Folk Ghost Stories

"Eat radish in winter" is a well-known saying among northern people, and it is also a widely circulated nutritional slogan in the north. Yang Fengming didn't say anything, but he was a little unhappy in his heart. He felt that Zhou Chuner was too troublesome. Zhao Guanglin smiled and said: "I have also thought about it, why not call it Tianxiang Pickle after the lady. Guanglin is not a treacherous person, and I am by no means an expert in business. … Continue readingFolk Ghost Stories

Strange Stories From Liaozhai: The Taoist Priest Arrives At The Mountain

The old Taoist priests and several Taoist priests lived in the Chenghuang Temple, and they did fortune-telling and fortune-telling for people. The Taoist priests also had some knowledge of Qihuang techniques and helped people, so the reputation of the Chenghuang Temple spread. Miao Zhu woke up and came over to take a look. Seeing Zhishan in shock, he told Zhishan, "In this Chenghuang Temple, there are some wronged souls who seek revenge every year. But for those souls that come uninvited, Lingguan Ye will not open the door. He is free to let the people in the temple do so." It's best to open the door. You won't have much time to stay in the temple in the mountains, so don't be afraid. … Continue readingStrange Stories From Liaozhai: The Taoist Priest Arrives At The Mountain

The Ghost On The Road Chapter 49 Jianghu

Both Partridge Shao and Chen Xiazi often travel in rivers and lakes. They have rich experience. They often say "people are in rivers and lakes." What is a river and lake? Judging from my experience, Boss Wu, there is probably a large group of tombs in Laoxiong Ridge. What kind of tomb robbing skills do those warlords and bandits know? I have never heard of it before, and I don’t know whether it is true or not, but the world is rough and there are many heroes, and the common eye does not recognize it. I have missed it many times. Now that I have encountered this opportunity, why not go to the city to meet him for a while? … Continue readingThe Ghost On The Road Chapter 49 Jianghu

Miao Village Ghost Stories: Heart Poison

The girl was bewitched by someone! Besides, if the person who lost the poison was the man from Hei Miao, where did they learn how to kill the peach blossom poison and the poisonous insects of the peach blossom poison? The goddess asked again, why do you want to fall into the heart? And when you told him that you wanted to cast a heart poison, he accepted it sincerely. But when he returned to his village and realized how terrifying the heart poison was, he began to look for people to remove it. However, the heart poison also How can I find someone to explain. … Continue readingMiao Village Ghost Stories: Heart Poison

Folk Ghost Stories

"The old man understood as soon as he heard it. It turned out that the old woman had watched a play called "Soldiers Trapped at Erlang Mountain". In the play, they only sang about soldiers going up the mountain, but not about going down the mountain." After hearing this, the old woman yelled and cursed: "You are a heartless and unintentional thing." ! When the old woman heard the news, she immediately jumped up, walked to the main room, and said to the old man: "Damn old man! The old man thought that the pig had been sold for money, and he didn't know what to do. … Continue readingFolk Ghost Stories


The master is not a master, he just picked up a book when he was young and down and down, and learned a few skills, one of which is seduction. The so-called ecstasy is to hook the soul of a dying person and seal it in a human-shaped paper man, and do some magic to make the soul appear in the yang world when it is the first seven sons, and spend a little time with relatives. With an unfathomable smile on the lips of the master, he said: Your life is still long. Seeing that Grandmaster's face remained unchanged, he suddenly took out a dagger from his pocket and rushed towards Grandmaster, but suddenly fell limply like a puppet that lost its soul. To use soul art, the premise is that the caster has become a soul. … Continue readingSoul