Morgue In The Dormitory

My name is Fan Chen, and I was lucky enough to be admitted to this medical school not long ago. At the beginning of the new semester, I joined the college’s news agency.

Late at night, with my face turned blue by the computer screen, I was searching for all kinds of interesting news information on the Internet.


I don't know which application suddenly popped up a small window in the lower right corner of the screen. I clicked on the link in the small window, and five bloody and twisted words appeared on the page – Supernatural Archives.

There are many folders named after people in the "Supernatural Archives". Lai Zhipeng? I quickly discovered this name among the many names. He is one of my roommates.

I slid the pulley down curiously, and the photos and words that gradually appeared made me shudder! It was a charred corpse, with only charred skin and some bloody and rotten flesh turned out. Underneath the photo is a caption: "Lai Zhipeng died in an explosion caused by a natural gas leak at his home on August 14, 2011."

"2011? Isn't it a year ago?" I murmured and turned to look at Lai Zhipeng, who was already sleeping soundly. "Do I live with a ghost every day?" I laughed at my own thoughts and regarded all this as one thing. The prank was forgotten.

Ring ring ring——

Early in the morning, Lai Zhipeng's cell phone kept ringing.

"Lai Zhipeng, turn off your phone!" I shouted impatiently after being woken up.

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"He went out early in the morning and didn't bring his cell phone with him. Go and turn it off for him." Li Rui, who was also sleepy, lifted the quilt covering his head and said to me. I had to reluctantly get out of bed and turn off this annoying mobile phone.

I picked up Lai Zhipeng's mobile phone and saw a text message. The sender column actually showed "Supernatural Archives"! I was shocked , and then curiously opened the text message: "Warm reminder from Supernatural Archives" , Qing was prepared to die at home at 8:43 today – July 15th."

July 15th? I looked at the date displayed on my phone, and it was clearly August 14th. Just when I was puzzled, I suddenly remembered something and quickly opened the calendar on my phone: "It's July 15th on the lunar calendar!"

"In July and a half, ghosts are everywhere." I muttered the jingle I heard from my grandma. Thinking of the pictures I saw in the "Supernatural Archives" last night, I have an ominous premonition!

At this time, my phone vibrated and rubbed against the table, making a dull sound. I opened my phone and saw the news text message I had subscribed to: "I had already known the news. A major natural gas leak and explosion occurred in Tangmao Garden Community in this city ten minutes ago. The situation at the scene was tragic. Relevant departments have intervened in rescue and investigation."

Tangmao Garden is Lai Zhipeng’s home. It was 8:43 ten minutes ago. The predictions of the website and text message came true!

I woke up Li Rui and Deng Shangsong, who were still sleeping, and told them the whole story. We were surprised but also a little skeptical, so we decided to rush to Tangmao Garden Community to see whether the news was true or false.

Just as we were changing trains at Taiming Lake Station, an old woman’s cry for help came from behind us. She was breathing heavily and was so nervous that she couldn't even speak clearly. She picked up Li Rui and ran towards the lake. There were not many people in Taiming Lake in the early morning, and the surroundings were dead silent.

Zhang Chen’s ghost stories at the morgue and Zhang Chen’s ghost stories_Zhang Chen’s ghost stories at the morgue Story morgue_Chang Chen tells ghost stories The lodger_Chang Chen tells ghost stories The morgue night mystery

The old lady pointed to a group of ripples in the middle of the lake and shouted: "Grandson… grandson…" We immediately realized that her grandson had fallen into the water!

Li Rui, who had the best water ability, immediately took off all his clothes, jumped into the water, and swam toward the ripples in the center of the water. At this time, Li Rui's cell phone left on the shore suddenly rang. I opened it and saw that the sender was "Supernatural Archives" again!

"Warm reminder from the Supernatural Archives: Please be prepared to die on July 15th at Taiming Lake at 10:54 today."

Then came the clear voice of the old lady: "It's time to go."

I turned around nervously, but I didn't see the old lady. Li Rui shouted for help, leaving the last splash on the lake.

"It's true, it's true! We are all cursed, and we must die one by one according to its instructions!" The frightened Deng Shangsong muttered silently as he looked at Li Rui who sank to the bottom of the lake.

"No! We must have a way to stop it! What kind of bullshit archive is this?"

"We have no way to prevent fate! We are doomed!" Deng Shangsong pointed his mobile phone screen at me.

Chang Chen tells ghost stories The lodger_Chang Chen ghost stories The morgue_Chang Chen tells ghost stories The morgue night mystery

"Warm reminder from the Supernatural Archives, please be prepared to die on the rooftop of the Municipal Gymnasium at 14:32 today – July 15th." I looked helplessly at the text message on Deng Shangsong's phone, and I couldn't think of anything else I could say to defend him. reason. This text message, which he had regarded as a prank last night, had now become his reminder.

All of this started because of the "Supernatural Archives". Who is behind the "Supernatural Archives"? Why were we chosen? There is a tangle of questions in my mind that I still can't find the answer to. "You go back to school first, I will definitely figure it out!" After saying that, I left Taiming Lake alone.

I randomly found an Internet cafe nearby and logged into the "Supernatural Archives" again. The five bloody twisted words are still like a will-o'-the-wisp, making people shudder just by looking at them.

I searched carefully on the web page and found some more folders, including "Li Rui" and "Deng Shangsong". I clicked on the folders one by one, which contained some shocking pictures and short explanations.

"Li Rui died of drowning in Taiming Lake."

"Deng Shangsong died in the city gymnasium after falling from the building."

Ring ring ring——

The cell phone rang suddenly, startling me who was so nervous at the moment. I picked up the phone and only heard Deng Shangsong's cold farewell: "Fan Chen, I'm dead. I don't know how I will die. I'm fed up with the fear of waiting for death, and now I want to end it myself." I haven't. When I had time to speak, there was only a "beep" busy tone on the other end of the phone.

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Just when I hung up the phone, the "Supernatural Archives" updated a new folder. "Fan Chen", yes, that's my name! I clicked on the folder: "Fan Chen, Yu Ruixi died of suffocation caused by smoke in the fire at the Internet cafe."

Will I die in this Internet cafe? No! I will survive! I got up and walked out immediately until I was safely out of the Internet cafe door. Has this curse been eliminated in this way? When I looked back at the dark and deep entrance of the Internet cafe, my mobile phone rang suddenly again: "Warm reminder from the Supernatural Archives: Please log in at 16:13 today Ruixi Internet Cafe is prepared to die – July 15th."

I will not pay attention to anyone's arranged death for me! I want to stay away from this Internet cafe!

After deleting this damn text message, I hitched a ride back to school.

It was already dark when I arrived at school, and there was a biting chill in the empty school building. As I passed the anatomy laboratory, I noticed a scary-looking man staring at me from behind the glass window. He had no hair, shriveled skin, and a sharp skull. He was more like a mummy than a human being! I was so frightened that I ran away, and he pursued me. Every time I passed a classroom, he would stare at me from behind the glass door!

Ring ring ring——

My cell phone rings throughout the aisles, its hollow echo making my head tingling. Did the caller show "Supernatural Archives" or did they come to my door? I answered the phone, and there was a gentle voice like customer service on the other end: "Hello, Mr. Fan, you did not come to our designated location on time." Be prepared to die. If you have any inconvenience, we can help you die on the spot. Do you need death services?"

"No! I don't want to die! I don't want any bullshit death service!" I shouted to her hysterically.

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"Are you sure?" She said in a confused tone.

"Sure! I don't want it!"

"Okay, Mr. Fan, the system will automatically remove your need for death services. I wish you a happy life and goodbye."

I hung up the phone and didn't look back to see the mummy that had been chasing me. "It's all over." I secretly rejoiced.

I dragged my tired body back to the dormitory, but what came out after opening the door was a chilling air. The dormitory was completely unrecognizable, with only a few silver freezers left. When I looked up, I suddenly saw the words "Morgue 505"! The pale corpses of Lai Zhipeng, Li Rui, and Deng Shangsong were lying in three freezers!

What's going on? Isn't it over? I picked up the phone and found the number of the "Supernatural Archives" and called back: "What on earth do you want to do? Why did you turn my dormitory into a morgue?"

"Please calm down, Mr. Fan." Her tone was still gentle, "You have always lived in the morgue. You, Mr. Lai, Mr. Li, and Mr. Deng were placed in the same morgue after your death. Because your death time is after July 15th, you missed the time when the gate of hell opens, so your soul has to stay in the morgue temporarily. Our archives is responsible for handling your reincarnation business. And you just refused our service , so we can no longer help you reincarnate. I wish you a happy life and goodbye."

I saw the mummy that had been following me through the reflective freezer. It turned out that the mummy was me. I was smoked to death in a fire a year ago. I was not a student of this medical school, but a mummy in the morgue! I put myself in a plastic bag and lay in the freezer that belonged to me. .

I could smell the strong smell of formalin around me, and the pungent smell made my nose feel particularly clear. A group of white coats, white hats and white masks surrounded me, wrapping them tightly, leaving only a pair of numb eyes exposed.

They used delicate scalpels to move around my body, took out my liver, and amputated my limbs. Yet I couldn't move or make any sound. I was made into a specimen and stood in the laboratory day and night, looking at my heart, my liver, my lungs contained in several other formalin glass jars…

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