. We have been in love for many years."

This seemed to be a life as perfect as a template. Lu Min couldn't find a breakthrough, so he had to say: "Can you tell me the story of you and Jiang Lin?"

I closed my eyes , and the passing light seemed like just yesterday. I could still feel the warm sunshine after the rain that day shining on my face, making everything warm and bright.

The first time Jiang Lin appeared in my life was as a hero saving a beauty.

I was in college at that time, and because of our different majors, I didn’t have any interaction with him. Moreover, he is tall, handsome, and has a strong family background, and is the object of admiration of many girls. But I was taciturn, withdrawn, and ostracized. I only knew how to read.

Lu Min looked at me seriously, as if he didn't want to miss the slightest change in my expression: "It's understandable that a beautiful and outstanding lady like you is often jealous of others."

"Thank you for the compliment." I smiled softly and did not refuse Lu Min's praise. Instead, I said with some pride, "To a certain extent, I can be said to be excellent. I have studied two degrees and received the title of Principal for four consecutive years. With the scholarship, I excelled in all the courses, and the department chair once praised me as a genius.”

However, as Lu Min said, I was jealous of many people and therefore suffered bullying. After an award ceremony, the second guy was angry but always fell behind me and looked for opportunities to bully me.

"You must know how scared I, a girl, am when faced with threats from adult men." I pointed to a boy in the photo album for Lu Min, "And he is still so tall."

Lu Min looked at the photo album and couldn't help but agree: "I know."

"But Jiang Lin showed up and beat the boy away. In my heart, Jiang Lin is my hero."

Then Jiang Lin and I got to know each other, got to know each other, fell in love, and got married until…

Recalling this, my emotions began to collapse, and I couldn't help but burst into tears: "I thought life would be peaceful and happy like this, until I discovered those, those things."

I tried desperately to get the words "human body parts" out of my head, but I couldn't.

Under the huge pressure, I cried so hard that I couldn't breathe. I cried so much that I was gagging. I cried until Lu Min couldn't help but stepped forward and patted my back.

Lu Min has a pair of gentle eyes similar to Jiang Lin. Under the gaze of such eyes, my mood gradually calmed down and I continued to flip through the photos.

"By the way, Teacher Zeng, why are there no photos of you in so many photos?" Lu Min suddenly asked.

This is another painful experience for me.

I said calmly: "There was a time when I had a mental problem that was so serious that I wanted to commit suicide. So I threw away all my things, including photos. You know, if you keep too many old things, the living person will miss the person after seeing them. .”

"I know."

Lu Min's voice was sad, as if he was brought into my emotions.

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