Taoist Priest Draws Fox

Jia Zhi is a famous painter in Yangzhou. His painting skills are superb. The mountains, rivers, birds and animals he paints seem to be spiritual and lifelike. He often leaves everyone stunned and full of praise.

One day, a wealthy man in Yangzhou City invited Jia Zhi to paint a picture for his newly married concubine, Wang. Jia Zhi came to Zhang's house, and the rich man called out his concubine. He saw that this girl was so embarrassed that she looked like a fish and a wild goose! Jia Zhi looked at it intently and saw something strange in his concubine Wang's wandering eyes. He couldn't say that it was wrong at all, but it gave people the impression that she was charming and coquettish.

Jia Zhiji reluctantly picked up the brush and was at a loss not knowing where to start. To draw a good character, the eyebrows are the most expressive. right! Starting from the eyebrows, Jia Zhi carefully looked at the concubine's eyebrows. His sharp eyes passed through Wang's eyes and penetrated the woman's heart. Jia Zhi was like an idiot, deep in thought, and then Draw unconsciously. The work of a cup of tea is completed. Zhang Li couldn't wait to pick up the painting from the table, and suddenly his face turned pale. What he saw in the painting was a ferocious vixen with painted ghost legs , a bloody mouth open, and an evil look in his eyes. The rich man was frightened. He fell to the ground, pointed at Jia Zhi and said, "I usually treat you well, why do you treat me like this?" Jia Zhizhang Erhe was confused and asked, "Brother Zhang, why did you say this? Where did I do it?" Isn't it appropriate?" Rich Master Zhang pointed to the painting on the ground and asked, "Look at what my concubine looks like in the painting?" Jia Zhi picked up the painting and took a breath. Why did he clearly see it just now? It's a painting of a human being, but why is it that the fingers don't obey and are painted like monsters? When the concubine saw that she was painted as a vixen, she covered her face and cried, and left the main room crying. In anger, the rich man Zhang ordered his servants to drive out Jia Zhi's gangsters. Jia Zhi escaped from the Zhang family compound in embarrassment, deeply blaming himself for the ridiculous things he had done!

A few days later, I suddenly heard that there was a murder case committed by Mr. Zhang. His daughter-in-law, Liu Cuiyun, died mysteriously and was found in the firewood shed of Zhang's courtyard. Cuiyun's eyes were wide open, her eyes wide open and full of fear. She seemed to have encountered something extremely terrifying before she was alive. There was a bloody hole the size of an egg between her eyebrows. Her whole body shrank into a small ball. She was so thin that only her bones were covered with skin, and all the blood in her body was drained! His face looked extremely pale due to blood loss! Because the case was so unbelievable, the government had no idea what to do! Making money? What wealth can a maid have? Picture color? To find out if the maid is still a virgin? What was the motive for the murder? What weapon was used to create such a horrific scene? The maid’s blood was nowhere to be found, and there was no trace of blood in the woodshed! The case became unsolved.

Ten days later, I was shocked to hear that another murder had occurred in the Zhang Family Courtyard. The chief housekeeper Cao Gui was killed on his bed. The death pattern was strikingly similar to Cuiyun's. There was also a bloody hole in his head and he shrank into a dog. Big or small, they bleed to death. Zhang Li was so frightened that he collapsed to the ground. Could it be that his home was haunted? Recalling the fairies that Jia Zhi once painted, I shivered. Could it be that she is a monster? Why did the artist paint it like that? Did he see anything from the concubine? no! We need to ask a Taoist priest to subdue this monster! Zhang Li went out to visit friends for an excuse and came to Lingyun Temple and found Taoist Wang. Taoist Wang was shocked when he saw Zhang Li and said: "The donor is full of gloomy aura, and there must be ghosts around him recently." Zhang Li was frightened when he heard this. His face turned pale, he knelt down on the ground and said, "Taoist Priest Wanwang, save me, there is a goblin hiding in my house!" Zhang Li told the Taoist Priest everything about the strange things that happened before and after. It turned out that Zhang Li went to Jincheng to do silk business and met a woman in the wilderness. Seeing her beauty, he felt lustful and had sex with her in the wilderness. This woman was proficient in the art of bewitching and was extremely docile. Zhang Li was overjoyed and thought he had made friends with her. She was lucky and later married as a concubine. Unexpectedly, she entered the Zhang Mansion and strange things happened. The maids often talked about the sound of foxes barking at home in the middle of the night, and the servants discovered that monsters were invading the chickens. The chickens they raised were being eaten less every day. A few of them, but they didn't pay any attention to it. After two lives appeared, they discovered that the concubine's whereabouts were strange, and she often disappeared in the middle of the night.

Wang Daochang and Zhang Li found Jia Zhi and asked, "That day when you went to Zhang's Mansion to paint ghost feet , what did you see?" Jia Zhi replied, "I thought there was something strange about this girl, so I focused my attention on it. I looked around, wherever my mind went, I saw a monster appearing in the eyes of this woman, and my fingers began to draw uncontrollably. Unexpectedly, I was originally drawing a person, but somehow I drew a ferocious fox. It was really right. Brother Zhang!" Wang Daozhang said: "I'll give you a chance to make up for your mistakes. Tonight, go to Zhang's house and paint for Wang again to clear up the past grudges." Jia Zhi said shamefully: "Okay! I hope Brother Zhang won't do it. Remember to hate me!" Zhang Li nodded in agreement.

At midnight, Jia Zhi came to Zhang's house and saw Zhang Li and his concubine Wang, who were drinking. When Wang saw Jia Zhi, his face showed displeasure. Zhang Li coaxed Wang with a smile on his face and said: "Shang Li The next time Jia Zhi was drunk, he drew nonsense and offended his beloved concubine. Tonight, he came to the house to accomplice you, so let him draw another one for you! Isn't my concubine not denying Jia Di's face?" Wang had no choice but to ask Jia Zhi to draw another one. , wherever Jia's hand went, flowers appeared with his wonderful strokes, and the painting was completed quickly. Zhang Li picked it up and took a look, marveling at it, and said: "The painting is so beautiful, just like a fairy in Yaochi!" Wang was so impressed when he heard it. I felt so happy when I read the poem. I took a step forward and took a look at the scroll. I saw a vixen vividly appearing on the paper. There was a rope around the vixen's neck. She yelled that it was bad, dropped the scroll and ran away. Seeing a flash of golden light in the painting, her neck tightened, and a strong suction force sucked her to the vixen in the painting. She slowly revealed her original shape, revealing a thick tail. Wang howled and tried to break free. At this time, Wang Taoist priest jumped out, quickly rolled up the scroll, and threw it into the charcoal fire. He saw a fox beating in the fire, showing its fierce look. Everyone's heart was frightened. In a moment, the monster turned into a monster. ash!

It turned out that Taoist Wang had placed a demon-conquering talisman on the scroll in order to lure Wang into taking the bait. In addition, Jia Zhi not only drew the vixen's fur, but also painted Wang's soul, which greatly enhanced the demon-conquering effect and lured and killed the evil spirit in one fell swoop. !

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