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Xiao Yu'er was thinking hard about the content of the first level of the Heavenly Demon Skill. He was a little anxious when she made such a noise. He waved his hand and directed a white light towards Yao'er. Yao'er didn't have time to prepare and sat down on the ground. Passed out.

Xiao Yu'er was shocked, and then she came back to her senses. Fortunately, she didn't do anything heavy, and saved Yao'er for a while before she woke up.

When he woke up, he hugged Xiao Yuer and shouted: "Sister! Sister! Look what this is!"

Xiao Yu'er frowned: "Yao'er, what's going on? Are you so carried away? Beware that your true colors are revealed!"

Seeing a roll of cloth in Yao'er's hand, he took it and took a look. He was stunned immediately, as if many of the problems he had just been thinking about were solved.

So Xiao Yu'er also hugged Yao'er, and the two of them started shouting together!

After cheering for a while, Xiao Yu'er suddenly felt something was wrong and asked, "Yao'er, where did you get this cloth?"

Yao'er replied: "Just now I helped an old uncle go to Foguang Pavilion to look for Buddha's head grass, and then the old uncle dropped it on the ground. I picked it up and saw that it was this. I thought that old uncle -"

At this point, Yao'er suddenly jumped up: "Oh my God, that old uncle, could it be that Fairy Hao Ling transformed into a person to help us? Sister, now it will be easy for us to deal with that ghost king."

Xiao Yu'er remained silent, and felt that what Yao'er said made sense, so she studied the cloth carefully, but the more she looked at it, the more frightened she became, and the more she looked at it, the more happy she became. When she reached the last layer, "suddenly" Suddenly, his body shook violently and the cloth fell to the ground.

Yao'er hurriedly asked: "Sister, what's wrong?" She picked up the cloth and looked at it, and said: "Sister, what's wrong? Isn't it just that you want to suck the blood from the neck of a reincarnated golden boy who has been reincarnated for a hundred days? The world is so big, with the Isn’t it easy for our mana to find a reincarnated golden boy?”

Xiao Yu'er didn't say anything, and after counting with his fingers for a long time, he said quietly: "I don't want to hurt other people's lives, but this is indeed a helpless matter, and that's not Fairy Hao Ling's original intention."

Then he looked at Yao'er and said slowly: "Do you know who this reincarnated golden boy is?"

Yao'er shook his head and said: "Sister, I don't have as much magic power as you. I'm afraid it will take three and five days to calculate, so I can't be sure. If this is wrong, there is no use in sucking the blood of mortals!"


Xiao Yu'er let out another long sigh, which seemed extremely complicated. Yao'er couldn't figure it out and could only look at her face.

"Oh, is this God's will? Yao'er, Yao'er, what do you think my sister should do?" Xiao Yu'er suddenly burst into tears.

Yao'er is clever by nature, and he guessed it in a blink of an eye, and asked carefully: "Could it be related to Scholar Wang?"

Xiao Yuyu nodded and said slowly: "There are five reincarnated golden boys in the world now. The first one is already seventy years old, the second one is a Taoist monk, the third one is a foreign woman, and the fourth one is just a young girl. But it has been three months since he was born. This fifth one is the only son of Prince Wang. He is still 95 days old, and there are still 5 days left before the 100-day period. Yao'er, I…"

Yao'er asked: "How much neck blood do you need to suck?"

Xiao Yu'er just shook his head and said nothing.

After a few days, Yao'er couldn't stand it anymore. It was about the survival of the Black Fox family, but Xiao Yu'er was so calm and silent. She was extremely anxious, but she didn't dare to act rashly. If she had followed her past personality, she would have She didn't care that he was the son of the Emperor, Lord Yama, let alone the offspring of a mortal couple? They were all caught, sucking blood when they should, and eating meat when they should.

At the end of the hundred-day night, it only takes two or three more hours for everything to disappear, all the hard work has been wasted, the family's great enemy will no longer be able to stop it, and the ghost and god will no longer be lawless. Thinking of this, Yao'er can no longer bear it Unable to stop, he secretly ran to the cave where Xiao Yuer practiced. She knew her sister's character and did not dare to break in easily, so she stood outside and listened to the noise.

There was no movement inside at first, but after a while, I suddenly heard Xiao Yu'er whispering sadly: "Fairy, Xiao Yu'er is helpless, and this is not the intention. Thanks to the prince and his family for protecting each other these many days, I have been able to help you." My family stayed away for a while, but due to the power of God, Xiao Yu'er rejected his love and was blamed by his own hands, so he turned into a fox body. I think all these grievances and disputes started because of me. Although Xiao Yu'er is a fox, How could I, who was taught and raised by my father and my mother, endure such a catastrophe for my whole family?"

"I think that although there is a gap between the divine king and the prince, he has been demoted to a mortal by the divine king, but the couple was treated favorably by the Jade Emperor and the Queen Mother, and their immortal relationship is not over. Sister Yun'er gave birth to a reincarnated golden boy. I think the divine king is also concerned about the public anger. , cannot punish the family again. As for my little fox demon family, my parents must have practiced Taoism for thousands of years, and the immortals and demons have different paths. How can they be compared with the prince and his wife? Although the fairy promised to save him with a wonderful method, It's the end of a thousand years, so it won't help." At this point, he was sobbing sadly, thinking he was extremely sad.

After a while, I heard Xiao Yu'er continue to say: "Now, I have been enlightened by the fairy and given the subtleties of Dafa. It shows that God has the virtue of good life, but the reincarnated golden boy… I… I… so what?" I have the heart to harm his life and be that despicable and shameless villain? I…Fairy…Xiaoyu'er has been thinking hard these days, but he doesn't know how to find a way to do it. He realizes that the hundred-day period is about to pass…Xiaoyu'er I am really tormented in my heart, and I hope the fairy can guide me to a clear path. Xiaoyuer is willing to sacrifice these thousand years of practice, go, go, let the god… let the god… I only hope he can let my family go…" As he said this, there was a soft thud, as if the little fish fell to the ground.

Yao'er was shocked and rushed in to take a look, but there was no one there…


After a few days, it suddenly started to rain heavily for days, and thunder rolled in without stopping.

Yao'er was cultivating in this cave, but he never saw Xiao Yu'er come back. He was very anxious and did not dare to leave without authorization. Her magic power is still weak, so it is difficult to figure out her sister's whereabouts.

A few days later, Xiao Yu'er suddenly appeared in front of Yao'er with a big cloth bag in his hand.

Yao'er was overjoyed: "Sister, you're back! Yao'er is so anxious! People are worried about you but don't dare to leave here. This is so boring! Hey, you, this is, this is not the bag of the old monk who can only giggle. Well, what do you use it for?"

However, Xiao Yu'er was different from his usual gentle and elegant attitude, and said calmly and coldly: "Yao'er, don't make trouble, come and help sister protect the law. We don't have time. You can cast a spell to shake the 9 souls in this bag. Don't let them." If they slip up or escape, here are 9 infinite beads of different sizes. You place one at the entrance of the hole every three days according to size."

Yao'er was puzzled, but she had always admired this sister. Although it was just a friendship, she already regarded her as her biological sister, so she always obeyed Xiao Yu'er's words.

So, Yao'er first placed the smallest Wuji Bead at the entrance of the cave, and then transformed into nine clones. Xiao Yu'er opened the bag and threw the nine souls to Yao'er respectively, while she turned around and sat cross-legged in the middle.

Seeing these 9 souls struggling and changing, the sounds of wailing and crying are endless, and some of them want to use tricks to confuse Yao'er and try to escape from the cave, but they are all absorbed by the Wuji Bead at the entrance of the cave, and Yao'er has mastered the magic of cloning. At the top, how could these little souls be her match?

The cave was filled with black mist for a while, but Xiao Yu'er's eyes gradually turned red. He sucked in the black mist from his eyes bit by bit. Every time he sucked in a little bit, his eyes became brighter red. She also saw her hands suddenly raised slightly, and a white light was completely attached to one of the souls, as if it was about to merge into the body of the soul. The soul kept struggling and resisting, and it seemed that its magic power was not weak.

For a while, the aperture formed by the white light suddenly became larger and smaller, until it became smaller and smaller, and finally turned into a small halo, gently surrounding the little fish.


This process seemed to last for half an hour. Looking at Xiao Yu'er again, he was already dripping with sweat, and it seemed to be extremely difficult.

Yao'er just wanted to persuade her to rest for a while, but when Xiao Yu'er waved her hand slightly to ask her not to speak, she continued to cast the spell to surround the next soul with white light. This way, it took 7 or 8 hours to finally cast the spell. These souls turned into nine white halos, flying gently around the little fish.

At this time, I suddenly saw the little fish jumping up in the air, turning into the original shape of the fox demon, opening its mouth, and sucking in the nine white haloes one by one. Every time one was sucked in, the little fish kept struggling and rolling, as if in pain. Extremely. Yao'er was scared and wanted to help her sister, but she didn't dare to do it. She could only watch these white haloes closely.

Finally, after touching for another three hours, he finally sucked all the white halos into his mouth, and the little fish transformed into a human form again, closing his eyes and crossing his legs without saying a word.

After a long time, Xiao Yu'er opened her eyes and looked at Yao'er. Yao'er couldn't help but shudder. The other eight incarnations suddenly returned to their original bodies. She was inexplicably nervous and scared, but she couldn't explain why.

After a while, Xiao Yu'er raised his finger and pointed at the hole and said, "Yao'er, look at that Wuji Pearl!" Yao'er turned around and saw that the Wuji Pearl's luster had dimmed and seemed to be a useless bead.

Xiao Yu'er stood up and walked to Yao'er, with a faint smile on her lips. Yao'er became more and more frightened as she looked at him. She wanted to ask, but didn't dare to ask. He just said hesitantly: "Sister…"

"Yao'er, you must think your sister is weird, right? Are you scared?" Xiao Yu'er asked.

"It's… sister… Yao'er feels that sister seems… different…" Yao'er lowered his head and whispered.

"Hahaha——" Xiao Yu'er suddenly looked up to the sky and laughed, grabbed Yao'er's hand and said: "Now I have made a big mistake! I don't care about so many things! If you are willing to stay and protect my sister, my sister will do it." I’m very grateful. If you don’t want to stay, sister won’t force you! Just go ahead.”

Yao'er looked up at Xiao Yu'er, and saw that her eyes were faintly bloody, as if she was about to burst into tears. She was at a loss and didn't know what was going on. Seeing her sister's sudden change, she couldn't help but feel sad.


It turns out that although Xiao Yuer looks gentle and gentle, he is determined and can never change his decisions.

That day, after she prayed for the pardon of the spirit fairy, although she was struggling in her heart as if she was seriously ill, she had secretly made up her mind, thinking that her tribe had treated her very well, and many lives could not be destroyed because of her. Yes, but how can we be as friendly as our parents and clan members? He is entangled by the god, and it is difficult to free himself. At the worst, he can practice magic skills to save his family and kill the evil god, and then go to plead guilty to the evil god and his wife, and let him do whatever he wants.

So he thought for a long time and made up his mind after painstaking experience. He went to steal the reincarnated golden boy, sucked all the blood from his neck, and buried him under the Foguang Pavilion in Qingyun Mountain.

What was written on that scroll of cloth stated that this magical skill of the Heavenly Demon was originally created by a great demon who fought against the Jade Emperor in the past. The magical skill is full of extremely evil methods, and the magic is profound. If you practice it normally, you must obtain it. It takes ten thousand years, but if you want to achieve it quickly, if you suck the neck blood of the reincarnated golden boy and practice again, it will only take 81 days.

Back then, the great devil was defeated and was cast into hell forever without reincarnation. This devil's magic was originally divided into two parts. The upper part only contained formulas, and the lower part contained the real subtleties and quick methods.

Therefore, the Twin Demons stole the upper part of this book from nowhere, but had no guidance from the lower part. After thousands of years of practicing at the first level, they could only scratch the surface. Therefore, the two of them are both good and evil, but they are already able to call upon the wind and rain, and their abilities are no longer inferior to those of the immortals and demons.

Thinking about how powerful this demonic skill is, these good guys and bad guys are on the same path. If you want to learn to be a good person, you have to work hard all your life, but if you want to be a bad guy, you can do it in an instant.

The reincarnation of the golden boy is a decree sent down to the human world by the Emperor of Heaven after defeating the great devil. Every year, 9 of them are sent down to the human world, which means that all evil will be conquered. At the moment, Xiao Yu'er has only 5 people left in the world, and the others are all dead. He thinks that he can take one step away from the immortals and demons. If he sucks the neck blood of the reincarnated golden boy, and then practices this magic skill, he will not be afraid of the immortals and demons.

From then on, he had to absorb the souls of nine treacherous and evil people every day for 81 consecutive days to instill all the evil thoughts in his body.

However, all evil spirits are assisted by evil spirits, so the Wuji Bead of Master Wuji from Shangqing Palace is necessary to shock these souls.

Therefore, after Xiao Yu'er carefully studied the quick method of the Demon God Skill, he simply did it without stopping. First, he sucked the blood from the neck of the child of Wang Shusheng and his wife, and then quietly sneaked into the Shangqing Palace to steal the Wuji Pearl, and then used it for insurance. , and stole Maitreya Buddha's "acquired bag", commonly known as "human race bag" to prevent these souls from escaping.

Xiao Yu'er had just sucked in the souls of 9 evil people, and the first week had been completed. However, Xiao Yu'er was kind-hearted, and it was the first time he did such an evil thing, so he couldn't resist in his heart, and he struggled for a long time. Afterwards, every time I inhaled a soul, I felt that what I had done was very reasonable. When the ninth soul was inhaled, I felt that it was natural to practice this magic skill to kill enemies and protect the family. The evil thoughts came together, as if the big devil from the past had reappeared. Even though they were as close as sisters, it was no wonder that Yao'er was inexplicably scared just now.


In the next 80 days, Xiao Yu'er kept catching the most evil people in the world. Later, he even went to the underworld to snatch the souls and put them all into the "acquired bag". The Lord of Hell knew everything and had no idea. Unknown to everyone, he naturally learned that this was the mysterious fox transformed into the body of the Nine Heavens Mysterious Lady. How could he dare to stand in the way of who was right and wrong among the immortals? If one of them was not handled properly, what would happen to his home, Prince of Hell? He couldn't save it, so when he saw this beautiful female Rakshasa repeatedly using her arbitrary mission, he was so frightened that he fell ill and was bedridden, ignoring everything.

I think that the black and white impermanence is holding the soul here, but this female Rakshasa is holding the soul and going out. Lord Yama is like this. How can the ghosts in the underworld dare to punish heroes for good deeds? They simply turn a blind eye. Anyway, what they take away is nothing. "Good ghost", he himself is at ease, and he doesn't report to anyone.

Xiao Yu'er even imprisoned the souls of treacherous and evil people for 81 days and practiced the magic method of demons for 81 days. Yao'er saw it in his eyes and felt anxious in his heart, because later on, when Xiao Yu'er practiced this skill again, he was gradually able to catch what he needed to suck in, and what he needed to receive. Moreover, starting from the 63rd day, he often wore black clothes, which looked quite like the black and gold robes of the Twin Demons.

On the first day of the 81st day, the magical power was finally completed. The heavy rain continued for 81 days, and in these days it came in waves, and the thunder roared like thousands of horses galloping. Xiao Yu'er knew that the next few days would be the end of the millennium and that the war was about to begin. He felt a little uneasy in his heart, but once he thought about learning this magical skill, he could kill the God Lord and protect his family from being harassed for generations to come. As for the Jade Emperor, he rewarded and punished him. It was clear that killing the Divine Lord would only punish him severely but he would not embarrass his family. However, he would be sorry for the scholar Wang and his wife. Thinking of this, he couldn't help but feel happy and worried at the same time.


"Qingyun Mountain, the clouds are boundless, birds can hardly spread their wings, and the stars in the Milky Way are missing."

What this song sings about is that the Qingyun Mountain is hundreds of miles in circumference and stretches with many peaks. It is covered with clouds and mist all year round. From the mountain, you can't even see the stars in the sky and the Milky Way. Naturally, birds are not willing to linger and rest on this mountain.

No one at the foot of the mountain goes up to the mountain. They only pass this song down from generation to generation, which shows how dangerous this mountain is.

In fact, it's not that the mountain is really dangerous, it's just that the strange families in the mountain have been practicing for thousands of years and never want mortal people to disturb the practice, so they have created some blinding methods to keep people away.

Today, Qingyun Mountain is surrounded by thunderstorms and is about to break out.

Yao'er looked in disbelief at the cold and arrogant man standing on the opposite side of the cloud, wearing a fire robe. The weapon in his hand at this time was not the soft sword in his waist, but a colorful and strange long weapon, which looked like a knife but not a knife. , looks like a spear but not a spear, a fire dragon is circling and waving above the weapon, it is truly majestic and extremely powerful.

Ever since their meeting at Foguang Pavilion that day, Yao'er could not have imagined that this was the true appearance of Lord Ling Xiao, let alone that he would even invite the four brothers of the Demon Family to help him out. Although the four brothers of the Demon Family and the Thunder Goddess and the Mother of Thunder are not like the Immortals, their magic power is profound and they are not inferior to the Immortals. Especially the magic gift of the Guangmu Heavenly King is a red jade pipa, which changes the color of all living beings.

"Why are you? Are you that Ghost King? What do you want with that Buddha's Head Grass?" Yao'er asked blankly.

Lord Lingxiao snorted softly and said: "Little goblin, get out of the way. It has nothing to do with you here. Because you have been kind to me, I will spare you this time. Go ahead!"

Yao'er was puzzled and thought to himself, I hate you to the core, and I have never been kind to you, but I hate you, I hate you, that's what happened in the past, what about now? What now? From that day when I said goodbye to Fo Guang Pavilion, I have already…already…

Before Yao'er could ask again, he heard Xiao Yu'er say calmly: "Your Majesty, please accept this little lady's bow." He said a blessing without much respect.

Then he added: "During a banquet at the Goddess Mountain, my family offended the God King. Later, the God King "loved" me and exiled my brother to the bottom of the South China Sea. My parents still have no place to stay for a long time. Now, the God King wants to live again. The door of my house has been overthrown. The little girl is incompetent in the love between humans and ghosts . I have boldly learned some skills in the past few days. I hope that the gods will take the lead and let the little girl bear all this."

Just when Yao'er was about to open her mouth to say something, she saw Lord Lingxiao raise his eyebrows and stare at Xiao Yu'er calmly: "Do you know how to resist?"

Xiao Yu'er replied with an expressionless look in her eyes: "I don't dare, God Lord's power is boundless."

Lord Lingxiao snorted softly: "I'm asking you for the last time, are you willing to marry?"

Xiao Yu'er simply pursed her lips tightly and said calmly and coldly: "The Lord Shen fell in love with you by mistake!"

"Are you also ignoring your brother and family?" Lord Lingxiao suddenly said angrily.

This time, Xiaoyuer simply stopped talking.


A complicated and sad look flashed across the eyes of Lord Lingxiao. He shook the strange weapon in his hand. Suddenly the sky turned dark, sand and rocks flew, and the fire dragon rushed towards Xiao Yu'er carrying a huge ball of light.

Yao'er shouted: "Sister–" and was about to rush up, but was entangled by the four heavenly kings, fighting endlessly.

Yao'er was furious and kept cursing, using all the disrespectful words she could think of in her life/

Just listen to her silver-like voice constantly echoing in the clouds. People who can't hear clearly will think that it is strangely consistent with the fairy music of the magic red jade pipa, but at this time, this silver-like voice is not beautiful. Just a song.

The four heavenly kings are so powerful. Just one of them is already difficult for Yao'er to defeat, let alone all four of them. If Yao'er hadn't mastered the clone technique so well that it is rare in the three worlds of heaven, earth and human beings, he could barely resist for a while. Otherwise, Yao'er could barely resist. It has long been time to sing "Destiny in the Next Life", and it seems that Lord Lingxiao is definitely going to kill them all this time.

Just as he was clumsily moving from left to right, he was about to be defeated and included in the Hunyuan Pearl Umbrella in the Sea of ​​Demonic Gifts, but he heard a strong wind blowing from the side, and the sky and earth became dark. When he looked closely, he knew that the Great Heavenly Demon had arrived.

Yao'er hurriedly shouted: "Big brother, second brother, please save me——"

Before he finished shouting, he was suddenly startled. He narrowly avoided the azure sword of Moli Qing, and immediately stared at the big demon. Well, to be precise, it was the big and small demons.

Seeing the big demon cast a spell to push away Yao'er and enter the battle circle of the four demon brothers, the battle situation was no longer like the breeze and drizzle teasing Yao'er just now. It was really a shocking change in the world, and the magic power of the big sky was extremely powerful. In order to help Xiao Yu'er these days, they have practiced the Heavenly Demon Divine Art to the 8th level, second only to the Lord Lingxiao. At this time, the four brothers of the Demon Family couldn't help but secretly complain, but because of the Lord's order, they had to use all their strength. Resist with all your strength.

Goodbye Yao'er finally breathed a sigh of relief, wiped the fine beads of sweat on his cheeks, and suddenly looked back at the Little Demon as if remembering something, and then looked back at the Big Demon: "Oh my God, what are you— —”

I saw the little demon floating in the air, with a miserable face, and his watery eyes locked tightly on the big demon in the battle circle, never relaxing for a moment.

"Oh my god, second brother -" As if he noticed something was wrong, Yao'er hesitated again and said in surprise: "Why are you dressed like this?"

Yao'er stared at the little demon closely, and saw that he was no longer wearing a gold-plated black robe like the big demon, but was wearing a black gauze, and the hem was fluttering and seemed to be empty, but when he looked at his face, it was Wearing light makeup and a little pink and white , her eyes were like ripples of autumn water, and she was even more indescribably sad. She was still the high-spirited little devil, she was clearly a woman with a short skirt.

Yao'er opened her mouth wide and asked blankly: "Second brother… um… no, second sister… um, you, why are you separated from your eldest brother's body? Why did you become a woman?"

twenty one

The little demon didn't seem to hear Yao'er's question. He only smiled sadly. That smile was really amazing. Yao'er almost drooled. He didn't expect that the little demon who put on women's clothes was so beautiful. Listening to the little demon said He said to himself: "So what can I do? His heart is still with Xiao Yu'er. We are the same body in this life, but he easily lost his heart for Jing Hua Shui Yue…"

"I quarreled with him, made trouble with him, and even pursued and snatched Xiao Yu'er together with him, just to make Xiao Yu'er fall in love with me and divert the attention of the Great Demon. But I am a woman, and I deliberately act high-spirited. Let him think that I am also a man. In fact, he doesn't mind what I am at all. My husband's androgyny is not important to him at all, because he doesn't look at me at all. Hahaha, it's so ridiculous. Does he really not know? snort……"

"In order to please him, I helped Xiao Yu'er time and time again with him. I was really reluctant. For him, I stole Fairy Hao Ling's Hao Ling Dafa, followed the above method to make him sleepy, and then We were separated after suffering the most unbearable pain in the world. However, our husband was originally a hermaphrodite. I went against the will of heaven and now forcefully tore him apart and gave him my complete soul. I don’t have much time left… But I am willing, I am really willing, I don’t want to endure this kind of suffering anymore…"

Seeing Yao'er still looking at her blankly, Xiao Tianmo smiled faintly at her and slowly picked up the black gauze skirt on her body: "Look, I only have half of it left… only half of it, but my heart It still belongs to him completely…"

Yao'er screamed: "No – how can you do this? There are many ways to express love in this world! Will the devil be happy if you do this?" Yao'er almost shouted.

"So what…" Little Demon put down his long skirt, murmured in response, and ignored Yao'er.

Looking at the Great Heavenly Demon again, he has restrained the four brothers of the Demon family and joined the battle between Lord Lingxiao and Xiao Yu'er.

Xiao Yu'er had just mastered the Heavenly Demon Divine Skill and had little experience on the spot, but the Lord Ling Xiao had experienced hundreds of battles and had made numerous illustrious military exploits for the Jade Emperor.

They saw an elegant red shadow and a slim black shadow criss-crossing each other in the sky. Thousands of auspicious colors and thousands of rays of light burst out around them. Suddenly two huge balls of light converged together, and suddenly a red light pillar and a The black light beams faced each other, and sometimes the red light was slightly stronger, and sometimes the black light was slightly brighter.

Yao'er looked at this rare battle between heaven, earth and human beings, and couldn't help but suddenly tremble and feel intensely worried.

What are you worried about? She really doesn't want either of her sister and Lord Lingxiao to be harmed, but this kind of war will not happen once in ten thousand years. As long as there is a war, one party will definitely choose to end it. Alas, sister, alas, Lord Lingxiao. … Yao'er couldn't help but pray secretly.

I saw two huge red light balls with scorching heat. They attacked the little fish from the front and back and gradually turned into a huge black halo. It was the Lord Lingxiao and the fire dragon on the strange weapon. He was ready to fight with all his strength. Sent!

At this critical moment, a black light suddenly rushed in front of Xiao Yu'er at lightning speed, hugged her with all his strength and cast a spell to separate her from the battle circle——

At the same time, another black shadow was seen rushing into the light, and then, under the attack of the powerful magic power of Lord Lingxiao and the fire dragon, there was only a loud bang——

The black halo that hadn't had time to take shape suddenly separated strangely!

"Don't-" was Xiao Yu'er's shout!

"Big brother – second brother -" Yao'er shouted!

twenty two

Xiao Yu'er took a deep breath, and her eyes suddenly became blazing, like two balls of flame. When she waved her hands, a strong wind suddenly rose, and the clouds suddenly darkened. Pieces of black clouds were thick and fast towards Lingxiao. The god flew away.

In an instant, the little fish opened its mouth, and a dark and shiny bead floated out. The bead grew bigger and bigger, carrying a frightening cry and a gloomy wind.

Look at this moment, Xiao Yu'er whipped out an exquisite mirror in the clouds and looked at the black bead. He saw that the bead suddenly cracked, and a small light spot shot toward Ling Xiao in the middle. God…

"Sister, don't–" Another sharp shout! It's Yao'er.

I saw countless fox shadows suddenly transforming around Lord Lingxiao. However, how could Yao'er's clone technique be able to compete with such a powerful demon magic? There was only a very subtle "pounce" sound, and everything stopped…

Lord Ling Xiao looked at Xiao Yu'er with deep affection and infinite gratitude, and slowly floated down into the clouds.

Xiao Yu'er rushed over and saw Yao'er desperately leaning on Lord Lingxiao. She was stunned for a moment. She walked closer to the two of them and saw Lord Lingxiao's eyes wandering away. She murmured: "Little… Xiaoyu…er…wang…the child of Mr. and Mrs. Wang Shusheng…is Lord Ziweixing who has descended to earth. You…you can't touch…I…I have already asked Fairy Hao Ling and Lord Yan to…take him… Save…"

He was already gasping for breath when he said this, and then continued: "Your… your… brother is… he… he voluntarily… stayed in the South China Sea… at the bottom of the South China Sea… to practice… to practice Learn the magic power I taught him… because… because… only he… only he… can take over… take over my duty to protect Heaven… to protect Heaven… it's… it's me… it's me who won't let me He…asked him to tell you…I…I…designed to deceive Yao'er and force you to learn the Heavenly Demon Skill…but…just wanted to die in your hands…now…now…I… …I…can finally die in your hands, I am finally free from this suffering…This…this is the suffering you gave me…I…I…"

Xiao Yu'er hurriedly held the hand of Lord Lingxiao, trying to put the magic power into his body.

But Lord Lingxiao stopped her with his warm and distracted eyes: "No… no… useless… big and small… once the demons die… and… and your separation… soul-living beads… As soon as…the demon…the magic power of the demon…will no longer exist…in your body…nor…will…no longer harm…harm…human…world…"

He lowered his head again and looked at Yao'er in his arms. His original form had appeared. Lord Lingxiao shook his head very gently and very slowly and closed his eyes: "This… this little… little demon… Alas… I hope… I hope…" I couldn't say any more…


Seeing the two people's bodies that were still full of vitality just now slowly becoming transparent and disappearing little by little on Qingyun Mountain, she was speechless for a while, and stood quietly for a while, and the events flowed before her eyes:

What kind of identity is that Lord Lingxiao, but he has become an enemy of me because of his love? He has set up this dragnet at all costs to remove all those who have entanglements with me. He makes me hate him and leads me to practice the magic of the devil. Who would have thought that he is He was trying to trick me into killing him with my own hands and destroying both the big and small demons and my magical power. He told me that he was unwilling to endure the torment of love alone. However, Yao'er only met Shenjun once, but fell in love at first sight and planted the seeds of love. At this point, she was willing to abandon her path and follow him to reincarnate in the world.

The little demon of the twin demons turned out to be a woman. She loved the big demon deeply but didn't want him to know about it. She then tried every means to compete with the big demon to prevent him from admiring her. In the end, she was willing to endure all kinds of pain and separated her body from him for the sake of living. What is good is that the Great Heavenly Demon can have a complete body and remember her from now on, but she, what is left of her? The big demon died at the hands of the Lord God because he saved me, and the little demon can no longer survive alone and follow him.

They, they have all fallen into reincarnation, they are in love with each other, and they will never be lonely. They have all really loved me, but in different ways, but do I really love them? Thinking about this world, who have I really loved?

I know I don't love the Lord Lingxiao, but could it be that he is my benefactor, Scholar Wang? He is indeed a good man, but I don't love him either. After thinking about Yun'er's deep friendship for a while, I thought silently for a long time and shook my head: Then I don't love anyone.

Immediately, I cut off a few strands of black hair from my hair, threw it down the cliff, and went there without looking back…

I saw those strands of hair dancing in the wind, entangled all the way to the horizon, and instantly drifted across this vast world of mortals…

It turned out that we were on a different road, but there were several scenes of dreams in the small garden.

The faint sound of the piano is here now, how can all the tenderness depend on the book?

I only smell the sweet fragrance of my beloved, and my grudges and entanglements return to earth.

The green silk and white hair are still full of love, and there is no yellow beam for thousands of years.

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