Ghost House

Uncle Ming gave me and Fatty the two short swords used by the Hentian clan to scrape clams and slay dragons. He said that if he wanted to dive in Guixu to find a way out, he basically had to be mentally prepared to never return. What's the danger? The "water-dividing sword" of Danmin's ancestors is at least more reliable than diving knives and spear guns. Fatty and I scolded Uncle Ming secretly and wanted to push us out as a shield.

But at this moment, I can't bear to argue with him anymore. I seized the time to tell everyone that it seems that there will be a big tide on the sea, and the Guixu may be filled with sea water at any time. Staying here and being burned by the dragon fire will only lead to death. We dive into the bottom of the water to survive, we dive into the bottom of the water to survive, we only have one chance, and there is no reason to turn back. If the scuba is exhausted and you can't swim out…then I don't need to say the result. In short, remember three points, first, the team Take action, advance together and retreat together; secondly, don’t waste time; thirdly, you must withstand the psychological pressure at the last moment, you must be willing to go all out, put all your eggs in one basket, and never turn back.

At this time, everyone knew that, with the scuba oxygen we carried, if we wanted to escape to the ruins without confirming whether there was an exit, the probability of getting out alive might not even be one in a thousand. But staying here was either overturned by the surge and fell into the water to feed the sharks, or burned to death by dragon fire and hot springs. If you don't take action, you will have no way out. As Uncle Ming said, "If you don't gamble, you don't know your luck will be high." No matter how few opportunities there are, they are still opportunities. Instead of waiting to die, why not take a risk while you are full of energy now? Dang even made up his mind.

At this time, the rain of fire suddenly stopped falling, and the sharks on the nearby water surface were snatching the carcass of the snapper. The water had already risen to the head of the bronze slave, and there were densely packed copper human heads on the water surface. Hitting the giant clock, the atmosphere was indescribably oppressive, but I saw that it was the opportunity to enter the water, so I gestured to everyone, put on the frog mirror and put the breathing tube in, and was about to lead the way down the "楗木" into the water. But Guchai grabbed his arm.

I pushed the frog mirror away and asked, "What? You retreated?" Seeing Longhu Guchai's expression of astonishment and horror, he said to everyone, "I can't go…I saw…a white… White sun!"

I heard from Gu Guai that I saw the white sun, so I didn’t understand what nonsense this kid was talking about. I thought he was too nervous and frightened his head. After all, the strong psychological pressure brought by despair is not something that a sixteen or seventeen year old can bearable.

Uncle Ming was taken aback. Seeing the sun on the sea is not a good omen. Anyone who knows the weather of walruses knows that "the sun is pale and the sky is full of storms", which is a sign of an imminent disaster, and he was almost paralyzed On the ground, fortunately being supported, Shirley Yang asked Gu Chai: "Don't worry, let's make it clear."

Guchai hurriedly pointed to the top of his head: "Look, the sun is white…" Everyone did not expect that the sun he said was right above their heads. How could they see the sun in the sky in the Guixu whose terrain resembled the belly of a whale? ? Just as he was about to cast his eyes upwards, unexpectedly there was a white round object hanging above his head, facing the top of the "楗木" inlaid with arrow stones.

Just now, the sea gas was stirred up, the dragon fire in the rock formation splashed, and a rain of fire fell, and the mid-air was filled with mist formed by the dark fire burning the sea, and no one paid attention to the situation above. I was startled in my heart, a little confused, and wondered: "What is that?" It happened so suddenly, I couldn't recover for a moment, I was only at a loss, but I still knew that it was definitely not the sun.

Shirley Yang stared at a black dome in the rock formation that was obviously higher than the surrounding ones, as if he suddenly thought of something, and said happily: "Ghost Island!" It turned out that the white halo was not the sun that Guchai described, but the sun that had not been seen in Guixu. A "skylight" covered by sea air and Lingtian Wu set ghost swordsman , there is a gate of heaven on the ground, and there is an underground current below, so it has kept its vitality undiminished for thousands of years. When we first entered the Coral Spiral, the high tide was receding, and a black island was exposed on the sea surface. It was a "ghost island" that appeared and disappeared due to the effect of the tide.

When the tide is high, the island will be submerged, and when the tide is low, it will reappear on the surface of the sea. At the beginning, we mistakenly thought that the ghost island was the back of a giant whale coming out of the water. We were afraid that it would overturn the ship if it surged out. We bombarded it with Poseidon cannons and confirmed that it was a lonely island on the sea. The ghost island divides the coral spiral into two areas, the east and the west. We were attacked by the "sea snake" and sank into the sea eye from the east. Unexpectedly, the historical site of the Hentian clan in Guixu was built right under the ghost island.

What's more, I didn't expect that there was a skylight-like cave on Ghost Island, which led directly to the sea. It must have been dark, revealing a disc-sized skylight, and Gu Cai mistakenly thought that he saw the white sun before the big storm. It is estimated that this well-like cave was not collapsed by the "Sea Shocking Cannon" on the Trident. This sun-shooting artifact "楗木" is like a big tree, with arrow stones embedded as a canopy, and it looks like it is about to break out. It turns out that the sun-shooting totem has a rigorous layout and deep meanings. Only now do I feel that the Heaven-Hateful Man has painstakingly built a mythical scene. It is not just a simple show, but there seems to be a bigger secret hidden in it. Since the Shang and Zhou dynasties, some people have used the sun, the moon, the stars, fish, dragons, and beasts to represent defense. Judging from the broken bronze ornaments on the sacred tree on the seabed, the skylight corresponds to the position of the moon. I really can't guess why it is arranged this way.

The fat man asked everyone: "Everyone, I said let's stop looking around and marveling. Didn't we see the water rise? Should we climb up along this Dinghaishen needle, or dive into the bottom of the water to find another way out? It's not too late. Where do we go? We must get it quickly." Make up your mind."

I saw that the ghost island was the life gate leading directly to the sea, and I heard the loud rumble around it, which was the signal that the tide was about to rise. After the tide rises, this ghost island will also be submerged underwater. We can only seize the opportunity to climb up the Shenmu and leave Guixu, and we can wait until we get back to the sea to worry about the rest.

I thought about this and was about to make a decision when Shirley Yang suddenly stopped me and said: "At first I thought that using 楗wood to make giant arrows was not in line with the ancient legends in Chinese civilization. The descendants claim to be self-proclaimed, but the tree is a shady tree. It is said that it is an ancient sacred tree, which can grow from the bottom of the sea to the moon palace. The cave like a skylight is set in the moon position, which must be a symbol of the bright moon. The records of Hentian in ancient books Rarely, but on the bronze tripod in the period of King Mu of Zhou, there is a legend that Hentian flew to the moon after his death. This is probably not a totem of shooting the sun, but a journey to the moon, which is used by the dead. Let's climb from here Is it dangerous to go up?"

Everyone's hearts sank. It turns out that "楗木" is not the war totem of "Shooting the Sun", but the symbol of "Flying to the Moon". In the final analysis, this crater is indeed an "ancient tomb" that exists beyond common sense. In the coral spiral sea area, due to the condensation of sea air, it is not easy to see the stars and the moon. The white sky at the top of the "Armor Tree" is indeed like a full moon. This underwater sacred tree that sublimates the souls of the dead seems to be only one step away from the bright moon. As long as you climb to the top of the "Armor Tree", you can leave this place with a single leap. A sea of ​​chaos with no exit.

Uncle Ming saw the shadows of sharks on the water around him. Diving into the sea would inevitably lead to a life-and-death struggle with sharks. He has been in the sea for many years, so he naturally knows how powerful it is. Reason, there are indeed ancient legends about the sacred tree flying to the moon to die on the sea, but even if it is the sacred tree at the bottom of the water, it is the road to the sky for us to put to death and reborn…" After finishing speaking, he took the lead and climbed the dragon-scaled tree. Step by step, he slowly climbed up to the skylight above the rough ancient wooden slope, humming the miserable tune of the Danmin to strengthen himself, as solemn and solemn as a wolf howling and crying: "My sea god, save me poor man, I'm not afraid that the waves are bottomless, I'm afraid that I won't be able to return home…"

I saw that Uncle Ming had already climbed the sacred tree that seemed to be able to hold the bright moon. He was in his sixties, and he did not hesitate to say it, but he was serious about his hands and feet. Tendency molecule. But his actions also dispelled our worries, and it was all in one fell swoop. At this time, the whole team had to climb up to the exit to escape, but the scuba frog equipment could not be thrown away. Go, and return to the water.

The second one to climb up the "楗木" was Fatty. He was carrying scuba and a big bag of blue hair. Gao's actions have always been his weakness, and when the situation got to this point, he had no choice but to go all out. He closed his eyes, and in a few steps, he climbed several meters from the slanted giant log.

Everyone climbed up the tall "楗木" covered with copper chains in a row, wondering whether the thousands of years old wood can still withstand it. Bending down and looking down, the surrounding sea water is tumbling, and countless bronze slaves can be seen on the water surface under the feet, and there are many sharks circling and swimming in the water. Most of the ruins of the entire ring-shaped ancient city have sunk into the water. I was worried that the fat man would fall due to nervousness, so I called out to the fat man lying in front: "Commander Wang, open your eyes and see, we are about to climb to the moon, and the little widow in the moon palace and her elixir are still here!" It's all waiting for you to accept."

The fat man felt the water under the giant tree was strong, and the cold wind blowing from a high place was blowing in his ears. He didn't dare to open his eyes, but his mouth was still able to cope, and he shouted: "Hu Bayi, what time is it? Why are you starting to act badly again? You still don’t know that the Commander has such a bit of elegance in his life. When he goes to a high place, he likes to close his eyes and meditate and play some deep things. It’s like a mirror in our hearts. Little widow, you have to fall down to feed the fish, and then I will grab your wicked, smoking pad…"

Amidst the roaring waves, the six climbed to the top of the sacred tree on the seabed. By this time, their backs were aching from the heavy weight. Although their hands and feet were weak, no one dared to let go. You can feel the air on the sea has been blown to your face, and a white hazy sky is clearly visible. But from the bottom, "楗木" seems to be very close to the exit, but when it gets closer, it is discovered that it is impossible to go out without wings. Uncle Ming stood up tremblingly at the highest point, stood on tiptoes, and reached out to reach the edge of the cave without giving up, but it was too far away, and even more than ten meters away, he felt disheartened and almost fell over. The lower Shenmu planted in the water.

I secretly cursed that I was careless this time. I didn’t bring climbing equipment such as rope hook guns and flying tiger claws when I went out to sea. Only then did people understand that ordinary people are not Chang'e who took the elixir and ascended lightly. They are all flesh and blood in life, and their quality is heavy. Or as brave as the overlord of Western Chu, who has the divine power to tear the silk and pull the ground and pull nine cows backwards, he is also subject to gravity, and he must never walk one step away from the ground. The situation of "flying to the sky and flying to the moon" will only exist in mythology Among the legends.

I climbed onto the arrow stone embedded in the wooden end, which was fossilized and still strong and firm after being washed by the sea. I saw the dragon fire in the rock formations making the sea hazy, standing in the air, like clouds growing on the soles of the feet, tens of meters below was a turbulent chaotic water, and the water potential was still increasing. At this time, everyone's faces were covered with sweat and water vapor. Seeing that the road to "flying to the moon" was a dead end, they all gasped and had no choice.

Uncle Ming still had a whimsical idea, maybe when the water came up, he would be able to swim out of the cave with the gushing water. Gu Cai and Duo Ling looked around, but were at a loss. I could hear the sound of the sky above my head like cracking silk, whistling back and forth, thinking that the sky outside was just dawning, and it was the time when the morning tide was first born. I am afraid that the ghost island will be submerged by the rising tide in a short while, and the sea water will rush through the skylight. If you pour it in, if you stay here, you will be washed into pieces by the torrent, and it seems that you have to go down the waterway. When I looked down, I saw countless sharks and vicious fishes in the water, which was really frightening. If you go into the water without any cover or hindrance, let alone diving into the depths, you will be killed by the swarms as soon as you enter the water. Sharks eat.

At this time, Shirley Yang suddenly let out a "huh", and there were many arrow stones with a diameter of several meters all over the inclined wooden body, just like the canopy canopy pavilion of an old tree. Arrow stones are fossils of ancient marine organisms, and shady wood is also an ancient wood that has been deposited on the seabed for thousands of years. We can no longer tell whether the arrow stones embedded in shady wood are naturally generated or artificially embedded for decoration. There is a copper door, the texture of the thick copper plate is like scales, very close to the black scale cracks on the wooden pole, if it is not for Shirley Yang staying on the slope of the wooden body, it is not easy to detect.

None of us expected that there would be such a large bronze gate on the wooden body near the top of "楗木". We wiped off the seaweed and other things on it with our hands. In the copper pattern, there is a sea-sea god wood connected to the sea water. The fuzzy carvings of the moon and the moon, and the flying totems of the dead bird that can also be seen in the ancient tombs of the Yin and Shang Dynasties in the Western Zhou Dynasty, further prove that this is the tomb passage of an ancient tomb, which immediately reminds people that the "楗木" is hollow, and the inside is hollow. There is a hidden passage, a passage for the dead and undead to step on the sacred tree and fly to the moon. Under that passage must be the ancient tomb of "Hentian Clan".This is similar to the "Tianmen" left at the entrance of the underground palace in the ancient Chinese tomb customs, allowing the owner of the tomb to ascend to immortality. Above the sacred tree in the Moon Palace

At this time, the high tide of the coral "coral spiral" sea covered the sky, and the misty sky suddenly dimmed. Everyone knew that as soon as the tide passed over the ghost island, it would immediately pour down, and the water under the "楗木" also rose accordingly. The sharks had eaten up the "deep-sea goldeneye" that was killed by the cluster grenade, and now entering the water is tantamount to courting death. In front of the fangs of the sea, in a desperate situation, no one can pretend to be a hero, everyone is already ashen, hugging the arrow stone at the top of the sacred tree on the seabed, flustered.

I saw that the bronze door was slightly sunken into the wood, and it was tightly sealed. I don’t know if the ancient tomb was filled with sea water long ago, but I had no choice but to slide into the ancient tomb from the tomb passage to avoid the torrent. , There is a group of sharks in danger. I pointed to the bronze gate to Shirley Yang, and said, "Since we can't go up to Guanghan Palace, we can only go down to the cemetery."

Shirley Yang nodded, and then used a diving knife to pry open the closed bronze door. I pulled out the "Ancient Water Dividing Sword" of Hentian's dragon's jaw with my backhand. A crowbar was used, but unexpectedly the blade was sharp and tough, after a few strangles, the chain tied to the bronze door was cut.

At this time, the sea water above the head has been poured down in bursts, and the tide has not submerged the ghost island, but under the surging tide, the tide head has reached the top. Time was getting tighter, Uncle Ming, Guchai and others were so anxious to see it, they all rushed over to help, and worked together to pry the pot door on the wet old tree. The thick copper door has not been opened for thousands of years, but now it is opened, but there is no gloomy air, but the smell of mildew is disgusting, revealing a wide and dark passage, which is extremely wide and deep, and it is bottomless, as if it leads directly to the underworld. deep.

Shirley Yang scratched an "inch phosphorus" and threw it down. After measuring the air circulation, it was harmless to people, so he immediately said to everyone: "There is no seawater in it, and the air is safe. You can go down!"

As I spoke, the tide reached my head, and I didn't have to think about it any more. I pushed the people around me into the passage in the "楗木" one by one, and followed them into it, and closed the bronze door again. In the dark, I felt a thunderous sound in the whole space. The torrent of sea water hit the sacred tree on the seabed and made a loud noise. It sounded deafening inside the big tree. It seemed that the whole body was about to be shattered. Where the prying is broken, water is constantly seeping down.

I opened my mouth wide and dared not close it to prevent damage to my eardrums. Someone had turned on a diving flashlight in the dark wooden passageway. This lighting tool is not effective in an environment without water. But you can hang it on your body and free your hands to do other things. I also turned on the diving flashlight on my chest, and saw that in this indescribably large wooden tomb, the surrounding wood was extremely dense, and the inner wall was rough. Although there was a lot of moisture, it did not feel slippery. Everyone was carrying a heavy load, and it was easy to go up and down the sloping tomb passage, so they had to use diving knives to tie the wooden wall, clench their teeth, and move slowly down inch by inch.

I don't know how long I've been climbing down, but the sound of the tide hitting the Shenmu has faded away. I don't know if the water in the Guixu is full or the tide has receded, but I just can't see the end of the tomb passage, and the deeper it is, the more sinister it is. The more pungent the moisture, finally heard the sound of rushing water, and the giant tree fell to the bottom.

Shirley Yang freed up one hand and threw a phosphorescent bomb down, the light reflected the water, and the distance from the water surface was less than ten meters. I asked everyone to tear off the inflatable rings of the two inflatable rucksacks and throw them on the water, and then fell into the water one after another. They all struggled to swim to the side of the airbags to take a rest.

I looked up and looked around in the bleak phosphorescence. At the bottom of the huge black tower-like wood, I fell into a cave formed by the remains of an ancient coral reef. It is full of tortoise shell keels as big as millstones, and the bone shells are densely packed with ancient symbols and marks for deduction of divination. However, they have been soaked in seawater for too many years, and most of them have been blurred. On the reef not far away, there is a paleontological skull similar to a giant whale. There are dozens of raised human figures in the skull, which may be the place where the corpse is parked in the ancient tomb. An ancient corpse that has not melted for thousands of years under the sea.

I touched the diving carrying bag subconsciously, and then I remembered that I didn't bring the "black donkey's hooves", but there was a cold and hard "Qin Wang Zhao Gu Jing", and I suddenly felt at ease. I wanted to check the depth of the water, but found that the index on the dial had reached its head. I don't know if it was broken, or the water in the coral cave was unfathomable.

When the fat man came down just now, he was so scared that his calves were cramping, but when he saw that there were still dead people in this strange ancient tomb, he suddenly became emotional again, and pulled everyone to go to the water to see what happened. I saw that the pile of whale bone fossils was just for everyone to take a break, so I waved and asked everyone to swim over and take off their equipment to catch their breath.

Everyone climbed up the reef exhaustedly, and saw a fish paste lamp made of mummified shark corpses poured with oil. Merman's ointment never dries up for thousands of years, and has a very low ignition point. It can burn with just a little air, which can just replace a flashlight. Uncle Ming immediately lifted up the "fish candle" and lit it. Looking at the several dead bodies in the whale bones, he muttered to himself: "Forget about your old mother, there is really an ancient tomb of Hentian in the South China Sea. These genuine underwater zombies are worth a lot." It's expensive…"

We were under the fish candle, and before we could see the blurred ancient corpse, we first discovered the sign of "shock up shake down" on the tortoise shell in front of the whale bone. Since we have seen it two or three times at sea, Uncle Lian Ming and Fatty already recognized it. This is the hexagram that "shocked Baili". What is the deep meaning of this ancient hexagram that repeatedly appeared in Guixu?

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