Death March In The Apartment

The Linhe Road area in Linhe District of City A is a key old city reconstruction area in the city. Because most of the houses were built in the 1960s and 1970s, they are already out of tune with the current city. Originally, everything was ready. Only one "Cripple King" refused to move! The reason is simple: it is inconvenient for his legs to go up and down stairs. The city government, developers, relatives and friends could not persuade me. In desperation, someone came up with a trick: bring the excavator over to scare the "Cripple King".

In the absence of any good solution, the relevant departments decided to give it a try after careful discussion. Facing the sudden arrival of the excavator, the "Cripple King" did not show any fear. Instead, he got into a big fight with the person who tried to persuade him. Slowly, the quarrel turned into a fight. In the chaos, Wang Xiaoqian, the 22-year-old daughter of the "Cripple King", was accidentally pushed under the excavator that was still running! Tragedy happened instantly! Xiaoqian's body was crushed beyond recognition. "Cripple King" fainted with a scream.

Because it was an accident, after mediation by relevant departments, the developer and the city government jointly compensated the "Cripple King" hundreds of thousands! After this tragedy, the "Cripple King" was taken to another city by his son, far away from this sad place. The reconstruction of the old city continues in an orderly manner…

A year later, the community was completed. Beautiful environment and high-end supporting facilities. It can be said that it is the best in the city! However, not long after the community was built, all kinds of terrible rumors followed one after another!

First, some people said they had seen Xiaoqian near the former site of "Cripple King"; others said they heard Xiaoqian singing at night. For a time, there were many opinions. This community has also been shrouded in a mysterious veil! However, there is such a bold master who is not afraid of death – Li Jin (nicknamed Li Bold)! After hearing all the rumors in Linhe Community, Li DaDaFeng was not afraid. Instead, he secretly laughed at those people who were afraid of trouble: What you said is so scary, I don't believe it. I want to see what weird thing happens!

Li DaDa is really bold! He actually bought the third floor of the residential complex built on the site of the "Cripple King" (the first floor was dirty, the second floor was messy, the third and fourth floors were occupied by high-ranking officials, and Li Dandao was also rough and fine). Unexpectedly, on the second day after Li boldly moved in, something shocking and strange happened! Li DaDa jumped from the window on the third floor at about two o'clock in the middle of the night and died on the spot!

The criminal police carefully investigated the scene and found no valuable clues. The door was locked from behind, and there were no signs of being broken into or anything missing. Li DaDa did not have any other activities except work, and he did not offend anyone. This eliminates the possibility of robbery, murder and vendetta. What about love killing? Less likely! Because Li DaDa has a happy family and has never found a second woman besides his wife!

Moreover, apart from being slightly injured when he hit the glass on the window, Li Da boldly didn't have any scratches on his body! Facing the horrified corpse, the police could only wait until they came to a helpless conclusion: too frightened! It must be that after being strongly stimulated, he was eager to find a door to escape, and then he had the possibility of jumping out of the window! It was hard to believe what the police said, but no one could give a reasonable explanation, and the matter seemed to have reached a deadlock for a while. However, something happened three days later that was even more frightening!

Li Bingdao's wife was not with her husband due to something else that night. Because she could not find the real cause of her husband's death, Li Bingdao's wife ignored everyone's dissuasion and insisted on moving into the house that killed her husband. Just in case, the police arranged for a policewoman to stay with her. The first is to accompany him, and the second is to see if there are any clues. Nothing unusual happened in the past two days. Just when everyone was about to breathe a sigh of relief, in the middle of the night on the third day, a horrific tragedy happened again.

Li Bingdao's wife and the policewoman actually jumped out of the window and both died! In just four days, three people died in the same strange way! At this moment, the entire city A was shaken. People speculated that this must be Xiaoqian's ghost causing trouble. Her death was so tragic and unjust!

Wong Ka Kui’s concert at the time of his death_Wong Ka Kui’s death surveillance video_Wong Ka Kui’s death funeral

In order to eliminate the impact, the city leaders ordered the chief of the city police station to personally take charge and solve the case within a time limit! Police Chief Liu Feng placed the burden of solving the case on the shoulders of Captain Yu Jiangmin. Liu Feng and Yu Jiangmin both knew in their hearts: There are no ghosts in this world! There must be some unknown secret behind this strange case. Director Liu and Captain Yu checked the entire case file again and again, but still found nothing.

As time goes by, people are talking more and more about Linhe Community. The name of the "haunted house" spreads farther and farther! Under pressure, the helpless Yu Jiangmin made a suggestion to Liu Feng: He should personally go to the "haunted house" to see what terrible things happened inside. It can actually make people jump off buildings and run for their lives in fear!

Worried about another accident, Liu Feng was unwilling to take the risk. At this time, Yu Jiangmin's assistant, the new police officer Lin Feng, expressed his willingness to go with the Yu team. In order to avoid accidents, they will keep in touch with the bureau at all times. Without any good solution, Liu Feng had no choice but to agree. To this end, Liu Feng also found a neighbor, Uncle Qi, who had a good relationship with Xiaoqian's family and was willing to help solve the case. In this way, a group of three people stayed in the "haunted house" that night.

In order to facilitate contact with the bureau, Liu Feng said hello to the leaders of China Unicom, and in less than a day, the network cable of the "haunted house" was connected. Yu Jiangmin opened the video on his computer and carefully observed the indoor environment. Since it is a newly renovated house, there is not much furniture in it. Nothing unusual happened throughout the day. It looked like it was getting late, and Liu Feng estimated that nothing would happen, so he let everyone go to bed. At this time, Yu Jiangmin's voice came from the computer screen: Everything is normal! It doesn’t look as scary as people say!

Liu Feng looked at his watch and saw that it was almost 12 o'clock. He was about to urge Yu Jiangmin and others to go to bed, but suddenly he saw a scene that made him extremely horrified: In the house where there were only three people, a young man suddenly appeared out of thin air. The woman's figure, and then heard Uncle Qi's trembling voice: Ghost! Damn it…then I heard a harsh sound, and then there seemed to be some sound. Wong Ka Kui's death concert , but at the critical moment, the computer turned into snowflakes! Something must have happened to Yu Jiangmin and the others! Liu Feng called all the staff on duty and rushed towards the "haunted house" like crazy! After arriving, Liu Feng saw the result he was most afraid of!

Uncle Qi and Lin Feng, like the three people in front, jumped from the window and died on the spot. Yu Jiangmin may not have jumped off the building, but hit the wall next to the window. He was hit hard on the head and fell into a deep coma! Liu Feng regretted letting Yu Jiangmin and three others live in this "haunted house".

Who could that woman who suddenly appeared in the house be? Could it really be a ghost? impossible! Absolutely impossible! How can ghosts exist in this world? There must be something wrong here! Thinking about what had just happened, Liu Feng really felt like he was about to collapse. He clenched his fists in fear and regret.

In order to find out the real culprits of these mysterious cases and comfort the innocent people who died, Liu Feng watched the videos of the crimes carefully and sleeplessly. It only took six seconds from the time the woman appeared to the time snowflakes appeared on the computer screen. What about after these few seconds? What terrible thing happened? Even a veteran detective like Yu Jiangmin is so scared?

Linhe Community caused five deaths and one injury in just a few days, including three police officers. As a result, people are afraid of "haunted houses"! The louder the outside discussion, the greater the pressure Liu Feng felt. Unfortunately, this seems to be an unsolved case. Even he, an experienced director who has been handling cases for many years, has no clue. No, it can't be said that he has no clue. Liu Feng has clearly felt that the key to the case lies in the sudden appearance of the woman and the strange harsh sound.

Wong Ka Kui’s death surveillance video_Wong Ka Kui’s death funeral_Wong Ka Kui’s concert at the time of his death

However, how to explain such a strange and incredible phenomenon? Also, why did the computer screen suddenly turn into snowflakes? These doubts always linger in Liu Feng's mind. Suddenly, an idea flashed in Liu Feng's mind. He hurriedly called Xiao Hu from the technology department and asked him to immediately check the computer used by Yu Jiangmin and the others to see if there was anything abnormal. Xiao Hu quickly sent back the message: The computer screen had been shattered! What? Shocked? How can this be!

When everyone was shocked and puzzled that the computer screen was shattered, Liu Feng seemed to have found a breakthrough in the case. Through the help of his superiors, he urgently contacted Dr. Li Wen, a nationally renowned acoustics expert. Because he already felt that this unusual case required him, an acoustic expert, to explain some of the unusual things. In the evening of the next day, the lean Dr. Li rushed from the capital to City A. After meeting, Liu Feng, who was eager to solve the case, went straight to the topic without caring about politeness.

Liu Feng asked Dr. Li whether the sound could damage the computer screen? Or even put people on the verge of danger? Dr. Li thought for a long time before answering: Such terrible sounds do exist in nature. To put it simply, it's like putting several tons of dynamite in a matchbox and igniting it instantly. Its power can be imagined! Foreign countries refer to this atomic bomb-like sound as a crazy fantasy! Dr. Li told Liu Feng another story. Have you heard of the mass suicide of whales? Maybe this terrifying crazy fantasy exists deep in the ocean.

Because after hearing this terrible sound, the human brain will collapse in an instant! The first reaction is to run! Run! Get out of this terrible place! Liu Feng hurriedly told Dr. Li about this strange case, and then asked him to watch the video of the woman's appearance. Finally, Liu Feng asked Dr. Li urgently, is this a crazy fantasy?

Li Wen watched this short but thrilling video carefully several times. Finally, Dr. Li came to a conclusion: Judging from the sharp sound he heard, there should be a 90% chance that it was the masterpiece of Crazy Fantasia! Hearing what Dr. Li said, Liu Feng's frown finally relaxed and he became angry at the same time! This is not a simple haunting incident, nor is it an innocent ghost seeking his life. It was a deliberate murder!

However, what Dr. Li said next made Liu Feng confused again: He could not explain the sudden appearance of the woman. When I think of that woman, and Uncle Qi's trembling voice. Liu Feng also felt inexplicably surprised and nervous, because people who knew Xiaoqian confirmed that the woman was indeed Xiaoqian! It is impossible for a dead person to reappear, and according to the investigation, it is not like in the movie that there is a girl who looks very similar to Xiaoqian. Is it really Xiaoqian’s ghost?

In order to find out the truth of the matter, Liu Feng decided to take a trip to the haunted house. Liu Feng asked Dr. Li again, is there any way to destroy Crazy Fantasia? Dr. Li shook his head. So far, no one or any animal is immune to this. What he can do is reduce the power of Crazy Fantasia, but this still involves certain risks!

Dr. Li handed Liu Feng a muffler specially made by him. Then he told Liu Feng that, just in case, he was willing to go to the haunted house with Liu Feng to find out. Liu Feng reminded Dr. Li that this is very dangerous! Li Wen smiled. For him, a doctor of acoustics, he really wanted to experience for himself whether there really was a man-made crazy fantasy in the world. In this way, Liu Feng took two capable colleagues and entered the terrifying haunted house with Dr. Li.

What is coming will always come. 12:00 midnight!

Funeral_Concert at the time of Wong Ka-Kui's death_Wong Ka-Kui's death surveillance video

Just when Liu Feng and Dr. Li were anxious, Xiaoqian suddenly appeared in front of the four of them! The reaction of the four people at that time can only be described as horror! Just as the four people were trembling in shock, a sound that seemed to tear the sky apart roared! Liu Feng and others only felt a rush of excitement in their minds. Fortunately, Dr. Li had been prepared. The moment he heard the sound, Dr. Li quickly pressed the remote control of the muffler in his hand. In an instant this terrible fantasia of madness was reduced two thousand times! The sound probably lasted for less than a minute, and then gradually became quieter. "Xiaoqian" disappeared without knowing when.

After everything stabilized, Dr. Li took a long breath and said to Liu Feng and the other three, this is indeed a crazy fantasy! And the power was astonishing. He had reduced it two thousand times, but it still made him feel excited. Fortunately, as powerful as this piece is, it doesn't last long. Otherwise, the lives of all four people may be in danger! At this moment, Liu Feng confirmed his previous guess: this was really a man-made murder! As for that "Xiao Qian", Liu Feng believes that it is also due to man-made factors.

The case has finally come to a conclusion. As long as the mystery of "Xiao Qian" is solved, the truth of the matter will not be far away. Liu Feng decided to visit the haunted house again. With the experience last time, Liu Feng was mentally prepared this time. He must figure out the mystery of "Xiao Qian". To this end, he and two colleagues went into battle armed with live ammunition, and Dr. Li was still there to assist.

Their preparations were not in vain. In the middle of the night, "Xiaoqian" really appeared again! As soon as "Xiaoqian" appeared, Liu Feng immediately shot her in the leg! Almost at the same time as "Xiao Qian" appeared, Crazy Fantasia came oncoming! This time it was more powerful, but Dr. Li was prepared. The sound has already been reduced four thousand times. Liu Feng accurately hit "Xiao Qian" in the leg, but the strange thing was that "Xiao Qian" not only did not get injured or bleed, but she suddenly disappeared after a few seconds!

The four of them couldn't help but look at each other in shock at the shocking scene in front of them! This person just disappeared under the eyes of four people? How can this be? Are there really ghosts in this world? No one among the four could explain such a supernatural thing. For safety reasons, everyone decided to go back to the police station first.

Everyone who returned to the police station thought for a long time and couldn't figure out what was going on. There are different opinions, and no one can tell the reason. Just when everyone was hesitant, a piece of news on TV caught Liu Feng's attention: at the climax of the concert to commemorate Huang Jiaju, Huang Jiaju's figure actually reappeared! This gave Liu Feng a huge reminder: Could Xiao Qian, who suddenly appeared in the haunted house, be a man-made memory like Wong Ka Kui? If that's the case, then this case will come to light!

Liu Feng immediately asked people to investigate this, and at the same time conducted a more detailed search of the haunted house. In the end, the hard work paid off! The matter of memory has already taken shape. It is not difficult to reproduce a person's memory using current technological means. The main key that remains is, how did the killer do this? Regarding this question, Dr. Li Wen found the answer for Liu Feng: there should be a relay or remote control device in the haunted house! Otherwise, Crazy Fantasia would not have suddenly appeared in an instant!

Similarly, Xiaoqian's memory should have been created by the murderer using this principle. Because no matter who sees a dead person suddenly appearing in front of them, they will be extremely nervous. If you add crazy fantasy at this time, of course people will collapse in an instant! There is only one thought in my mind: run! Run! Get out of this terrible place! If Dr. Li's analysis is true, then the mystery of this case will be unveiled.

After a thorough search, Dr. Li finally found something the size of a button on the wall opposite the window. Before Liu Feng could ask, Dr. Li shouted excitedly: This is it! This is the forwarding device of Crazy Fantasia! This can also explain why people escape through windows, because windows are the first and closest escape route that people see, but in fact, they are the passage to death!

What makes Liu Feng even more excited is that Dr. Li concluded that the source of this song should be within a radius of 500 meters! Just as Liu Feng and others were about to leave, Dr. Li made another major discovery. Not far above where he found the button, Dr. Li found something the size of a matchbox from the wall. Liu Feng guessed that this should be the device that made Xiaoqian appear.

This time, Liu Feng guessed correctly! Just when Liu Feng was playing and studying this unknown little thing, the little thing suddenly shook, and then Xiaoqian's figure suddenly appeared in front of everyone! Although Liu Feng and others were mentally prepared, they were still shocked by this horrifying image.

Almost at the same time, Crazy Fantasia struck again! With the experience of the first two times, no harm was done to anyone this time. And Liu Feng and others also saw clearly that Xiaoqian had disappeared in the blink of an eye at the same time that the crazy Fantasia struck! Now, Liu Feng and Dr. Li were sure. The haunted house mystery is a carefully planned serial murder case!

The nature of the case has been determined! With the help of Dr. Li, Liu Feng gradually narrowed the scope of the search. In the end, Dr. Li located the source of the crazy fantasy in a residential building about 400 meters away from Linhe Community. When Liu Feng and the police officers rushed in and broke in to arrest the suspect, people were shocked again! This person is none other than Xiaoqian's father, "Cripple King"! This is unimaginable! You must know that the Cripple King has never gone to school except for his bad legs and feet! When Liu Feng saw the Cripple King, he knew there was a mystery behind this case!

Sure enough, before Liu Feng could ask questions, the Cripple King had already laughed miserably: I know you will find me sooner or later. In order to avenge Xiaoqian, I have done many wrong things. But, I don't regret it. If these people hadn't wanted to live in the building, how could my daughter have died? Liu Feng knew that he could not force the cripple king to have a sudden trial, he could only comfort him with kind words.

At first, the Cripple King said nothing. After Liu Feng and others did a lot of work, the Cripple King finally couldn't hold on any longer. Especially when he saw the photos of several people who died tragically after jumping from the window, he completely softened. Slowly tell the shocking truth behind this unsolved case…

Since the tragic death of his daughter, the Cripple King has never been able to get over the shadow of losing his beloved daughter. I am always thinking about how to avenge my daughter! One day, he suddenly received a strange phone call, saying that as long as he did what he said, he could avenge his daughter. Those who live in the building can be made to pay the highest price! The cripple king, eager for revenge, hurriedly contacted the stranger. The stranger gave the Cripple King two things and a remote control, and told him how to use it.

In order to dispel Cripple King's doubts, the stranger told Cripple King that they were also a local developer and were dissatisfied because they failed to get the Linhe Community project. In this way, sound and images are used to create illusions, which can make people fearful and cause hallucinations, which can lead to the tragedy of jumping off the building. After listening to the Cripple King's confession, Liu Feng did not dare to neglect and hurriedly sent someone to investigate the developer. The result was exactly what the Cripple King said!

This developer was jealous because it did not contract the construction project of Linhe Community. This bizarre and shocking tragedy was carefully planned! One word of profit caused the loss of five innocent lives. Let more people hate this forever! Of course, those involved in the incident will be punished by law for what they have done. Where is the Cripple King? He was originally a victim, but hatred turned him into a murderous executioner. There is really only a thin line between angels and demons, good and evil!

Story rating:

This story is set against the backdrop of urban renewal, blending elements of suspense, horror and technology to construct an intricate case. Through unremitting efforts, the police in the story gradually revealed the truth behind the case, showing the battle between justice and evil. The technological elements in the story add to the mystery and sense of technology in the plot, making the solution of the case more fascinating. At the same time, the story also explores the psychology of revenge and the good and evil of human nature, causing readers to think deeply about morality and law. Overall, this is a story with twists and turns, rich suspense and educational significance.

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