Master, my grandma wants to see my late grandpa. said the young man earnestly.

The master closed his eyes and concentrated: Since you have come to my place, the rules are that you should

Before the master finished speaking, the man stepped forward quickly and put the wooden box in front of the master: inside the wooden box were the things that were closest to grandpa during his lifetime.

The master nodded and asked: Is it too late? The man was a little embarrassed: today is the first seven.

The master pondered for a while: time is a little rushed. But seeing something flashing in the man's eyes, he waved his hand, that's all, come here today.

After the man left his grandfather's name and thanked him a lot and left, the master hurriedly turned around and went to the house to search for the paper figurine.

The master is not a master, he just picked up a book when he was young and down and down, and learned a few skills, one of which is seduction. The so-called ecstasy is to hook the soul of a dying person and seal it in a human-shaped paper man, and do some magic to make the soul appear in the yang world when it is the first seven sons, and spend a little time with relatives.

At midnight, a man in the daytime walked over with the help of a teary-eyed old woman. The master looked at the thin old woman with a strange look in his eyes.The man stood behind with his head bowed, and the old woman looked at the figure swaying in the gloomy candlelight behind the curtain, and almost burst into tears: My wife, Master Ghost , you have always been in good health, why did you leave suddenly? How can I live alone

A gust of cold wind blew, the curtain was lifted slightly, and a hoarse voice came from behind the curtain: I am a figure suddenly raised his head to look at the young man, and said hesitantly, he accidentally fell down the mountain and knocked his head, grandson, you have to take good care of your grandma.

Since the young man heard the familiar voice behind the curtain, his expression became a little strange. Hearing this, he suddenly fell to his knees and said, "Grandpa, the grandson must take good care of grandma."

The dark wind blew past, the candlelight suddenly went out, the master walked out from behind the curtain with a pale face, and said: "It's time."

The man's face was pale, and he helped the old woman who was wiping tears to the front of the master. The old woman thanked the master a thousand times: Thank you, master, my old woman who is numbered at this time has finally fulfilled a wish.

With an unfathomable smile on the lips of the master, he said: Your life is still long. The old woman shook her head: My body has long thanked the master.

Seeing that the backs of the two disappeared from sight, the master did not enter the room, but sat in the place in front of the paper figurine. Rubbing the lifeless paper figure with his rough fingers, he sighed: Why bother.

The courtyard was quiet for half an hour, and then there was a rustling sound. The master looked at the man who came in from outside the wall, and said: You really are here.

The man forced himself to be calm: You really know, it was that dead old man who told you, right? Seeing that Grandmaster's face remained unchanged, he suddenly took out a dagger from his pocket and rushed towards Grandmaster, but suddenly fell limply like a puppet that lost its soul.

The master lightly squeezed the paper figurine in his hand, and murmured: He was just afraid that I would invite him and cause disaster. So he told me this matter, just in case you were not finished, the paper man in his hand struggled, and the man's voice came out: You are all old and immortal, I just asked him for a sum Do you want money to buy a house, but he refused to give it to me. They are all dying, what are they doing with so much money!why not give me

The master pursed his lips: Did you know your grandma had cancer?

The paper man paused and laughed crazily: So these old bastards must die, then I will get the money soon! The next moment, the laughter stopped abruptly, and the paper man's neck was torn. The master blew lightly, and the paper figure landed safely on the man who had long been breathless on the ground. The next moment, the man suddenly opened his eyes, but there was no previous hostility in his eyes.

The master put the paper figurine in the man's hand: This is your grandpa's original lifespan, you give this to your grandma, let her live well, and you will keep like this until the old man dies, and then surrender yourself. As soon as the voice fell, the young man got up and left.

The master took the stick and was about to leave the village. Just before leaving, he came to the tomb of the man's grandfather, Lao Zhang. Looking at the grey-haired old Zhang in the photo, he sighed in a low voice: When I was down and out, you gave me three steamed buns. This incident involved three lives, so it was evened out.

A gust of wind blew by, and the master looked at the misty mountains and forests in the distance, and said: My wish is also fulfilled.

The voice gradually died down, and the master who was standing there disappeared, leaving only an old and yellowed paper man. The cane, which lost its support, fell to the ground with a crisp sound.

Although Lao Zhang gave the master three steamed buns, it only relieved his hunger for a while, and ultimately failed to save his life.

To use soul art, the premise is that the caster has become a soul.

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