The Princess Who Can Guess Riddles

The king immediately issued a proclamation, and many people came and were killed. The princess guessed their riddle correctly. The princess took out the book and looked at it. There was no such riddle in the book and she couldn't guess it. The princess knew the riddle. At night, the princess sent her maid to ask the riddle what it meant. The fool told the princess that this riddle was difficult to guess. If he could guess it, others would know that the princess asked the fool to ask the first two riddles. … Continue readingThe Princess Who Can Guess Riddles

Taoist Priest Draws Fox

Jia Zhi is a famous painter in Yangzhou. His painting skills are superb. The mountains, rivers, birds and animals he paints seem to be spiritual and lifelike. He often leaves everyone stunned and full of praise. "Jia Zhi replied: "At that time, I thought there was something strange about this woman, so I looked at it with all my concentration. Wherever I looked, I saw a monster appearing in this woman's eyes, and my fingers began to draw uncontrollably. , who knew he was a painter, but he somehow managed to draw a ferocious fox, I’m so sorry to Brother Zhang! … Continue readingTaoist Priest Draws Fox

Chapter 80: The Ghost Of The Court Lady

Youliang turned his head suddenly, and looked directly at the maid by the well with dark eyes, and saw that she was wearing a stone blue round collar with five-clawed dragon hexagrams, a high flat bun, flower pot sole shoes, and two big earrings. , with a luan hairpin on the head, very graceful and luxurious. Hmph, this is the "Yin Pig", a palace beast in the Forbidden City that has existed since the Ming Dynasty. The harem is haunted all day long. The maid looked at him without saying a word, like a jade statue. "The palace lady seemed to be remembering, but finally she shook her head, "You are neither a corpse nor a demon, why did you hurt Father Bai? … Continue readingChapter 80: The Ghost Of The Court Lady