Drawing Ghost Feet Chapter 647: The Naughty Child’s Participation

As time passed by, there were less than twelve hours left before Yang Jian's curse broke out.

But the action against the ghost paintings has officially begun.

There are not many people involved, because there are still people needed to deal with the ghost paintings that appear one after another in the city. The source paintings only require a team of people. This is not a ghost mission, and there is no need to compare the number of ghost paintings. Just determine the location of the ghost painting and imprison it.

Li Jun and Liu San were in charge of leading the team. Among the members were Li Yang, who had just become a ghost controller, and Chen Yi, one of the leaders.

There are only four people, which seems a bit small, but it is also to be on the safe side. If we encounter unimaginable danger, we will not suffer heavy losses. The headquarters still has the opportunity to reorganize the manpower, so there is some way to find out the situation in the first operation. reason.

"You guys wait here, I'll go up and find someone else." Li Jun and others came to a building in a community.

"Who is it? Is it important?" Liu San asked.

Chen Yi took a look. He was one of the people in charge of the city and knew where most of the ghost masters lived. He immediately said, "I remember that the families of some of the more important people live in this community. On weekdays, they are The area of ​​focus, and this building should be Xiong Wenwen’s home.”

"It turns out to be that naughty kid."

A weird smile appeared on Liu San's sallow, sickly face: "If this naughty kid is willing to participate, it can indeed save a lot of time, but wouldn't Su Fan be more suitable?"

"Although the ability to predict is not that strong, it is more stable than this naughty kid."

Chen Yidao said, "Someone has to take care of the urban area. We can't pull everyone into the team. After all, we have to consider the arrangements after our operation fails."

"So Su Fan is the backup, and Xiong Wenwen takes the lead?" Liu San said: "This is really a bit cruel for a child."

"This world is cruel. We don't have a choice. We have to step up when it's time to step up. No one is exception. Xiong Wenwen's ability to predict is too important. According to what Li Yang said before, Yang Jian has explored it alone before. It was suspected that there was a dangerous area with ghost paintings, but we were attacked by two ghosts one after another, and we almost died there."

Chen Yi's temper was originally a bit irritable, but this time he was much calmer.

"I think if Yang Jian hadn't been in the situation at that time, anyone else would have died. So we can't follow his old path. We must avoid all dangers and determine the location of the ghost painting. As long as we find the painting position, the action is considered to be 70% successful."

"It's not that simple."

Liu San shook his head slightly; "The rules of ghost painting are not clear, and the reason why the foreign team of ghost masters was wiped out has not been found out. The real danger of ghost painting is still hidden, because so far no one has really I came into contact with that painting.”

"It must be very scary and hopeless to be defined as an S-class supernatural incident by foreign countries. Think about the Hungry Ghost incident. Almost all the ghost masters in Dachang City were wiped out. The Hungry Ghost is almost unsolvable. If it weren't for That coffin nail…so there must be some taboo on ghost paintings."

"Didn't Yang Jian come out alive before?" Chen Yidao.

Liu San said: "That's because he hasn't found the real ghost painting and ghost feet yet. He may be very close, but being close also means that he is also very close to danger. People are moving forward in the darkness, in that place. You won’t care about the abyss around your feet until your feet are in the air, but we are different. There will definitely be contact this time, and we have to bear all the risks.”

"If you're not careful, you will be destroyed."

Li Yang on the side couldn't help but tremble while listening to the conversation of these big guys.

He was just a newcomer, and he didn't expect that he would be involved in this terrible action just after leaving the ghost painting incident, and he couldn't help but refuse.

"I'm going to die this time…" Li Yang's face turned pale. Although the reward for the action was very high, it could only be used as settlement expenses.

Chen Yi said: "Just keep your worries in your heart, action must continue."

"I'm not worried about myself, I'm worried about you." A smile appeared on Liu San's skinny, sallow face.

"Then there's nothing to worry about." Chen Yi said.

When two people were talking downstairs.

In a house upstairs.

Xiong Wenwen and his mother Chen Shumei made an appointment with Li Jun.

"This is roughly what happened. I need Xiong Wenwen's help for this operation. His presence is very important for this mission. I also hope that my wife will agree." Li Jun sat on the sofa, his figure upright, his face glowing. The weird cyan face was full of serious expression.

Just now, he briefly explained the operation and specific matters to Chen Shumei.

It's just that the key things cannot be revealed and have been concealed.

"Are you on another mission?"

Chen Shumei's mature and beautiful face suddenly showed a sad look: "Captain Li, Xiong Wenwen is only a child, can't he arrange for others to perform tasks? A man named Yang Jian came to my place before, but he can't Huh? And Mr. Jiang, he looks very capable."

She didn't know many people, and the only ones she had real contact with were Yang Jian and Jiang Shangbai, and she couldn't name a few of them.

Li Jun said seriously; "Things between the two of them are a bit complicated. They had a fight two days ago over something. Jiang Shangbai died… Yang Jian is about to die too."

"How could this happen?" Chen Shumei covered her mouth in surprise.

Not long after that, the young man who had eaten at his own house was about to die.

Not only her, but Xiong Wenwen next to her also opened her eyes wide and felt incredible. This was also the first time he heard about Yang Jian. He was not clear about the previous conflicts between Yang Jian and his circle of friends. After all, no one had told him about it. .

As a child, he spent most of his time at home playing games.

"That's the fact. The conflict between them is a bit big and has a great impact on the current situation. That's why Xiong Wenwen's help is needed this time because time is very tight."

Li Jun said: "So I hope Madam will agree to my taking Xiong Wenwen away."

"It is no longer a personal matter, but is related to the safety of this city. I can assure you, madam, that I will take good care of Xiong Wenwen during this operation. He will be well protected. It is only necessary to use it at critical times." To Xiong Wenwen’s ability.”

"That's all."

Chen Shumei hesitated.

She really wanted to refuse, but she also knew in her heart that Captain Li Jun's personal visit this time must have a very important mission. Xiong Wenwen naturally had to obey arrangements and orders when joining the headquarters.

It's been a long time since I last went on a business trip.

"I, I have to think about it." Chen Shumei's eyes averted slightly. She didn't know how to respond to Li Jun.

"Okay, give Madam ten minutes, I'll wait outside the door." Li Jun drank the steaming tea in front of the coffee table, then stood up and left the room.

ten minutes?

Chen Shumei was stunned for a moment , thinking that the time for consideration was too short. She still wanted to ask for three to five days each.

"It seems that this time the situation is more urgent than last time." She sighed helplessly and looked at Xiong Wenwen next to her.

Although Xiong Wenwen is a child, he is not the kind of child who is completely ignorant. He is already in the fifth grade of elementary school and still has some personal thoughts. Coupled with the influence of ghosts in his body, he can be considered a master of supernatural events. Precocious.

"Mom, if Li Jun comes to visit us this time, we will definitely not be able to give up this task."

Chen Shumei was a little panicked and had no idea: "What should we do? It will definitely be dangerous if you go. I don't want you to have an accident."

Xiong Wenwen scratched his head: "Since there is no other way, we have to go. Looking at Li Jun's behavior just now, he definitely can't be convinced."

"What if they can't protect you when you are in danger?" Chen Shumei said.

Xiong Wenwen didn't know what to say. He was now under pressure that he shouldn't bear at this age.

After thinking for a while, Xiong Wenwen said: "Let's do this. If something happens to me, mom, just call Yang Jian to save me. I don't know if he will agree. This is his private phone number and no one else knows it." , this is the only phone number you can contact him on.”

As he spoke, he wrote down a phone number.

"Isn't that Yang Jian about to die?" Chen Shumei did not forget what Li Jun said just now.

"I'm just about to die. I'm not dead yet. If I really die, forget it. No one will come to help me if I leave other people's phone numbers anyway." Xiong Wenwen said.

He was severely corroded by the ghost in his body. Under the influence of the ghost, he had a premonition that Yang Jian was not dead, and this premonition was very accurate, not the kind of nonsense that he talks about.

But that's all.

As for where Yang Jian is now and what dangers he has encountered, he has no idea. At present, he can only instinctively make this very simple and easy prediction.

Chen Shumei was stunned when she looked at the phone note.

At this time, she remembered what she had said when she met Yang Jian for the first time, and she couldn't help feeling a little ashamed.

Last time, I chased others away before they finished their meal. Now that Xiong Wenwen is in trouble, the only person who can turn to him is Yang Jian. Others don't care about Xiong Wenwen's life or death at all.

"I'm such a terrible person." Chen Shumei complained about herself in her heart.

About ten minutes later.

Li Jun outside the door saw Chen Shumei sending Xiong Wenwen out.

"Thank you for your understanding, ma'am."

Li Jun immediately said: "Xiong Wenwen, let's set off now, we can't let others wait too long."

"I always feel that you are trying to trick me." Xiong Wenwen curled his lips and muttered.

Li Jun pretended not to hear and said, "I promise my wife that I will take good care of Xiong Wenwen and will definitely send Xiong Wenwen back safely."

Chen Shumei still looked worried and didn't say anything, just nodded slightly.

Soon, the two went downstairs.

"That child is Xiong Wenwen? Codenamed Soul Boy?" Li Yang looked at it curiously.

Xiong Wenwen saw the stranger in the team at a glance, pointed at Li Yang and said, "Li Jun, who is this bad guy?"


Li Yang grabbed it subconsciously, feeling the urge to hit him.

Now he understood why Liu San called him a naughty boy. Before, he thought it was because of his surname Xiong, but now it seems that it has nothing to do with his last name. He is just a purebred naughty boy.

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