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(We must maintain traditional customs and understand etiquette, but we must not be deeply superstitious.)

Wang Qiang is a carefree and carefree man who has always pursued machismo. He is also a staunch atheist.

Strange things often happen to those who do not believe in evil, as if they are deliberately made to believe that there are indeed wonderful things in this world.

Since the Qingming Festival this year, Wang Qiang has encountered "bad luck" one after another. Some people said that he hit something dirty, some said that he was possessed by a ghost, and some directly said that he was a ghost… Wang Qiang was very annoyed and felt superstitious. This person is really unreasonable, and he is even more unwilling to admit the authenticity of those nonsense. He only said: "I am not a ghost!"

One time, Wang Qiang found that he had forgotten his briefcase in the office after get off work, so he went back to get it. A person stood in the elevator and reached the 11th floor, where Wang Qiang worked. As soon as the elevator door opened, his colleague Xiaoli saw him and squatted on the ground with her head covered and shouted: "What the hell!" "Are you okay?" Wang Qiang was confused by his colleague Xiaoli and asked at a loss. Xiaoli stood up crying and said: "Damn it, I just saw you alone in the elevator, but there were two shadows." Wang Qiang explained that she was dazzled, handed her a piece of toilet paper and left without interest. , he understands that these people who have nothing to do all day are most likely to be nervous.

Wang Qiang walked straight to the office and saw his bag still on the table, but someone had a note on the bag. Wang Qiang picked up the note and read it: Boy, I'm by your side! "Another boring person." He said to himself. At this time, a gust of wind blew from nowhere in the airtight office. Wang Qiang shivered with the cold, shrank his nose, and then returned as if nothing happened. Arrived home.

During dinner in the evening, the mother saw that her son Wang Qiang's face was ugly, and asked with concern: "Qiangzi, why do you look so haggard? Are you okay?" Wang Qiang looked at himself in the mirror. As expected, he looked very lethargic. His hands After touching her face vigorously, she replied: "I finally completed the company's design plan today. I may be too tired." My mother put down the dishes and chopsticks and said, "Work is important, and my body is even more important. We are such a big person, so we should Take care of yourself and take some rest when you have time." Wang Qiang nodded and pointed to the Jidao Ghost Cultivator novel , and accidentally saw the mirror again. Why was he a little evil in the mirror? He suddenly thought of something, walked to the mirror, took a breath, and wiped it with his hands. It turned out that there was a lot of dirt on the mirror. There's no way he would realize that thing, damn it!

One day, Wang Qiang was shopping alone and saw someone robbing him. He rushed to catch the robber, but he missed and fell to the ground. People on the roadside looked at him and laughed. He dusted himself off and stood up immediately. He thought he had seen it wrong. In a blink of an eye, he walked into a snack bar . There were only a few customers in the store. He sat in a corner and ate Chaos. A fat girl at the table next to him said in panic: "How can he eat cockroaches?" After that, she rushed out of the store, and everyone else who saw it also ran out of the store. Wang Qiang looked at the chaos in the bowl and saw that it was not a cockroach. He wondered why so many people had something wrong with it. The shop suddenly became deserted, but he continued to enjoy the delicious food. He didn't care, thinking that no one would disturb him.

The mother heard from neighbors that her son Wang Qiang always hooked up with a seductive woman when he came home at night. The mother felt very strange that her son would not hide anything from her, let alone having such a good thing as having a girlfriend. The mother is thinking: her son is not young anymore, it’s time to find one. If this is the case, I must ask him carefully and ask him to take the girl home to see her.

That afternoon, Wang Qiang went home whistling happily. The mother had been sitting at the door waiting for a long time. When she saw her son coming back, she quickly asked: "Qiangzi, why didn't you tell mom that you have a girlfriend?" "What? What girlfriend?" Wang Qiang was confused and put on his slippers. "The neighbors have seen it, why don't you take it home?" The mother is still chasing after her. Wang Qiang would not have thought that his mother would be like this: "Mom, don't listen to the nonsense of those bastard neighbors! When your son wants to get a wife, he will definitely say hello to you." His mother was embarrassed to say anything more, and Wang Qiang muttered in his heart. He murmured why there were so many people. onset.

The next day, the mother heard from the neighbors that her son Wang Qiang might have encountered something dirty. She was extremely anxious. A fortune teller happened to be passing by their neighborhood. She was afraid that her son might have encountered something evil, so the mother invited the fortune teller back home.

The fortune teller told his mother eloquently and eloquently: "Your son is destined to have this calamity. He is possessed by a thousand-year-old pig demon. This pig demon is not just an ordinary person. It has practiced nine hundred and nine hundred and ninety-nine years in Bodhi Mountain." Nineteen years. This year, I just happened to be interested in your son's body. Your son may have lost money or been injured, or his family may have been destroyed. Fortunately, I have a rescue method…" Before the fortune teller could finish speaking, Wang Qiang went home. When the fortune teller saw that Wang Qiang was back, he spoke more enthusiastically: "Did you see the evil spirit in your son? Oh, there is a female ghost behind him…" Before he could finish speaking, Wang Qiang threw the fortune teller's crutch. He pulled out the chair and pushed the fortune teller far away from the door. Wang Qiang was very angry and cursed at the fortune teller: "Fuck you, I don't believe this. Get out of here, you blind man! Don't spit cats out of the dog's mouth here." Teeth." If it weren't for the fact that the fortune teller was really blind, and if his mother hadn't dissuaded him, Wang Qiang would have given the fortune teller a beating. The fortune teller said loudly at the door: "You brat, you don't believe it. I really saw a female ghost next to you, and the female ghost will keep pestering you." After saying that, he quickly disappeared into the corridor.

Wang Qiang lives in the days of seeing ghosts every day. The ghosts he sees are other people, and he has never seen them himself. People who knew him would take a detour when they saw him, just like they were avoiding the plague. When he saw such people, he yelled: "Go to hell! I'm not a ghost. They're just a bunch of superstitious ghosts."

In the dead of night, Wang Qiang still feels uncomfortable. Others look at him strangely and no one understands him. Fortunately, he can comfort himself and tell jokes to himself. Otherwise, there will be another horrible result. One day he can't figure it out and chooses to commit suicide, and he might actually become a ghost.

One year has passed, and it’s the Qingming Festival again.

Wang Qiang is going to the countryside with his mother to worship his ancestors and sweep their graves. Although he does not believe in ghosts and gods, he pays great attention to traditional etiquette. The night before departure, his mother went to bed early, and Wang Qiang lay on the sofa watching TV. It looked fine at first, but the screen suddenly flickered and then the signal disappeared. Wang Qiang went to take a picture of the TV. After waiting for almost a minute, the image appeared again. This was a channel that he had never seen before, and the footage played in it was so familiar that Wang Qiang remembered that it was from when he was sweeping his tomb during the Qingming Festival last year.

Wang Qiang looked at it curiously and with great interest. The TV shows him and his mother walking on a hillside. Her mother is panting and looking very tired. He carries her on his back and continues walking. When he came to a fork in the road, he kicked over a jar… Then a woman wearing Qing Dynasty clothes appeared on the TV. The woman was very seductive. She suddenly said coquettishly on the TV: "You can't get rid of me." Mine." Wang Qiang felt sick when he looked at her, and the girl turned into an extremely ugly monster. She must be the ghost that people often call it. It had a green face and fangs, and it seemed to be about to rush out of the TV. . Wang Qiang vomited and quickly turned off the TV, but the TV automatically turned on after turning off. He unplugged it again, but it was no use. He still saw the ghost running wild on the TV. Wang Qiang's hand touched a cup in a hurry. He picked up the cup and threw it at the TV. Everything disappeared. Wang Qiang didn't take this matter to heart, took a bath and went to bed…

In the afternoon of the next day, Wang Qiang took his mother back to the countryside. They visited the graves and paid homage to their ancestors. They passed by the hillside intersection on TV again. He dropped his mother off first, and then used the excuse that he had to go to the cemetery to clean up. His mother told him to hurry up and visit the grave with sincerity, so as to avoid disasters.

There are many trees on the roadside, which gives people an eerie feeling. During the Qingming Festival, there should be many people who know how to sweep the tombs, but the cemetery of Wang Qiang's ancestor is located in a remote place, and there are fewer and fewer people who maintain this custom these days. Even in broad daylight, most people would still be able to walk alone on the road. Feeling somewhat scared. Apart from being very quiet and deserted along the way, it was also terrifying.

As expected, Wang Qiang discovered the broken jar at the crossroads. There seemed to be a seal or something on it. A year has passed, exposed to the sun, rain, and strong winds, and there is almost no powder left in the jar. Wang Qiang suddenly wanted to pee. On a whim, he picked up his personal penis and peed into the jar. He felt extremely comfortable. After urinating, he shivered. The color of the sky began to change, dark clouds gathered, and strong winds began to blow… A miserable voice shouted: "Ah! Eh! Ah!" The sound lasted for a short time and then disappeared. Now, the color of the sky has returned to normal, the dark clouds have evolved into colorful clouds, and the strong wind has become gentle and gentle. Wang Qiang lowered his head and saw a pool of blood next to the jar. The blood was emitting wisps of smoke and emitting an unpleasant stench.

After the Qingming Festival, Wang Qiang's life returned to normal. People were very happy to see him. Some people jokingly said to him: "I know you are not a ghost anymore!" Wang Qiang smiled and said: "I am not a ghost in the first place. ."

As for why the ghost disappeared? Haha, this is a secret. Wang Qiang doesn't have a girlfriend, he is a very clean man and remains a boy. What he pissed was a boy's urine. What monsters and monsters can't be killed? The most important thing is that he doesn't believe there are ghosts in the world at all, he just treats it as a game.

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