The Old Shameless Fox And The Flamboyant Little Snake

A long time ago, there was a village of Hongze. There is a family in the village, the man was eaten by the old shameless fox, and only the woman lived with four children.

On this day, the sister-in-law carried the youngest child to her natal home and passed Laozi Mountain. The old shameless fox turned into a white-haired old mother, sitting under a tree on the hillside and shouting: "Sister-in-law, it's hot, come and enjoy the shade." "Don't rest, I'm not tired." "Oh, the child is still hot if you are not hot, come and sit for a while!" The sister-in-law took the child under the tree and sat down. "Sister-in-law, how many people are there in the family?" "I'm the only one who takes care of four children." "How many sons and daughters?" "Three women and a man, with a boy in his arms." , Bite the scorpion, broom bumps and broom branches." "Where is the sister-in-law going now?" "Go to her mother's house!" "Where do you live?" "The first house in the south of Hongze Village, there is a A small jujube tree." After asking everything clearly, the old Sister-in-law said, "Sister-in-law, I see that you have a lice on your head, and I will help you get rid of it!" As soon as I hugged her, I drank the brains of my sister-in-law, and also the brains of the child in her arms. They also pulled off the child's fingers and toes, put them on his body, and came to Hongze Village in a whirlwind. The old shameless fox hides behind the door of his house in the castor field, and when it gets dark, he will come to the door and call out: "Latch the door, bite the brocade, broom the broom sticks, open the door for my uncle to sleep!"

As soon as the second sister heard that her uncle was coming, she was very happy and went to open the door. The eldest sister said, don't move, let me ask: "Didn't Mom go to your house? How did you come?" "Ah, I didn't meet you, I probably went astray." The eldest sister locked the small hole in the door and went out. When I looked around, I saw that the mother was tall and tall, and hurriedly said: "You are not my uncle and grandma, and my uncle and grandma are not as tall as you." The old Xunhu was startled, and hurriedly restrained his shoulders and said, "Don't talk stupid things! .” Eldest sister looked through the door again, and it was really not high. The second sister said: "Don't let my uncle get tired of throwing her outside, let her in!" The eldest sister stopped her and said, "Don't move, don't move! Let me touch your face, uncle and grandma." The old Xunhu put his face close to the door opening . Touching the latch, I was startled: "You are not my aunt, my aunt has no pockmarks on her face." "Oh, girl. You don't know, there was no place to sleep for someone at home last night, and the sleeping pads were covered in soybeans. Yes." "Hey, my aunt has a big black mole on her face, why don't you have one?" Old Maohu hurriedly grabbed a big castor bean, bit half of it, put it on his face, and said, "Touch it again. Touch it." The door latch reached out and touched it: "No, my uncle's black mole is on the right, why does your mole grow on the left?" The old Sao Fox quickly pasted the castor bean to the right and said, "I don't know that. Does it grow on the right?"

The second sister bit her tongue and said: "Let me feel it, yo, the black disease really grows on the right side. Eldest sister, you made a mistake. This is my uncle. Open the door and let her in!" The son opened the latch and let the old shameless fox in. The eldest sister was still worried, so she noticed that there was a tail dragging on the old Xunhu's buttocks, and she hurried forward to grab it and said, "Uncle, Uncle, why do you still have a tail!" The old Xunhu hurriedly broke free and said, "No! Yo! It was your uncle who bought a few ounces of hemp and asked me to twist the hemp thread, I was afraid it would dry, so I put it in the crotch clip of the leg.”

After dinner and going to bed, the old fox said: "Which one will sleep with my uncle tonight?" Bitaozi was about to say "I will sleep with my uncle." The door latch touched her and said: "My uncle has an old man's smell on her body. The three sisters sleep at one end." The old Xunhu said: "The three of you sleep at one end!" The eldest sister dared not sleep, and the second and third sisters were too frightened to sleep. The elder sister arrived at the second younger sister, and the second younger sister arrived at the third younger sister, all pretending to be asleep, each of them yelling.

When the old shameless fox heard that they were all asleep, he took out the fingers and toes of the broom branches and started chewing them. When the elder sister heard this, she hurriedly asked: "Auntie, what do you eat? Give me something to eat!" "It's a small golden fruit bought by your uncle. Give it to me to make me cough. What do you children eat it for?"" Uncle, aunt, great aunt, give me some to try!" The old shameless fox couldn't resist, grabbed a few and said, "Here, you guys have a taste!" As soon as the latch was in his hand, he said, "Ah! These are not children's fingers and toes. Is it?" Gently touching the second and third sisters, he whispered: "This is an old shameless fox, not my uncle!" "Then what should I do?" "You all look at me, try to escape!"

The eldest sister door bolt spoke first: "Uncle, uncle, I want to pee." "Pee in front of the bed!" "There is a bed god on the bed!" "Pee behind the door!" "There is a door god!" Go!" "There is a kitchen god in the pot house!" "Pee outside the gate!" The eldest sister went out and thought: Where can I escape? After thinking for a long time, I took a bottle of oil from the pot house and climbed to the jujube tree in front of the door.

Seeing the elder sister leave, the second sister said, "Uncle, uncle, I want to pee!" "Pee in front of the bed!" "There is a bed god on the bed!" "Pee behind the door!" !" "Piss in the pot house!" "There is a kitchen god in the pot house!" Pee outside the door! "The second sister also climbed the jujube tree outside.

The third sister, Broomstick, spoke again: "Uncle, uncle, I want to shit!" "Pull it in front of the bed!" "There is a bed god on the bed!" "Pull it behind the door!" Pull it!" "There is a kitchen god in the pot house!" "Pull it outside the gate!" The third sister also went to the jujube tree, and the three younger sisters discussed how to deal with the old shameful fox.

Besides, the old shameless fox saw that the three girls were gone, and thought to himself, what tricks (gimmicks) are these three ghost girls playing? I'll go out and have a look! As soon as she went out, she heard the three sisters shouting together on the jujube tree: "Uncle, uncle, come up quickly, look at this jujube is delicious! Come up and eat a few!" It turned out that the eldest sister poured a bottle of oil under the tree after the third sister climbed the tree, and the old shameless fox couldn't climb up anyway. The door latch said: "Don't worry, uncle, uncle, there is a basket behind the door, you fasten it to a rope, you sit in the basket, and we will drag you up!"

The old Xunhu really found a basket, fastened the rope, sat in the basket by himself, threw the end of the rope to the tree, and let them pull it up. The eldest sister said: "I'll pull it first!" She pulled it to the middle, then let go of her hand, and it fell down with a slap, and the old shameless fox fell half to death. The second sister said: "This damned elder sister, you want to drop my uncle to death? You let me drag it!" The old cowardly fox said: "Chezi is a good boy, you should drag my uncle up!" The second sister Pulling it to the middle again, he threw his hand away, slapped it, and fell "Wow", the old shameless fox's urine and feces fell out. At this time, I only heard the third sister's broom lump talking: "Eldest sister and second sister are useless, let me pull it." Seeing that the third sister was dragged to the branch of a tree, she withdrew her hand, and the old shameless fox almost fell down. I can't get up. She said harshly: "I'll go up to Ganggangya, and I'll come back to eat your three sisters." After saying that, she limped away.

After the old Xunhu left, the three younger sisters climbed down the jujube tree, remembering that Da Da (that is, father), mother, and little brother had all been eaten by the old Xunhu, and sat on the side of the village road and cried. Once a peddler came and asked, "Why are you three big sisters crying?" It was stuck on the edge of the bed mat so that it could be stabbed to death: "The salesman left, and the three elder sisters sat down and cried again. As soon as a scorpion seller came, he asked, "What are the three big sisters crying for?" Keep it hooked in the fire box plaque!' The scorpion seller left, and the three elder sisters sat down and cried again. A duck egg seller came and asked, "Why are the three elder sisters crying? "Old Xunhu, eat my eldest, eat my mother, and eat my three sisters!" "I'll give you a duck egg, bury it in the fire pit at the bottom of the pot, and save it for frying!" "The duck egg seller left, but the three elder sisters were still crying. A turtle seller came and asked, "Why are the three elder sisters crying?" "Old Xunhu, eat me big, eat my mother Red Cross Xin Zhao died early , and eat my three sisters." "I'll give you an old turtle, put it in the water tank, and keep it to bite!" The old turtle seller left, but the three older sisters were still crying. A watermelon seller came and asked, "Why are the three older sisters crying?" "Old Xunhu, eat my eldest, eat my mother, and eat my three sisters!" "I'll give you a big watermelon, you eat the flesh of the watermelon, put the rind on the threshold, and keep it for sliding!" "The watermelon seller left, but the three elder sisters were still crying. A stone roller seller came and asked, "Why are the three elder sisters crying?" "Old Xunhu, eat my eldest, eat my mother, and eat my three sisters!" ""I'll give you the stone roller, put it on the door, save it and smash it to death!" The stone roller seller left, but the three elder sisters were still crying. A duck seller came and asked, "Why are the three elder sisters crying?" "Old Xunhu, eat my eldest, eat my mother, and eat my three sisters!" "I'll give you a duck and put it behind the door, it will help you." The duck seller left, but the three elder sisters were still crying. A car seller came and asked, "Why are the three elder sisters crying?" "Old Xunhu, eat my eldest, eat my mother, and eat my three sisters!" " "I'll give you a little cart, leaning against the door, it will help you. "

After the small car seller left, it was getting late, and the three elder sisters stopped crying. They went home and followed the instructions, sticking the big quilting needles on the edge of the mat, buckling the scorpions in the fire box plaque, and burying the duck eggs in the pot pond. The old turtle was buckled in the water tank, the watermelon rind was placed on the threshold, the stone roller was hung on the door, the duck was placed behind the door, and the cart leaned against the wall. Everything was in a hurry, and the three sisters hid together at the neighbor's house.

After the third watch, the old shameless fox came and pushed the door, but the latch was not closed. She walked into the room, sat down on the bed, poked a big quilting needle in her buttocks, and it screamed strangely in pain. She hurried to the fire box in the pot house to touch the fire knife and flint to start a fire, and was hooked by the scorpion; When the fire was drawn from the bottom of the pot, the duck egg was fried, which blinded its eyes; it went to the water tank to scoop up water and splashed the fire, but the old turtle bit off its finger, and it ran away in pain. He fell on the threshold, and the stone flow on the door was not crooked. Unexpectedly, it fell and hit it on the head. The stone roller rolled back and forth on the old Xunhu. I just heard the little car shout: "Squeak, squeak, hit two hundred and nine more!" The duck said: "Ba, ba, ba! Hit two hundred and eight again!" Meat paste!

After the old shameless fox died, the gate bolt, the bitch, and the broomstick all worked together to bury her by the side of the dung pile pond. In a few days, three yellow sprouts grew here, and they grew fat and big.

One day, the shopkeeper came again, and when he saw the three yellow sprouts growing watery, he said, "Sister, this vegetable grows so well, why don't you eat it?" "Oh! There are many vegetables in my vegetable garden. Yes, who eats the vegetables that grow by the side of the dung pile pond!" "Sister, if you don't want to eat it, I'll give you some flower needles and flower thread, and give it to me!" The three sisters said together: "Pull it out!" The shopkeeper pulled up three yellow sprouts, put them in the shopkeeper's box, and carried them away.

The peddler took the peddler back home, and as he walked, the end containing three yellow sprouts became heavier and heavier. I only heard someone in the shopkeeper's box saying: "One end is light, and the other end is heavy, you will be crushed to death, old man, and you can't lift it!" The shopkeeper opened the box and saw that the three yellow sprouts inside had turned into three big girls with splashes of water. The salesman said: "What a monster! It's hard to hurt my old man, I must kill you!"

The salesman raised his knife to kill three girls. The eldest sister said: "Don't kill me, I will make you a pair of shoes and socks! I want to kill the second sister!" The second sister also said: "Don't kill me, I will give you a pair of socks!" Make a pair of shoes and make a pair of socks!" The third sister was honest, she kept silent, and the salesman asked, "Third girl, what are you doing for me?" The third sister said, "Let me embroider a pouch for you!" Okay, don’t kill me!” He took the three daughters home and said, “Mother! You miss your daughters every day, so I brought you three at once.” The mother was very happy when she saw her, and the family lived happily.

In addition to selling groceries, the peddler often went up the mountain to collect firewood. One day, the salesman went up the mountain to collect firewood, and the three daughters surrounded him. The eldest sister said: "A thousand firewood, ten thousand firewood, pick a wild flower for me to wear!" Flowers don’t have the fragrance of wild flowers, and wild flowers are worn on the head, and the branches are brilliant!” The second sister also said: “Yu collects firewood, Wan collects firewood, pick a wild flower for me to wear!” “Isn’t it good to wear home flowers?” , wild flowers are worn on the head!" The third sister remained silent, and the salesman asked: "Third girl, how about you?" The third sister said: "I don't like wild flowers, but I like horse celery. Horse cauliflower is popular all generations. I love it and it is not afraid of the sun!" The salesman said; "Good! I will pick a lot of wild flowers today, and I will bring you horse cauliflower!"

The salesman went up the mountain and picked a lot of beautiful wild flowers, but he didn't find horse cauliflower! He looked for me, and saw a family on the hillside. This family had a small garden. There were so many flowers there, red, yellow, blue, white, and purple. He went into the small garden and picked the horse cauliflower that the three daughters liked.

The salesman was picking flowers when he was caught by a hand: "You flower thief, how dare you steal flowers from our Flower Snake Lang's family!" The white-faced scholar said: "Xiao Ma, don't be rude to the elderly!" He walked over and picked a peony flower and a handful of horse cauliflower, handed them to the salesman, and said, "Grandpa, you love this flower. Just pick as much as you can!" The salesman said: "What kind of flowers does my old man love? It is my daughter who wants to wear wild flowers!" "Oh, how many daughters do you have?" "Three." "Are all of them married?" "All No." "Can you marry me?" "Yes! I'll go home and ask, whoever agrees will marry you!"

The salesman has long heard people say that Hua Hua Xiao Snake is a flower snake spirit. He has a good heart and never hurts others. The salesman went home and told his elder sister about it: "Daughter and daughter listen to big talk, comb your hair, put flowers on, and marry the snake man to visit the house!" The eldest sister is unwilling. He said to his second sister again: "Girl and girl listen to big talk, comb your hair, put on flowers, marry Snake Lang and go to the house!" Ken. He then said to the third sister: "Girl, girl, listen to big talk, comb your hair, put flowers on, and marry Shelang to go to see the house." Lord, I also love my mother, and I love Huahua Xiaoshelang even more." The old salesman and his wife were very happy, so they sent the third sister to the Shelang's house.

The third sister and the snake man are two husbands and wives, loving each other. After the full moon, the salesman went to take the three daughters back to his natal home. The family reunion made everyone happy. The old mother asked questions, and the third sister always praised Huahua Xiaoshelang for his good character and good heart. The eldest sister and the second sister were a little regretful when they heard about it.

After half a month, the third sister was going home. The eldest sister said: "Da, Da, you are old, let me take the third sister home." The salesman said: "Okay!" The eldest sister packed up and sent the third sister back to the mountain.

When we walked to the foot of the mountain, there was an octagonal glazed well. The eldest sister said, "Sister, let's take a picture by the well and see who is handsome." In this photo, the eldest sister saw her pockmarked face, it was so ugly, just as ugly as the old shameless fox! Look at the third sister again, the water flowers are white and clean, more beautiful than hibiscus flowers! She rolled her eyeballs, feeling bad, "Third sister, third sister, you wear better clothes than I do. We sisters change clothes, maybe I'm more handsome than you!" Clothes, another photo, still the third sister Jun, the eldest sister pushed her hand, pushed the third sister into the well and drowned.

The eldest sister wore the clothes of the third sister, and went to Huahua Xiaoshelang's house with her burden on her back. When the snake man saw it, he felt suspicious, why did he change after only half a month? The third sister who was white and clean became a fifth wife? "Why didn't the uncle send you off when you came back?" "Elder is sick." "Where are the others?" "Mom serves the eldest, and the eldest and second sister are busy, so I came by myself." "Why do you have pockmarks on your face?" "You guys don't have a bed, you sleep on a bed of soybeans." "How big are your hands?" "You can get money with big hands." "How big are your feet?" ""Big nose smells the fragrance." "How big is the mouth?" "Big mouth eats pigs and sheep." "How big are the eyes?" "Big eyes see all sides." "How big are the ears?" "Big ears listen to all directions." !" Why do you ask, why is she right, Snake Lang has no choice but to admit it. A few days later, Ma Xiao from Huahua Xiaoshelang's family went to drink horses in the Wangtang next to the octagonal glazed well. I saw a sparrow flying out of the octagonal glazed well, landed on the horse's back, and said, "I'm the one who leads the horse and drinks the horse. I'm your uncle's ex-wife. May I ask if your uncle knows?" Xiao went home and told Huahua Xiaoshelang. Snake Lang carried the birdcage to the octagonal glazed well beside Wangtang, saw the little bird standing on the tree, and said, "If you are my first ex-wife, I will cage you in my cage!" The little bird jumped , arched into the birdcage. Huahua Xiaoshelang took it home and carefully fed it every day.

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One day, Little Snake Lang went out. At home, the eldest sister took out a wooden comb to comb her hair, looked in the mirror, and applied powder and rouge. But no matter how you dress up, you are not handsome. The mirror looks back and forth, and the more you look at yourself, the uglier you are, so I heard the little bird in the cage call: "Use my wooden comb to comb the dog's head, use my grate to comb the dog's flies, use my official powder to rub the dog's head. Dog face, take my mirror three times, and the wolf heart and dog lungs will be reflected in the mirror!" When the eldest sister got angry, she smashed the little bird to death! She buried the little flower sparrow beside the water tank. When Huahua Xiaoshelang came back, she said that the little Huaque was taken by the old bobcat.

Huahua Xiaoshelang cried for a while, but it was fine. Day Geng didn't grow long, and a small jujube tree grew beside the water tank where the little flowers and sparrows were buried. In less than a year, it grew as high as the ridge of the roof, and the jujubes it produced were red, fresh and sweet. Snake Lang slept under the shade of the tree, and when he opened his mouth, the jujube fell into his mouth. As soon as he ate the fresh honey, he told his elder sister. The eldest sister also dragged a small cool bed to sleep under the jujube tree to enjoy the shade. She opened her mouth, and all the droppings fell into her mouth. She waited until the snake man was not at home, and cut down the jujube tree in a fit of rage, and made it into a clothes-beating stick. She washed the clothes for Snake Lang, and beat it with a clothes-beating stick, only to hear: "Plop, flop, beat a big lotus!" When washing her own clothes, she only heard: "Plop, plop, plop!" , punch a big hole! "He beat her clothes completely. She threw the clothes-beating stick into the pot and burned it. When it was burning, thick smoke rose, and there was a bang, and even the pot cavity exploded, blowing up the wolf-hearted eldest sister. She was injured, and saw a clothes-beating stick flying out of the fire, beating her head and body, and after a while, she was beaten into a pile of meat paste. When the flower snake came back and saw it, he said: "This is called evil. Bad news! "The clothes-beating stick flew in the sky and turned into a little bird again, and the joyful dragon shouted lively: "Eldest sister is a cruel gangster, she is an old shameless fox!" The third sister is warm-hearted, I love Huahua Xiaoshelang! "Since then, Xiaohuaquezi has lived in Shelang's house. During the festivals, Shelang takes it to visit the salesman's family of three!

Earlier, there was a family with five members: two adults and three children. Dad is working outside, and mother is farming at home. The eldest girl is called Xiaosheng, the second girl is called Xiaodou, and there is another guy with a nice name called Dustpan Dazhang.

This day, my mother is going to see my grandma and grandma, so she tidied up, wearing a blue gown, a green skirt, a gift of red dates, and an old hen. Mom said: "It's been a few days since I went to see my grandma. Today I'm going to see my grandma. The three of you sisters should watch the door carefully. Open the door early in the morning and close the door early in the evening. Don't open the door when strangers come."

The three sisters replied in unison: "Mmm! Mom goes home early."

Mom left, walked, walked, and walked halfway. There was an old locust tree by the roadside, and under the tree was an old woman who was cleaning the soles of her shoes. When she saw her mother, she called out, "Hey, hey, big girl on the road! Come, come, sit down and have a rest before leaving."

Mom said: "Okay, okay." Then I sat down next to the old grandma and talked about the family.

The old lady grabbed the jujube and touched the chicken, and said, "What a big jujube, my dear, such a fat chicken. Big sister, where are you going?"

"Let's go to my mother's house and see my mother."

"The eldest sister is really filial, how many people are in your family?"

"Two adults, three babes, five young and old. The babe's father is working outside, and I am digging the fields at home. Three babes, the eldest daughter is named Xiaosheng, the second daughter is named Xiaodou, and the youngest is a boy. , tell the dustpan to open its mouth wide.”

"Big sister, what a blessing. Where does your family live?"

"It's easy to find, it's easy to find. It's right on the head of Xiaoqian Zhuangzhuang, the first house, with a fence buried in bamboo at the gate of the white board. There are big pumpkins planted in front of the house, and jujube trees growing behind the house. When you have free time, please come I'm going to play at home."

"Okay, okay, definitely go."

Mom rested her legs and hurried away.

Not long after her mother left, the old grandma laughed, wiped her face, and said "change!" In a blink of an eye, she became Xiaosheng's mother, wearing a blue gown and a green skirt around her waist, carrying A bamboo basket with a dead chicken in it.

Who is this grandma? It turned out to be an old monster named Old Qiuhu. It was getting late, Xiaosheng and Xiaodou closed the door and took a dustpan to eat dinner. Old Qiuhu came to Xiaoqianzhuang, and he and I found the home of Xiao Sheng and Xiao Dou. She got under the bamboo fence and knocked on the door.

Ping ping ping, ping ping ping: "Open the door."

"Hey! Which one are you?"

The old Qiuhu called for the door, but she misremembered the little boy's name, and she shouted: "One liter bucket, two liter bucket, open the dustpan. Open the door, mother is coming home."

Xiaosheng took a look at the window and said, "It looks like my mother, but it's quite rude and doesn't look like my mother."

Old Qiuhu said: "Mom has a cold, her nose is blocked, and her nose is hollow when she speaks."

Xiao Douba took a look at the window and said, "The clothes look like my mother's, except that there are missing patches on the shoulders and heads. It's not like that."

As soon as the old Qiuhu heard this, he went to the field and picked a pumpkin leaf, put it on his shoulder, and said "change!" The melon leaf turned into a patch in an instant. The old Qiuhu ran to the door and knocked again.

Ping Ping Ping Ping Ping Ping Ping Ping Ping: "One liter bucket, two liter bucket, dustpan, open your mouth, look carefully, look carefully, mom is coming home. Open the door to vomit."

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The dustpan opened its mouth wide, put it on the window, looked and looked, looked and looked again, and said, "Dujiao (yes), it's mom who is back, open the door quickly."

Xiaosheng opened the door and let Old Qiuhu into the room. After dinner, they went to bed. Old Qiuhu and Dupan slept with their mouths open, and Xiaosheng and Xiaodou slept together. Old Qiuhu's mouth is not idle, "quack, quack" to eat.

Xiao Sheng asked, "What did Mom eat?"

Old Qiuhu said: "What is this? I brought some dried radishes home from my grandmother's house and chewed them to make me jealous."

"I want to eat too. Order some for me."

"Greedy girl, take it."

Xiaosheng took it over and took a look, ah hey, it turned out to be the tip of the chicken's wing. Xiaosheng was startled, and he was stunned: Why does mom eat raw chicken, it's strange.

Xiao Sheng touched the old Qiuhu's tail: "Ah, hello, mother, what is this thing? It's fluffy and has a big hang."

Old Qiuhu twitched his tongue: "Oh! Is this? This! It's a bundle of hemp brought back from your grandmother's house. It's used for twisting the twine and putting it on the soles of shoes."

Xiao Sheng was taken aback; the person with the long tail behind him must not be my mother. Xiao Sheng leaned into Xiao Dou's ear and murmured: "She is not mother, but old Qiuhu. Don't be afraid, find a way to deal with her."

Xiao Sheng got up quietly.

Old Qiuhu shouted, "Where are you going?"

"I want to go to the latrine."

"Oh! The red cross Xin Zhao died early in Shangmaokeng, let's go."

Xiaosheng scooped up some warm soup water in the iron soup pot, and scoffed at Old Qiuhu's leg with his nipple. What is water murmuring? It is a craft made of bamboo tubes, and it is used for spraying water. With such a scoff, the water came out.

Old Qiuhu called out, "Ah, where did the water come from?"

Xiao Sheng said, "My brother peed."

Old Qiuhu scolded: "You son of a bitch, you can be naughty in the daytime, pee at night, and the bed is so wet, I will bite you a few times."

Xiaosheng said: "Mom, don't be angry, I will take my brother to the latrine."

Old Qiuhu said, "It's cold outside, and it's right next to the mill road."

"There is a grinding spirit in grinding the road."

"Just go to the pot door."

"There is a kitchen god at the pot door."

"Just behind the door."

"Behind the door there is a door god."

"Go out, go to the latrine."

"Yeah." Tell Xiaosheng to pick up the dustpan and open his mouth wide, run to the back of the house, and climb up the jujube tree with a snort.

"Ouch, ouch," Xiao Dou rolled all over the bed, yelling that his stomach hurts: "Oh, I want to go to the latrine."

Old Qiuhu said, "It's cool outside, and it's next to the mill road."

Xiao Dou said: "There is a grinding spirit in grinding the Tao."

"It's at the pot door."

"There is a kitchen god at the pot door."

"Just behind the door."

"Behind the door there is a door god."

"Go out to the latrine, come back quickly."

"Yeah." Xiao Dou agreed, picked up the oil pot, came to the back of the house, climbed up the jujube tree with a snort, poured the oil on the jujube tree fork, what are you doing? It made the old Qiuhu unable to climb up.

In the house, the old Qiuhu yelled: "One liter bucket, two liter bucket, the dustpan is wide open, what are you talking about, don't come home." No one answered. "One liter bucket, two liter bucket…the dustpan opened its mouth…" Still no one answered. Old Qiuhu got angry, sniffed, looked east and west, found the back of the house, looked up, and saw Xiaosheng, Xiaodou, and Dustpan opened their mouths, and the three sisters were all climbing on the tree to eat dates.

Xiaosheng said: "The moon is mounting the paper, the wind is chilly, and it's time to eat jujubes."

Xiao Dou said: "Sweet, crunchy and fragrant."

The dustpan opened its mouth wide and said, "Mmm, um, it's delicious."

Old Qiuhu was so greedy that he was drooling, and wanted to eat: "Let me eat some."

"Crack!" Xiao Sheng dropped a jujube on the ground.

Old Qiuhu still wanted to eat after eating, but he couldn't urge him in time: "Hurry up, hurry up, hurry up, hurry up!"

Xiao Sheng said, "Climb up and eat by yourself."

Old Qiuhu climbed to the jujube tree, but the tree's fork slipped and collapsed, slipping and falling backwards.

Old Qiuhu became ruthless: "Put down the jujubes quickly, if you don't, I will eat you."

Xiaosheng put a hemp rope on the tree and said, "Mom, don't be angry, you always tie the rope around your waist, and we will pull you up to eat dates."

Old Qiuhu tied the rope around his waist. Hey, hey, Xiaosheng, Xiaodou, and dustpan opened their mouths and pulled vigorously together, pull, pull, halfway through the pull, suddenly la la and fling down. Old Qiuhu fell half dead, and shouted: "I'm dead, oh, oh, it hurts to death."

Pull it, shake it! Pull it, shake it! Old Qiuhu stopped and stopped, and stopped panting.

Xiaosheng then tied the rope to the tree trunk, and the old Qiuhu was hanging in the air. "One, two, three." Xiao Sheng and Xiao Dou. The dustpan opened its mouth wide and held the hoe and iron fork, pinging and pinging, pinging and pinging, old Qiuhu was finished.

Xiaosheng, Xiaodou, and dustpan opened their mouths wide, and dug a hole under the tree to get Old Qiuhu's cellar.

My mother came back from my grandmother's house, and praised them for their courage and ideas, and they are smart and capable little ones.

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