Dead Brother's Rune And Little Carp Repaying Kindness

Today's story was told by a friend. The protagonist is an old man from her family. This year, a friend went home for the Mid-Autumn Festival. She heard that the old man's wife had passed away a while ago. She went to visit her home out of courtesy and heard about this. A modern version of the "Aniu Brother" story full of magical romance.

Let’s just call the old man in the story “Brother Aniu”.

Brother A Niu's family is from the south. They have lived near the lake for generations and made a living by fishing. One night when Brother A Niu was eighteen or nineteen, he followed his father to go fishing at night on the big lake in his hometown. After several nets in a row, I only caught some worthless fish and shrimps.

That night happened to be the fifteenth day of the lunar calendar, with a bright moon in the sky, and the bright, gauzy moonlight reflected on the lake surface as clear as day. Brother A Niu and his father decided to try one last time. If there was still no improvement, he went home to sleep.

When they closed the net, the two men discovered that in addition to a few small grass carp, there was actually a large carp as thick as an arm, still arching its back and struggling hard. The carp is completely white, and looks like silver. It shines even more brightly under the moonlight, and has an indescribable mystery and nobility.

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Brother A Niu and his father were overjoyed and said to Brother A Niu: "This carp is big and good-looking. It will definitely fetch a good price in the market tomorrow morning. Let's go, close the net and go back to squint for a while. This carp is nothing for us." Busy in vain!"

Brother A Niu didn't say a word, and looked straight at the white carp trapped in the fishing net. He saw its big, round, clear eyes looking at him, and the little fish mouth pouting in front of its flesh opened and closed. As if helplessly moaning for help.

Brother A Niu couldn't bear it, and turned to his father and said, "Dad, look how pitiful this fish monster is. It took such a long time for it to grow so big in the lake. How about we let it go?"

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A Niu's father became anxious when he heard this: "Son, why are you so dizzy? This is a rare and top-grade dead brother rune , how can it be let go for nothing?" A Niu brother couldn't explain it to his father. He saw the right opportunity, and while his father was rocking the oar and steering the boat, he spread out the fishing net and dumped all the white carp and the small fish into the lake.

Brother Aniu and his father heard the commotion and it was too late to stop him. Because of this, Brother Aniu was slapped all over his head by his father. He couldn't explain why. Brother Aniu seemed to be possessed by an evil spirit that night. Yes, somehow the carp must be saved. According to his father's words, this idiot is probably obsessed with the carp spirit.

After returning home that night, the father and son were in a bad mood and fell asleep carelessly. Brother Aniu dreamed of the moonlit lake again, and a woman in ancient costume with wide sleeves was dancing gracefully on the lake. The dance was swaying and graceful, and from a distance it really looked like a charming and colorful fish swimming leisurely.

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As if aware of Brother Aniu's prying eyes, the woman slowly turned around while dancing. What a delicate and beautiful face it was! The woman's snow-white face has a pair of big, round and lively eyes, and her cherry-shaped mouth is plump, making Brother A Niu feel familiar. Before he could think about it, the woman gave him a cute and naughty smile, and Brother A Niu woke up.

Three years later, Brother Aniu, who was in his prime of youth, went to the lake to hunt alone at night. He encountered a group of gangsters surrounding a girl and wanted to do something wrong. Brother Aniu stepped forward and drove away the little gangster. Looking at the girl under the moonlight, Brother Aniu suddenly felt his heart buzzing, and all the blood in his body rushed to his brain, making his scalp numb.

Those big round eyes, the chubby little mouth, and the naughty smile on her face, all of them are so familiar! The girl said her surname was Yu, with a single Chinese character. She was an orphan without a father or mother since she was a child. Now she lives in this small village in the south of the Yangtze River, trying to find a job to make a living.

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For the rest of my life, I promised to marry Brother A Niu and become his wife without any suspense. From then on, the two became a loving couple, a virtuous couple, and they stayed together for more than half a century. Yu Sheng gave birth to three sons. When they grew up, they were all famous as "officials, academics and businessmen", each with their own splendor and glory. But Brother A Niu and Yu Sheng have been living in that small fishing village in the south of the Yangtze River, living a comfortable life of working at sunrise and resting at sunset.

In the long years, Brother A Niu asked Yu Sheng more than once, I said, have we met somewhere before? Every time she was asked about this, Yu Sheng would giggle and let out a series of crisp and touching smiles. From young to old, she never answered.

One day in the eighth month of the lunar calendar this year, Yu Sheng, who was over seventy years old, suddenly said to Brother A Niu: "Old man, it's almost fifteen again. It's almost time for me to leave." Brother A Niu, who already has several grandchildren, was puzzled. , asked her: "Let's go? Where are you going?" She smiled as coquettishly as she did when she was young for the rest of her life.

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Said: "Go back to my hometown, I'm going back to my hometown!"

One morning not long before the Mid-Autumn Festival, Brother Aniu discovered that Yu Sheng had passed away in his sleep. Her face was peaceful and happy, as if she was having a sweet dream. Brother Aniu told my friend that he had a dream once after his wife passed away, and the rest of his life in the dream was still the playful look of his youth.

Brother Aniu asked her when we could see each other again, and Yu Sheng chuckled and replied: "Let's just say goodbye! In order to repay your life-saving grace that night, I have missed practicing practice for nearly a hundred years. If I don't practice diligently, how long will it take for me to do so?" How long can it take to transform into a dragon and become an immortal! But… old man, I really can’t bear to leave you!" After saying this, his eyes turned red. Brother A Niu seemed to have some enlightenment after waking up from the dream. He finally understood why he felt like old friends at first sight for the rest of his life.

My friend told this story as a joke to all of us. She and the other people in the village felt that Brother A Niu was overly sad after losing his wife, and was a little too arrogant.

But the speaker is unintentional and the listener is intentional, but I was deeply moved by the story told by Brother Aniu. I would rather believe that there is such a wonderful love relationship between him and his wife, which is like a myth and legend. Good deeds are rewarded, and love will never end. Perhaps a thousand years later, a little white dragon among the gods will vaguely remember that there was a "Brother A Niu" who saved her in the lower world…

Many beautiful things in this world are like miracles. If you believe, they will happen.

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