Good Friends Back To Back

Friends don’t need to be together every day. Friends are the ones who make you smile slightly when you think of them occasionally. Friends are people who never look back when you need help. — Tingting’s Quotes

There are two boys in such a small village, one is named Xue Hao and the other is Jiang Chun. Xue Hao has a cheerful and outgoing personality and is very handsome. Jiang Chun is also very handsome and even looks more handsome than Xue Hao, but Jiang Chun's character is introverted and quiet. It's strange that two people with such different personalities can become good friends.

The two of them are neighbors and have been going to and from school together since they were young. Elementary school, junior high school, and high school are all the same. It's strange that both of them have equally good grades. Xue Hao has been liked by many girls since elementary school, and many girls have confessed to him, but he rejected them one by one.

Because he has always liked someone in his heart, and this person is Jiang Chun. Yes, Xue Hao is gay. When he knew that he liked Jiang Chun, he did not dare to tell Jiang Chun because he was afraid that his recklessness would cause him He couldn't even be friends with Jiang Chun. In fact, he didn't know that in Jiang Chun's heart, she was exactly the same as him.

In this way, the two of them went from elementary school to university. It happened that they were admitted to the same university and were arranged in the same dormitory. When they found out, they felt equally happy and they still went together. Classroom, go to the library together, go to the cafeteria together, go back to the dormitory together. At night, they also like to squeeze together on the bed together , chatting back to back.

There will also be many students who say that the two of them have problems, but they have a tacit understanding to laugh it off and not argue with other people. But all of this is The calm was broken by the appearance of a girl. This girl was their classmate and the class beauty. Her name was Yu Ling.

I don’t know when Yu Ling started to get very close to Xue Hao, and Xue Hao didn’t seem to reject Yu Ling. From then on, the activities that were originally two people became three people, which made Jiang Chun feel It felt particularly awkward, as if his territory had been invaded by someone else.

But he knew that he couldn't be selfish, as long as Xue Hao was happy, but he didn't know since when, Xue Hao was always not in the dormitory, and Jiang Chun, who had always been introverted, didn't have many friends, so he became a lonely person. , so Jiang Chun decided to talk to Xue Hao.

Just when the school was on the National Day holiday, Jiang Chun decided to tell Xue Hao clearly when everyone in the dormitory went home, "Xue Hao, are you going out? I have something to talk to you about." When Hao was about to go out, Jiang Chun called him.

"What's the matter? I have an appointment with Yu Ling now, why don't I come back later and talk about it?"

Maybe it was a psychological effect, but Xue Hao's voice sounded so cold to Jiang Chun, "No, I have to talk to you now. Is that Yuling more important than the friendship between the two of us for many years?" Jiang Chun originally thought. He talked about his feelings, but he still held back his words.

"Jiang Chun, I really made an appointment with Yu Ling for something. I didn't ignore you on purpose. Let's talk about it when we come back tonight, okay? I'm almost late." "Xue Hao heard the displeasure in Jiang Chun's tone, but he still wanted to rush out.

"No, you can't go out today." "Jiang Chun suddenly stood up and pulled Xue Hao. While the two were pulling, Jiang Chun accidentally pushed Xue Hao, and Xue Hao hit the corner of the table.

Looking at Xue Hao lying in a pool of blood, Jiang Chun did not choose to save him. All he thought about was not to let Xue Hao be snatched away by Yu Ling. Jiang Chun slowly dragged Xue Hao from the pool of blood into the toilet. , then took a fruit knife and cut along the pulse of Xue Hao's hand to drain the blood.

Then he dug a human-like hole in the wall next to his bed, put Xue Hao's body inside with his back to him, and rebuilt the wall with the cement he bought. In this way, whenever I sleep, I feel like sleeping back to back with Xue Hao as before.

And from the moment he sealed Xue Hao into the wall, Xue Hao belonged to him alone, and no one could take it away.

After the National Day holiday, all the people in the dormitory came back, and some people found that Xue Hao was missing. However, Jiang Chun said that Xue Hao was sick because of the National Day holiday, so he took a break from school and went home. No one doubted that Jiang Chun was as usual that day. Same as self-study in the classroom.

"Jiang Chun, have you seen Xue Hao these days? We made an appointment last time on National Day, but he didn't come, and I haven't contacted him since." "Yu Ling walked up to Jiang Chun and asked.

"Xue Hao, he dropped out of school and went home. He is sick." Jiang Chun said indifferently.

"Go home? Why didn't he tell me, and the phone couldn't be reached." ” Yu Ling continued to ask.

"Why didn't he tell you? Why are you asking me? Are you annoyed?" Jiang Chun shouted impatiently.

Yu Ling was yelled at by Jiang Chun and walked away with red eyes. Jiang Chun, on the other hand, continued to read his book and ignored the eyes of the people around him.

After school, Yu Ling stuffed Jiang Chun with a letter. Jiang Chun didn't want to read it at first, but then he thought it might be about Xue Hao, so Jiang Chun opened it and read what the ghost said in the dormitory . After reading the letter Jiang Chun suddenly burst into tears and rushed back to the dormitory.

There was no one in the dormitory at this time. Jiang Chun dug out Xue Hao's body, ignoring the soil and maggots crawling around. He held Xue Hao in his arms and cried bitterly, "You finally know what happened." Passed. &rdquoAt this time Xue Hao appeared in front of Jiang Chun.

"Xue Hao… I'm sorry. I know I wrongly blamed you. Forgive me and come back." "Jiang Chun shouted heartbreakingly.

"I can't go back. Originally, I was going to be reincarnated, but I couldn't worry about you, so I kept guarding you. Now that you know what happened, it's time for me to go. Remember to bury me, don't let me go." If others find out, your future will be ruined. &rdquoXue Hao disappeared after finishing speaking.

"No…don't…don't leave me, Xue Hao." "Jiang Chun hugged Xue Hao's body and kept kissing his forehead, but no matter how he called, Xue Hao never showed up. When the people in the dormitory came back, what they saw was Jiang Chun holding a highly decomposed body. The corpse, bloated and crawling with maggots, was crying.

The people in the dormitory quickly called the police. When the police arrived, they took away the bodies of Jiang Chun and Xue Hao. When they were separated, four or five policemen pulled Xue Hao's body from Jiang Chun's hands. Lee was pulled out, and things soon came to light.

It turned out that Yu Ling liked Jiang Chun instead of Xue Hao. Yu Ling just went to Xue Hao and said that she liked Jiang Chun and wanted Xue Hao to help her pursue Jiang Chun. In order to make Jiang Chun happy, Xue Hao did not want to drag down Jiang Chun because of himself. So although he felt a hundred dissatisfaction in his heart, he still agreed to help Yu Ling.

At first, he just thought that as long as Yu Ling and Jiang Chun had more contact, Jiang Chun would definitely like Yu Ling, but he found that Jiang Chun didn't seem to like Yu Ling. Xue Hao thought it was because of himself, so Xue Hao thought He allowed himself to slowly neglect Jiang Chun, so that over time Jiang Chun would leave him and fall in love with Yu Ling. Although his heart was bleeding, he was willing to sacrifice for the happiness of his beloved.

Jiang Chun was sentenced, but because Jiang Chun had mental problems, he could only be sent to a mental hospital for treatment. In the ward, Jiang Chun leaned his back against the wall every day and silently chanted What, as long as you listen carefully, you will find that he is talking about good friends, back to back. Good friends, back to back…

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