Talking Nonsense In The Dormitory At Night

As usual, we went back to the dormitory after school to sleep. After the lights were turned off, we felt bored, so we shared a bed and chatted. We all liked ghost stories at that time, so we used ghost stories as the theme.

The first one talks about Wu Jia. He is an Internet bug and often climbs over the wall to stay up all night. What I told us was what happened when he went out all night: He went out all night that time with the few people who had a good time, but I don’t know what happened today. It was a bit cold. Who knew they were all gone after he went out? , he was walking alone on the path, and when he passed a house, that house was already asleep.

But when he walked past, a dog kept barking, and when he didn't pass by, it didn't bark. He couldn't help but feel cold in his heart. It couldn't be something dirty. He turned around, fainted, and saw nothing, but suddenly there was a puff of wind. The cold wind made him feel a little guilty, so he ran all the way to the Internet cafe. After taking him to the Internet cafe, he realized that his back was covered in cold sweat. He told his friends, and they all said that this didn't happen when they came. The street lights were all bright, and he was afraid of someone. What a hairy ball! He… wait, the street lights are on? But when he came, he obviously went all the way to the Internet cafe in darkness? It seems that when he looked back, the lights behind him were on…

The second story was told by Zhang Jie. He was telling the story of his hometown: his family lived in Fenghuang Ancient City (Phoenix Ancient City is located in Jishou, Xiangxi, Hunan Province. I am from Jishou). He was in junior high school. Every time, he had to walk through that section of Qing Dynasty buildings that had not been repaired or renovated in any way. He usually didn't get out of school until nine o'clock. He once walked by that section after school and heard crying coming from those houses. There were sounds of fighting and some complaints. He felt a hair on his back, and then he quickly ran through the alley about 200 meters away. When he got home, his clothes were already soaked.

Later, he heard someone say: That house used to live in wealthy families, and those people left during the war, leaving only a group of children and women. Those old people and children could have run out, but the rich people locked the door. They starved to death inside. I heard that they all turned to cannibalism later on. Those sounds should be their resentment when they died. It was originally planned to be demolished, but the people who went in to investigate were either crazy or died of illness, and they kept talking in their mouths. Shouting "Ghost…there is a ghost…" I laughed and cried sometimes.

The third one talked about my best friend, whose family owns an Internet cafe. He talked about 2 things (because what he said was relatively short and I couldn’t write it down, please forgive me!!). He was guarding the Internet cafe one night, and suddenly something happened outside. An old woman walked in. To be honest, he didn't even know how she got in. She didn't say anything after she came in and just stood behind him. He asked the old woman who she came to see. After all, there was a precedent for adults to come looking for their children. But the old lady didn't say anything, she just looked at him with a smile. He pushed a guy next to him hard, but the guy didn't respond, as if he wasn't the one he was calling.

After about half an hour, the old lady walked out of the door. He hurriedly ran out to take a look (my brother is very nervous), but he saw nothing. There was no one outside… There was another person who was in his house in the middle of the night. His Internet cafe stayed up all night. It was a thunderstorm day and there were few people in the Internet cafe, so he only turned on a few lights. In the middle of the night, a thunder and lightning flashed. He found that there were many people in the Internet cafe, and they were almost full, but after the lightning, no one was there. there is none left……

Finally, I said it: When I was studying in an IELTS school, I was in a dormitory. The teacher originally arranged me in dormitory D203, but I heard it was dormitory B203 (by the way, building AB is for girls). The CD building is for boys), so I moved the quilts and the like to dormitory B203. For some reason, the girls’ dormitory building was a bit cold, maybe it was too yin-y? There are two stairs on the first floor of the girls’ dormitory, one of which The stairs lead through a small corridor. There are no lights there, and there are only safety passage signs, which are green. When I entered, I glanced over there and saw a white object flashing past quickly. I couldn't help but shudder.

I was a little scared, so I ran to the second floor. Fortunately, there was a voice-activated light. When I walked into the B203 dormitory, I found that my roommates were all in the campus dormitory . When I found out that they were women, I asked confusedly. : "Did I go in the wrong direction?" They said, "No, welcome to dormitory No. 203." Damn, there's still an echo.

Although I was a little nervous, I was also a little numb. I was still stunned when they came to help me carry my luggage. When I raised my head, I found their feet, ah… they had no feet, and I let out a loud scream. The three roommates turned around, and I saw that their faces were covered with little white flesh bugs (I believe everyone knows this). My mind was blank before, and then I collapsed at the door of the dormitory. When I woke up the next day, I missed the teacher. When I talked about it, the teacher’s answer made me stunned again. The teacher said: I told you that you lived in D203. Besides, no one has lived in B203 for a long time. Now it is used as a utility room. The bed is so old and worn out, why is there anyone there? I stayed there…………

After finishing speaking, we all covered ourselves with quilts and fell asleep silently. I know everyone’s heartbeats were beating very fast. It must have been a sleepless night for me!!

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