The Mysterious Incident In The Taoist Temple: Zhu Hua’s Death And The Revenge Of The Sheep Ghost Full Text

Once upon a time, there was a man named Zhu Hua, a sheep dealer who made a little fortune by reselling sheep.

Once, he went to Xinjiang to buy a batch of sheep and planned to send them to Shandong for sale. When I went to a small town in Gansu, I met a Henan businessman while eating in an inn. The Henan businessman said: "You are making a little hard money selling sheep like this. You should find a way to make more money. Many people saw the little sheep." , I think you can’t buy it and listen to ghost stories online . You don’t know that the little sheep will soon turn into a big sheep. If you buy it when it is small, it will be big when you sell it. Isn’t the profit here huge? For the same cost "If you buy big sheep, you will definitely buy less; if you buy small sheep, you will buy a lot. If you have more sheep, you will make more money; if you have fewer sheep, you will make less money." Zhu Hua thinks this is the case. Listen to ghosts online . The story goes like this: Henan businessman said: "If you know where there are lambs, I will buy them all."

A few days later, a businessman from Henan came with a sheep owner. Zhu Hua then bought more than a hundred lambs, mixed the big sheep and lambs and drove them to Jinan, Shandong. Unexpectedly, when they reached the gate of Jinan City, all the lambs turned into ghosts and ran away. Zhu Hua was very scared and couldn't guess what was going on.

The next year, Zhu Hua went to Xinjiang to sell sheep again. On the way, he met the Henan businessman. He was very angry and wanted to send the Henan businessman to the government for punishment.

The Henan businessman said: "What crime am I guilty of?"

Zhu Fen said: "You persuaded me to buy lambs. When I rushed to the gate of Jinan City, they all turned into ghosts and ran away. Isn't this the magic you used?"

The Henan businessman said: "You are selling sheep because you want to make more money. You kill people and you don't know how to restrain yourself. You have committed a heinous crime. You haven't woken up yet. Instead, you are angry at me. I am the sheep ghost. I want to take revenge on the dead sheep." "After that, he disappeared.

Zhu Hua was very frightened and went to a nearby Taoist temple to find help, but he died on the road before he reached the Taoist temple.

Many years later, a Taoist priest caught a very special ghost, a sheep ghost. The Taoist priest said: "The world only knows that people become ghosts after death, but few people know that animals can also become ghosts after death." The Taoist priest sent the sheep ghost to be kept under Zhang Tianshi's main hall in Longhu Mountain, Jiangxi Province. Later Taoist priests who learned to exorcise ghosts had to see this sheep ghost to increase their knowledge.

This sheep ghost is still on Longhu Mountain, and people who know Taoism can still hear the story of Zhu Hua told by this sheep ghost.

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