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Do you know ghosts hit the wall? This is a very scary thing. People are trapped in a space, but they can't get out no matter what. Have you ever experienced a ghost hitting a wall? I believe you will say no, because if you can still say it, it proves that you are still alive. There are very few people who can experience ghosts hitting the wall and are still alive, and I am one of these few people. I swore I would never bring up this matter again in this life, but after reading my cousin’s random ghost stories the day before yesterday, I was going to write down my experience to warn him not to talk about ghosts casually.

When I was in the fifth grade of elementary school, the winter came very early, and the heavy snow covered the ground early. It was a math class that day, and the class bell rang for a long time, but the math teacher hadn't come yet. At this time, the classroom was already in a state of chaos, and suddenly my deskmate put his arms around my neck, put his mouth next to my ear and said, let's go to the opera at the Sijia Village Temple Fair today. I was taken aback at the time, and whispered that this is not good, what if the teacher finds out, what should I do if I sue the parents. "I'll tell you, idiot, I saw my math teacher when I came today, and he's also going to the temple fair, so he won't be able to come today." Junzi said. "Really?", I was so excited that my blood boiled. Because the temple fair in Sijia Village is very big, we elementary school students usually don’t have any entertainment venues, so we are very happy to hear that we can go to the temple fair. "Hush!" Junzi put his finger to his mouth and said, "Don't let others hear it, or there will be too many people, and my aunt will be poor." I immediately realized that too many people can’t go there, because adults don’t usually give pocket money to us children, and Junzi’s aunt often goes to temple fairs to sell deep-fried sticks and snacks. She ate her aunt's fritters, and it was impossible for her not to go to a temple fair as big as Sijia Village.

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Fortunately, Junzi and I sat in the last row near the back door. The two of us slipped out of the classroom without anyone noticing it, and ran quietly to the west wall of the campus. Junzi built a ladder for me, and I climbed up the wall and pulled him up again. After the two of us slipped out of the school, we walked straight north, and we arrived at the ancient river channel that had been abandoned for many years. The small road on the south side of this ancient river is the shortcut to Sijia Village, and it is usually inaccessible. Now this dilapidated ancient river overgrown with weeds has been covered with snow, and it is impossible to tell where the road is. Junzi and I kept pulling our feet in the snowdrift with one deep foot and one shallow foot. At this time, we could only hear the sound of creaking feet on the snow and the sound of rapid heartbeat, and occasionally there were a few sounds in the distance. An unknown bird chirping. Suddenly Junzi yelled, I was so frightened that I just walked with my head down, I shivered suddenly, and hurriedly raised my head to look forward, only to see Junzi lying between two abrupt snowdrifts. Why is this kid so careless? I hurried over to help him up. Damn, I almost fell to my death, Junzi said viciously. Dare to mix Lao Tzu's novel ghost husband , I must show you something, Junzi said as he unbuttoned his pants and pissed on the two snowdrifts. That's not all, it turned around its feet and sprinkled all the urine on the two snowdrifts. Looking at the urine on these two snowdrifts, I suddenly had an ominous premonition, maybe we should not take this road today or we should not rush to this temple fair today. Thinking of this, I grabbed Junzi's arm and said, let's go, or we won't be able to keep up with the excitement. As we galloped, the sound of opera singing at the temple fair in the distance also faintly passed.

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Because it was a temple fair, the snow on the streets of Sijia Village had already been cleared. And because it is not a busy season for farming, and the temple fair in Sijia Village is really big, there are many people there. Junzi and I listened to the opera by the stage (we said it was listening to the opera, but we actually waited for the somersaulter to come out), and played on the street for nearly two hours without going through the temple fair. Probably because the temple fair was crowded and festive. At this time, I had already forgotten the unpleasantness when I came. "Go and find my aunt," Junzi said, tugging at my arm. After searching for a long time in the crowd of people pushing and shoving, I finally found Junzi's aunt. Sure enough, as Junzi expected, her aunt sells deep-fried dough sticks and dim sum here. Seeing our cheeks flushed from the cold, Aunt Junzi was so distressed that she hurriedly let us eat deep-fried dough sticks and poured us two bowls of hot water. After walking such a long distance, we were indeed hungry and thirsty, and the two of us ate and drank hungrily. At the end Junzi drank two more bowls of water, "It will make you feel hot all over," Junzi said. Seeing that the two of us were full, Junzi's aunt made two more packs of snacks and handed them to Junzi, saying, take them home for grandma to eat, stop playing, and go home quickly. Junzi took the snack and said he knew.

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Maybe it was because we were too full, or maybe we were really tired from playing at that time, and Junzi and I were no longer in the mood to play. So we rushed back along the path beside the ancient river. "Ha, we won't miss the afternoon class if we go back now," I said triumphantly. Junzi was also very excited, singing that I will beat you with a steel whip in his mouth, and swung the snacks in his hand at me from time to time, so the two of us fought back and walked back. I don't know how long I've been walking, but the ominous premonition when I came suddenly came back, and I vaguely felt that something was wrong, but I didn't know what was wrong. At this time, Junzi said, "Oh, I'm exhausted, let's take a break." When he shouted that he was tired, I trembled in my heart, and finally I knew what was wrong. School? At this time, Junzi also realized that something was wrong. He stared at me and said, "We…why haven't we arrived at school yet?" "Then… let's go quickly." Junzi wasn't tired anymore. Now the two of us are almost running forward, but when the two of us are out of breath and unable to walk, we still can't see the shadow of the school. Is this the way we came? But there are obviously footprints on this road when we came. At this time, both of our voices were already crying. "Do you think we will die here?" Junzi sobbed. "No… no way, let's walk again." I said with trembling and uncertain. To be honest, the cold air on my body had already rushed from the soles of my feet to the strands of my hair at that time. But no matter how we go or how we turn, there is still a vast expanse of white snow and two rows of clear footprints in front of us. "Oh my god, I want to find my mother…" At this time, Junzi was already trembling and peed in his pants. "Don't cry, look… look… isn't that the school?" This is the school where I suddenly looked up and saw the end of Baixue. It's…it's the school, Junzi ran forward with all his hands and feet, and didn't even want to throw the snacks on the ground. Wait for me, I yelled to embolden myself. It's a school, it's a school. When the frightened two of us returned to school, it was already over.

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Before I went to school the next morning, Junzi's mother came to my house by grabbing Junzi's ears. Such a young child has learned to lie, insisting that the ghosts ate the snacks that his aunt gave to grandma, and even peed his pants, Junzi's mother told my mother. We did encounter a ghost, I said with lingering fear. "You're still lying, it seems that you two have discussed it." Junzi's mother said while tugging at Junzi's ear. I didn't lie, I didn't lie, Junzi shouted. Junzi's shout alarmed the passing father, who stared at Junzi with piercing eyes and said, "You said you met a ghost, where did you meet the ghost husband in the novel , take me to see it." Shi Junzi's mother and my mother have already looked at each other in blank dismay, because the son's father has a high prestige in the village, and he has never said anything uncertain.

Junzi and I hid behind the son-in-law and walked on the road beside the ancient river. Junzi's mother was still behind and shouted loudly, "Ghost, where is the ghost? If I can't find the ghost today, I will Take your head off." "Look…look there," Junzi suddenly said loudly, and everyone looked along Junzi's hand, only to see two bags of snacks thrown between the two snow bags. Surrounding the snow bag, there are many messy footprints, and some places have been stepped on. It seems that Junzi and I left them yesterday. "It turned out to be the two of you. It seems that you are too lonely," said the son-in-law, "take some snacks and go, let's go back." "No, we don't want it," Junzi's mother's face turned pale with fright.

At night, under the flickering candlelight, the son-in-law smoked a pipe, coughed and said, "It shouldn't be, the two of them were honest before they were alive, and they wouldn't embarrass you for no reason. What's going on?"" Are you referring to…?" Junzi's father respectfully handed his son a paper pipe. "Who else could it be? Of course it's the two brothers, Yang Erdan. They won't harm people for no reason. How on earth did you offend them?" The birth son said angrily. Collision? Which of us ran into them? Junzi scratched his head and muttered. "By the way, that pee, you peed on those two snow packs." I yelled. "That's right, but it's not right, why did they let you back?" the son-in-law murmured.

It turned out that the father of the Yang Erdanzi brothers was a landlord in the village. It was for this reason that they were humiliated during the Cultural Revolution. When the Red Guards criticized them, they even urinated on their heads. After the Cultural Revolution, they were rehabilitated, but their good years had been wasted. The brothers had to make a living by herding sheep, so they got the nickname Yang Erdanzi. Although the Cultural Revolution has passed, if anyone mentions the matter of urinating in front of them, they will fight with their lives. Because of their eccentric tempers, people in the village didn't have much contact with them. After they died, there was no cemetery, so the village had to scrape together two thin-skinned coffins and buried them beside the ancient river. Their graves were those two snow bags. But if they hate people peeing on their heads so much, why let us back? This is something I have never figured out. Later, as I grew older and read more books, I slowly became relieved. It turns out that this kind of situation is called ghost hitting the wall. He will trap people in an unknown world, making people unable to get out of it, and finally going crazy. and die. And the way to crack the ghost hit the wall is to urinate. Fortunately, Junzi drank two more bowls of water that day, and fortunately Junzi was so scared that he peed his pants that day, otherwise we both would have become funeral objects for the Yangerdanzi brothers.

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