My Ghost Sister

"Bang…hellip" A truck rushed past and knocked Xiaowen away as she was crossing the road. In the blink of an eye, Xiaowen was lying on the ground. Suddenly, her white dress was stained red with blood, and her messy hair was stained with blood. .

"Sister…hellip…hellip" Xiaochen opposite was shocked by the sudden scene. He ran over like crazy, lifted up his sister who was lying in a pool of blood, and took him into his arms. When he saw his sister's eyes closed, he felt sad in his heart. , couldn't help shaking Xiaowen and cried out: "Sister, what's wrong with you, what's wrong with you…"

At this time, Xiaowen, who had her eyes closed, slowly opened her eyes when Xiaochen's call shook her. She woke up leisurely. Looking at Xiaochen who was crying in grief, she opened her mouth with difficulty and let out an almost hoarse cry. Who is the woman with such a loud voice? When Xiaochen saw her sister like this, she put her ear close to her mouth.

I only heard my sister say intermittently: "Xiaochen…sister…sister…can't take care of you anymore…" After saying this, Xiaowen felt that her consciousness became more and more blurred, and her eyes slowly became blurred.

The hands that Xiaochen was still holding fell down weakly, and he passed away.

Xiaochen couldn't help but feel grief-stricken, crying and shouting at the top of her lungs: "Sister…don't sleep…get up quickly…no".

Xiaowen's parents died of illness when she was thirteen years old. At the age of thirteen, she began to take care of her younger brother, who was seven years younger than her. With both good character and academic performance, she relied on neighborhood donations to attend junior high school. After that, she stopped going to school. He relies on working around to take care of his younger brother and support his education.

However, her younger brother did not live up to Xiaowen's hopes and was admitted to QH University in S City. In order to take care of her younger brother more conveniently, she also followed her younger brother to S City, rented a house in S City, and worked in a textile factory to earn money to support her family. My younger brother Xiaochen goes to school.

Today was the last day of Xiaochen's university graduation, so Xiaowen took a leave of absence, put on her only white dress, and prepared to go to a hotel to celebrate together. However, the heartbreaking scene happened just now.

Half a year later, Xiaochen found a suitable job. He works as an assistant to the chairman of a large private company and is often busy until late at night. When he returns to the home he shares with his sister Xiaowen, it is the house that his sister rented when she first came to S city. The total is only more than thirty square meters. .

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The woman who crushed the rabbit to death_Who was the woman who sat on the rabbit to death_Accidentally sat on the rabbit to death’/>

However, this house of more than thirty square meters looks particularly warm. Every time Xiaochen returns home exhausted, she sees photos of her sister and brother. The sister is wearing her only white dress and always maintains a kind smile. Looking at it, bits and pieces of the past will come to mind. Wow, it's so warm and so happy.

Slowly entering the dream, the sister in the dream was carrying Xiaochen across the river in the rain. That was when Xiaochen fell ill once when she was a child. Because her brother had a high fever for some reason and there was no serious clinic in the village, her sister carried Xiaochen on her back. He went to the hospital in the village to see a doctor.

The thin sister carried Xiaochen on her back as she hobbled along the mountain path. She almost couldn't support herself several times, but she still carried her brother. Especially when crossing the river, there was no bridge in that area. Although the river was not deep, just below Xiaowen's knees, it happened to rain at this time.

Xiaowen, who was already exhausted, walked hard while carrying Xiaochen on her back. Suddenly, Xiaowen, who was walking in the river, felt her feet slip. She would have fallen backwards according to human inertia. However, in order not to hurt her brother, Xiaowen got the strength from nowhere and forced herself forward. As a result, He knelt in the water, still clutching his brother tightly on his back, and almost completely submerged himself in the water.

Finally, the younger brother arrived at the hospital in time and received treatment. At this time, Xiaowen noticed some pain in her legs. When she looked at her legs, she realized that her legs were full of wounds.

Suddenly the dream changed. Xiaochen dreamed of the scene where his sister was in a car accident. He saw his sister covered in blood and her pale face shouted hysterically to Xiaochen. He also shouted his sister's name in a dreamy manner, his voice getting louder and louder. So much so that I woke up too.

Xiaochen still hasn't gotten over the unexpected car accident. His sister's death left him with indelible pain.

Today Xiaochen was busy as usual and didn't come home until very late. The mechanical version took out the key and opened the door and turned on the light. But the next scene really confused Xiaochen. The neat bed and the messy books on the desk had also changed. Neatly, there are several dishes placed on the small square tables.

Xiaochen subconsciously stepped out of the house. The old trash can was still placed at the door, and the lock had no sign of being picked. There were photos of the siblings on the bedside of the room.

The woman who accidentally sat on the rabbit to death_The woman who crushed the rabbit to death_Who was the woman who sat on the rabbit to death

"That's right!" Xiaochen muttered: "What's going on? I've heard of people breaking into houses, but I've never heard of anyone doing this."

"Braised eggplant, scrambled eggs with tomatoes, radish pancakes…" Xiaochen looked at these dishes in shock: "These are all my favorites."

Thinking of this, Xiaochen tremblingly picked up a piece of radish pancake, put it in his mouth and chewed it gently. Suddenly he froze there as if he had been struck by lightning. He trembled all over and cried bitterly: "This is my sister, my sister cooks." It tastes good, but my sister has…hellip…hellip, could it be…hellip…hellip".

Xiaochen shuddered all over, and then shook her head: "It's impossible, my sister has left, but who cooked this?"

The more Xiaochen thought about it, the more headache he got, and his consciousness became more and more blurred. He slowly fainted on the bed.

He dreamed again that night! But this time it was different from before. This time he dreamed that his sister was wearing that white dress, sitting in front of his bed, with a smile on her kind face, and softly calling his nickname: "Chenchen, come to sister, let me hug you."

Xiaochen subconsciously went to hug her sister, but her sister suddenly disappeared. Xiaochen suddenly sat up from the bed and murmured softly: "Why are my dreams different this time?" Xiaochen glanced at the square table. Those dishes were still placed, and Xiaochen was silent!

Just like this for several days, every day, Xiaochen also changed from the original nightmare to the dream where her sister is in front of her. Xiaochen was extremely surprised by such strange things one after another, so he decided to investigate.

On this day, he walked home two hours earlier than usual. As he approached the door, Xiaochen tiptoed close to the window. He glanced into the room through the moonlight as if he were a thief. There was nothing there. Thirty years in total. A single glance at a square meter house is enough to see it.

Who is the woman_The woman who crushed the rabbit to death

It was strange that there was no one and the dishes were not placed on the table yet. Could it be that it was not time yet? After thinking about it, Xiaochen retreated to the other side of the window and stared at the door, waiting for the strange visitor.

Time passed slowly, and Xiaochen's eyes became a little dry. He rubbed his eyes subconsciously. At this moment, Xiaochen vaguely saw a white shadow flashing past the door. Xiaochen was almost startled. With an exhalation, Xiaochen carefully moved to the window, breathing heavily and looked inside. He had an indescribable feeling that it was most likely his sister inside.

Looking carefully under the moonlight, Xiaochen's eyes widened. From the back, she saw the white dress and long hair, it was her sister. Although it was only the back, Xiaochen was extremely sure, because he had seen this familiar figure countless times. Thinking of this, Xiaochen couldn't stop tears from flowing out of his eyes.

Regardless of what her sister was, at this moment, Xiaochen ran over quickly and yanked the door open. The figure in the room was about to leave when she heard the sound of opening the door, only to hear Xiaochen crying and shouting: "Sister".

Suddenly the departing body froze there. Xiaochen ran up to the figure in a few steps and hugged her from behind.

She wanted to break away, but Xiaochen cried and said: "Sister, I know what you are now. Now that you are here, why don't you accompany your brother? Do you know that I miss you every day and every night?"

The body that was about to break free slowly stopped, she turned around slowly, her beautiful and slightly pale face was revealed in the moonlight, one hand gently touched Xiaochen's face, Xiaochen just said He felt that his sister's hands were extremely desolate, but his heart was extremely warm.

Xiaowen kept looking at Xiaochen with a smile, and suddenly said leisurely: "You must be hungry!"

Xiaochen nodded gently. This moment was so warm and happy… Then Xiaowen quickly cooked a few of Xiaochen's favorite dishes. At the dinner table, Xiaochen looked at her sister and smiled discouragedly. , Xiaowen also kept smiling.

Who is the woman_The woman who crushed the rabbit to death

Xiaochen had a great time that night. He chatted with his sister all night and told her almost everything that had happened in the past six months. Although he didn't sleep all night, he was in extremely good spirits.

For several months in a row, my sister came to visit Xiaochen every night. Because Xiaochen had to go to work, she couldn't talk all night long!

Until one day Xiaochen had to say goodbye to his sister because he was on a business trip. His face was full of displeasure. Her sister teased him and said, "You are so old! You are still like a child. Who will marry you in the future!"

During the business trip, the contract negotiation was very harmonious. The client insisted on dragging Xiaochen around for a walk in H City. When he reached a temple, a fortune teller stopped Xiaochen from a distance and said in a low voice: "I'm looking at the donor." There is a black line between the eyebrows, which means the yin energy is thick and the yang energy is exhausted. If it is not replenished in time, your life will be in danger!"

After hearing this, Xiaochen said angrily: "I'm a good person, but you curse me to death! What happened to me today? I bumped into you and me."

The customer next to him came over and said: "The charlatan is cheating on people's calculations. Let's just ignore him." Then the group left. But the fortune teller shook his head and sighed. Who is the woman who is sitting on a dead rabbit ? What a trick of fate!

After three days of business trip, Xiaochen finally rushed home. When she got home, she opened the door and called her sister. Xiaowen smiled brightly and was about to speak, when suddenly a white light shone on her body, and Xiaowen screamed sadly.

When Xiaochen looked back, she discovered that the fortune teller she had met in H City at some time was holding a round tray-shaped object, shining it on her sister and plausibly saying: "Nie Zan, you are not where you are, here. Why do you want to harm others!"

Xiaowen replied painfully: "I have no intention of harming anyone. The reason why I am here is just to see my brother and fulfill my wish."

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Seeing her sister's painful look, Xiaochen pointed at the fortune teller angrily and cursed: "You stinky fortune teller, why did you harm my sister? I will fight with you."

As he said that, he went to push the fortune teller, but he couldn't push it no matter how hard he pushed. The fortune teller still stood there motionless.

The fortune teller actually said: "Little brother, don't be angry. I'm here to save you. Your sister doesn't know the cause and effect, and has been with you for a long time, which has aggravated your yin energy and put your life in danger. If If you don't accept her words as soon as possible, you will still be in bliss."

Xiaochen scolded angrily: "You are talking nonsense, you stinky fortune teller, and you…"

Xiaochen was about to continue scolding but was suddenly interrupted by Xiaowen. Xiaowen cried out in tears: "My younger brother blames me. It was my sister who harmed you. It's my sister's fault that you became like this."

Xiaochen replied hastily: "Sister, you are right, it is all the fault of that smelly Taoist priest, he is the one who caused you to be like this."

As he spoke, he rushed towards his sister and tried to push her out of the beam, but her sister seemed to be deeply ingrained and couldn't push her out."

Xiaochen burst into tears and burst into tears. Xiaowen comforted Xiaochen and said, "Xiaochen, my sister has to leave eventually. We are destined to be brothers and sisters in the next life."

After saying that, he was wrapped in white light and slowly floated towards the disk. Seeing her sister gradually leaving, Xiaochen couldn't help shouting: "Sister…hellip…sister…hellip…hellip".

My sister left, and the fortune teller said erratically before leaving: "The love between the incident has its own fate. The love between you and your brother and sister will continue in the next life. Now your sister is going where she should go. If you are still addicted, How can your sister feel at ease if she is unable to extricate herself from the grief?"

After saying this, he turned around and left regardless of Xiaochen's reaction. Xiaochen was left standing there alone and sadly.

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